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according to the nationstates game, teens everywhere would need a LOT of string and a BUNCH of cans

what if dogs were smarter than humans

10/4/2010 #721

Then we would be their pets and suffer.

What if video games didn't exist?

10/4/2010 #722

I would cry until my eyes fell out

what if we evolved from dogs

10/4/2010 #723

I would have a tail.

What if all the dogs started to talk to us?

10/4/2010 #724

we'd probably start eradicating them out of fear

what if the Native Americans had done what we did to them, but instead to us

10/4/2010 #725

Then we'd be building a lot of casinos and reminiscing about our lost land...or something.

What if instead of rotating east, earth rotated west?

10/5/2010 #726

In the super man world time would reverse

what if the highest level of education anyone anywhere could hope to receive was an 8th grade education

10/5/2010 #727

Then we wouldn't be all that smart, now would we?

What if there was no gravity?

10/5/2010 #728

only people in buildings would survive, and they wouldnt last that long.

what if zombies attack

10/5/2010 #729

At least 95% of humanity won't have to worry. Zombies only go after brains.

What if reptilian humanoid aliens attack?

10/6/2010 #730
Lady Elizabeth of York

We'd be very grossed out and probably die by being eaten.

What if you could become a character in any book, movie or tv show?

10/6/2010 #731

Then I would choose to be Death's daughter in the Discworld series. =D

What if people actually got down out their ivory towers for once?

10/7/2010 #732
Lady Elizabeth of York

Uh....they'd be on the....ground?

What if the main characters of Pokemon and Digmon met in a battle?

10/14/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #733

I would make bets on Pokemon to win.

What if Pokemons took over the world?

10/14/2010 #734
Lady Elizabeth of York

That would be strange very strange.

What if you were a daughter or son of Loki?

10/16/2010 #735

Then I'd either be a wolf, a world serpent, or an eight-legged horse. (assuming you're talking about Loki of Norse mythology.)

What if you saw an eight-legged horses? O.O

10/22/2010 #736

I'd look up Norse mythology.

What if someone said "Look! A three-headed monkey!" to you?

10/23/2010 #737
Lady Elizabeth of York

I'd probably shout "Where?"

What if Heroes wasn't canceled?

10/23/2010 #738

I'd be a very happy person right now, 'cause that was the only show I watched on TV.

What if TV wasn't mostly retarded reality shows?

10/23/2010 #739
Lady Elizabeth of York

Then we'd have nothing to make fun of.

What if trolls didn't exist?

10/31/2010 #741

Then bridges would be safer to cross. =D

What if we all lived underground instead of above it?

11/1/2010 #742
Lady Elizabeth of York

It be a lot darker.

What if you were a suspect (not the killer) in a Murder case?

11/2/2010 #743

You mean being wrongfully accused of murder? I'd be pissed. I'd also be scared. The idea of being locked up for something you didn't do...*shudder* They'd have to take me away kicking and screaming.

What if you were swimming in the ocean and you saw a shark nearby, like within arms reach?

11/4/2010 #744
Lady Elizabeth of York

I'd scream and faint and therefore be dead.

What if you found a glowing rock that granted you three wishes a day?

11/5/2010 #745

I'd hide it so no one else could find it and then wish for unlimited wishes.

What if the world was without books?

11/5/2010 #746
Lady Elizabeth of York

I would sit around with nothing to do.Seeing nearly all my fics are book related.

What if the X-men were real and came to you for help?

11/6/2010 #747

I'd help and in doing so steal Gambit from Rogue ;P

What if you won the lottery?

11/6/2010 #748

I'd be rich.

What if the Internet collapsed and lost all its data?

11/7/2010 #749

Then there would probably be an international, collective cry of agony.

What if monsters really did live under your bed?

11/7/2010 #750
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