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Artemis Mitera

Alright, if you really need to give links to a place you're visting, either on youtube or another forum, or a totally different site, then POST IT HERE.

Anywhere else, and it'll be edited. Edit: ALL LINKS GO HERE!

I'll even cut and paste the link to it here.

I don't want to censer anyone but I also don't want anyone to interrupt the flow of conversation.

7/22/2008 . Edited 10/6/2008 #1
Artemis Mitera


AzikaRue's chillin here.

7/22/2008 #2
Artemis Mitera


King MJJ's forum.

7/22/2008 #3

Nova's forum for all things concrit:




7/22/2008 #4

You want kickass fan-based avatars, go here. Just ask permission first.

If you also have fanpics (your own, not someone else's) go ahead and post. Unlike FFN, they are very friendly and undiscriminating there. You can also review any of them, regardless of whether or not you post any. In fact, the guy that reviews the most has never posted a single pic. All reviews are welcome, and I've never heard of anyone getting flamed there.

7/22/2008 #5
Teh Imperfectionist

www.savespashley.com I'm not asking you to care about the couple/show at hand but please just go on and sign any petitions if you have the time....it would really be helpful.

7/23/2008 . Edited 7/23/2008 #6
Red Panda Bear

Please come visit my forum.


7/23/2008 . Edited by Artemis Mitera, 7/23/2008 #7

Visit mine, it's awesome!

7/24/2008 . Edited 7/24/2008 #8
Z Cloister Black

Visit mine if you hate stereotypes against Original Characters:



7/24/2008 #9
Auburn Envy


Visit, even if you haven't read the books its a new start so you'll be fine.

7/24/2008 #10
Teh Imperfectionist

Checked out the Social one.

7/26/2008 . Edited 7/26/2008 #11
Manic Dormouseguy

Do you have an OC, but are afraid that it might be a Mary-Sue or a Pot Plant? Then come on in! We at The OC Courtroom will help you flesh out and balance your character, as well as give it a life of its own.

7/26/2008 #12

I have a Deviantart:

A Photobucket

and a Fictionpress:


7/27/2008 #13

This forum is perfect for all you fans of Old Skool (and if you know what Nicktoon used to spell school 'skool' cookie for you) Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7/27/2008 #14

A Harry Potter forum that I moderate, that I actually enjoy:


7/31/2008 #15

I have a new poll based off of many issues in the upcoming elections.


Can you vote in it please?

8/2/2008 #16

no joke! sign up and they let you play games to earn credits!!

8/7/2008 #17
Artemis Mitera


Idiot didn't see this topic. I jus noticed the link.

8/11/2008 #18
Venomous Woe

This is mainly a site for Metroid fans, but it has boards for other kinds of discussion. There aren't too many active users now, so I'd appreciate it if some of you could fill some spaces. :)

8/12/2008 #19
Venomous Woe

Hey guys, remember that troll Arbotos? I was poking around the World of Warcraft forums and, well....

Take a look if you dare. It contains poisonous amounts of FAIL though.

8/15/2008 #20
Trippy Hippie

He is a failure on there just as much as he is in real life.

8/15/2008 #21
Trippy Hippie
Okay Peons I HAVENT BEEN GETTING A LOT OF RESPECT LATELY SO CONVINCE ME TO LOG BACK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It started on my throne in Ogrimmar when people WERE GETTING ON MY THRONE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY ME AND WUFFY CAN GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO I DEMANDED THEM ALL B AND N ELFS AND GNOMES off MY server. Then THEY / spit me THE FUTURE OF ILLIDAN. I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HOW U GUYS TREAT ME. You know why? Because everyone hates you.4 more LONG days till im back guys! Don't worry ILL FIX THE CHAOS THATS HAPPENED SINCE MY DISAPPEARENCE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and btw if you DONT TREAT UR KING/GOD/SAVIOR -(ME)- WITH RESPECT IM leaving AGI... Here he thinks he's a God.Q u o t e:I'm Somewhat of a king. LOL UR AN ELFXD AN ELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD srsly and you think your l33t like meXD!!!!! Sounds like Kasier.
8/15/2008 #22

Hey guys, if you have a sec...


8/15/2008 #23
Artemis Mitera

Take a look if you dare. It contains poisonous amounts of FAIL though.

It was lulzy though. VERY! xD

8/15/2008 #24
Venomous Woe

It was lulzy though. VERY! xD

Lulz and fail walk hand in hand, since fail often inspires lulz. But that doesn't stop the high concentration of failite in my link from giving off radioactivity. Trust me, I've got a Geiger counter.

8/15/2008 #25





8/15/2008 . Edited 8/15/2008 #26
Robert Strand

What to know what Robby did late weekend?


I fought and died for my glorious socialist ideas. What did you do?

8/15/2008 . Edited 8/15/2008 #27
Auburn Envy

Check out my forum, my first ever so please..


8/15/2008 #28
Artemis Mitera


Some link...

8/16/2008 #29
Kiseki Lin

A forum that I created today.

Title: DayDream

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/Tatiana_Lin_Anastasia/1271932/

Summary: This will talk of my updates and announcements for my Eyeshield 21 stories and chats on the newest chapters, characters, etc...so come on in and enjoy.

8/17/2008 #30
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