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I wish I knew how to use Photoshop. There's a banner I want to do SO much. Guess I'll have to ask my friend.

10/13/2008 #31

I'd just do photoshop for my own amusement.

You know, I wonder why Hiei stopped wanting a psycho army of demons after he first appears. Well, maybe not to that extent.

So here is one of the many crimes of Hiei: Hiei stood in front of a sign that clearly said NO LOITERING. So he just stood there looking all criminal-ish. Or better yet, he was just standing there MENACINGLY. Cop: (sees him) You delinquent. Stop that loitering. H: Lol, make me. Cop: (calls another) There's a maniac standing in front of the Quikie Mart MENACINGLY!

I wanted to write a fanfic with that. But I probably never will.

10/13/2008 #32

Why not, sounds like fun!

10/14/2008 #33

Yeah. I should. For the lulz.

And they should put Hiei in the dark more often... Just to make his eyes glow again. I thought that was cool.

10/14/2008 #34

I am in definite need of the lulz these days.

10/16/2008 #35

Yeah... I started writing that thing.

Hey, so where do you think Hiei goes when he gets his sword put back together? He broke it two or three times. Or maybe he has a closet full of swords... And a closet full of the same outfit. (Laundry day, "Aw, damn! What do I have to wear today? What the hell? Jeans? Where did this come from?!" Oo) ...I have a history teacher like that... He picks the next thing in the closet... Ha.

10/20/2008 #36

Since it's such a big deal to re-forge a katana he probably has a spare or two. AND that closet full of black clothes. :p

10/21/2008 #37

He should use a gun at some point. I have a few weird jokes involving him with a gun... But I think I may be the only one laughing. I usually am.

For the first few years I was in this fandom I thought you spelled Hiei "Hea"... Which is totally wrong in most languages. His name would be prounced funny in German if they didn't know the pronouncation. (pronounced like He-eye with the spelling...)

10/21/2008 #38

When Yuusuke says his name he pronounces it sheeAEY. :p

10/22/2008 #39

Wait, are we talking about the dub or the original? I never notice names in Japanese unless they're yelled out. (Then again, in the dub they also say it like, "Yer-a-mesh-ee" I have a feeling that's wrong... And I'm still trying to figure out how they got Suichi from Shuichi... I won't let that one die.)

10/22/2008 #40

I meant in Japanese. And Yuusuke shouts out shee-AEYH a lotta times.

10/23/2008 #41

Yeah. Then I've never noticed. I don't pay attention to names.

10/25/2008 #42

Come to think of it, what's with this in heat stuff anyway? It just bugs me... When I hear in heat I think of dogs. But I guess it's better than just being completely blunt about the idea and saying... Eh, never mind.

10/25/2008 #43

I'm kind of a name aficionado. And as for the other thing, well. erm.... ^^;;

By the way, if anyone here knows how to use the quote and link features here, put me out of my misery and tell me! :p

10/27/2008 #44

Lol, I bet this may not work

-Said the person typing this.

Lol, when will it end?!

As for the link... I might do more with that... I'll mess with that. I hope someone else would appear and add in some more things to ponder.... So far we're still the only ones as far as I know...

10/28/2008 #45

I just had a thought... So since we don't know Hiei's dad's powers... How do we even know that he's half a fire demon then...? (Or whatever they call it.) I mean that means he could be anyone. Maybe even like a cow or something or a goat demon with a little hat! Unless there's something out there that says otherwise... Just a thought. (And maybe to get a weird laugh.)

3/25/2009 #46

Or a skunk demon! *black and white* -_-

3/26/2009 #47

(Dammit, these college guides are pissing me off! I keep clicking the preview thing and it just gives me a picture of the cover and they tell me "Hey you're free guide's on the way!" But I just wanted to know what it was about...)

Anyway... That would make sense. ...In a funny way. Come to think of it, I heard someone say he killed his dad... I dunno if I said that before... Murrh...

3/26/2009 #48

Maybe you read one of my fics... ^^;;

3/27/2009 #49

Yeah... I was actually going to use that idea in this one I'm writing... Man, the stuff I'm going to put all the guys in that thing... I mean... His nails get ripped out at some point... Man, I'm screwed up. That must explain that Silent Hill one.

3/27/2009 #50

If you're talking about the girl in the ice swing with the chains, that's Yukina. If you're talking about the orange haired girl who flies off with the white wings, that's Mukuro. I was cofused at first too, but I figured it out.

5/5/2009 #51

Oh wow, I was confused for a second there.... Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Cause seriously the guy kind of lives around those two (Poor Kurama/Hiei people)

Hey.... Is it me, or does it seem like a lot of these Hiei/Mukuro fans are kind of perverted... I mean... There was that Eikszou Hakusho (I don't know how to spell it. And it'll take too long to go and look. For me. Eh....) and these people were all like "Hey, look where Mukuro's hand is!" Quit putting objects in odd places! Gah! (Hey, I'm kind of making fun of myself.... Man...)

5/5/2009 #52

How did you figure out the difference? *between the two girls?*

5/6/2009 #53

I looked really close and I'm good at seeing things. I've also seen pictures of them with they're hair down.

5/6/2009 #54

Yeah he does live around them alot. I love HieiXKurama though and Yukina is his sister.

5/6/2009 #55

Yeah. I'm alright with it too. I kind of wrote on both sides of that one. (I wonder if that confused anyone. "Hey look it's Kurama and Hiei... Wait, what the crap?") I dunno. I kind of make fun stuff like that for some reason... Yeah. (Count on me to say the weird stuff.)

5/6/2009 #56

(Oh yeah, and it's probably a stupid statement but Mukuro's is already down so... But like I said it was a stupid statement.)

5/6/2009 #57

lol. It's not stupid. I wish Hiei would tell Yukina he is her brother. I know it was his pay for the jagan and he's scared she'll regect him, but still.

5/7/2009 #58

Yeah, it's mostly fear of rejection. Really even if he did a whole bunch of nasty stuff she probably wouldn't know. Unless someone goes on a huge rampage on what he's done. Why that would happen? I dunno. But it's dramatic and soap operas may love the dramatic-ness of it. Or something.

(Since we're on the topic of Yukina... Her hair is green. A mint green. People think it's blue but if you put her next to Botan you'll see otherwise. lol.)

5/7/2009 #59

I've said it before but I think Yukina knows, and Hiei knows that she knows, and they're both playing it that way because it's the ah-ness and subtext of the moment.

5/7/2009 #60
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