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KP Fannie Committee

Hey all,

So we spent some time checking and re-checking our numbers. It's not fun stuff! _

We definitely have winners in some categories, and we'll be reaching out to them for their victory speeches for the awards ceremony story that we'll be working up.

However, there are ties in NINE categories. Earlier we mentioned we might do a runoff round/round 2 voting for those categories where there's a tie, to try to break that tie and be able to declare a winner.

We're opening up a round 2 of voting ONLY for those categories where there is a tie, and only for those entries tied to win in those categories.

We'll be using weighted voting to try to make sure there isn't a tie this time, but if round 2 ends and there are still things tied, we'll just award the co-winners.

With weighted voting, you either pick ONE entry in that category and that gives it 3 points, or you pick TWO entries but tell us which one you feel more strongly about by giving it 2 points, and the other one 1 point.

Here's an example ballot:

Best Romance: Story C 3 points

Best Villain: Villain D 2 points, Villain B 1 point

("Story C," "Villain D," and "Villain B," are just stand-ins for whatever you're actually voting for here.)

Make all of your selections, and then send an e-mail to KimmunityFannies AT yahoo DOT com (we're saying it that way so that FFNet doesn't edit it out) or a PM to the KP Fannie Committee FFNet account (which will end up notifying us at the KimmunityFannies e-mail address) with them. Please vote by August 8th 2014.

3) Best Minor Character:

- Electronique from "August the 15th" by Iapsa

- Tara (Kim Possible Rids Again - Prologue) - hotrod2001

5) Best Songfic:

- "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by temporaryinsanity91

- "Say Something" by temporaryinsanity91 (based on work by levi2000a1)

7) Best Crossover/Fusion:

- "What If We Don't Graduate?" (KP/Mass Effect) by TempestDash

- "A New Redhead Cheerleader - Book I" (KP/Phineas & Ferb) by Sharper the Writer

8) Best Alternate Pairing:

- "600) Something Old, Something New, Nothing Stoppable, Everything Possible" by levi2000a1 (Tara/Ned)

- "Rockwaller Sisters" by AngelicInkLing (Bonnie's sisters/Ron)

9) Best KiGo Story:

- Storms over Colorado - cwesthawk

- Home is where the Heart is - Lhyaran

12) Best Romance Story:

- "Over A Cup of Coco Moo" by AngelicInkLing - Kim/Ron

- "Storms Over Colorado" by cwesthawk - Kim/Shego

14) Best Action/Adventure Story:

- "A Gathering of Heroes" by Oreochema

- Vacation from the Norm Bk 2: Journey of Discovery - kgs-wy

- Kim Possible: Rogue - LJ58

- "Fractured" by The Real Sidekick

17) Most Unique Story:

- Goody Two Shoes and The Filthy Beast - Mr. Wizard

- "The Apple Really Doesn't Fall Far" by Imyoshi

- "Tara's Tome" by whitem

30) Best Writer:

- Imyoshi

- whitem

- Mr. Wizard

After this round of voting is complete we'll announce what needs doing next. Now please vote just for the categories above and out of the candidates still listed. Please let us know if you have questions. - KP Fannies Committee

7/26/2014 . Edited 7/26/2014 #1
mine are sent.
7/27/2014 #2

Mine are in.


7/27/2014 #3

Just a reminder that the 2nd round of voting ends tomorrow, so if you've been putting off casting your votes, better kick it in gear and get'er done.


8/7/2014 #4
KP Fannie Committee

Just a reminder that TODAY is the LAST day to VOTE in the 2nd round!

A pre-count has been done and everything is looking real good! There are a few categories that are very tight for voting, but the system is working well. SO... If you haven't voted yet, PLEASE DO SO!

Your KP Fannie Committee Thanks everyone in advance for voting in this years Fannie Awards!

8/8/2014 #5
KP Fannie Committee

Well folks, voting is now complete, and we are about ready to send messages to the winners asking for Acceptance Speeches. I hope y'all are excited! We are!

8/9/2014 #6

When will the story/awards be posted? I still enjoy reading them...

8/30/2014 #7
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