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DUUUDE. I haven't listened to AFYCSO in FOREVER. I'm listening to it now. It brings back memories of when this one extremely annoying girl used to be one of my best friends in the world. But now she's changed so that she's unrecognizable... *sigh*

The werewolves use the pack plural, as in saying "we" all the time, instead of I. You said something like "we're going to a concert" or something, without explanation. That came to mind because I just read Eclipse.

I just wish they could send the diploma. It would save money (graduation gown, dress, shoes, hair, etc...), and I just really don't want to give a speech on how the class is so great... *coughNOTcough* Ugh. Being valedictorian SUCKS.

Ha, that will be a problem, since me and her have such great communication. ;]

5/17/2008 #2,491

I always listen to that when I'm traveling . . . I dunno why Oo PATD is just my car ride music ^_^ Although MCR and Starbucks helped me survive Gina's mum's crazy driving this morning XD

AHA. Gottit. I thought it had something to do with the 'we' thing. I guess it's just gotten to the point where I don't do anything without Amy (and Gina) anymore, especially not music related things XD

Sammmeee. Except for the valedictorian thing, which we don't have for MS graduation, and which I won't get in HS ^__^; But that's really awesome, you should be proud of yourself even if you do have to write a speech of lies! XD I really don't think I could write about my town in a positive manner.

Gina's mum, on the highway: Look! There's a sign for Hicksville! Let's go live there! (laughs)

Me/Amy, at the same time: -_- We already do.

5/17/2008 #2,492

Hehe. Three Cheers is my going-to-San-Francisco music.

The problem is, the speech was kind of due on Thursday... and I haven't even thought about it yet. O_o

Errr... huh? *is confused*

5/17/2008 #2,493

Hah, I just put all 52 songs on shuffle and close my eyes, and I get a little less nauseous ^_^ (lol, spelling problems there? I think I need some sleep . . . )

=/ That might be a bit of an issue.

Hah, we always joke that we live in a hick town ^^;

AGHHH. I'm sorry. Marilyn Manson has such a sexy voice. I'm just sitting here like :O Even though he is SO not attractive. Which brings me to my next point . . . Have you seen Across the Universe?

5/17/2008 #2,494

No, I haven't seen it. What's it about?

5/17/2008 #2,495

I don't know X____X I know it has something to do with the Beatles. But more importantly, Evan Rachel Wood is in it. GOD, EVIE, She's the girl with the heart-shaped glasses in the Manson video D= I will NEVER be able to look at her the same way again X_X

5/17/2008 #2,496

My friend Mariya is in love with Paul McCartney. She's 17...

5/17/2008 #2,497

Hah XD My mum's in love with Paul McCartney.

5/17/2008 #2,498

That is REALLY funny. I'll be sure to mention it to her. I like to tease her... and then cuddle. ♥

5/17/2008 #2,499

Dawww XD

GAH. It's so sad. Quizilla died =[

5/17/2008 #2,500

What? How did it die? Or is it the new layout?

5/17/2008 #2,501

The new layout =[ There are no more homepages; I can't keep in tough with any of my 'Zilla friends =[

5/17/2008 #2,502

I know! I was like, WTF? But I didn't really have any friends. *lonely* And for some reason most of my things were deleted... it's really weird.

5/17/2008 #2,503

Hah, I was on that site for over a year xD I met a lot of cool people, with a lot of awesome stories =/ Especially Lexa, who had the best fucking story ever, which she won't get to finish, now. Luckily, I can talk to her on MySpace ♥

They're still moving stuff over X_X

5/17/2008 #2,504

You be needin' a facebook. Heck yess.

Myspace reminds me too much of use-to-be's... when I liked the class... when me and imani were still best friends... when I liked my school... when I wanted this year to go slowly, because of the separation from my friends... Now it's just.... not for me anymore. I only GOT a myspace because imani practically forced me... and now she all but ignores me at school... because she follows her little cult... her new best friends...*sniff*

Hehehe. I love ellipses. ♥

5/17/2008 #2,505


=[ That sucks. What happened? I though you guys were super tight; you seemed to like a lot of the same stuff =[

. . . . They're pretty cool . . .

5/17/2008 #2,506

She and my other best friend Gabby got into a fight over something stupid. The whole class sided with Imani, and at first I was being a little punk and followed the crowd. But then I really felt sorry for Gabby, because she didn't really have any friends left. So I decided to hang out with her one day, and I preferred her company to the company Imani hung out with. So in the beginning I exclusively spent time with Imani, and then I exclusively hung out with Gabby, because she was more in need of a friend. However, me and Imani were still cool. Some months passed, and Imani started to change. We were NOT as good friends as we were before, and that bothered me. She acted really sincere through Yahoo! messenger and on the phone, saying she still wanted us to be friends and such. But in person, she didn't act like that. She was preoccupied with her new friends, who I started to intensely dislike. They're the little clique of sluts who think they're better than everyone, and like to talk about people behind their backs while getting their answers in math class. Then... I finally... snapped, I guess. I do NOT want to be her friend anymore. I miss the OLD Imani, not this new girl who is a part of Them. Especially since I heard that Imani was calling me a 'nobody' to her one of her new friends. And she was bragging about her birthday party that I wasn't invited to in front of me. I was planning on writing her a poem for her birthday, because it was only like 2 weeks ago that she stated--sounding very sincere--that she wanted to stay friends. But I thought, 'forget it.'

5/17/2008 #2,507

Ugh. I really hate it when things like that happen. You did the right thing, definitely; people who treat others like that aren't worth being friends with, especially if they don't make a sincere attempt to be different =/

5/17/2008 #2,508

It's fun taunting her, though. She ADORES rap, and we had to listen to the lyrics of this one Snoop Dog song. Me and Michélla and Gabby (who I turned into a PATD, Paramore, and MCR fan by some miracle) were making fun of it really loudly. Her friend got pissed and told Imani. She said--this will get you going--man, so what. Chemical Romance sucks. And I was thinking "You forgot the 'My' you idiot."

5/17/2008 #2,509

Hah, in the words of my truly amazing writing teacher during a writing activity: "Okay, guys, you just need to fill in the blanks and then write a paragraph about it. *blank* music is like *blank*. For example . . . Rap music is like chinese water torture." I found that to be pretty hilarious.

Let me guess -_- They're all stupid emo faggots, yeah? I hear it all the time in my school.

5/17/2008 #2,510

Haha, nice. I hate rap lyrics. It's all about girls in whore outfits.

Exactly. "They're emo. Evelyn, are you turning emo?"

5/17/2008 #2,511

That pretty much covers it :P

Ughh. I don't even have any idea what that label means X_______x If forced at gunpoint into labeling myself, I'd probably be punk. There's a nicely understood label. Good taste in music. Fun to be around. Labeling is kind of just a wate of time in general . . .

5/17/2008 #2,512

I'm... some weird combination of things. It's really weird.

EDIT: It's actually really cool. I can relate to anybody, thank you very much.

5/17/2008 . Edited 5/17/2008 #2,513

Ack. I was a tomboyish thing until about third grade. Then I started getting into punk rock ^^; (Yar, weird childhood)

I just can't relate to people who think they're better than others. They drive me insane. I mean, you've got Gina, who's all like I'm gonna go sit in the corner here and try to be invisible because people in general drive me crazy. And then there's Syd . . . Who's . . . Syd's just like, Hai, I'm Sydney and I'm perky and blonde!

;) Of course, if Gina isn't with the general population, she's insane (hence the two hours of OMG I HUGGED DAVID DESROSIERES! last night).

5/17/2008 #2,514

I was a pink Disney pop-star princess. And I still am sometimes... like I said, weird combinations are me.

Yeh, good point. I can relate to non-bitches.

5/17/2008 #2,515

XD Lawl. That's cool, though. People who shove themselves into groups confine themselves =/


Wahhh. Have you ever heard The Academy Is . . . ? They're pretty amazing =]

5/17/2008 #2,516

Confining ain't good, yo. XD

There are so many amazing bands out there, and I really want to listen to all of them. But I can only listen to so much in 24 hours. And also, I don't really listen to the radio, because time is not on my side. I'm either listening to a CD, or my iTunes playlists. I can only really like music if I own it, because otherwise I don't listen to it. And when I happen to actually know a popular song, I only know songs that real fans hate, because they're so overrated. And then they get played out. That's what happens if you only buy few new things at one time: you overplay them. This is just in general. I feel so bad. D:

5/17/2008 #2,517


True . . . But you've just gotta keep listening, and giving new bands a chance =]

AKA TAI (To quote Mikey, acronyms are fun XD)

5/17/2008 #2,518

Dude, what's with Pete making all those cameo appearances? Like in The City is at War. I love that video. Love the pies. XD

5/17/2008 #2,519

Oooh, you do know them then?? I love The City is at War ♥

Hah, he's totally edited in from Thnks fr th Mmrs XD

You know what's the best video? Cobra Starship's Guilty Pleasure. It's pretty brilliant.

5/17/2008 #2,520
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