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Lost Without You » by kenshingirlxoxo652

Hiei and Sango met when they were 10 years old, became best friends, fell in love, and... were split apart? What happens when Kagome takes Sango to her time? Will Sango stay with hiei in the future, or go look for him in the past?

-Probably the WORST HieixSango fanfic EVER. Just read the first chapter. Dear lord........

10/31/2010 #61

Falling by UpperClassK9

A short reflection piece, as he muses that he really shouldn't have. HK fic.


11/1/2010 #62

Kurama's little problem by Ireadtomuch

Kurama goes to a plant show showing off new carnivorous plants, Hiei remembering Youko's past 'play time' with his new plant specimens Tries to warn Yusuke of the possible danger... to bad Kuwabara wanted to be the hero screws it all up.


11/1/2010 #63

You're the One! by fire-flamer

written for DarkAngel048 Kurama is going to college and accepts his human life when someone knocks on his door one night. Who could it be? Kurama/Karasu Yaoi you've been warned!

-Complete garbage.

11/3/2010 #64

Please Remember by charllotte36

Hiei has forgotten every single thing about Kurama and his family.. Some demons ordered him to KILL Kurama.. What would he do? Is he the one to cause Kurama's death? This is a sequel of Come Here My Little Bad Boy.. WARNING: YAOI

-Even bigger garbage.

11/3/2010 #65

Empty With Out You by Sapphirethief

A request from Darkangel048! Youko/Kurama Youko has split from Kurama and fled. Kurama becomes depressed at the absince of his love. Warning! Yaoi and suicide...sort of. Oneshot

-Hurr Durr

11/3/2010 #66

Empty With Out You by Sapphirethief

A request from Darkangel048! Youko/Kurama Youko has split from Kurama and fled. Kurama becomes depressed at the absince of his love. Warning! Yaoi and suicide...sort of. Oneshot

-Hurr Durr

Reply: I admit I'm not a fan of yaoi. But Yikes. This one's scary. I mean just reading the summary seems to shout 'DON'T READ THIS!' I wish some people would write fanfic that are more worthy to read.

11/3/2010 #67

Kitsune Politics » by Crazy Mishka

Crossover. YYHInu: A fire kitsune meets the SD with only one goal in mind. The SD meet their distraction with irriatation and, on Kurama's part, some appreciation. Ah, the most beautiful illusion in all the land makes an appearance.

-Massive Kagome wanknig

11/5/2010 #68

Thieving Crows by Mr Jellos

Chiaki has seen the worst of her city and her enormous spirit energy attracts problems even worse. Vote for who she will fall in love with. OCX?


11/5/2010 #69

rain of colours by XxwhitesilverfangxX

its bonfire night for the yu yu hakusho gang. pairings Yusukexkurama yukinaxkuwabara.

-Was there any purpose of this fic other than the so called cuteness factor. "Omg this is so cute. Kawaii desu!!!!"

11/7/2010 #70

Evil Baby Powder by Subject8

Hiei needs baby powder due to the itchy human clothes. But is this normal baby powder? Oneshot, Hilarious! Rated K plus for language.

-Unfunny. Failfic is unfunny.

11/11/2010 #71

Her Search by Queen of the Spiders

The Boy's meet someone from Kurama's past and the new lord of a small area of the demon world. Meation of Rape kinda of dark at times don't liek don't read disclaimer: i do not own the Yuyu characters or world i am simply borrowing them

-Terrible first chapter.

11/11/2010 #72


"Race For The World by KiaraKitten"

And here I thought that the "IM SO BADASS N GOFFFIK" fad died years ago with 'My Immortal'?

I was nice and gave her my two cents. But I dare you guys to click the link to the OC that's in her profile.

I was just like.."You're kidding me?"

11/16/2010 . Edited 11/16/2010 #73

The New Member » by maru101

Arata Nisou was just you typical half demon with the exception of seeing the future. she's been assigned to assist Team Urameshi with her powers. I suck at summaries! JUST READ! it's WAY better than a summary can describe!NO REVIEWS NO MORE STORIES

-Everything thats need to be said was said by Simplybeastie in his/her review.

11/18/2010 #74

Dearest Friend by YYHALILING

While on a mission, Kurama got hit by an attack which was meant for Hinageshi and slips into coma for a long time.Hinageshi regrets it a lot so she fled to a hilltop and remembering everything, meeting him, hanging out with him and more...

-Epic fail.

11/18/2010 #75

I'll Show You Love by charllotte36

Both bullies, Yusuke and Hiei, decided to stalk the famous Suichi's friends because of Keiko... What will happen if they both found out a secret that nobody else knows? What will happen if Hiei become too interested about Kurama's life?

-Not that bad but lame nonetheless

11/22/2010 #76

So Much by Verbophobic

Kuwabara meets Avery, Shuichi or Kurama's twin, and they talk. He gets to the subject of the other guys being in the Maiki world. HieiXo.c. a quick oneshot based on a quote.

-"Avery Godfrey, Kurama's little twin sister" -What. The. Fuck. Is. This. Shit?

11/23/2010 #77

Saving Kurama by SounnyKitty

my oc Dante helps Kurama. Based off of manga 10 and episode 51 were Kurama is harassed by Karasu.

-Absolutely terrible and a grand waste of time.

11/23/2010 #78

Ladies Night by Hatemylife68

Every Friday night, the local TV music station holds a "ladies night". I warn of Yaoi, Yuri and OOCness. My first YYH ficie! YAY! I TAKE REQUESTS!

-This fic was horrible.

11/23/2010 #79

Chloe Shields Year 1 » by Chloe Shields loves Kurama

Kurama is threw out the story so I just chose his show but it will have others.

-Lame. Really Lame.

11/23/2010 #80
Bookish Cupcake

I love reading bad fanfiction

Gives me a good laugh

12/25/2010 #81

Deaddog, I need you to explain this insanity to me.

A Different Form of Chemo In which Yusuke gives everyone cancer because he smokes too much or something. And they all get better because of some magic water. I think. I don't know.

You want my reaction? "What the fuck?!"

12/26/2010 #82

"I love reading bad fanfiction

Gives me a good laugh"

-U a masochist, sis?


I just reviewed that fic. LOL.

12/26/2010 #83

That was a troll fic?

...Thank god.

12/27/2010 #84

"That was a troll fic?"

-No it was not. I was just being sarcastic with my review lol. Its like giving a 'Best comedy of the year award' to a film that was intended to be a 'tragedy/drama film'

12/27/2010 #85

Dammit, it fails hard again. Man...

12/27/2010 #86

yeah lol

12/28/2010 #87
Bookish Cupcake

"U a masochist, sis?"


-nods- Pretty much

And it reminds how not to write :3

12/28/2010 #88

Uh... Let me first say that this is not a work-safe or family safe story. In fact, you get an... interesting picture presented to you as soon as you get on this webpage. A friend showed me this when we were talking about crazy pairings or something.

The title? Antipode and oh god, I think I know who this girl is... Holy shit, guys.

Anyway, so in a nutshell, Kurama loves Hiei and Mukuro loves Hiei. And Hiei's too busy wangsting about his wings, which he has because he's a dragon... halfbreed dragon. (I think I would love that, actually. I'd fly everywhere. No more paying for gas... You know, if I could drive.) So anyway, the two are both trying to get him... in bed. I don't think it's love, guys. By the way, Kurama and Mukuro have a fling for some reason. In Hiei's room. Just throwing that out there.

Well, let me just tell you the pairing so it's less awkward to explain: KuramaHieiMukuro. Seriously.

Sad thing is, she's a good writer. Really. It's just that she makes stuff up and then wastes it on complete narm material. I don't know how you guys feel about lemons but it's stuff like this that reminds me why I shouldn't look at such scenes in fanfiction. I feel bad for saying this because this person's pretty cool...

Anyway, if you're not at work and you're home alone, curious and willing to read that kind of stuff, then go ahead and click the link. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1/3/2011 #89


Title: KURUMA IN TROUBLE CHAPTER 1 (yes the story is called that) Summary: Kurama breaks up with Kuronue and gets with Hiei, and is pregnant with his baby!

Why it's bad? HOSHIT. WALL OF TEXT. ENTIRELY IN CAPS. This person doesn't know anything about grammar, spelling, spacing, and most of the time the sentences are completely incoherent. It's like they were drunk when writing it.

Five stars of fail and making me laugh.

1/9/2011 #90
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