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A forum made for the discussion of the Chess pieces. You can ask for information about their pasts, what their names are and just fangirlboy over them completely.
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Werewolf of Fire
It's quite simple really. Rules 1) Don't flame people - You don't like a character? Fine. Just buzz off and let everyone love who they love. 2) Can we keep topics to a PG rating (so no saying f***, b***, b***, etc) 3) If you wanna argue do it via PM - If I see arguing (this doesn't count discussions, that's when you state a point and you state evidence for that point), I'll delete the topic/message/s 4) Have fun. And we don't want triples or even doubles of topics based on either one character or the same topic. I'll be making a list of sorts to go here: General Topics Favourite Character -
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Can I post a Chess Piece character related topic here? I'm just dying to try it out.

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