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KP Fannie Committee

Apologies all around! kgs-wy and neosaiyanangel have been on the job hunt, with one fruitful and the other nearing it. With one of them also doing school, it's been rough. Since we're struggling so much with it, we'll just try to write next year's plot this year and post the results now.

Congratulations to the winners!


1. Best Original Character Name

Qua-czar (Radiation Situation; Gomro Morskopp)

Sue Donem (At The Centerfold Of The Storm; SHADO Commander)


2. Best Original Character

Ralph Emerson (At The Centerfold Of The Storm; SHADO Commander)


3. Best Minor Character

Private Dobbs (Always Be Polite to a Lady; Slipgate)


4. Best Villain

Dr. Maestro (The Malevolent Dr. Maestro!; Mahler Avatar)


5. Best Songfic

KP: The Chain of Love (AmericanGecko)


6. Best AU Story

Kim Possible: The End (Molloy)


7. Best Crossover/Fusion

The Back Up Plan (SHADO Commander)


8. Best Alternate Pairing

Hego/Electronique (Amnesia; Iapsa)


9. Best Kigo Story

Most Wanted (Sobriety)

The Princess Diaries - The KIGO Edition (SHADO Commander)


10. Best K/R Story

Possible She Wants You Too, One Way to Ask Her (Slipgate)

Only a mother's love (sumer11)


11. Best Comedy

A Lot Like Love (yvj)


12. Best Romance

A Ronmantic Proposal (Pinky Jo Curlytail)


13. Best Action/Adventure

At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)


14. Best Drama

At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)


15. Best Wrongsick Story

So Not A KIGO Story (SHADO Commander)


16. Best One-Shot Overall

Gift (DoofusPrime)


17. Best Novel-Sized Story

At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)


18. Best Short Story

The Princess and the Dragon (purplegirl761)


19. Best Series Overall

The Hitchhiker Series (TempestDash)

Losses (Slipgate)


20. Best Young Author



21. Best New Author



22. Best Story Overall

At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)


23. Best Writer:

SHADO Commander

6/12/2012 #1

Well, it's not the long-winded victory speeches I might otherwise give (and many people rejoiced) but it's pretty cool to see that I won for Best Minor Character and was one of two winners each for Best K/R Story and Best Series.

Thank you to all the people who voted for me, and thank you as well to all my readers (whether they voted me in on those awards or not), and all my friends and family who've helped, inspired, or encouraged me.

In celebration, I leave you with the image of Private Dobbs singing 'Kiss the Girl' - at a karaoke place that Ron and Bonnie stumbled upon for a date, not knowing the horror that they would experience. 'What'n tarnation!' I hear your minds scream.

6/12/2012 #2
Oh, God, that's so amazing!!! Thanks for all of you who read and reviewed my stories, and also and specially for those who voted on me on this Fannie Awards!!! You're the best, I'd be nothing without you! Mainly now, when I'm going through a lot of personal problems, that's why I almost don't have time to write anymore... I can say you save me everytime you read my stories or talk to me on messages or reviews! I love so much all you guys, I really wanted to br able to thank you personally! But, as I can't, I'm doing this now. Thank you, I love you!!! Iapsa
6/13/2012 #3

Congratulations to all the winners!

It's awesome how we have a bunch of writers winning that haven't before!

6/15/2012 #4

Oh, neat! I actually voted for some of these guys this year.

Makes a nice change.

6/18/2012 #5

I'm so happy to finally get a win, even if it's a shared honor with Slipgate! Six years and many nominations later, I finally get to see my name up there. It's a good year.

6/23/2012 #6
SHADO Commander

First, congratulations to all the other winners and I apologize that it's taken me so long to post here. I could say that I've almost literally been buried between a pile of deadlines, traveling and other commitments... and I have... but the truth is that on every occasion I've had to sit down and write here, I've just been at a loss for words. And that's something that doesn't happen very often.

To be honest, when I got the initial letter late in evening on March 31st, my first thought was that it was an April Fool's prank. As it is, having finally seen it made "official" here in the forum doesn't change the surreality of it. To say I'm flabbergasted and deeply honored is an understatement... and the only way I can really even begin to thank those who voted for me enough is to bear down and get the three continuing stories that won awards back on the fast track. Expect new chapters of both ATCOTS and Princess Diaries next weekend and the next Backup Plan shortly thereafter, and I'll be alternating those three stories until ATCOTS wraps with chapter 67.

Again, thanks to all, especially the Committee, the other winners and every writer who puts their finger to the keyboard to help keeping KP's legacy alive. There are a lot of fan communities out there, but the Kimmunity is really something special, and you guys make proud as hell to be a part of it.

6/24/2012 #7

5. Best Songfic - KP: The Chain of Love (AmericanGecko)

Two years, two awards...

Guess I'm not as much of a hack at this as I thought. : )

But seriously, thanks for this. To be honest, I never expected to get this one. After all, my concept was simple, and the song and Kim's personality did most of the work. Not to mention that a lot of the other entries were better IMHO. But still, I'll take it if you guys truly think I deserve it.

*bows humbly*

Also, I wish to extend my congratulations to the other winners as well, and a heartfelt thanks to the "Kim Possible fan community" as a whole. Without our support, KP could go the way of so many before her, and I'm proud to call myself a member of this fantastic and enjoyable Kimmunity.


6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #8
Earl Allison

Congrats to all the winners, to everyone who was nominated, and really, to all of you who write or read stories.

Thank you all!

6/26/2012 #9
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