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So you want to laugh at the N00BI3S and StuSuethors. This is the place. We never sleep. Come hang out and talk about anything, but you are on your own if you see foul language. Formerly the L.F.E.
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Anarane Faelivrin

For the newbies- but forum regulars should post here too, just so everyone knows who is who.

Please stop making new threads introducing yourselves.

I'm Ana. Anarane if you want to get formal. ;)

Enjoy your stay at the LFE! :D

10/13/2008 . Edited 1/20/2009 #1
Artemis Mitera

I'm known as Kari or Artemis (with the occasional Jinxed/Jynx cause of my previous pennname). I act as the supermod because Kimi has left the forum to me, basically. I'm the one to listen to when it comes to enforcing how things go around here.

Otherwise, I love to meet new people. :D

10/13/2008 #2
White Eyebrow

Hello, In addition to my non de plume, I also go by Seth. For the most part I am a lurker, but I shall register here just in case the spirit to post moves me.

10/13/2008 #3

Holy cr@p, you post here too? Okay, so you are Seth. Good to know.

I am Darkwinter, Dark, DW and occasionally Darky (but only with close friends). I am a girl, but I do like to pretend to be a guy a lot. Especially when Jynxed is hitting on me (I think your name is so much prettier with a y. The letter is as rare a beauty as you).

EDIT: Oh, and I am a total DCU fan. Mostly Batman's gang, but I'm not quite into Batman himself.

10/13/2008 . Edited 10/13/2008 #4

I'm Ill-M-I (Illy) and as you can tell, total tobyMac fan. I cuss like crap, so be expected lots of cursing when I’m on. My life is real shitty in general, so I’ll spare you the details. I am of the XX chromosome. I am currently writing for the Twilight Saga, and I do occasional Warriors Saga fics.

Five words: bitch with a shitty life.

Questions? Ask.

10/13/2008 . Edited 10/13/2008 #5
Saber Wing

Hi, I'm Angel. I've been on site for over two years, and on this forum for several months now, so I guess that makes me a semi old timer XD. Hey, I'm only 17, so it could be worse XD. Anyway, I love to write, and I'm damn pretty good at it too, or at least I like to think so. I love pretty much all things anime and manga, and of course video games, especially the final fantasy fandoms.

I am entirely too fond of swear words, especially when I get angry XD. I am also a grammar freak, so be warned. I guess that's pretty much it...

10/13/2008 #6

Hey! Realm here

Penname's otherrealmwriter but got Realm from people shortening it.

10/13/2008 #7

Thoughtless here! Otherwise known as Taylor, Thoughtful, Thoughtu, or Fluffy. :3 I'm just yer average yaoi/yuri fangirl trying to amuse herself. :3

10/13/2008 #8
Teh Imperfectionist

Impy. 14. Female. England. Obsessed w/ Ali Larter. Talks Bullshit.

's'up yo?

10/14/2008 #9

Lotusnapper or Lotus whichever.

Age: 19

Country: Ireland

10/15/2008 #10
The Endless Rain

Sup? You can call me MJJ or Kira or L. Whichever you perfer... I'm a manga and video-game fanatic and I absolutely hate trolls like Arbotos... Right now my favorite manga are Naruto, Dragon Ball Z (always!!), Rosario + Vampire, and Death Note.

10/15/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #11
Trippy Hippie

Name: Gaara, Kris, or Kristen

Age: 15

Nationality: German

Likes: Surfing(ocean), debating, writing, reading, bothering, and cusing out trolls

Dislikes: Waiting, Arrogant fools, trolls, worrying, ect

10/15/2008 #12

Name: Imagination

Age: 15


Likes: Honesty and fun!

10/16/2008 #13
Saber Apricot

Saber Apricot here. I'm 23, female, and recently graduated from a university.

I like documentaries, academic papers (it depends on the subject), murder mysteries, drama (not soaps), supernatural/paranormal, sci-fi, comedy, action, and horror. Romance is okay, but I've never been a real fan of chick flics or cheap romance novels.

10/16/2008 #14
Venomous Woe

Subject: Venomous Woe.

Known Aliases: V-Woe, Ven.

Age: 18.

Gender: Male.

Interests: Video games, music, art (subject prefers anime, fantasy, science fiction, or surreal art), and writing (subject shows waning interest in this area).

Most recent photo of subject:

10/16/2008 #15
Rev En Cas

Name: Technicalities

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Things about me: A being of former glory, I fear that only a handful of people would remember me T_T That, and that I'll only be here for a couple of days. Do take the time to visit my profile before replying to any of my subsequent posts, as it would make me rather happy :D

10/17/2008 #16

Hey! I've been here on FF.net for like 3 years... but I've only recently started getting into forum chat, so I'll be around here.

Name: Call me by my username or RenRen, if you want.

Age: 15

Gender: Female

About Me: I'm friendly and love to write. For everything else, that's what my profile's there for. :P

10/17/2008 #17

Name: Innocent Uke

Age : Don't feel like saying

Gender: Male

10/17/2008 #18
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru

Name; Eri

Age; 13

Gender; Female.

10/18/2008 #19

Good morning, LFE.

I'm in need of a place to chat and take my mind off things, and I chose this place at the recommendation of a new friend of mine. I'm sure my visit won't disappoint.

Name: I prefer Dorothy, but many have called me Visa. Both work equally well. Age: I'm touchy about age, but I'll tell you all that I am under twenty. Gender: Female.

I hope to meet a lot of interesting and entertaining people here, and I hope that I can provide the same entertainment to all of you.

10/21/2008 #20

Hi! My name is Danielle! Just wanted to say hello!

10/22/2008 #21
Berlioz II

Okay. I'm Jani, aka. Berlioz II (duh), 26 year of age (B-Day August 6) from Finland, and I'm a guy... guess that's about the necessities. If you want to know anything more specific about my fandom preferences and stuff, click on my profile. It's all there.

I'm not as active on this forum these days than I was near the beginning of my fanfic writer days, but I pop up every now and again to see if there's anything specifically interesting happening. So yeah...

10/22/2008 #22

Hi I'm Melda. I've been lurking for awhile but this forum seems friendly so here I am. Currently I am procrastinating on at least two papers and not studying for midterms. I'm a huge animal person and have four dogs, a turtle, a frog, and apparently 5 feeder fish survivalists.

10/22/2008 #23
Jamey Icati

This is for all the new people: WELCOME!

(This is Artemis)


Reply to any topic you'd like. :D

10/22/2008 #24

This isn't an introduction but an opposite. A leaving note thingy.

I'm outta here, I used to go here but II'm not wanted here by the 1st two mods(Syrus blocked me(another mod unblock only this account after months because I was "picked on". *rolls eyes* When it came to blocking others it was Fp style *rolls eyes*) @ his forum, it was the last straw for me. All I have to say to them is: "Do unto to others what you want others to do unto to you"). I don't like this forum anymore, anyways, not when the 1st two mods became mods. All my friends(that I brought here or came here too), except for 2 left already, too. Any old friends stillhere that are curious can see me around the forums, I am a reg/mod of one particular one... Leya Gecko knows where to find me...

I decided to leave LFE permenantly in 2008, right after the block.

Good for you. XD ~ Arty

10/22/2008 . Edited by Artemis Mitera, 5/12/2009 #25
Rebecca court

Hi my nickname is crossoverstar don't know why just thought it was cool idea at some point of my life. My real name is Rebecca 24 years old yep still live with the mom and the dad lol free rent and all. But now I get go out and live my life far far far way lol . I love my family my mom been sick so got to help as much as I can around here . Well I been here on this sit about as long as it has been here I love to read so this my get away place here. I hope to make some awesome new friends if you went to know more well I'm on myspace so check it out got to go much love and peace COS Crossoverstar

10/22/2008 #26
Shane Arkwright

Greetings! =P My name is Milo De Wolf, but you can either call me Milo or Wolf. I'm better known as Wolf, though. I am a dreadfully newbie newb, so guide me along smoothly. I enjoy writing diverse genres. My forte would be in the romance section ;) I love making friends and such, so don't be a stranger. =}

Name: Milo/Wolf

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Country/State: United States/Oklahoma

Luffles: Writing, reading, drawing, sleeping, daydreaming

Hates: Flammers, flame baiters, bashers, crashers, haters, meaners... drama

Warnings: Can be oblivious and vexingly dense, may suddenly spazz, tendencies to space out, has horrible memory...

10/23/2008 . Edited 10/23/2008 #27
Robert Strand


People call me Robby. Weclome to the LFE!

10/23/2008 #28

What people? All I hear is Rob and Robert! ;)

If you'd like any questions answered or net speek defined, PM (Private Message) me, I'll be glad to help out. :)

10/23/2008 #29

Hi... My name's Lindsay, and I'm Canadian. French and Scottish, and I'm fourteen. I'm hoping to meet new friends here. :]

10/23/2008 #30
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