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KP Fannie Committee

He everybody… It's now time to start the Voting Phase for the 11th Annual Fannies Awards!

Things to know:

1) The Deadline for voting will be Friday July 22nd

2) As we get closer to the 22nd, if the committee feels that a little more time might bring in more votes to help get some definite results, we'll consider extending the voting time, but don't assume it'll get extended, so please get your votes in by July 22nd.

3) Voting will be the same as last year, where it's Straight-forward. You vote who you think is the best, and we will count the votes.

Other Information… If we have any categories where there's a tie for the win, we'll use a runoff vote on those categories as a sort of round 2 before announcing all results, but we won't have that if there's a clear winner in each category. More details on that if it happens. If a category ended up with just one Nomination, the Author Nominated automatically wins that category.

Please either e-mail kimmunityfannies (AT) yahoo (DOT) com or PM the account this message is coming from with your vote. List out all the categories and tell us who you're voting for in each. You can do it in pieces if you send some of your votes now and the rest later but get them all in by the 3rd, and don't be changing your vote for a category after you send it, Please and Thank-you.

Nothing requires you to vote in all categories. If you just give us votes in some categories, that's fine. Just make sure the votes you send are sent before the Deadline. If there are any questions please post them in this thread and they'll get answered. (Don't e-mail them, because this way, the questions and answers are seen by others who might have the same question).

Please remember NOT to put your votes in this Thread!

So let's start voting, and we will soon have our newest winners! KP Fannie Committee

…x x x x…

Here are the final Nominations for your 11th Annual KP Fannies…

Nominations List

1) Best KP Style Name:

MASA (Middleton Aeronautics and Space Administration) from Major Ron by whitem

Chi Mera (Chimera) from Bent, not Broken by chris the cynic

2) Best Original Character:

Mask, from Action and Reaction by Shadodancer01 (Winner by default)

3) Best Minor Character:

Dr. Director, from Kim Possible: Shadow Plays by CelendilAU

Bonnie, from Past and Present by levi2000a1

Felix from Action and Reaction by Shadodancer01

Yori, from Action and Reaction by Shadowdancer01

Yori from Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

Joss from Being more Than a Simulacrum by chris the cynic

4) Best Villain:

Master from Action and Reaction by Shadodancer01 (Winner by Default)

5) Best Songfic:

Running with the Devil by whitem

Thank Goodness I've Got You by Eddy13

6) Best AU Story:

Hybrid by Eddy13

Part-time Sidekicks by Imyoshi

Action and Reaction by Shadowdancer01

Lazy Afternoon by SomecallmeMichelle

Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

Kimberly and the Pixie Dust Plot by Robert Teague

7) Best Crossover/Fusion:

Why So Serious, Kimmie? by The Samurai Prince

Machinations by waveform

Hybrid by Eddy13

Ivory by Imyoshi

8) Best Alternate Pairing:

Ron/Bonnie from Cupid Has Crappy Aim by Quis Custodiet

Kim/Bonnie from And Life Goes On, by StarvingLunatic

9) Best KiGo Story:

Ralph and Sam by only-looking

Written on the Ten by Starvinglunatic

Dear Diary by SimplySupreme

A Good Day to Rise by Lhyaran

Reflections by The Emperor of Dreams

10) Best Kim/Ron Story:

So The Drama Too by Mahler Avatar

The Newest Possible-Stoppable by Sentinel103

11) Best Comedy Story:

The Great Marshmallow Incident by whitem

Possible Pirates by Eddy13

12) Best Romance Story:

The Legend of Middleton Hollow by Eddy13

Rules of a Melon by Imyoshi

13) Best Friendship Story:

First Birthday as Friends by Eddy13 (Winner by Default)

14) Best Action/Adventure Story:

Wade's Gambit by Daichek

Team Possible II: Maggots of Doom by King in Yellow

StormChaser by BearSent176

The Journey of Alexa Stoppable by KPRS4ever

Beyond the Stars by Mahler Avatar

Action and Reaction by Shadowdancer01

15) Best Drama Story:

Why So Serious, Kimmie? by The Samurai Crunchbird

Mirror of the Soul by Hopeful-Husky

Bent, not Broken by chris the cynic

The Hunter by Sentenel103

Stormchaser by BearSent176

Action and Reaction by Shadowdancer01

16) Best Unlikely/Unique Story:

Why So Serious, Kimmie by The Samurai Crunchbird

Hybrid by Eddy13

Attack of the Giant N*** Mole Rat! by Mahler Avatar

17) Best One-Shot Overall:

Legend of Middleton Hollow by Eddy13

The Park Bench by whitem

Technical Problems by Mahler Avatar

Lazy Afternoon by SomecallmeMichelle

A good Day to Rise by Lhyaran

Redefined by Weskette

18) Best Novel-Sized Story:

Ralph and Sam by Only-looking

Stormchaser by BearSent176

Action and Reaction by Shadodancer01

Beyond the Stars by Mahlar Avatar

19) Best Short Story:

Rules of a Melon by Imyoshi

Angels Watching Over Me by EchidnaPower

The Secret Ingredient by Concolor44

Dynamic Tension by The Emperor of dreams

So the Drama Too by Mahlar Avatar

20) Best Series Overall:

A Series of Tests, Series by whitem (The Kimpossible Incident, Ron's Reality, and Team Possible's Predicament)

21) Best Writing Team: The only team nominated won last year, no winner for category.

22) Best Young Author:

SomecallmeMichelle (Winner by Default)

23) Best New Author:

The Samurai Prince


The Emperor of Dreams

24) Best Single Line:

"She'd been sloppy: rushing through the mission and blowing things up willy-nilly without considering the consequences." from Dear Diary by SimplySupreme (Winner by Default)

25) Best Reviewer:

Invader Johnny





26) CPNeb Kimmunity Award:



Sharper the Writer


27) Kimmunity Achievement Award:

Mr. Wizard

Classic Cowboy

28) Best Story Overall:

Dear Diary by SimplySupreme

Ralph and Sam by Only-Looking

Mind Games with a Twist by Crush48

Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

29) Best Writer:



Mahler Avatar




chris the cynic

Good luck to everyone, and let's have fun!

6/12/2016 . Edited by whitem, 6/18/2016 #1

In best AU you list a winner by default when there are multiple nominees.

6) Best AU Story:

Hybrid by Eddy13 (Winner by Default)

Part-time Sidekicks by Imyoshi

Action and Reaction by Shadowdancer01

Lazy Afternoon by SomecallmeMichelle

Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

Kimberly and the Pixie Dust Plot by Robert Teague

6/12/2016 #2

Darn it. I was hoping I had already won in the Best AU category. Of course, since my story is the only one in Best Friendship Story, should that one be considered winner by default? Also, I thought I didn't qualify for Best Songfic because the Admins removed it from the site? Also, there was a mistake. The one who wrote 'Why So Serious Kimmie' is The Samurai Prince. I think whoever nominated the story might've gotten the names mixed up.

6/12/2016 . Edited 6/12/2016 #3

Thanks so much ShadowDancer01 for catching that. It has been corrected...

And Eddy13, that was my fault and I apologize profusely. Since it is there now, we'll leave it since it was a committee members (mine) fault. And Thanks to you as well for the Samurai catch!

I hope there aren't any other mistakes I made. If so, let either me or the Committee know and it will be corrected. Thanks for understanding! (And here I thought I was awake while doing this)

6/12/2016 . Edited 6/12/2016 #4

Why should you need to apologize? I mean, was my songfic added by mistake or were you mistaken in saying that it wasn't eligible since it's not on FF anymore? Either way, hey, I'm up for Best Songfic, so I'm not complaining. Of course, for those who want to vote for it, they'll have to go to DA.

6/12/2016 . Edited 6/12/2016 #5

It was added to the Fannies by mistake. Again, sorry 'bout that...

6/12/2016 #6

Like I said, it doesn't bother me since I'm up for another category. I'll just need to mention over at my profile where to look for the story.

6/12/2016 #7
chris the cynic

Ok, so ... I think this is my fault.

17) Best One-Shot Overall: [...] Warmth of a Banana by Imyoshi

I didn't notice until after I nominated that story that Imyoshi won the category last year.

6/16/2016 #8

I have posted the corrected version of the ballot in every KP group I can think of as well as a few Facebook pages.

Sent mine in today.

6/16/2016 #9
KP Fannie Committee

Just a friendly reminder to get out there and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

We would like to see more individuals voting if at all... Possible!

You have until July 22nd, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for your favorite Stories and or Authors!

The more voters, the better!

6/29/2016 #10

Oh, I hope this isn't a sign that the Fannies (as well as KP stories) are losing popularity. It would stink for this to happen when I'm finally going to be involved in the award ceremony!

6/29/2016 #11

not sure if this is the place to ask but why is there no rongo section? maybe that can be added next time? cos if we can make room for kim/ron alongside kigo, why not ron/shego? i did find several of those and some are really good

7/8/2016 #12

That would fit under Best Alternate Pairing.

7/8/2016 #13
chris the cynic

So in theory it works like this:

  • Best Canon Paring
  • Best Non-Canonical Pairing

However, the most popular examples are so popular that they don't give breathing room to the rest. If you don't separate out Kigo then a humble Ron/Tara fic will get lost in the shuffle even if it really deserved consideration.

So then you'd have:

  • Best Kim/Ron
  • Best canon pairing other than Kim/Ron
  • Best Kigo
  • Best alternate pairing other than Kigo

BUT (all-caps, beginning of a paragraph; I must be emphasizing my emphasis or something) the other canon pairings are almost never tapped. You don't see a lot of Ron/Zita or Kim/Josh, you don't see a lot of Felix/Zita, you don't see much Tara/Nameless boy from Steal Wheels. There are about twenty four canon pairings total and other than Kim/Ron it's rare to see any of them other than Kim/Ron and Mom/Dad, and for the Mom/Dad ones you usually don't see stories focused on that. That's not to say that you can't find, say, Tara/Josh or Shego/Barkin fics, but there are so few of them that the category is kind of meaningless.

Thus it gets dropped and we end up with the three actual categories:

  • Best Alternate Pairing
  • Best KiGo Story
  • Best Kim/Ron Story

The only way Rongo would be added as a category there were so many Ron/Shego stories that they started to crowd out the other "Alternate Pairing" stories. I don't think we're overflowing with Rongo at the moment, so it's not going to happen just now.

- - -

A change that I, personally, would like to see is non-Kim/Ron canon pairing stories becoming numerous enough to justify giving them a category.

7/10/2016 #14

ok thanks for explaining :)

7/11/2016 #15

The deadline for the votes as come. When will the ceremony begin?

7/21/2016 #16

The voting phase ENDS on the 22nd, which means it won't be finished until the day of the 22nd is over.

In other words, a person can still vote until midnight of the 22nd. There's still time to vote!

Baring any unseen circumstances, we should be starting the ceremony next week. (hopefully) Keep in mind, votes still need to be counted, and if some categories need any ties broken, we'll have tie-breaker votes. If there are still ties after that, then those categories will end in ties.

7/22/2016 #17

How long will it take to tally the votes? I'm looking forward to seeing who wins this year.

7/23/2016 #18

I'm working on gathering all votes together tonight, and hopefully the first chapter (or more) should be posted no later than next Friday night. At least that's the plan, and hopefully it works out that way...

7/23/2016 #19
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