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It's been a while since this subject has been touched on. It's not an easy one to deal with. But a few of us are going to try to make sure that at least this years awards get finished. Just to be clear, these Fannies are for the stories of 2009, not 2010.

What we've done is made an e-mail account that several people have access to. This way information can never be lost again. The plan is to take the latest information we have available to us, which is the second round candidates, and put them to the final vote. So if you wish to vote for any or all of the categories listed below, submit your ballots to KimmunityFannies(at) The polls will be closed at midnight on Saturday, November 20th.

I'm not good at writing fluffy, humorous, heart-warming stories like the Fannie awards are used to having. Kit and KGS have expressed interest in doing the story. I'm still not sure how all of that is going to work out. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.


1 Best Original Character Name Sarah Best Blue Eyes Shining cpneb

1 Best Original Character Name Elizabeth (Eli) Minated

1 Best Original Character Name Grimm Probable

1 Best Original Character Name Ian Quisition

1 Best Original Character Name Lyle Lott, MrDrP


2 Best Original Character Agni Go in 'Heaven in Hell' by Alexander - Godslayer

2 Best Original Character Dr. Gervis Jeebs Leon (Camille's Uncle) from Mad Dogs and Tigers

2 Best Original Character Elisabeth Minated - Farewell to the Mat - daccu65

2 Best Original Character Mamma King- Mr. Wizard

2 Best Original Character Oblivion - BioniKim: Oblivion by Whitem

2 Best Original Character Pete Peterson Waveform's "Team Possible in the 8th Dimension"

2 Best Original Character Suzie Chin/Wanda Wang of 'Separate Lives'.....ST103

2 Best Original Character Tam Agmiln from Not Your Usual Suspects

2 Best Original Character The Mystical Monkey - A Friend in Darkness - Slyrr

2 Best Original Character Wayne Kingston, "School Days" by captainkodak1


3 Best Minor Character Bonnie (Sidekick No More - Blackbird)

3 Best Minor Character Bonnie Rockwaller...'A Time For Tenderness'.....Rye.bread

3 Best Minor Character Camille Leon from Mad Dogs and Tigers

3 Best Minor Character Fukashima- Separate Lives- Sentinel 103

3 Best Minor Character Joss Possible, Acting Out, by Sobriety

3 Best Minor Character Joss Possible, Joss' Ride by Star-Eva01 and cpneb

3 Best Minor Character Mim Possible, 1939 by Ja of jakt

3 Best Minor Character Moniquity (Monique) (RONMAN THE BARBARIAN) by Mr. Wizard

3 Best Minor Character Sensei in "And the World Stood Still" - Nutzkie

3 Best Minor Character Slim Possible in Ol' Bessy Rides Again by whitem

3 Best Minor Character Tara from Envy and Ambition by GreenWriterM

3 Best Minor Character The Supreme Empress - Waveform's "Reset"

3 Best Minor Character Yori from Not Your Usual Suspects

3 Best Minor Character Yori in 'Kunoichi' by Darev


4 Best Villian Camille Leon - Farewell to the Mat - daccu65

4 Best Villian DrAdrian Derout (The Things I Never Knew)

4 Best Villian Drakken in 'KPM: Drakken's Demise' by Mengsk

4 Best Villian Katerina Vozmozhniya, Kim's Russian cousin in Fly Me to the Moon- Mr.Dr.P

4 Best Villian Miss ANThropy: in the Human Element II

4 Best Villian Morgan Faye, from The Hyde Factor, by Shallow15

4 Best Villian Supreme Empress from Reset, Waveform.

4 Best Villian Tara from Envy and Ambition by GreenWriterM

4 Best Villian Warpaath, Team Possible in the 8th Dimension, Waveform

4 Best Villian Wayne Kingston, "School Days" by captainkodak1

4 Best Villian Zorpox From Not Your Usual Suspects


5 Best Songfic Alive by captainkodak1

5 Best Songfic Baby it's Cold Outside.....Spectre666

5 Best Songfic Kimmie's Guy by whitem


6 Best AU Story 1939 by JA of jakt

6 Best AU Story Fractured by The Real Sidekick

6 Best AU Story The Dark Knight' by Classic Cowboy


7 Best Crossover/Fusion BioniKim: Oblivion by Whitem

7 Best Crossover/Fusion Captain Possible and the Centurion Legacy- Junee Jakes

7 Best Crossover/Fusion Night Court by Captainkodak1


8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Duff Killigan/DNAmy 'Wrongsick' by PengyChan

8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Honeymoon Hijinks by spectre666

8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Joss Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller, Acting Out by Sobriety.

8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Kim Possible and Will Du : Stranger Things Have Happened by cpneb

8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Loving You Behind Closed Doors - Deyinel

8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Ron's Diner Desslock3

8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Rufus and Debutante, The Lord and Lady of Everlot by cpneb

8 Best Alternatative Pairing Story Shego/Monkeyfist - Farewell to the Mat - daccu65


9 Best KiGo Story Acting out, Sobriety

9 Best KiGo Story Maternal Instinct: Spotlight (Blackbird)

9 Best KiGo Story Most Wanted by Sobriety

9 Best KiGo Story One Way Or Another by SweetPixieSmile.

9 Best KiGo Story So the Trauma by King In Yellow


10 Best K/R Story - 22 Mins by jakt and Star-Eva01

10 Best K/R Story - Birth, and Rebirth 02: College Time Blues, cpneb

10 Best K/R Story - School Days - CaptainKodak1


11 Best Comedy - Chapter 1: How May I Direct… KP and the Four Plot Bunnies of the Apocalypse by kt of jakt

11 Best Comedy - Possible Pregnancies by Thomas Linquist

11 Best Comedy - When Alien Abductions go Wrongsick by Neo the Saiyan Angel

11 Best Comedy - Sacrificially Insufficient by noncynic


12 Best Romance 22 Mins by jakt and Star-Eva01

12 Best Romance A Lot Like Love by YVJ_

12 Best Romance Evil Divine by PoisonousAngel

12 Best Romance Fly Me To The Moon by MrDrP

12 Best Romance Kim Possible: The Adult Years

12 Best Romance Mad Dogs and Tigers by Sharper1988

12 Best Romance Reunion:Souless by Sir Sebastian

12 Best Romance Rockwaller: Rites of Passage, by Alice Shade

12 Best Romance School Days - CaptainKodak1


12 Best Romance Way to Old School- Mr. Wizard


13 Best Action/Adventure 1939 by ja of jakt

13 Best Action/Adventure Another Time, Another Place, Another Adventure by ja of jakt

13 Best Action/Adventure Fly Me to the Moon by MrDrP

13 Best Action/Adventure Joss' Ride by Star-Eva01 and cpneb


14 Best Drama 1939 by JA of jakt

14 Best Drama Fractured by The Real Sidekick

14 Best Drama ilyiw: Stranger Things Have Happened by cpneb

14 Best Drama Mad Dogs and Tigers by Sharper1988

14 Best Drama Not Your Usual Suspect by The Real Sidekick

14 Best Drama Older Brother by PengyChan

14 Best Drama Past and Present by Zaratan

14 Best Drama Rise of Rhodigan, by Nutzkie

14 Best Drama School Days by CaptainKodak1

14 Best Drama Summertime Blues - Nutzkie

14 Best Drama The Final Stand - PengyChan


14 Best Drama This Animal I have become- Armydude


15 Best One-Shot Overall 22 Mins by jakt and Star-Eva01

15 Best One-Shot Overall Kimmie's Diamond, cpneb

15 Best One-Shot Overall Wrong number by Captainkodak1


16 Best Novel-Sized Story A Friend in Darkness, Slyrr

16 Best Novel-Sized Story Mad Dogs and Tigers by Sharper1988

16 Best Novel-Sized Story SCHOOL DAYS by CAPTAINKODAK1


17 Best Short Story Family Chats - Charles Gray

17 Best Short Story Not So Evil - Whitem

17 Best Short Story The Lord and Lady of Everlot, cpneb


18 Best Series Overall All Things Probable - Slyrr

18 Best Series Overall Best Enemies Universe by King in Yellow

18 Best Series Overall Celler series by Rocinante

18 Best Series Overall Fast Track- Waveform

18 Best Series Overall Ronicus by Mr.Wizard

18 Best Series Overall School Days by CaptainKodak1

18 Best Series Overall To the Mat - daccu65


20 Best Writing Team jakt/Star_eva0

20 Best Writing Team Team Whitecap


21 Best Young Author Akinyi

21 Best Young Author Twila Starla



22 Best New Writer loveandwar007

22 Best New Writer Mahler Avatar

22 Best New Writer Medic48907**

22 Best New Writer Sentinel103

22 Best New Writer Sharper1988

22 Best New Writer XyKpfan


23 Best Story Overall 1939 by JA of jakt

23 Best Story Overall Africa, by CloudMonet

23 Best Story Overall Birth, and Rebirth 01: Will I, cpneb

23 Best Story Overall Day of Doom- FAH3

23 Best Story Overall Fractured by The Real Sidekick

23 Best Story Overall Kim Possible: The Adult Years - DeucesWild

23 Best Story Overall Mad Dogs and Tigers by Sharper1988

23 Best Story Overall Maslow' by Ninnik Nishukan

23 Best Story Overall School Days

23 Best Story Overall The Final Stand - PengyChan

23 Best Story Overall The Human Element book II

23 Best Story Overall Twin Flames in Darkness by Screaming Pheonix


24 Best Writer cpneb

24 Best Writer ja of jakt

24 Best Writer Slyrr


The polls will be closed at midnight on Saturday, November 20th. Anything sent after that won't count. This gives people who have already voted the last time to recover their ballots and resend them, or for new people to submit their votes. Questions, comments, or concerns, and of course, your ballots, can be sent to KimmunityFannies(at)

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/10/2010 #1


Thank you for finishing this.

I had talked to cpneb before he was taken to the hospital, a few days I think, and he told me that when all the votes had been counted there were a number of surprises.

Or at least suprises to him.

Hopefully you will out what he meant.

Thanks again,


11/6/2010 #2

I dug up the votes I'd sent in March. It should be noted that 'neb was doing things where you could vote for one thing in each category or split your vote between two things (where the amount of points each gained from the action was reduced) in a given category. We should retain the same system to get as near to the same results. :)

11/6/2010 #3

And sent.

11/6/2010 #4
Neo the Saiyan angel

Sent in my votes as well. Hoping this Fannie vote turns out well. If not, I can still resend again. XD

11/6/2010 #5

After discussing it with a few of the others involved in working on the Fannies, it was decided that the best course of action would be to allow only one vote per category. So there's no splitting votes for multiple candidates in the same category. We hope that those who planned on using that system won't be upset.

11/6/2010 #6

Sent in my votes, but just curious about something:

Why is there no "Category 19"?


11/7/2010 #7

Sent in Dad and my votes this morning. Wow. That brought back some memories. All good.

Feel free to use any of our comments if you want.


A.G. - Since there were only 23 categories on the original ballot I think it may be a numbering issue. giggle

11/9/2010 #8
Neo the Saiyan angel

Why is there no "Category 19"?

O___O You noticed?! -puts a bag on A.G.'s head and tosses him into a van which drives off to an undisclosed location-

...nothing to see here. -shoos away the crowd- Move along. He'll be back in an hour or so...e_e We need to see how much he knows...

11/9/2010 #9

Sent in my votes

*Sees what happened to A.G.* "...I didn't notice any category missing, it's all there."

11/9/2010 #10
Thomas Linquist

My ballot has been sent. I'm glad some talent has agreed to take this over, and that there is a proper email for the Fannies now.


11/9/2010 #11

So if you wish to vote for any or all of the categories listed below, submit your ballots to KimmunityFannies(at)

When is the cutoff date to send in a ballot? There are some categories where I've overlooked some of the entries that I would like to read up on instead of just leaving the category blank. With everything that's popping on the home front, I don't know how much catching up I'll actually be able to do, but I'd like to at least make the attempt--especially in a couple of key categories.

11/10/2010 #12

November 20th. I guess I should have put that at the top of the post rather at the bottom. I'll fix that.

11/10/2010 #13
Neo the Saiyan angel

Okay people, you see that list of stories up there? The list that shows all the stories you can vote for? PAY ATTENTION TO IT. There have been a few ballots that have put in votes for stories NOT ON THE LIST. If you vote for something not on the list, THE VOTE WILL NOT COUNT.

Please, pay attention to the story list when you vote for a story for the Fannies. IF IT'S NOT ON THE LIST, IT CANNOT WIN A FANNIE. There was a stage for nominating stories for the 2009 Fannies. That has passed. THESE VOTES ARE FOR WHO WILL WIN THE 2009 FANNIE AWARDS. Please save those on the Fannie committee some time and what little sanity they have by ensuring the stories you are voting for are actually on the list.

Thank you and have a pleasant day. :)

11/11/2010 #14

For the sake of accountability, can we know who actually gets to read that yahoo address? Clearly Neo and Pojko do. Anyone else involved?

11/11/2010 #15


11/15/2010 . Edited 11/16/2010 #16
Pharaoh Rutin Tutin

Anyone else involved?Pojko gave me the password to the account.

I have not used it, nor do I intend to use it unless a breakdown in communications compells me to go in, essentially as an outsider, to see what is happening.

We reached this point because only one person had access to all the votes, results, and notes regarding the Fannies. That led to one of the most distateful series of forum posts I can recall. KP fans debating the best way to approach Neb's family to get his Fanfic notes and Fannie records. I, and a few other observers, are here only to make sure that, if some other unfoseen event interferes with the awards, all the relavent info is not lost.

11/15/2010 #17
Pharaoh Rutin Tutin

"Acting Out" by Sobriety . . . technically isn't a KiGo story


1. The nomination round was over back in the spring. If objections to the inclusion of a specific story were to be made, it should have happened then.

2. No specific requriements for "Kigo Story" status were ever established or enforced other than that the author or readers identify it as a Kigo story.

3. Comments like that could be viewed as an attempt to skew the vote. There are KP Fanfic fans that absolutly HATE Kigo. By claiming that a nominated Kigo story isn't really a Kigo story, you may be trying to steer the Anti-Kigo vote towards that story.

11/15/2010 #18

PRT, that's why I wanted to know. Both to know there were multiple people involved and to know who those people were in case the one we're aware of is unreachable so we know who to talk to.

11/15/2010 #19

Sorry, was not aware of that. I also never payed attention to the Fannies back in the Spring, so I didn't know, or I would've pointed that error out back then.

EDIT:Edited my post out. Again, sorry. I saw something that looked off to me, and thought I'd bring it up.

11/16/2010 . Edited 11/16/2010 #20

Nanocyte... don't worry, you weren't a user here at the time as far as I can tell, and these are annual awards that due to various terrible incidents have been delayed... nearly a year and a half now? You couldn't have really known. In fact, the nominees here are all kind of old and they were running into the issue (mentioned earlier in this thread) about people now voting for more contemporary stories when we're trying to get these awards done before we do the more contemporary ones.

11/16/2010 #21
Jurnee Jakes

I have a vague idea of how Centurion Legacy did in the first rounds of voting, so I won't hold my breath. I will do my best to get my votes in though.

11/16/2010 #22

Just sent in my votes. I am glad we're deciding to continue with the awards.

11/17/2010 #23
Joe Stoppinghem

Sorry I didn't read the entire thread.

I sent my votes, I put the vote that was included on this present.

Below what was sent back in February that were not on the list, are in parentheses with (Originally voted ...)

Hopefully things will go smooth this time.

Good Luck to the entries.

11/17/2010 #24
Neo the Saiyan angel

Nearly hitting the 24 hour remaining mark. Anyone that still has votes to submit should submit them soon!


...I hate ties... ;_;

11/19/2010 #25
Sharper the Writer

After a LONG hiatus, I am finally updating "Chores Day"

Chapter 9 is now up!

11/19/2010 #26
Pharaoh Rutin Tutin

OK! I voted.

Now we wait for the accountants of Price-Watterhouse

11/19/2010 #27
Joe Stoppinghem

Or was that Henry J. Waternoose?

11/19/2010 #28
Neo the Saiyan angel

Saturday is the last day for votes! Numerous categories are neck-in-neck. One vote can really make the difference in who wins.


Seriously, ONE VOTE can make the difference in numerous categories.

11/20/2010 . Edited 11/20/2010 #29

Man... nothing like voting last minute...

It is done...

11/20/2010 #30
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