What Is True Obsession With Wicked?
What do YOU think defines an WickedObsessor? I know there's some things like 'Painted myself green at Halloween' by ThroppSistersandcompany but are there any things that you've done that you think qualifies you as being an OzHead. Tell me what you think!
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I got the CD on Wednesday, and by Saturday, I could name all the tracks on the CD, in order. I could also sing four of the songs off by heart, without the words :D
6/9/2007 #1
I think that if you like the musical, every thing about it, I think that makes you a wicked fan.
6/22/2007 #2
A fan, yes, but an obsessive? lol Anyway, my mother has started singing Wicked songs, from me playing the CD so many times. SCORE!
6/25/2007 #3
Hm... Obsessive? All the lyrics, a couple of choice lines, 'We all can't come and go by bubble', 'What's in the punch?' 'lemons and melons and pears', 'oh my!', stuff like that, takes every opportunity to see wicked, etc. For example, as you probably know if you read my story, I went to my grandmothers alot, (and will go back later this summer,) all to get some cash. I have so far earned 200 with a lot of hard work and sweat. I am about to blow it all on the lyric book, a playbill book that has five of twohundred pages on wicked, and a trip to the pantages to see it at the end of the summer. If I do say so my self, that is wicked devotion. I gave up my whole christmas to get the Grimmerie,and the cd. (I am kind of poor, LOL). I have a bf who swears that she is the biggest fan of wicked because, I quote, she's 'known it longer.' Beilive it or not, we've had plenty of very childish discussions about 'who's the biggest Wicked fan.' There was one time where my Drama club was getting ready to see wicked in a week for a 'field trip', of sorts. My director had gone to see it before hand, and had brought us back the play bill. My friend carelessly fingered through it, then passed it to me. I looked at the list of people that was the cast and did a Galinda squeal. I had known who Eden Esipinosa and Megan Hilty where for a long time and freaked when I found out I was going to see them. I did a little dance and chanted Eden and Megan for a while. My friend sat up and looked at me and said, 'what?'. I screamed, "MISSA!" [which is a shorting of her name,] "Missa, we are going to see Eden and Megan!" She gave me a confusafied look and said, 'who's that?' I was shocked. 'you don't know Megan Hilty and Eden Espinosa?' and she said, 'of course not! I know the play, not the people!' Then when we went to the play, she took one look at her playbill and said, 'we are going to see Eden and Megan!' She refused to admit I had told her that first. Oh well. Anywho, there also has been sevaral times where we would be going somewhere to get her, and I would pop in the Cd, and she would say, 'I am not in the mood to listen to wicked!' What wicked fan wouldn't want to listen to wicked? I am very careful on the subject tho, because I have a friend, who is as big a wicked fan as the next broadway lover, but she is very poor, and she only has the program, and a mp3 of the CD, and a couple of, hem, hem, copyed pages out of the Grimmerie and the lyrics book. She also has the script, but she doesn't have alot of wicked stuff. She is a big fan tho, and loves the play. Anyway, that is my opinon. What ever though. Shiloh
6/25/2007 #4
Thanks for the reply :) Much like your stories, you're great! Long replies, WOO!! I have to admit, I was cheap, and found the script on the internet and printed the whole thing off, much to my mother's disgust. Childlike discussions.. they sound fun. My friend and I have childish discussions on who is more obsessed by their 'thing' - her's being the Beatles and mine being Wicked. As for not knowing who Megan and Eden are... WAAAH!! I can never see them, I live in the UK - but we get the Dallimore AND the Ellis - even though the Dallimore is leaving but that's not the point. I have been begging my mother for about a month staright to go and see it, and now she is singing the songs when they play and also has PROMISED that she will take me in the Summer. I'm confused as to your friend who says she likes Wicked... but isn't in the mood to listen to it... Ah well, each to their own! Thanks for the long reply, gave lots to think about. And, just for the record, PLEASE update your story soon :D
6/26/2007 #5
I feel bad for you...Megan is my favorite after Kristen. I find that Dallimore draws out her words to much for me... and Kerri does a strange Defying Gravity... I am sure if I stopped listening to the CD before I went to go see Kerry it would be awesome though, as all defying Gravitys are. My friend is a little... *cough, cough* whiny. I have known her since Kindergarten, and we probably wouldn't have been friends if it hadn't been for that. We are complete opposites, and we bicker, alot. My friends see us fighting and are like, 'don't fight, I don't want a big argument!' and sometimes we are like, 'we'are fighting?' Only thing we have in common is Wicked and drama club. It is unbeilveable how much we are like Glinda and Elphaba. Matter in fact, for 'The wizard of Oz' at my school, she played the 'wicked witch of the west' and I played 'Glinda, the good witch.' And, for the talent show, they asked us to sing a special song for our retiring Drama teacher, and guess what song we chose? For good! At first I was going to do Elphaba, and her Galinda, but then we had to switch parts, because I can't do harmony. If I do say so my self, it was beutiful, and my Drama teacher balled her eyes out. I don't mean to brag, but I have always took pride, (somewhat,) in my singing voice. Though she is a better singing than me, I often change keys, and I only have three octaves. The thing is though about the Elphaba and Glinda thing is even though in the Play and the Talent show, I play Glinda, and her Elphaba, I am more like Elphaba, and she is more like Glinda. She is rich, and slightly spoiled, and often says things that can make a person uncomfortable, yet a kindish, sweet person. And she is blond. I however have black hair, am somewhat stubborn, always wears black, and is stubborn and sarcastic in Elphaba's own PMS kind of way. Though, I can some times say things I am not supposed to, but in a different way. (insadently, I want to play Elphaba in Wicked, and she wants to play Glinda in wicked. Which would be best, because I can reach a high A, =] and she comes fairly close.) Thanks about my story. That is what I am typing as soon as I finish this. So bye, Shi
6/26/2007 #6
You are amazing! I think the Dallimore is someone you have to warm to, to some extent. However you have to accept that she is incredibly talented lol. I also think Kerry is awesome... I can't comment on her Defying Gravity, but her Wizard and I is amazing, and she is very much like Idina (in my opinion lol), only English... 'Because I can't do harmony' hehe lol, join the club. Much like you, I rather pride myself in my singing voice, it's fairly good for my age. Nice one on getting your teacher to cry... MY DRAMA TEACHER'S LEAVING AND I'M SO SAD :-( I love for good :) I have been singing it obsessively ever since I learnt it. But only Elphie's part, it is my challenge to go straight to the high note in it. And I can do it lol, I just have to listen to the CD over and over agin :S I am so desperate to play Elphie lolz, it would be incredible :) I have no idea what notes I can hit, but I can hit Elphie's notes lol, but not G(a)linda's. :D -Lazie-
6/26/2007 #7
Sorry, I just realized I forgot the n't on I can't hit a high A! ={ Oh well. Bye the way, I am cheap too, because I got the script off line too. For Good is probably the easiest song to do in Wicked, besides Dear Old S***, LOL. I would love to play Elphaba also, but who wouldn't? haha. I can't hit the a couple of notes in Defying Gravity, and The Wizard and I, but other than that.... Sorry, I really have no long comment to give. Bye, Shi P.s my new chapter is soon to be up!
6/26/2007 #8
I could never say I'm obsessed with Wicked. I've seen it twice so far, once with Idina and Helen and then again with Kerry and Helen. I'd probably want to see Helen's replacement though but transport is a big issue, as is money and at the moment I am saving for something much more important, I gots to get me the real copy of Origin by Evanescence, once I get that then I start on Evanescence merchandise. See I'm more obsessed with Evanescence than I could ever be with Wicked. Interestingly enough I've never been able to see Evanescence play live, they seem to like playing in England when I have important exams going on. It's annoying it really is. They better come to England again, I may cry if they don't. See with Wicked it's easier because they don't move anywhere for ages, you can choose a day to go that works for you, I mean come on TWO FRICKING DATES IS NOT LONG ENOUGH! They're doing four dates in California! Sorry I get angry at the lack of tour dates that England gets. So yer I know I'm not obsessed with Wicked because of: 1) the fact that I am more obsessed with Evanescence 2) the money that was going to be used for Wicked merchandise when I went to see it was actually used for clothes shopping. 3) I won't go out of my way to see the show 4) I don't know every actress that played either G(a)linda or Elphaba 5) I can get bored of the soundtrack 6) I won't wait outside the stage door in the freezing cold in order to get an autograph there we go... I think that's enough
7/6/2007 #9
Are you talking about Evanescence or wicked when you say, "I mean come on TWO FRICKING DATES IS NOT LONG ENOUGH! They're doing four dates in California! Sorry I get angry at the lack of tour dates that England gets." Either way, I live in California, and that is some thing I don't take for granted. We get alot of crap up here, down here, what ever. I don't blame you for being obsessed with Evanescence. I am actually a big fan...except I only have a copy of there first CD. Actually, a lot of the stuff you say I agree with: 1) I am obsessed with other things besides Wicked, though I probably talk the most about Wicked because that is something all my friends like. 2) I can't agree with, because I never have money to get any merchandise. 3) I won't go out of my way to see the show. I have gone once with my Drama club, and it was about $35 bucks, to go. I may go with my friends youth group at the end of the summer, and that is it. I have never shopped for Wicked tickets. 4) I DON'T know every actress that played Galinda or Elphaba. I truly don't. (I know a good many though) 5) I can get born with the soundtrack. Not often, but sometimes. 6) I won't wait out side for an autogragh. Unless I ever get the plesure of seeing Idina or Kristen, which I won't Anyways, You are way lucky to have seen the people you have. I envy you.
7/6/2007 #10
Yer I was talking about Evanescence when I said that. They're four dates on the Family Values Tour in California. And you only have the first cd? You really should invest in getting the second, it is seriously amazing, also downloading/listening to the songs pre-fallen, because they are simply gorgeous. Yer I am quite lucky to see the people I have seen. I would have loved to have seen Kristin though. You know I would have killed to go to Download if my GCSE's weren't going on at the same time because EVANESCENCE ROCKED THERE! Amy was in a 'take-no-crap' mood and it was so cool.
7/6/2007 #11
I made some money this summer, so I count on it. I may just listen to it on my rhapsody account for now though.
7/6/2007 #12
well may i suggest finding Bleed (I Must Be Dreaming), Surrender, Exodus, Anything For You and Breathe No More (depressing title... depressing song actually... but find a live version, it's brilliant)
7/6/2007 #13
Sorry to burst your bubble
I think being obsessed with wicked means, well when I was little I was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz. But for me be obsessed with wicked totally means: to worship it.
7/25/2007 #14
Well said, although I wouldn't exactly bow to the wicked gods. Maybe. A little. YESSSSS!!! If there were any, that is.
7/25/2007 #15
Elphie Bubble
I definitely consider myself an obsessor. I was first exposed to Wicked when my roommate forced me to listen to the soundtrack. And although I haven't seen the musical, since that time, I've [of course] learned all the songs, bought and read the book something like 17 times, and printed out the script and learned all of G(a)linda and Elphie's parts. And of course, I routinely sneak onto our school's stage after school with my witch cape, hat, and broom, and act out bits of the musical with my friends. I'll also be seeing the musical next year. You have no idea how long it took to convince my musicalphobe of a mother on that one. In my opinion, writing fanfiction for a certain thing automatically qualifies you as obsessed. At least, for me it does.
8/18/2007 #16
Elphie Bubble
Oh, and of course I forgot to mention that I own quite a bit of Wicked merchandise (shirt, stuffed monkey, poster, and umbrella) and that I routinely call my friends Nessa, Galinda, Fiyero, and Boq, my parents are known as Momsie and Popsical and everyone calls me Elphie. ;D
8/18/2007 #17
Elphie Bubble
Oh, and of course I forgot to mention that I own quite a bit of Wicked merchandise (shirt, stuffed monkey, poster, and umbrella) and that I routinely call my friends Nessa, Galinda, Fiyero, and Boq, my parents are known as Momsie and Popsical and everyone calls me Elphie. ;D
8/18/2007 #18
That's a fair point, but I write Fanfic for Hannah Montana, and I am certainly not obsessed, I just find it easy to write. The Wicked CD I can listen to over and over again, and not get bored, because each time gives me a chance to attempt bits in songs that I can't do. I've learned all the songs (like you said, of course, screamed when I saw the book and bought it, read it about a million times, printed out the script (much to the delight of my mother) and learnt all of Elphie's part and some of G(a)linda's (I want to play Elphaba when I'm older (of course)). My mother [i]loves[/i] musical theatre, but insists that she hates Wicked, but I have managed to persuade her to take me, listened to her sing Defying Gravity and walked into her room to find her searching for Wicked on YouTube. Oh yes. And she still maintains that she hates it. I don't understand her sometimes. I don't do the cape, hat and broom thing, mainly because only two people in my class are into Wicked, and they are the *popular* people. *Hums Popular* so I can't. And also we don't have a stage unless they build it in school for plays, so I can't stand on stage, as it were. However I do obsessively search for karaoke tracks of Wicked, and obsessively sing them over and over again. And I've cracked my voice a few times singing Defying Gravity. Always fun. -TDG
8/18/2007 #19
I say: If all you can think about is Wicked, then you're obsessed. XD
8/20/2007 #20
Oo, like your avatar, Jelly. In response, if all you think about is Wicked, then, your kinda dead, aren't you? I think people forget that you have to think to breathe...I swear that is all people at my school use their brains for...that, and slobbering all over each other like feffing dogs... any way... I think that I have become less Wicked obsessed. I went to see Wicked for the second time the other day, and some how, it wasn't as magical the second time. Which brings me to a second question; What attracts us so much to Wicked? There are other people that have seen Wicked, and still LOVE other musicals, (Which is totally uncomprehendable, [is that a word?] to me, as I am a total fan girl.) But seriously, what makes US love Wicked over any other play? For example, I have a friend in Bakersfield, [California] that has seen Wicked, but is waaaaaay more obsessed with Les Miserables. Hell, she even likes Hairspray over Wicked. And all though I love both of the latter musicals, I still love Wicked more, (Although Hairspray is growing on me...power to the fat girls =D.) Call me off topic, but I think that we have already verified what is considered a 'Wicked obsessor.' I think that is a more mystifying question: WHY are we so damn obsessed with Wicked?
8/20/2007 #21
That's a good point Jelly, and also to you Shiloh. I don't know WHY I am so obsessed with Wicked, but it sure is fun. It kind of began for me as a way of getting back at my friend, because she never shut up about the Beatles, and I was like 'Fine, she can have a taste of her own medicine!' but then I actually really loved it after I found it, so I am now truly obsessed, rather than pretending. I mean, come on, I've put all my other fics on hold to write Wicked, all I listen to is Wicked, my MUM (who insists she hates it) has started searching for it on YouTube and it's pretty much all I talk about. I feel sorry for my friends...
8/21/2007 #22
Well, you could get your friends into it...like I did...-grins evilly.- Actually my drama club went to go see it together, and so, I have a whole fan base at my school. We'll be hanging out in the cafiteria and be like, "GOOD NEWS
8/21/2007 . Edited 10/8/2007 #23
Not going to happen =] Ones OBSESSED with the Beatles, one's obsessed with Torchwood, one's obsessed with Harry Potter and the other ignores me when I talk about it =[ Boo! La Vie Boheme... I heart that song. I would so love to do that!!
8/21/2007 #24
It was seriously like a musical. Take them to Wicked, they will never feel that way again.
8/21/2007 #25
Yes, I'm asking for tickets to an evening performance (then I can do some stage door-ing) for me and a friend =]
8/21/2007 #26
Wretched Miss
I think i get qualified as a total fan because i know alot of the songs by heart plus my myspace is all wicekd and for halloween im paiontingmyself green. Now if that nosent say obsessed i dont know what does. Plus im always quoting the play which totally rocked! But who else thinks Galinda and Elphie should have ended up together?
8/28/2007 #27
Trust me hun, you're not alone. EVERYBODY seems to like Gelphie now. Look for: Trydefyingravity Gothphantom Cardboardcreative Thewarrior12 That should be a good starter.
8/28/2007 #28
Mwah, thanks Shiloh. I do like Gelphie, I think it's the only non-canon slash pairing that works. However, I do *heart* Fiyeraba and Bessa and canon pairings. Any other slash scares me, but Gelphie does work.
8/29/2007 #29
Okay, I know practically every song, I could probably be in the musical, because I know the lines so well. I think a Wicked obsesser is someone like me! Someone who doesn't mind Wicked 24/7. If I did this wrong...grr, me.
9/5/2007 #30
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