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Sharper the Writer

Good morning to the members of the Kimmunity (and yes, I know it's been a while since I posted something contest-related :P) But we are just less than two months from celebrating Kim Possible's 20th anniversary. So to commemorate the occasion, I am holding a fanfiction contest to see which KP writer creates the most celebratory and festive story. For example, it can be about expecting a kid, an engagement, a birthday, a wedding, or a wedding anniversary, a holiday, or something of that nature.

Below here are the rules that will govern the contest.

1) The theme for this contest, as mentioned above is celebratory. Therefore, the following genres are allowed: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, Humor, Mystery, Parody, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Western. No angst, tragedy, or drama for this contest.

2) All KP Pairings are allowed for the contest (ex. Kim/Ron, Kim/Shego, Drakken/Shego, Kim/whomever boy or girl she is pared with other than Ron or Shego, Ron/whomever boy or girl is paired other than Kim)

3) The fanfic must be rated T or below. No Mature-Rated stories allowed and no graphic content is allowed.

4) Only one story is allowed per author.

5) The story can be either a one-shot or a multi-chaptered story but the maximum of chapters, for the sake of the contest, will be five. The minimum word count for a one-shot will be 500 words and a multi-chaptered story must have a minimum of 1,000 words.

6) If said story for the contest is part of an anthology of unconnected short stories (for example, BCBDrums' The Little Ones or Gothicthundra's Lipsky Short Stories), please provide the link to that chapter. It will count to the one-story, one-author rule for the contest.

7) the story can be part of another existing fanfic universe, but it must stand alone.

8) Crossovers are allowed only as long as the KP characters are the focal point of said crossover.

9) The author most post his/her/their story in this thread in order for the story to be entered into the contest.

10) It needs to be a new story that is published between now and the July 20th deadline.

11) A writer can switch out one of their stories for a backup but this will be done only one time. They must post the declaration of withdrawing their original story from the contest on this thread with the request to have their new story counted in the voting.

12) The contest is open for entries between now (April 9, 2022) to July 20, 2022 at 11:59pm (Central US Time).

13) Once the contest is over, I will conduct a poll for the first half of August to determine the winner.

14) Have fun!! :)

4/9 . Edited 6/3 #1

sounds like fun!!

4/9 #2
Sharper the Writer

I may as well have the first entry. K-P-1-8 is now up.

6/4 #3

Here is my entry! Kim and Ron's Almost Anniversary is up now!

6/5 . Edited 6/5 #4
Feathered Sparks

My entry's ready! Behold, Life and Love and Everything Possible

6/13 #5

Happy 20th Anniversary to the show that inspired so many of us to try our hand in writing! I don't know if I'll be able to whip anything up, but I haven't forsaken the community, that's to be sure!

6/14 #6
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