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Sorry if I seem harsh but shes jus p*** me off.
12/13/2006 #1
It's not just you. She annoys me too sometimes. I used to like her, and then as the series progressed, she started to get on my nerves.
2/1/2007 #2
Eve of Hope
I think that Lana acts clueless at times, but deep down she's not that innocent. I am not sure why she wants people to believe that she is. I'm not very fond of the way Lana has progressed through the storyline either.
2/14/2007 #3
Dragon Rider of Alagaesia
I liked her in the first season and that's it. She is everything but innocent! She doesn't use common sense! She doesn't listen until AFTER she gets in trouble! And she tells and treats every single guy she meets like he's the love of her life...until she changes her mind!!!
8/19/2007 #4
Lana is the most inconsistently written character on the show. Last season's flip flopping between Clark and Lex is evidence of that. Her inability to make up her mind certainly doesn't reflect well on her intelligence. IMO, she's been knocked on the head one too many times.
10/20/2007 #5
Dragon Rider of Alagaesia
I was always WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BEYOND ANGRY, to see Lana on season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, -coughs-, to put things simple in my opinion; Lana is now completely and totally EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/21/2007 #6
Lana's stupid and Lex is an arse! okay now thats said please visit my forums ;) http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Lord_of_the_Phoenixes_Forum/38181/
10/29/2007 #7

I didn't like Lana since Season 4. Asking Clark to keep silence about her little tryst with Jason, immediately accusing him when the cat is out of the bag, making Alicia the villain - that's more than enough. But she becomes worse and worse with each season. Why can't she permanently quit at the end of Season 7? But no, she barged in and ruined Clois!

7/26/2009 #8

If it hadn't been for that darn writer's strike we would have been rid of her after season seven. When I originally started watching smallville (starting with season 6) I had no idea why the majority of the smallville fan base hated her. After rewatching most of the sereis on DVD I understood why. During seasons five and seven Clark basically gave up being a hero so he could be with Lana. Admittedly he gave up his powers to be with Lois in Superman 2, but he realised the world needed him after Zod attacked. I wouldn't say that Lana ruined Clois. Had Clark and Lois actually gotten together during season 8 after Requiem then I would say that she ruined it. Thankfully it's not the case. In my opinion anyway.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #9

My Lana hatred begin around mid season two, and continued to worsen with each season. I think the biggest thorn for me was Clark's obsession with her. I found her boring, and insipid from the start.

11/17/2009 #10

I wouldn't say that Lana ruined Clois. Had Clark and Lois actually gotten together during season 8 after Requiem then I would say that she ruined it. Thankfully it's not the case.

And why they hadn't gotten together? Because Lana showed at Chloe's wedding and ruined Clois moment. And, of course, Lois was really hurt.

1/6/2010 #11

I didn't like the Lana character since the "Magnetic" episode in season three. They should have taken her out when Lana moved to Paris. She had served her purpose and they didn't need to drag her out for as long as they did with the whole "witch" storyline. I'm not really missing her now that she's gone. Especially since in the last two episodes she more than made up her annoying quota by everyone praising her and saying she was all wonderful after she had gotten that suit on and can't be with Clark.

5/8/2010 #12
Master Planner

i was so damn happy when they finaly killed her off the show for real now.

i hated the hole innocent act. and the truth this and the truth that, yet she's lying her a** off every otherscene.

throught the series she's only intrested in clark when he finds a girl intrested in him.. xp

i dont know. i just relly hated her.. sorry i was venting.. lol

clouis!!! 3

7/3/2010 #13

she is the exact anti-thesis of Lois. Lana just really annoys me. I don't know whether it's because of her fake kitten look or her character trajectory, but she's irritating. Also, the way Kreuk pronounces certain words ticks me off.

8/28/2010 #14

I don't really dislike Lana. But I can find her very very annoy sometimes.

1/13/2011 #15
Tyki Mykk

Well, at first Lana was annoying, needy, and clueless. In Season 5, her character developed more nicely, but still wasn't my favorite. To me she was tolerable in season 6 & 7. Season 8 she returned and became a super-powered hero, but had to absorb Kryptonite to stop a bomb, which caused her and Clark not to be together and she left Smallville for good.

1/13/2011 #16

HATE HER! I hate everything about her!

5/30/2013 #17
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