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KP Fannie Committee

Well everyone, we do have 6 Categories that need Tie-Breaker Votes. The period to submit your votes are from Sunday July 24th through Wednesday Aug 3rd. I realize this time is a bit shorter, but it's necessary to get going with the Fannie Awards Show, which we are sure everyone is looking forward to. Again, if there are still ties after this voting round, then the tie is the final result.

1) Best KP Style Name

MASA (Middleton Aeronautics and Space Administration) from Major Ron by whitem

Chi Mera (Chimera) from Bent, not Broken by chris the cynic

3) Best Minor

Character Bonnie, from Past and Present by levi2000a1

Yori, from Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

6) Best Au

Part-time Sidekicks by Imyoshi

Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

15) Best Drama

Bent, Not Broken By Chris the Cynic

Stormchaser by BearSent176

17) Best One-Shot

The Park Bench by whitem

A Good Day to Rise by Lhyaran

19) Best Short Story

Rules of a Melon by Imyoshi

So the Drama Too by Mahler Avatar

As always, Good Luck to everyone!

7/24/2016 . Edited 7/24/2016 #1
KP Fannie Committee

Please note, a mistake was made in counting up the Ties. One more has been added, so there are now 6 total categories with Ties. I apologize for the inconvenience...

7/24/2016 #2

Out of curiosity, will the winners of the categories that didn't end in ties be sent notifications to write their acceptance speeches?

7/24/2016 #3
KP Fannie Committee

Only after the Tie Breaker Votes are finished. This way everyone is notified at the same time.

7/25/2016 #4
PokeKing Charizard

I'm not sure if this is how I'm supposed to do it, but I vote wholeheartedly for Mahler Avatar's fanfic "So The Drama Too" for the Best Short Story award!

7/31/2016 #5

You don't mention your votes on the thread, you send them to the Committee's e-mail address. Look for the link in the previous voting thread.

7/31/2016 #6
chris the cynic

Here's how you vote:

Please either e-mail kimmunityfannies (AT) yahoo (DOT) com or PM the account this message is coming from with your vote. List out all the categories and tell us who you're voting for in each. You can do it in pieces if you send some of your votes now and the rest later but get them all in by the 3rd, and don't be changing your vote for a category after you send it, Please and Thank-you.
8/1/2016 #7

Now that the tie breaker vote is officially over, when will the Fannies begin?

8/4/2016 #8
KP Fannie Committee

Update: Sending out messages tonight to all Winners asking for Acceptance Speeches. Also, working on the first chapter to kick everything off. Chapter 1 should be posted no later than Saturday evening...

8/4/2016 #9
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