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Artemis Mitera

I've been wanting to do this. I can either just listen and/or give you advice. Anyone else is invited to give some advice as some may give better advice than others.


Pen name

Type of Issue

Details (as much as you want to get into).

7/12/2008 . Edited 9/6/2008 #1
Lady Saru


7/14/2008 #2

LoL! I've always wanted you to do this! you have opened a can of worms...

Penname: Iri

Type of Issue: Mystery

Details: Too many things going on. I find out somethings, actually some that I guessed. I can't get enough information and I'm convinced there is more and I need to know, now! The people who I ask probably won't tell me anything... This has to do with Shadow...


Penname: CU

Type of Issue: BF/GF

Details: He feels he has lost you. Knock some sense into him and tell him it's temporary or that you are not leaving him forever...

7/14/2008 #3

Read and disbelieve.

Penname: Rusty. But you can call me Cain if you really want, I don't care.

Issue: Hmm? I wouldn't know how to class this.

Details: It's impossible for me to think positively about anything I do. The reason I act like such a dick is because I like to over-compensate for my hatred of myself. The only time I feel satisified is when I've hurt myself - mind you this hasn't happened in a while but I feel the compulsion to still.

Tell me, is this weird? What's wrong with me?

7/14/2008 #4
Artemis Mitera

To C-U: I still talk to him.

Iri: I need to get in depth with you. XD

Cain: Well, I'm in no position to diagnose you, but I do now see why you spark up arguments n shit in some of the topics. What you need is to take a breather every once in a while and try to think happy thoughts... J/K Really, I bet there's many people that do this to themselves (I for one, I act arrogant cause of lack of self esteem in real life). But I don't think its weird. What could be is something in your past that may have struck that deep rooted inner hatred.

7/14/2008 #5

Penname? PikaYoshiGirl, of course. And I won't be changing it.

Issue? School...

Details? I really don't want to go back. I know I might sound confident with you guys, and I love everyone here(not in that way, come on) but I'll be EXTREMELY angry when I go back to school. I see all these advertisements and magazines getting ready for a back to school countdown...WTF? Just a month-and-a-half ago, I was counting down the days just to get to SUMMER, and now THIS? No, just no. Give me confidence, tell me how to beat off those blood-thirsty PMSing girls at my school.

7/14/2008 #6
Artemis Mitera

Fuck the people.

That's all. Don't give a flying ratshit about those girls. (Damn, my local store is advertising too!) They'll only harm you cause they see that weakness. They attack you when you're down. You need to pay no heed to them, they're no better than you. No worse either. Give them the cold shoulder and cry in private. Don't get mad, that's a waste of perfectly good emotion on snobby bitches. You may not have confidence (I don't either) but you can fake it. Prepare yourself to have a stoic face around them, go on your defensive. But that's for later. For now, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. I was given this advice from one of my Besties. First don't listen and prepare a thick skin so that later, when you're ready to attack back, listen.

But to simplify things (sorry), I say that you just don't listen to them. The only opinion that matters is yours.

Any help? Was I off?

7/14/2008 #7

You must have had experiences with those girls too.

I'm convinced that they're not humans, just clones...of each other. . Thanks!

7/14/2008 #8
Artemis Mitera

Lawl. I have many encounters with bitches. But I know now how to handle them. ^.^

And yes, they may just be clones. Remember, their opinions dont matter. XD

7/14/2008 #9
Lady Saru

Pen-name: Lady Saru, the one and better be only. KIDDING!

Issue: Contradictions about dress and self image

Details: I keep saying I don't care about what people say or think, that I'm happy if it makes me happy, that I'll wear whatever I want. But everytime, there's always the little voice that does care, that says "What are you thinking?" The voice that tells me to dress in a T-shirt and jeans everyday to be safe. I can overpower this voice intially but then for the whole day I'm worried and too self-conscious to be happy. I just want this voice to be gone...especially since I'm really stating to be attracted to a new fashion, and I don't want to be sabotaged.


Second problem, forgive me.

Pen-name: Lady Saru

Issue: Artwork

Details: I completely hate my own artwork and want to destroy it. It's very hard not to and I have destroyed some in the past. I want to get over that.

7/14/2008 #10
Artemis Mitera

Issue one: Ah, I know what you're going through. XD I've been there. Self conscious. I've changed clothes several times that I've been late before going to the store, lol.

This little voice is something inside of you wanting you to be cautious, to be safe, to keep you from getting hurt. I say repeat something over in your head, like a mantra, to get rid of the voice. Also, watch what other people wear because they're laid back about what they're wearing. Know that no one is really judging you, and those that are judging you-- well, their opinions don't matter. Keep telling yourself that other people's opinions don't matter and the only one that matters is the majority of your own opinion. You can dress the way you want to because you do. It's only up to you to stomp that voice that cares.

The way I went with it is to jump into what i can get my hands on and forget that other people are watching me when they're not. See, if you come to terms that no one else is going to point and laugh, you'll do fine.

Example: I had a stain in my pants. I keep looking at it. People notice. I get embarrased. End of Story. That's what I did wrong, I kept worrying about something that didn't need to be worried about. Ignore that voice, wear what you like because no one's going to condemn you and you'll do fine.

Keep at it, and the voice will only become a minor nuisance.

Issue two: Why do you hate your own artwork? Not as pretty as you see other's do it? Details, Lady S, details.

7/14/2008 #11
Red Panda Bear

Okay I'll fill in for Jinx. Hopefully she won't get mad at me.

1. Wear what you want. It's impossible to impress everyone, so just be happy with youself.

2. A lot of people hate their artwork/stories/ect. My advice is to save it. If you can't stand looking at it, pack it away somewhere. Or give it to someone who complimented you on it.

7/14/2008 #12
Red Panda Bear

Haha we both answered at the same time.

7/14/2008 #13
Artemis Mitera

Lol, that's awesome. XD

7/14/2008 #14
Lady Saru

1. Thank you Jynx and Red. That really helps, and I'll try that next time. It's been especially bad, given what new fashion I want to try, but I'll try your tips.

2. Red: Thanks.

Jynx: I just feel it's crap and it turns out so wrong from what's in my head.

7/14/2008 #15
Artemis Mitera

Issue two: I've had that happen. Look, try to not draw when you're thinking too much. It'll ruin the moment. Just breathe and when the urge to draw is irresistable, DRAW. DO NOT STOP AND THINK. Think too much and it'll be ruined. It's still art so there's no right or wrong btw.

7/14/2008 #16
Lady Saru

Jynx: Thank you so much. I think I'll be able to make my deadline now.

7/14/2008 #17
Artemis Mitera

O.o You're welcome.

7/14/2008 #18
Artemis Mitera


7/14/2008 #19

Penname: Dorkie, or whatever you want to call me.

Type of issue: Relationship problem?

Details: Well, I'm dating this guy, and I'm afraid that I'm not good enough for him because when I look at pictures of his exes, I think about how pretty they are, (there's one in particular) and then I look at myself in the mirror, and think 'how could someone like him want to be with someone like me?'. I don't know, but it bothers me so much. So yeah. I just needed to vent.

7/14/2008 #20
Artemis Mitera

Babe, you can't always be as pretty as the other girls but there IS a reason he likes you. If you keep letting that be an issue, sooner or later you won't be dating him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder cause he musta seen something pretty in you- physically or personality wise.

EDIT: There's a reason they're ex's too and you're the current GF. XD

7/14/2008 . Edited 7/14/2008 #21

Wow. That was REALLY good advice. Thank you so much.

7/14/2008 #22
Artemis Mitera

You're welcome.

Don't forget it.

7/14/2008 #23

Don't worry, I won't.

7/14/2008 #24
Artemis Mitera



7/15/2008 #25
Venomous Woe

Hey, Jinxed. Ever considered getting some extra therapists?

The reason I ask is that I'm going through some stuff, and I might be able to help.

7/15/2008 #26
Artemis Mitera

Oh yeah, at times I won't be here and if you can give in your extra two cents when no one replies or even if I reply, anyone else can be the therapist as long as your advice is valid. XD

7/15/2008 #27
Venomous Woe

Alright, sweet! XD

But umm, how is it determined what advice and what is not? Different people find different things helpful...

7/15/2008 #28
Artemis Mitera

The more different ways to tackle a thing, the better.

And I'm not putting limits this time. I'm jus saying make sure that the advice fits the issue and so on...

I dunno. *shrugs* I'm barely awake so I'm rambling. Just do your thing. ^_~ Even if I do reply fast. XD

7/15/2008 #29

Oh, I have another issue! It's kinda funny though, so don't laugh! Can I say it now?

My issue is that I have a fear of rides that so backwards...I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow...MY FRIENDS WILL MAKE ME GET ON ! I know I mentioned it in another thread, but what do I do when it' a backwards coaster? The one where your feet dangle?

7/15/2008 #30
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