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KP Fannie Committee

Updated 7/12/14: Pairings clarified in category 8.


We're starting the voting on the KP Fannies for 2013.

Things to know:

1) We're going to be allowed 3 weeks for voting, so currently you want to get your vote in by the end of the day on July 21st.

2) As we get closer to July 21st, if the committee feels that a little more time might bring in more votes to help get some definite results, we'll consider extending the voting time, but don't assume it'll get extended. Get your vote in by the 21st.

3) The voting is not going to be weighted this time. We weighted our votes at one time for a reason, but let's see how simple voting (picking who you would want to win in each category and us counting up all of those) works out this time.

If we have any categories where there's a tie for the win, we'll use a runoff vote on those categories as a sort of round 2 before announcing all results, but we won't have that if there's a clear winner in each category. More details on that if it happens.

Please either e-mail kimmunityfannies (AT) yahoo (DOT) com or PM the account this message is coming from with your vote. List out all the categories and tell us who you're voting for in each. You can do it in pieces if you send some of your votes now and the rest later but get them all in by the 21st, and don't be changing your vote for a category after you send it. :) Clarification as of 7/12/14: Nothing requires you to vote in all categories. If you just give us votes in some categories, we'll use those. Whatever votes you want to get in, get them in by the due date.

If there are any questions please post them in this thread and they'll get answered (don't e-mail them because this way questions and answers are seen by others who might have the same question). Just e-mail or PM us votes.

Otherwise, let's get this ball rolling!

KP Fannie Committee


Categories and candidates to choose from in your vote:

1) Best KP Style Name:

- Candace "Can" Du from "United and Divided" by Librana

- Ken Trepid from "Kim Possible Rides Again - Prologue" by hotrod2001

- Jonathan "Jon" Beatable (You're The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed) - kmtdiccion

2) Best Original Character:

- Austin Young from "Turning Lemons Into Lemonade" by Imyoshi

- Moriarty from "The Power of Ron", "The Power of Kim", and "Possible Manipulation" by whitem

- Ken Trepid (Kim Possible Rids Again - Prologue) - hotrod2001

- Jonathan "Jon" Beatable (You're The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed) - kmtdiccion

3) Best Minor Character:

- Electronique from "August the 15th" by Iapsa

- Tara (Kim Possible Rids Again - Prologue) - hotrod2001

4) Best Villain:

- Austin Young from "Turning Lemons Into Lemonade" by Imyoshi

- Monkey Fist (You're The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed) - kmtdiccion

5) Best Songfic:

- "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by temporaryinsanity91

- I Don't Know My Own Strength - kmtdiccion

- "Say Something" by temporaryinsanity91 (based on work by levi2000a1)

6) Best AU Story:

- "Rockwaller Sisters" by AngelicInkLing

- "Number Twenty Three" by temporaryinsanity91

- "The More Things Change" by Aaron12

7) Best Crossover/Fusion:

- "What If We Don't Graduate?" (KP/Mass Effect) by TempestDash

- "A New Redhead Cheerleader - Book I" (KP/Phineas & Ferb) by Sharper the Writer

- Kim Possible: Wonder Girl (with Wonder Woman) - LJ58

8) Best Alternate Pairing:

- "600) Something Old, Something New, Nothing Stoppable, Everything Possible" by levi2000a1 (Tara/Ned)

- "Rockwaller Sisters" by AngelicInkLing (Bonnie's sisters/Ron)

- Vacation from the Norm Bk 2: Journey of Discovery (Kim/Ron/Shego) - kgs-wy

- "Your loss is my gain" by Kixen - Ron/Shego

9) Best KiGo Story:

- "The Shadow of Infinity" by cwesthawk

- "Kim Possible: D-Virus" by AngelicInkLing

- "Storms Over Colorado - I'll Be Home For Christmas" by cwesthawk

- Storms over Colorado - cwesthawk

- Home is where the Heart is - Lhyaran

10) Best Kim/Ron Story:

- "Fire and Ice" by temporaryinsanity91

- "Cloudy, With A Chance" by levi2000a1 and temporaryinsanity91

- "The Fox and the Sloth" by captainkodak1

11) Best Comedy Story:

- "Drakken vs. Manliness" by purplegirl761

- The Truce Shall Let You Freeze - King in Yellow

- "Coloring Inside the Lines" by Imyoshi

12) Best Romance Story:

- "Over A Cup of Coco Moo" by AngelicInkLing - Kim/Ron

- "Storms Over Colorado" by cwesthawk - Kim/Shego

- "The Sweetest Things" by AngelicInkLing - Kim/Ron

- Vacation from the Norm Bk 2: Journey of Discovery - kgs-wy - Kim/Ron/Shego

- If We Ever Meet Again - cwesthawk - Ron/Shego

13) Best Friendship Story:

- "Given The Situation" by temporaryinsanity91 - Kim/Ron

- "The Decision" by Obbiejoe - Kim/Ron

- Promises Kept - TempestDash - Kim/Shego

14) Best Action/Adventure Story:

- "The Shadow of Infinity" by cwesthawk

- "What If We Don't Graduate" by TempestDash

- "A Gathering of Heroes" by Oreochema

- Vacation from the Norm Bk 2: Journey of Discovery - kgs-wy

- Kim Possible: Rogue - LJ58

- "Fractured" by The Real Sidekick

15) Best Drama Story:

- "Cloudy, With A Chance" by levi2000a1 and temporaryinsanity91

- "Drakken vs. Manliness" by purplegirl761

- Kim Possible: Bad Girls - LJ58

- Kim Possible: Redemption - LJ58

16) Best Unlikely Story:

- "If We Ever Meet Again" by cwesthawk

- Way Too Old School - Mr. Wizard

- "Kim Possible Rides Again" by hotrod2001

17) Most Unique Story:

- "August the 15th" by Iapsa

- "Drakken vs. Manliness" by purplegirl761

- Goody Two Shoes and The Filthy Beast - Mr. Wizard

- "The Apple Really Doesn't Fall Far" by Imyoshi

- "Tara's Tome" by whitem

18) Best One-Shot Overall:

- "Chef A-La Ron" by Imyoshi

- "August the 15th" by Iapsa

- "She Misses Him" by captainkodak1

19) Best Novel-Sized Story:

- "The Shadow of Infinity" by cwesthawk

- "Drakken vs. Manliness" by purplegirl761

- Way Too Old School - Mr. Wizard

- Enter The N*** Mole Rat - Silicon Implant

- "Kim Possible: The End" by Molloy

20) Best Short Story:

- "A Period of Silence: Terminus" by TempestDash

- "She Misses Him" by Captainkodak1

- "The Type of Heroes" by Imyoshi

- "Tiger by the Tail" by Mahler Avatar

21) Best Series Overall:

- TSOD Series by cwesthawk

- Legacies series (Legacies, Dynasties and Empires)- LJ58

- "All Things Probable" by Slyrr

22) Best Writing Team:

- levi2000a1 and temporaryinsanity91 (No vote necessary here)

23) Best Young Author:

- kmtdiccion (No vote necessary here)

24) Best New Author:

- Librana

- hotrod2001

- Lhyaran

25) Best Single Line:

- "That's why I was asking you not to yell, KP," Ron said softly, patiently. "Riley was asleep."

(Ron reveals to Kim that he and Shego have had a baby together in If We Ever Meet Again)

- "You see, Warmonga, that's my secret," Shego growled darkly. "I'm ALWAYS angry." - The Shadow of Infinity - cwesthawk

- Ron waited for her to lessen her crying before speaking to her in a soft hushed tone, "I don't know." (The feels! All Kim wanted was Ron's forgiveness and this little part here throws in all the drama and emotion pack feelings into three simple one syllables words.) from Turning Lemons Into Lemonade.

26) Best Reviewer:

- Sentinel103

- CMY (the long winded guy)

- Mengsk

27) CPNeb Kimmunity Award:

- Slipgate (Well... Without him, the Fannies would be a harder project for them. Though I don't know anything he updated this year, I think he's influential since his critiques on some of the writers are always informative and constructive.)

- CajunBear73 (A most helpful author so far as giving his honest opinion about a story and giving very helpful suggestions. Also one damn fine beta and proof reader.)

- whitem (For work on the fannies and general support of the Kimmunity)

- Blackbird

- captainkodak1

28) Kimmunity Achievement Award:

- captainkodak1 (He's one of the pillars that made this fandom one of the classics. His stories are the catalyst for the next batch of writers next to him. And I think up to now, he still tries to keep in touch. So I think he's deserving for this award XD)

- Zaratan

- Classic Cowboy

29) Best Story Overall:

- "The Shadow of Infinity" by cwesthawk

- "Turning Lemons Into Lemonade" by Imyoshi

- Kim Possible: Rogue - LJ58

- Vacation from the Norm Bk 2: Journey of Discovery - kgs-wy

- "Between the Stars" by Mahler Avatar

30) Best Writer:

- cwesthawk

- Imyoshi

- whitem

- Mr. Wizard

- LJ58

6/29/2014 . Edited 7/12/2014 #1
hi! quick question. are we allowed to vote for ourselves? cause without weighting votes, it's gunna be weird if everyone votes for their own work.
6/29/2014 #2

I agree with TI. Not only would it avoid any form of awkwardness, it would encourage voters to read more than just their own work. Now to start with the man in the mirror on that... XD

6/30/2014 #3

Quick question, here.

In category 8) Best Alternate Pairing:, what are the pairings that are up for the vote? Cause only one mentions the pairing that's been nominated.


7/2/2014 #4

Good question. I can tell you in 600)Something Old, Something New,Nothing Stoppable,Everything Possible I had several, but I don't know which one was nominated.

Steve Barkin and Betty

Tara and Ned

Yori and Cousin Larry

Nana and SeƱor Senior Senior

Joss Possible and an OC Samuel

7/5/2014 #5
KP Fannie Committee

Two questions to address here:

1) We're hesitant to introduce a rule after the voting has started because people sometimes have to revise their votes as a result. However, nobody has voted for themselves yet, so we should be able to introduce this rule now. Let's say that you can't vote for yourself. Slipgate is very big on weighted voting, but we thought we'd try simple voting this year.

2) On the alternate pairing question, we thought we'd accidentally cropped the note about the pairing from the list, but as it turns out the person who nominated those didn't specify a pairing. We're checking with that person, though if we don't hear back soon we'll make an administrative decision on the pairing in question and see if more voting time is needed given the hang-up.

Other questions, concerns, comments, curiously cadenced catchphrases?

7/6/2014 . Edited 7/6/2014 #6

I don't know if it matters at this point in the game, but Chapter 6 of Kim Possible Rides Again - Prologue should be out within a matter of days. It's in the proofing stage but features a lot of Tara, which might be important for consideration since she was nominated for Best Minor Character (To which I am grateful for my nominations!)

7/10/2014 #7

How about "you can't vote in a category you're nominated in", instead? That way, authors don't feel the need to vote for their "competition", so to speak, and don't feel guilty about not voting at all in that category since, you know, it'd be against le rules. It completely eliminates the conflict of interest and you can just dismiss any votes already cast without the need for revised votes.

Couple questions, though. For one, what was the weighted voting system you used last year, out of curiosity?

For the other, should people vote in categories where they haven't read everything or abstain from voting in those categories? Or is this a "use best judgment" deal? :P

7/10/2014 . Edited 7/12/2014 #8
KP Fannie Committee

First and most importantly, we clarified with the nominator in category 8 what the pairings were. The list in the original post with the voting instructions has had the pairings nominated put in.

For "Rockwaller sisters" the nominated pairing is Bonnie's sisters with Ron.

For "600) Something Old, Something New, Nothing Stoppable, Everything Possible" the pairing is Tara/Ned.

Is 9 days enough time for people who need to update their votes or who haven't voted yet, or does the Fannies Committee need to give you all some more time?

7/12/2014 #9
KP Fannie Committee


Not being able to vote in a category you're nominated in is a tough rule because nothing is requiring you vote in every category anyway (some people abstain from categories if they haven't had a chance to read any of the entries that year, don't like that kind of story, etc.). And it's not really our place to say "no you can't do that" if you legitimately do say "Hey, I liked that person's adventure story even more than mine." If we suddenly said "No you can't say that" and didn't count it, it would just make the legitimacy of any results dodgy.

We also don't want to create too many roadblocks to voting because a person might be nominated (for one thing or another) in six different categories, and there's a very small number of people that even vote in Fannies any more since it's not the heyday of the Kim Possible fandom it was a few years ago. Not voting for yourself is a much more clear-cut case of not just having the nominations equal the results with little point for the stuff in-between. :) Creating too many exceptions and special cases instead of just telling people to vote for stuff that interests them (or don't) gets to be a lot of rules to spell out clearly.

If you want to talk more about this, we can do so over PM without cluttering this thread. Also, if you want an explanation of weighted voting, PM Slipgate. We don't want to confuse voters by cluttering this thread with a description of rules that don't apply here.

7/12/2014 #10

Your explanation for this makes prefect sense, so thankies for taking the time to do that. :D

Speaking for myself,I haven't voted yet, but I don't really need more time; I'm just waiting to vote in case I polish off a couple more categories. :P

7/12/2014 . Edited 7/12/2014 #11

I was hoping someone would've nominated my story "So Not The Drama" for Best Romance or Best K/R. Oh well, hopefully someone will next year. Hopefully, I'll also have something for Best Villain, too. As for my vote, I vote for Aaron12's 'The More Things Change' in Best AU, although technically, it's a continuation following the series finale.

7/12/2014 #12

Please don't publish your votes IN this thread! This goes for dsman, Eddy13, and anyone else getting confused about it.

Send your votes by e-mail to kimmunityfannies AT yahoo DOT com or PM the Kimmunity Fannies account here on FFNet (one or the other). Do NOT post your votes in this thread. It's supposed to be that you can vote privately, not make them known to all. :)

7/15/2014 #13

Mine are in.

7/15/2014 #14
KP Fannie Committee

To dsman:

We apologize for the confusion. When you first wrote us via PM, you had the subject line "nominate." We weren't sure if you were trying to do nominations or trying to vote. And we didn't have the list handy at the time we were replying. We've got your vote and we apologize for what seemed like a back and forth here.

Consider your vote counted.

KP Fannies Committee

7/15/2014 #15

Don't know if it's in time, but I just sent my votes for the final four categories I missed with my original ballot.

Good luck to all the nominees! : )


7/20/2014 #16

Got mine in.

7/20/2014 #17
KP Fannie Committee


Voting is closed. Thank you all for voting.

Please bear with us as we verify our vote counts and then announce what happens next. :)

7/22/2014 #18
KP Fannie Committee

Please see the new thread about Round 2 / runoff voting, here:

7/26/2014 . Edited 7/26/2014 #19

Mine are in.

7/27/2014 #20
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