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KP Fannie Committee

This thread is an opportunity to promote yourself for the Kim Possible Fannie Awards. It also is a "Qualification" thread (if you will) because you can let us know if you're eligible for something, like if you're eligible for Young Author because you were 19 or younger during 2015 (and did stories in 2015, mind you). Lastly you can list all stories of yours that are eligible (written or updated in 2015) for this years Fannies. Thank you for your time. Your KP Fannies Committee Also, don't forget the Nomination Period is April 29th through May 27th, so please get out there and Nominate!

4/29/2016 #1
chris the cynic

Ok, so, I'm just going to make a massive dump of everything that I might remotely qualify for, which will naturally ignore whether I have any chance of winning anything at all.

In the absolutely most general things, these are the stories that qualify:

  • Being more than a Simulacrum: Parts 5 through 13
  • Forgotten Seeds: Parts 4 through 6
  • Bent, not Broken: Parts 1 through 3
  • Life After: All of the pre-revision bits (scattered bits and pieces was post-revision so it was written too late to count)
  • Breaking up can be easy, Graduation 1.5, Gradusation 1.5: Larry makes contact

Things worth noting: The parts of Life After that qualify are no longer on; I took down all of the originals pending revision. As such to read them you'll have to put ["Life After index" "Stealing Commas"] (without the brackets) into Google. It should be the first result. Then just skip down to "The original versions of everything follow." The last three mentioned are, apparently, a little bit harder to hit. You want to go to "stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com (slash)search/label/Here%27s%20how%20it%20is" and all three should pop up on the first page (though not the post at the very top of said page.)

All of my stories, except Breaking up can be easy which I don't expect to be be nominated for anything, are action/adventure drama, thus they all qualify for:

  • 14) Best Action/Adventure Story:
  • 15) Best Drama Story:
  • 28) Best Story Overall:

Obviously someone taking leave of their senses could nominate me for:

  • 29) Best Writer:

While I try to have friendship in all my stories, Being more than a Simulacrum is, at this point, entirely about Place making friends so it could hit:

  • 13) Best Friendship Story

Life After is a story in which teleportation bouncing off of a fax machine created an inter-dimensional rift between Middleton and the seedier districts of Helheim (Norse afterlife for all people who don't fall gloriously in battle) thus unleashing creatures and denizens of the afterlife onto earth and spinning things firmly into AU territory circa Hidden Talent, so it qualifies for:

  • 6) Best AU Story:
  • 16) Best Unlikely/Unique Story:

The following characters qualify for 3) Best Minor Character:

  • Tara, Josh Mankey, Bonnie from Life After
  • Joss Possible, Felix, and Zita from Being More than a Simulacrum

Chi from Bent, not Broken has a last name of Mira. As in Chimera. So he qualifies for:

  • 1) Best KP Style Name:

I'm going to split 2) Best Original Character: into two groups.

These are ones that I made:

  • Leela Place Possible from Being More than a Simulacrum
  • Jacob from Life After
  • Horatio from Forgotten Seeds
  • Jana from Forgotten Seeds
  • Darcy the Deliverator, Bent, not Broken Chapter 1
  • Drake and Amanda (firefighters) Bent, not Broken Chapter 3.
  • Chi (Mira) from Bent, not Broken in general.

These are original characters that, as the rules are written, would still qualify, but I borrowed them with permission from others:

  • Shin Possible from Life After (creation of Blackbird.)
  • Surge/Sarah, Blok, Hawk, and Henry from Forgotten Seeds (creations of LJ58)

So for 24) Best Single Line: there's no way in hell I could do an exhaustive list of things that might interest people. I remember last time I was disappointed that I couldn't suggest these, which are eligible this year:

  • "I know I said--she said, 'Mad Scientist,' when I--she first met him, but I've always felt he was more of an upset engineer."
  • "Evil scientists just have a hard time getting their work published in traditional peer reviewed journals and evil peer reviewed journals never work because everyone ends up afraid that the peer reviewers will steal their work."

[/massive dump ends.]

4/30/2016 #2

Here is what I qualify for this year.

Best Original Character: Mask

Best Villain: Master

Best AU Story: Action and Reaction

Best Alternate Pairing: Wade/Joss

Best KiGo Story: Action and Reaction

Best Action/Adventure Story: Action and ReactionBest

Best Drama Story: Action and Reaction

Best Novel-Sized Story: Action and Reaction

Best Story Overall: Action and Reaction

Best Writer: ShadowDancer01

4/30/2016 #3

In a way this should be easy since I only worked on one story last year.

Yep. Only one. Past-and-Present-by-Zaratan-Volume-2

Now you nice people were very kind to the story for the last Fannies so it's not eligible for Best Drama.

There are three categories that it is eligible for that I would like to humbly suggest.

Best Minor Character: Michelle Stoppable, Hana Stoppable or Bonnie Rockwaller.

Best Unlikely/Unique Story: If you've read the story I think you'll understand why I think it could fit under unlikely.

Best Single Line: "It was for your own good." A statement that Kim felt when she first told Ron that they needed to see other people, which was what started this little drama. It was also the statement that Bonnie made to him right after their divorce and when she told that to her daughter as she was growing up, it became the forbidden phrase in the Stoppable household. When Michelle used it to her father, it was a crushing blow to his emotional stability hearing it from her. Just about the last person he'd expected it from. If I wanted to re-tittle the story, I think it would be to this.

Thank you for your consideration.

5/1/2016 #4

I don't have a best line or a best villain, but I did turn 18 during 2015, if someone wants to nominate me for best young author.

  • Here's all the kp stuff I did during 2015.
  • Coming to this - A drakkim oneshot, an au where drew never got kicked out of college, and became very close with an adult Kim.
  • Happy birthday dude - Birthday gift to Sharper the Writer where Wade, Ron and Kim go to bueno nacho to celebrate his birthday.
  • Snails - Another birthday present, this time to KPRS4ever, a short and sweet kim and ron moment, pure fluff, it's about escargot.
  • Dr Director's Direct Route to Love - Originally written to be an unique and original pairing (Monkey Fist/Dr Director) it ended out not ending romantically as Dr Director's pesky moral code stops her from going out with him once he finds out who she is...still my first time writing a multi chapter story, and it was important for me.
  • The news - Written and edited in the same day in celebration of gay marriage becoming legal in all 50 states, while talking with Neo the sayan angel over irc, this is a Gill(Gil)/Ron oneshot, as we discussed the lack of slash in the fandom.
  • Bonnie kidnaps and attempts to kill Kim - A quasi comedy - horror story I wrote around Halloween, though it was dwarfed by much better stories, Bonnie kidnaps kim as payback for all the sitches and witty retorts and being called dumb, too bad Kim has been in that situation so many times it isn't even scary.
  • Lazy Afternoon - Slice of life Drakkim, where I tried to get the characters as in character as in possible (while still being able to have them in a relationship), basically it's a story post graduation where Ron and Kim split up, remained friends, and Drakken took the chance and got her as as girlfriend.

And those were all I wrote in 2015.

5/1/2016 #5

Here is the story I have been working on lately. I am pasting the description for the story so you know what it's about.

-The Journey of Alexa Stoppable: Kim and Ron's daugher, Alexa Stoppable, embarks on a journey to save her parents from a evil mastermind bent on world conquest. PROMOTING

Also, I'm hoping these qualify! :D

Best Original Character: Alexa Stoppable

Best Action/Adventure Story or Best Story Overall: The Journey of Alexa Stoppable

5/5/2016 . Edited 5/13/2016 #6
KP Fannie Committee

Sorry KPRS4ever... The only story that's eligible is "The Journey of Alexa Stoppable". Only stories that have been written or updated during 2015 are eligible.

5/13/2016 #7

Well, here's my stories that are eligible for this years Fannies...

Running with the Devil: A one-shot that is also a song-fic. Please be aware this one has had some lyrics removed because it was reported to site management. This is part of my Devil Tara Series

The Park Bench: Just another one-shot in which a long-gone Kim is still helping those who sit on a certain park bench.

Major Ron : Another one-shot held in another possible future. Ron is an astronaut testing a new space vehicle and he has... problems. Based on an old song 'Major Tom'.

What Shego Fears : This was part of StormChaser90's Heebie Jeebie Hullabaloo Halloween Story Contest, and is also a one-shot. Drakken and Shego end up in Voo-Doo country, and Shego ends up facing a very real fear for her.

The Great Marshmallow Incident: This is a follow-up to an older Christmas story of mine titled 'Yes Kimberly, There is a Santa Claus". There's a reason Ronnie Anne Stoppable doesn't like large marshmallows. This story tells why.

Team Possible's Predicament:This is an on-going multi-chaptered story that is third in a series. The other two were 'The KImpossible Incident' and 'Ron's Reality'. Betty Director has been testing Kim and Ron for a while, and this is her third test for them.

Kim Possible Vs. the Frankenstein Twins: This is another multi-chaptered story of which I tried to write in a 'B-Movie' style. Kim and Ron have a couple of interesting Teacher Substitutes, and they find out their true intentions.

Good luck everyone!

5/13/2016 #8

Oh okay! Thank you for letting me know! It's my first time hearing about the Fannie Awards so I'm still learning :D

5/13/2016 #9

I almost forgot something. I did contribute something to the 10th Fannie Awards story in an acceptance speech and in it I mentioned two brothers.

"I was going to start off with a joke concerning a couple of brothers that are dowsers. Ron was telling me about them. For those of you who don't know what a dowser is, it's a person that uses several different means to locate water, or metals or sometimes just things that have been lost. Most people think of a man with a stick that looks like a 'Y' walking around till the stick points down indicating water."

Turning to Ron, he asked, "What were their names again?"

"Do you mean the Phinde brothers?" Ron answered back.

"Yeah. The Phinde brothers. What were their first names?"

"Zeke and Euell."

"That's it… Zeke and Euell Phinde."

Pronounced 'Zeke and You'll Find."

Anyway, if it is allowed by the Fannie Committee, I would like to suggest their names for the Best KP Style Name.

5/13/2016 #10

I'll just plug the only thing I worked on last year: Ralph and Sam, which is a Kigo story about Shego falling for Kim and deciding that she'd rather spend time drinking coffee with Kim and teaching her about the world than being a criminal any more. Kim, of course, has no idea how Shego feels, but is willing to accept the idea of heroes and villains being friendly off the clock, even if it's initially out of curiosity. Eventually, she discovers she actually enjoys the woman's company, once she starts being nicer.

It has fun looking at various events from each other's POV, and them getting completely different interpretations. Eventually, it starts following the events of S4, but that didn't start until this year. However, there is coffee, swing dancing, French restaurants, and going to see Frozen. Of course, there's also fighting, snarkery, and character development for both Kim and Shego.

Shameless fluff. Much better than it sounds.

Chapters from 13 to 19 should be eligible. I apologize in advance for the talky OC's taking over the beginning of chapter 13. We'll never see them again after.

I'm putting it up for Best Kigo (obviously). Since it's currently at 144,000 words and maybe half over, it could qualify for Best Novel-Sized Story, too.

5/14/2016 #11
Mahler Avatar

Hi everyone, Mahler Avatar here. As usual, I'm coming into this a bit late, but for those who haven't voted yet, just a few ideas for you regarding my 2015 stories.

Attack of the Giant N*** Mole Rat (written for Stormchaser90's Heebie Jeebie Hullabaloo Halloween Contest and ending in a 3 way tie) could work for Best Unlikely/Unique Story, Best AU Story, or Best Short Story.

Technical Problems could work for Best One Shot. (Neither would work for Best Comedy since I won for that last year.)

Beyond the Stars could work for Best Villain (an evil AU Bonnie with Mystical Monkey Power), Best AU, Best Drama, Best Action/Adventure or Best Novel Sized Story. (Not for Best Series as that won last year).

So The Drama Too written for Eddy13's Senior Prom Story contest, which I won by default (Hey I'll take whatever I can get!) could work for Best Kim/Ron, Best Romance or Best Short Story.

And a Best Story Overall and/or Best Writer nomination would be just spankin' of course.

Very much looking forward to seeing who gets the nod for the first round. Good luck to all!


5/24/2016 #12

I hate self-promotion, but I'll give it a go. My stories are always KiGo in nature and fall in the comedy, romance section, with a smattering of drama here and there. I'm also rather surprised at how many stories I've written in the last year.

Stuck with you

A good day to rise

All's fair in love and war

She's got that invisible touch

International women's day

I personally think that 'a good day to rise' is one of my best, even though it doesn't rate as highly as others. I also really like 'all's fair in love and war' and 'she's got that invisible touch'. They're in there for one-shots and short stories, and of course the lovely KiGo.

5/26/2016 #13
chris the cynic

Nothing has been nominated for "Best Minor Character" (or three other categories) so I'm going to repeat this.

Here are my characters that qualify:

Felix and Zita from Being more than a Simulacrum (8, 13)

Joss from Being More than a Simulacrum (11, 12, 13)

Tara and Josh (Mankey) from Life After, pre-revision which can be read at:

stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com (slash) 2015/10/life-after-ch1-time-changes-kp.html

stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com (slash) 2015/10/life-after-ch2-dying-light-kp-halloween.html

stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com (slash) 2015/10/life-after-ch3-if-we-can-make-it.html

stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com (slash) 2015/10/life-after-ch4-in-which-i-just-try-to.html

5/29/2016 . Edited 5/29/2016 #14
chris the cynic

Ok, so, the decision came down to keep all promotion in this thread.

As such, it would be good to list the empty categories, yes?

3) Best Minor Character:

5) Best Songfic:

23) Best New Author:

25) Best Reviewer:

You've seen my things being self promoted for Best Minor Character above. I'm sure that there's more people who used minor characters well than the two of us who brought it up here, self promote people.

If anyone started Kim Possible writing in 2015, tell us because that's what new author is and we can't nominate you if we don't know.

Best reviewer I left blank because I've never been clear if my good reviewers were KP reviewers in general or it was just a fluke that they've been commenting on my stories. If anyone else had that problem, I have a solution:

Dump something like this into google:

Ltlconf 2015 "Kim Possible" OR "Ron Stoppable" OR Shego OR "Doctor Director" "reviews for" site:

This example is searching for the KP reviews that Ltlconf has done. Replace it with a reveiwer you're wondering about and it'll get you their stuff to look at.

It works like this:

site: limits the search to this site.

"Reviews for" only appears on the review pages rather than story pages and such, so that limits it to pages of actual reviews.

2015 makes it so a result only pops up if at least one of the reviews on the page is from the year in question.

Then there's:

"Kim Possible" OR "Ron Stoppable" OR Shego OR "Doctor Director"

which is honestly just me trying to find Kim possible results because review pages don't have any reference to what fandom they're in. So I just dumped a bunch of KP exclusive names in. Probably should have put Drakken and Dementor in as well. Just be sure to put an "OR" between the things because otherwise you're going to miss out on things that don't, for example, include both Shego AND Doctor Director.

5/29/2016 . Edited 5/29/2016 #15
The Emperor of Dreams

Oh, right, Fannies are a thing. I kinda missed the nominations, but here's some promotion for the empty categories.

I published my first KP story last year, so I believe I qualify for Best New Author.

I'd like to offer my take on Adrena Lynn from Reflections for consideration for Best Minor Character.

gerbilHunter is the Best Reviewer.

6/1/2016 . Edited 6/1/2016 #16
chris the cynic

Damn, wish I'd known you were a new author, I've already sent in my nominations for the empty categories. I totally would have nominated you.

6/1/2016 #17
The Emperor of Dreams
I totally would have nominated you.

I appreciate the thought. If I'd realized the nominations were going, I'd have totally done more shameless self-promotion. Maybe.

Maybe even do some nominating myself. Alas, my involvement in the Kimmunity kinda plummets when I don't have a story running.

6/2/2016 #18
chris the cynic

I do hope someone nominates you.

6/2/2016 #19
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