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So, here is the very first Scarface forum on So, to start, if you could change the ending of the movie, how would you?
6/27/2007 #1
I would have The Skull have a epileptic fit because of the flashes of tony gun. know that would be cool.
8/21/2007 #2
Tony would spin round and fight the skull and end up killing him while sosa's guys watched. Then he;d run away.
2/11/2008 #3

Tony would escape and kill Sosa by blowing up his mansion in Brazil with a tank. What? He's so rich he could by a tank!

7/9/2009 #4

Tony and Elvira get back together aha ;P

8/10/2010 #5
Monsignor Gabriel

Well, I'd obviously let Tony live. Can't have no story otherwise... :D

Some kind of crossover with something... I really don't know. "The World Is Yours" pretty much ended all other possibilities for Tony not being a drug lord anymore.

8/13/2010 #6
Emperor of Lacrimosa

I would have Tony live by killing the skull and Tony's men killing the rest. Afterwards him getting out in the Hospital for wounds,being realeased, Killing Sosa and taking over the Empire in Bolivia, Improving a few tasks here and there. Buying more exotics,and finally ruling over Miami, Florida. Then he can live the rest of his life destroying the old Cuba and making it his. As he said "The world is yours,and everything in it"

11/7/2010 #7
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