The Kikyou and Kagome Peace Club
I know that there are people out there who are afraid to admit that they like BOTH Kikyou and Kagome. I am one of them...So who's also tired of the immature bashings of both girls? Please come here to express your like of them. No bashings allowed!
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voyeuristic vampire
*Shrugs* I suppose. Depends how active the forum is.
7/31/2007 #61
[h]I'll help!!! *helps*[/h]
7/31/2007 #62
I've decided I'm going to learn/arrange the "Song of Parting" from the fourth Inuyasha movie. I've fallen in love with it. Not only that, I want to do [i]the Japanese version[/i]! I found some lyrics on a review of the movie and I'm pretty sure they're legit. So I'm going to listen to the recording of it on youtube a million more times to get the pronounciation, tune, and music right, and then I'm going to figure out some way to play it on my guitar. I'm so excited. Asagi wasn't a bad singer, but I bet I could sing it even better! (I'm such an egotist.)
7/31/2007 #63
[h]Awesome! Record it and post it online when you're done so we can hear it! XD[/h]
7/31/2007 #64
voyeuristic vampire
Yeah, i'm sure it'll sound uh... Inspiring. (I'm trying to go awhole day without saying the word awesome.)
7/31/2007 #65
[h]Yeah, I can't do that....[/h]
8/1/2007 #66
Ooo... I love that song...I'd learn it by watching that scene on my DVD player over and over. XD I have the backround music to it...I think it's called Asagi's Determination on the 4th Movie OST. I'd have to double check though. I think the first time I heard it, I nearly cried. But then again, Inuyasha always makes me over-emotional. I have no clue why since I'm not usually one prone to cry over small things like that. EDIT: It [i]is[/i] Asagi's Determination. XD I wish they could have made it easier to find with like putting in her vocals or titling it with the song's name.
8/1/2007 . Edited 8/1/2007 #67
Oh, yeah. We’re in sixth place now. *confetti*
8/2/2007 #68
XDDD I know. You should read the "More Good News" thread. Oh! And did you notice that I organized all these into sub-forums? You have to click to go to the sub-forums in order to see them.
8/2/2007 #69
Yep! I read it and noticed that you organized the sub-forums (I thought you couldn’t?), trying to catch myself up in all this stuff I’ve missed and am missing.... I have, like, 183 unread messages in my inbox and by replying I’m not exactly helping myself any. Heh!
8/2/2007 #70
XDD I figured it out. Though...I'm not sure if you can do it. You go to the first post and click edit (like if you went to edit the title of the thread or something) and click the down arrow that selects the sub-forum name. YAY FOR SUB-FORUMS! Now if only Shika-chan figured it out...
8/2/2007 #71
voyeuristic vampire
Who's Shika-chan?
8/2/2007 #72
Shikabane-Mai. I help her run that one forum, "Inuyasha Pairings." The forum that's number two. XD
8/2/2007 #73
voyeuristic vampire
Oh wow. So you mod the forums coming 2nd, 3rd and 6th? (By topics- I think) @.@
8/2/2007 #74
I don't moderate the 3rd one. I moderate the 1st, 2nd, and the 6th! I wonder if we could make this forum go in third place...then I could be in charge of all three places! *cough* Sorry, got a little carried away there...XD
8/2/2007 #75
Yeah! You administrate the sixth one, though that [i]is[/i] considered a form of moding, I guess.... If you’re going by number of topics, I moderate #2 and #5 and turtle-chan moderates #1, #2, and #5. If you’re going by post count, I moderate #1 and #6 and turtle-chan moderates #1, #2, and #6. It would be so awesome if we could get this forum up to #3! Especially if I could become a mod for the Pairings forums... *coughs at wistful thinking* (Hey...what? It was my idea to pin all of the pairing topics to the top and just the other day I was telling turtle-chan “pin this topic” and “delete this topic”! In a way, I moderate it by bossing around turtle-chan! Who would’ve guessed?)
8/3/2007 #76
voyeuristic vampire
Yeah, this forum [i]would[/i] look good in the #3 position. But for the last bit, very wishful thinking indeed.
8/4/2007 #77
[q]I love that song...I'd learn it by watching that scene on my DVD player over and over. XD[/q] Well unfortunately, that's not an option for me, as i do not own the DVD. (Although I [b]loved [/b] what I saw on Youtube when I watched much of it there, and would very much like to own it...) However... [q]I have the backround music to it...I think it's called Asagi's Determination on the 4th Movie OST. I'd have to double check though. [/q] I assume that means the music without the vocal track? If so, is there ANY possible way I can find that on the internet, or is it on the DVD? I bet that would be incredibly helpful in my quest to finnally actually accomplish a goal I set for once. (Usually I just end up beating myself up for days because I didn't live up to my own expectations for some reason or another.)
8/12/2007 #78
[q]I assume that means the music without the vocal track? If so, is there ANY possible way I can find that on the internet, or is it on the DVD? I bet that would be incredibly helpful in my quest to finnally actually accomplish a goal I set for once. (Usually I just end up beating myself up for days because I didn't live up to my own expectations for some reason or another.)[/q] The bad news about Asagi's Determination is that they cut it off too soon and cut to a different music-base such as strong orchestra. It's the same track, but two different instrumentals. The good news is that I finally obtained the actual song with her vocals. XD It's called "Tamaokuri no Uta" and it's track 12. It's often called "Song of Farewell" or "Song of Sending Souls to Peace" -- something along those lines... It depends on the translator. I'd suggest using torrent and get it. They have all of Inuyasha's OSTs. Or you can search for "Song of Parting." I obtained my file from going to a Japanese site called "" Very useful site...but you have to guess and click on various links to get where you want. It's entirely in Japanese. Asagi's Determination was found on "Inuyasha Central's" music section. Yeah... WB-chan calls me mp3333-chan because I'm so resourceful in finding super-rare songs...XD. I mean, I collect seiyuu songs and instrumentals for the heck of it. We all know that those two sections are hard enough. Well, I hope that helps you! ^_^
8/13/2007 #79
I just had an interesting experience. Yesterday I read a novel that i really enjoyed, entitiled "Guilty As Sin" by Tami Hoag. While the book was great just as itself, one thing I noticed about it was that it could have been a Miroku and Sango AU fanfiction. There were these two characters who I swear could have been Miroku and Sango in an AU story. Especially the male character: Same way with words, same irresistible charm, same warm, sexy voice and sensual manner, with plenty of inner seriousness and emotional turmoil, and like Miroku, learns to grow up and is changed for the better through loving a woman. And they had a similar love/hate relationship to Miroku and Sango as well: the male drives the female crazy, but they eventually befriend each other. And the male character, like Miroku, was a better man than both of them realized, and they both realize that throughout the novel. Somehow, whenever I read about the two of them interacting, or even the two of them on their own contemplating each other, I usually couldn't think of them as themselves; I thought of them as Miroku and Sango. It felt like I was reading a Miroku Sango AU fanfic, which added an interesting dimension to my enjoyment of the story. I just wanted to share that interesting experience. By the way, if you like crime and legal fiction, I'd really recommend this book. It's a bit long, but, I thought, very good. Great characters, fascinating character relationships, intriguing plot. If you like that legal fiction genre, take a look at this book.
11/6/2007 #80

Ooo...this post is a bit late, but I'd love to read a book like that! XD

Anyways... ACK! Look at the the forum below us (I'd mention names but that's against the forum rules)! We need to keep in the lead! It's mostly to prove that we have more "supporters" than "bashers" or at least give off the appearance of it!

Well, that and I'm competitive... I like our rank right now...

4/18/2008 #81
Chrysolite Heart

LOL Took you a while to notice didn't it? I'd like to keep this forum ahead as well since i personally like both Kag AND Kik, although since there are more Kik bashers than Kag, i'll honestly say that im especially happy we're ahead of...uhh those people. I guess if we just keep responding to each other...even if there are only a few of us...we can give off a sure apprearance that there are lotsa ppl in this forum. :P Just as long as no one comes to check. ^_^


4/21/2008 #82


If you want, you can reply to the ones I posted in recently. lol. I wish more people were in here...

4/21/2008 #83
Chrysolite Heart

Well, I've been around, i was out for a week but im back. And i noticed seems as if a certain group has gotten ahead of us. *shrug* Ah well, we'll catch up, just keep posting like a mad man and we'll make it. LOL I'm kidding. I wish there were more ppl too but we've got this heated argument going on in the Kag bashing forum and im sorta countering a bunch of points a bunch of Kikyou-haters are making so it's keeping me busy. But anywhoo, maybe we should start up a new topic or something or start discussing something, get ppl interested..? Like...I have a question.

How come we never meet Koga's parents or anything? Who were they? What tribe is Ayame from? If Kag were to go with Koga, do you think there would be a love triangle between Koga, Ayame and Kag or would Koga just forget Ayame and stick to Kag? Personally, I think Ayame and Koga would be cute...but i think kog/kag are a cute couple too. anyway, just trying to get us started.


5/2/2008 #84


I think that Ayame's tribe is from the North.

Hmm... I don't know about Kouga's parents. But if you think about it, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are the only two who we know both the mothers and father of. XD

Sango's mother, Shippou's mother, Miroku's mother, Kagome's father, Kouga's parents, Kikyou's parents, Rin's parents, etc. All of these characters have missing parents for some reason or another. I'm thinking it's for Rumiko Takahashi to show that death in the Feudal Era was constant and that people learned to get over it eventually.

I think that Kouga would forget about Ayame... Then again, I wouldn't know for sure since Ayame is only an anime filler character. XD

Ayame would oppose Kagome, but Kouga would instantly choose Kagome over her. I like Kouga/Kagome a lot. XD

5/2/2008 #85

Like I said in the Superstitions vs. Canon thread, we want to make sure we stay a little bit on-topic at least, so we don't want to create new threads for just anything. That's why we have this thread in the first place: non-Kikyou/Kagome related talking.

Quick rant: may I say that this new formatting is annoying? I liked the BBCode more than HTML, anyway, and actually letting you type in the code while you go, not highlighting text and clicking the little "B" button or whatever. :| Oh well. I guess this is more like a word processor, although I am sick of going to the left side of the screen and clicking "Site Preview" when I want to click "Submit Reply."

Oh, and turtle-chan, I think Ayame is from the South. The Northern Clan got slain by Naraku, remember? And Kouga is from the East...

5/2/2008 #86

THANK YOU! FINALLY! SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME! The formatting is so difficult now... I was getting used to BBCode. Especially for the quotes. "[q] [/q]" was so much easier and faster.

I still think that Ayame is from the Northern Tribe. Her grandfather and other wolves were the ones running from the North. And also, she once said that "You promised to marry me when I came down from the Northern Mountains." Er... unless I was mistaken...

5/2/2008 . Edited 5/2/2008 #87

Yeah! Exactly! I don't even SEE how you do quotes in this format! I'll have to look into that...looks like it's under the "Styles" menu. *sigh*

Maybe you're right. It does seem like she said something like that... XD It's been sooo long since I watched the episode.

5/2/2008 #88

I figured out how to do the quotes...

Pretty much, copy and paste your quote and space. Then, type your reply to the quote (heck, you could even just type one letter). When you finish, highlight the quote and use that style menu and select quote. If you highlight "quote" as you go along, you can't get it back to "style." The HTML makes it hell to attempt.

5/2/2008 #89
Chrysolite Heart

Ahh, that's how you do it! gosh, it's been bugging me for the longest time. I would've asked but it would seem weird to just ask that bluntly while people are talking about anime and all. Yes! I figured it out...err u figured it out! XD Anyway, i could seriously start singing now. Anyway, back to what we were talking about.

I actually have NO clue where Ayame is from. And you're right turtle, Ayame is more a character-filler but i like her. I wish we could see more of her.

Ok, so i have a question now. We all know that Kikyou is a smart character (of course Kagome is too but that's more like 'modern era' smart). So between Kikyou and Naraku, who do you think is actually smarter? Even though I'd prefer it be Kikyou, I think Naraku is actually smarter. He always seems to figure out Kikyou's plans and it really does make me mad sometimes but anyway, what do you guys think?


5/6/2008 #90
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