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Like . . . you're gonna read it? Or yell at us about it?
2/25/2006 #31
Ohmiya SK
2/25/2006 #32
yes.. ofcourse i'm gonna read it. which i already did.. yesterday. and it was.. um.. let's put it this way : count me as one of the rookie fans. Hows that?
2/26/2006 #33
2/26/2006 #34
^__^You people always have me cracking up. But about the movie...Winry and Ed don't get together?(joins victory dancing) Yeah, I like both characters, but not together. The whole Inu/Kag cheesiness was the main reason I stopped watching Inuyasha. This just makes me love FMA more.
2/26/2006 #35
(nods) In FMA, there's no full-blown romances (at least for Edward) and that means that you can interpret things more to your liking. And yay! We have converted yet another person! ^_^ -Lina
2/26/2006 #36
There's another RoyEd lover? Yay! (throws confetti)
2/26/2006 #37
Go us!
2/26/2006 #38
Yep. GoGothGirl. She went and read it and now considers herself a 'rookie fan'. ^__^ Go us, indeed. -Lina
2/26/2006 #39
Now, let's see how long it takes her to get farther. . .
2/26/2006 #40
Not long, most likely. Once you go RoyEd . . . I can't think of a rhyme. -__- -Lina
2/26/2006 #41
Heh. You'll think of one- eventually.
2/26/2006 #42
Oh! Once you go RoyEd, you get seriously messed-up in the head. ^_^
2/26/2006 #43
Heh, good one.
2/26/2006 #44
Thank you.
2/26/2006 #45
2/26/2006 #46
Y'know Kat . . . for the longest time I was merely glancing at your name, seeing the L . . . I thought you were Lege.
2/26/2006 #47
Can I hit you in the head Lin? I can and I will, even if it means traveling across states to do so.
2/26/2006 #48
Leave me alone, Lege. It's your fault for always changing your damn name all the time and it's Eato's fault for saying that this was another Kat account over in Crack.
2/26/2006 #49
I'm sorry. Bad, bad, bad habit. Ask anyone I've followed since I began reviewing, they'll tell ya that.
2/26/2006 #50
2/26/2006 #51
2/26/2006 #52
OMG yeah!! I also noticed that Ed is kinda like Naruto, Inuyasha, and a little bit of Sasuke combined. The attitude is SO Inuyasha. The blond hair and childish/hyper/determine is Naruto. The seriousness and fangirls are part of Sasuke. I think Ed and Roy's personalities are somewat like Naruto's and Sasuke's. Hm...for one thing they have like the SAME hair color! Im sry I know this isn't suppose to be about Naruto, but I cant help it. PS, Winry and Kagome and Sakura are like...triplets!!!!! All pretty much annoy the heck out of me. ^^;;
9/21/2007 #53

Yup, EdWin hints are EVERYWHERE. It's obvious if you've read the manga. I do like Inuyasha but I -LOVE- FMA.

7/2/2009 #54

15. Both wear red.

11/13/2009 #55

12. both crack the best jokes

13. both make too many insults

14. both have longer-than-average hair

15. both have histories they're not proud of

16. both wear a lot of red

17. both have a trait other characters make fun of (inu: half-blood, ed: short)

18. this one might just be me, but i think that when they fight, their crazed smiles look similar to me.

one major differance: ed can actually concentrate on something and be calm if he tried, whereas inu is always bouncing off the walls, itching to kill something.

10/7/2010 #56

in the beginning of the manga Ed's more of Artemis Fowl (uh... Artemis after he's been around the fairies for a time, that is), and then later on he is more of InuYasha.

Also, is it just me, or does his chibi form look like Tintin? And he also seems to have a romance with a chinaman his age ...

oh, sorry, Xingaman ...

1/1/2011 #57
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