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Sharper the Writer

Greetings from the writing desk of Sharper.

With Whitem and Slipgate dealing with real-life issues as of the moment, I have decided along with Sarah (aka KPRS4ever on here, Deviantart, Tumblr, and Twitter) to co-host this year's Fannies alongside with Sentinel and CajunBear.

This thread here is an opportunity to promote yourself to the KP Fannie Awards. As in years past, it will also double as a 'Qualification' thread that would let the four of us know what y'all are eligible for. For example, if you are 19 years of age or younger as of 2016 (and either published or updated during the 2016 calendar year), you would be eligible for Best Young Author.

This year's nomination period will stretch from May 4th (somethin' to do with Star Wars, I reckon) to June 7th (KP's 15th anniversary). I will also be posting a thread about that as well, so be on the lookout for it.

4/29/2017 #1

Here is a list of the Fannie categories with a description of each from a few years ago.

Category List for the 10th Annual KP Fannie Awards

4/29/2017 #2

Here is a list of last years winners, who are not eligible in that category this year.

1) Best KP Style Name: Chi Mira - Best not Broken by chris the cynic

2) Best Original Character: Mask - Action and Reaction by ShadowDancer01

3) Best Minor Character: Yori - Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

4) Best Villain: Master - Action and Reaction by ShadowDancer01

5) Best Songfic: Running with the Devil by whitem

6) Best AU: Kim P0ssible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

7) Best Fusion/Crossover: Hybrid by Eddy13

8) Best Alternative Pairing: Cupid has Crappy Aim by Quis Custodiet

9) Best KiGo: Ralph and Sam by only-looking

10) Best Kim/Ron: So the Drama Too by Mahler Avatar

11) Best Comedy: Possible Pirates by Eddy13

12) Best Romance: Rules of a Melon by Imyoshi

13) Best Friendship: First Birthday as Friends by Eddy13

14) Best Action/Adventure: Action and Reaction by ShadowDancer01

15) Best Drama: Bent, not Broken by Chris the Cynic

16) Best One-Shot Overall: A Good Day to Rise by Lhyaran

17) Best Series Overall: A Series of Tests bt whitem

18) Best Unlikely/Unique Story: Attack of the Giant N*** MolerRat by Mahler Avatar

19) Best Novel-Sized Story: Beyond the Stars by Mahler Avatar

20) Best Short Story: So the Drama Too by Mahler Avatar

21) Best Writing Team: No winner

22) Best Young Author: SomeCallMeMichelle

23) Best New Author: The Emperor of Dreams

24) Best Single Line: "She'd been sloppy: rushing through the mission and blowing things up willy-nilly without considering the consequences" - Dear Diary by Simply Supreme

25) Best Reviewer: Invader Johnny

26) CPNEB Kimmunity Award: whitem

27) Kimmunity Achievement Award: Mr. Wizard

28) Best Story Overall: Kim Possible: Reaching You by Kawaiigirls5

29) Best Writer: Mahler Avatar

4/29/2017 #3
chris the cynic

I'm just going to list qualifying stories first, I'll do actual category stuff later.

The revised chapters of Life After (I-1: Time Changes, I-2: Dying Light, I-3 If we can make it through the night) were all during 2016, and thus all qualify.

Of Being more than a Simulacrum only Chapter 14 qualifies.

Bent, not Broken Chapters 4 and 5 are eligible.

For Forgotten Seeds only Chapter 7: Between the Moon and New York City is eligible.

All (three) currently extant chapters of Fusion qualify.


Some things not on FFN:

Life After fragments that the chronological story hasn't caught up to (so there are spoilers) include scattered bits and pieces often related to Mag, which can be found at:

- stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com /2016/01/life-after-mag-and-other-scattered-bits.html

the gang objecting to being called "meddling kids"

- stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com /2016/09/life-after-terminiology.html

and Kim getting very embarrassed when two people try to explain they meant actual dancing not innuendo "dancing":

- stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com /2016/08/life-after-scene-from-near-end-of-story.html

The very rough first draft that is The Siege of Middleton would qualify too:

- stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com /2016/03/siege-of-middleton-kp-writing-prompt.html

4/30/2017 . Edited 4/30/2017 #4
chris the cynic

The basic idea behind listing stories instead of categories is to let people decide on their own what, if anything, to nominate. That said, I can actually winnow things down a bit:

This is, I think, everything I'm remotely eligible for, no mattter how extreme that remoteness:

  • 2) Best Original Character: Leela Place Possible (Often goes by just "Place") – Being more than Simulacrum
  • 3) Best Minor Character: Joss PossibleBeing more than a Simulacrum (link to when Joss first appears)
  • 6) Best AU: Life After (Timeline changed throwing everything out of normal continuity)
  • 11) Best Comedy: Life After: Terminology (Don't call them meddling kids) link: stealingcommas.blogspot (dot) com /2016/09/life-after-terminiology.html
  • 13) Best Friendship: - Place and JossBeing more than a Simulacrum (link to when Joss first appears)
  • 14) Best Action/Adventure: - Bent, not Broken
  • 18) Best Unlikely/Unique Story: - Life After – An altered digit bounces Kim's transportulator trip off of a fax machine in such a way as to rip a whole through reality which connects the ordinary world to the unfashionable backwaters of Helhiem (the Norse afterlife for all who didn't die in battle) leaving people at three spots in space and time (2029 earth, 2004 earth, 2004 afterlife) to try to cope with a massively altered universe. I think it's kind of unique.
  • 19) Best Novel-Sized Story: Being more than a Simulacrum – 50 thousand words and counting.
  • 24) Best Single Line: um, I've kind of got two thoughts on this, both from Life After Chapter 3
    • No way to tell that she was the fire that burned down your home, rather than the fire that kept you warm. Not when she was asleep.
    • As it was he was staying alive mostly by means of having arms. The dogs were big, the dogs were scary, the dogs were fast, but they were incapable of changing direction as quickly as a human being who could reach out, grab onto something, and pivot around it as if they hated their shoulder with a fiery passion and were just begging it to become dislocated.
  • 28) Best Story Overall: Forgotten Seeds
  • 29) Best Writer: chris the cynic

Obviously one could disagree with any of this, one might think that Sharon from Fusion is my best original character or that Life After is my best action/adventure, or that all of my stuff sucks and I deserve to be nominated for nothing.

5/1/2017 . Edited 5/1/2017 #5

I only wrote/worked on two stories last year. "Ann Credible's Holidays Made Possible" and "Past and Present by Zaratan Volume 2 ."

"Ann Credible's Holidays Made Possible" was my entry into Whitem's 6th Annual SnowDaze Holiday Story Contest for 2015 but it didn't get posted till the 8th of 2016. It's a story about Mrs Doctor P's trying to cope with what she assumed would be the last Thanksgiving dinner she would be preparing for her family before their lives would lead them away from home. She was ready to deal with these facts, but she just wanted this one last time to surround herself in all her memories of dinners and family past. She wasn't ready for two young people that wanted to save her the trouble.

13) Best Friendship: A friendship between Ann and her future son-in-law that goes a little bit beyond the love and respect he has for her and is returned in their own way.

16) Best One-Shot Overall and 20) Best Short Story: If you've read the story then you'll understand why it might be nominated in either or both of these categories.

"Past and Present by Zaratan Volume 2," my own ending for a story started by Zaratan but never finished, already won the award for the Best Drama Story in 2014 so I really wouldn't want it nominated for that again. I would like it to be taken under considerstion for these two awards.

3) Best Minor Character: Bonnie Rockwaller aka Bonnie Stoppable aka Bonnie Walls, the character that was able to bring about more understanding and reason to Kim and Ron's situation than they did in over 20 years.

24) Best Single Line: "It was for your own good." The sentiment that was on Kim's mind when she inadvertantly broke up with Ron in college, what Bonnie said to both Ron and Michelle when she divorced him, believing that it was the only way to keep him from living and ultimatly believing in a lie to keep his family happy, and it was what Michelle said to Ron when she was mistaken in why Kim had showed up to try and work out his and Kim's problems. It almost led to his suicid because it had become a Stoppable family oath to never use that phrase.

5/2/2017 #6
The Emperor of Dreams

I finished Conference Affair last year, which as I understand it should make it eligible. It's a Kigo romance.

The only other story I published in 2016 is Rebounds, sequel to Reflections, which is finally nearing the end. There's some adventure, some drama, and some one shot villains from the show make an appearance. It also has an alternate pairing I don't recall seeing in any other story, (ROT-13'd for discretion) Ryrpgebavdhr/Nqeran Ylaa.

5/4/2017 #7

Hello all, I'm going to give this a shot. I submitted three stories last year, two of which are worth anything. For easy-peasy copy/paste, here's what I think I'm eligible for:

9) Best KiGo Story (include the author): Worth It - TheAmbiguousFool

12) Best Romance Story (include the author and it might be good to indicate who is focused on romantically to give context for voters later on): Worth It - TheAmbiguousFool

18) Best One-Shot Overall (include the author): The Dream - TheAmbiguousFool

20) Best Short Story (include the author): TheDream - TheAmbiguousFool - Please note, I have added author comments to this story which push the word count past 7,500, but the story itself is actually 7,500 words

24) Best New Author: TheAmbiguousFool

29) Best Story Overall (say who the author is): The Dream - TheAmbiguousFool

30) Best Writer: TheAmbiguousFool

Update: Just realized I never added links to the stories or my profile. I have done so now. I know I'm kinda stretching it with all these "Best Ofs" but we'll see I suppose.

5/5/2017 . Edited 5/8/2017 #8

2016 was mostly continuing stories for me, but I did manage to complete one new story and another that's still ongoing.

International Women's Day: Best KiGo Story, Best Comedy Story, Best Short Story.

When Hearts Collide: Best KiGo Story, Best Action/Adventure Story, Best Series Overall.

5/5/2017 #9

This year I am not eligible for Best Original Character, Best Villain and Best Action/Adventure since I won last year.

I had two eligible stories this year Action and Reaction and Zombie Mayhem.

Action and Reaction - Best KiGo, Best Drama, Best Novel-sized Story, and Best Writer.

Zombie Mayhem - Best Comedy, Best Friendship, Best One-Shot Overall, Best Short Story, and Best Writer.

5/5/2017 #10

I wrote two stories last year, both KiGo. I'll list the things for which they could be considered.

Leading Lady: 12) best romance 16) best one-shot

Bat out of Hell: 6) songfic 16) best one-shot

The single line I like best from ether of them is from BooH: "In her mind's eye she could see herself sweeping down on them, bringing ferocity and terror, like a bat out of Hell."

5/5/2017 . Edited 5/5/2017 #11

Well, I suppose it's time to dust off my long-unused self-promotion skills and link to my 2016 oneshot, Tell It To the Marines.

This story features popular minor characters Bonnie, Senor Senior Junior, Dr. Director, and also my favorite fictional blonde cheerleader.

I must sadly report that I am not eligible for Best Young Author, having turned 19 back in the Nixon administration.

5/6/2017 #12
I have written one story and it started at '16 and finished '17. It's called Break Away. Link: I'm a young author, 19 years old so I guess I'll try that. It also has an alternative pairing Ron/Bonnie. The story's ok, I'm doing nothing big, just something simple… that's why I want to nominate it for those specific subjects
5/7/2017 #13

Hey all... I finally found some time to put together what I wrote/updated in the past year that would be eligible...

Kimtimidation Kim gets a bit intimidating when a 'Family member' disappears (One-shot)

Hero Kim finds out what being a Hero really means (One-shot)

Strength and Weakness An old foe returns and Ron has to defend his family (One-shot)

Kim Possible Vs. The Frankenstein Twins Two new teachers arrive at Middleton High and something is not quite right

Team Possible's Predicament Third in a series after " The KImpossible Situation" and "Ron's Reality". (This cannot win 'Best Series' this year because it won in that category last year.

Please pick which category you want to nominate these for (that is, if you do). All I did was mark which was a One-shot.

5/20/2017 #14

I really didn't write as many stories for Kim Possible last year as my heart desired. Such is life. And I had some pretty nasty sitchs of my own. So's the Drama. But I'm not here to tell my sob story, I'm here to self advertise all those stories that qualify for a fannie.

For Best Alternate Pairing, I've got two stories, though one, I admit fits the bill rather loosely. They also qualify for "Best Comedy", though humor is subjective.

Scrub - a Felix/Ron "Love" story


How the brilliant and ingenious Dr Drakken got together with Kp - Phew! What a long title (Drakkim)

And thank you for your support, throughout last year.

5/29/2017 #15

Hmmm. Well, I started writing KP fanfiction last year, which makes me eligible for a number of these categories, if not actually qualified, per se. Here's my list, anyway.

1. Best New Author: arandomshipper. As long as no one else started in 2016, I'm actually a shoo in for this one.

2. Best Alternative Pairing: Worth Even More. Shego/Betty Director. Very much a rarepair. In fact, I've never seen anyone else attempt it, even as a side pairing.

3. Best Comedy: You Saw Nothing. My first fanfiction story ever. As lighthearted as my humor ever gets, I think. Usually, I'm a bit more macabre...

4. Grief could be considered for either Best Action/Adventure or Best Drama. It's not really a perfect fit for either, but there's no category for a combination of the two, so...

5. Best Story Overall? A bit ambitious, maybe, but I'll put Grief down for it anyway. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun, and I'm proud of how it turned out, even though I recognize that it could've been so much better if I were only a better writer. Please consider the Out of Grief ending for this category, which I consider to be the better of the two, and was the ending I intended for it originally.

And 6. Best Writer?!?! Sure, why not. arandomshipper, at your service. The name says it all. Well, most of it. Some of it, anyway. Something. The name says something, okay? I ship things. Randomly. So randomly that it's not even random all the time, if that makes any sense.

I could be eligible for a number of other categories with some of my ongoing stories, but I don't feel right about nominating an incomplete story. I will nominate them if I think they're qualified after they're complete, and not one chapter before. I have an extreme aversion to reading great stories that aren't finished and never will be, and I don't want to give anyone that experience, so I refuse to recommend any story I'm not done with yet. I still post them one chapter at a time, but the readers can see the lack of a 'complete' tag for themselves, and are reading at their own risk, so I feel less guilty about that.

5/29/2017 . Edited 5/29/2017 #16

Okay so I was told my stories qualified for some of these, so I guess I'll self promote. Who knows, maybe I'll win something lol :)

Best Minor Character: Shego in Connecting the Dots; Joss in Finding Yourself

Best Crossover/Fusion: Kim Possible and Marvel Cinematic Universe in Connecting the Dots; Kim Possible and Marvel Cinematic Universe in Finding Yourself

Best Action/Adventure Story: Connecting the Dots; Finding Yourself

Best Novel-Sized Story: Connecting the Dots

Best Single Line: James Possible from chapter 2 of Connecting the Dots Kim was just pronounced "dead" when assuming her new identity. This is what her father had to say at her funeral in honor of her.

"She was my everything, my little Kimmie Cub, my only daughter, my protector, and overall, even though I build rockets, she is one of the best things I have ever made."

Best New Story: Finding Yourself

5/29/2017 . Edited 5/31/2017 #17

I've only written one story of Kim Possible, so I decided to let it up for a few nominations since I was told it was qualified.

1. Best Crossover/Fusion: Kidnapped. A crossover between Kim Possible and Dragon Ball Z.

2. Best Action/Adventure Story: Kidnapped.

3. Best Villain: Kidnapped. An OC by an alias "L" that I've incorporated into the show who had a long lasting friendship/partnership with Betty Director before she became head of GJ. She left the organization temporarily to become one of Master Sensei's students. After a series of events she's corrupted by power and later becomes the main antagonist of the story.

4. Best Novel-Sized Story: Kidnapped. Let it speak for itself at the word count.

For this next one, it comes from a DBZ character, but they are talking directly to Kim so I hope it counts. Here is Perfect Cell from Chapter 12 when he's giving his opinion on Kim's fighting skills during her captivity.

5. Best Single Line: Kidnapped. "Truthfully, you are quite the skilled fighter for a human, if you had possessed greater power you would've proven to be a worthy adversary."

6. Best Young Author: Well, myself. I am just two years below the required age for this nomination. I decided, ah, hell with it. I'll go for this.

I don't feel well nominating Kidnapped since it's an incomplete story, but it's quite lengthy so I decided to give it a try.

5/31/2017 . Edited 5/31/2017 #18
King Papa Boston
The Forgotten I finish my published story in November of 2016 which makes it eligible for this years fannies. The forgotten is a story about Lose and the power of love with a bit of deception and action. A little description about my story. What happens when the world you thought you knew actually turned against you and everyone forgot you. What happens when someone dies and they forget that person. Ron must go through this because he has been forgotten by everyone. Not sure what category i be nominated for i leave that up to my readers.
6/1/2017 #19
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