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What is your favorite episode or a scene from one episode? My personal favorite is the one where Dana and Cody get stuck in Cody's magic box... :)
7/8/2007 #1

My favorite episode was when Dana had to be Rich's tutor for college. My favorite scene was when they started getting mad and insulting each other, then they kiss. :)

Dana: You make me sick!

Rich: You make me sicker!

Dana: I HATE you!

Rich: Are you as hot as I am?

Dana: Hotter.

Then they kissed. That was great. :)

5/15/2008 #2

I liked the one where they were getting jealous over each-other from that science project thing. I always thought that scene where Dana lost the bet and had to be a cheerleader would've been better to have been extended... Karen giving her advice to "work it" and her doing it a little cause Rich would be jealous... oooh, fic idea!

10/5/2010 #3

Also loved the western one.

10/5/2010 #4


And, just wrote it! It's a oneshot, called "Working It"

10/5/2010 #5

Love the "Home Alone" episode where Dana got in charged of their house with the rule guests allowed but still they broke the rule and held a party in there haha! Some people said that it's more likely Brady Brunch but I totally disagree because this show has its own uniqueness. I love the flow of the story especially the relationship between Frank and Carol, it's like a rollercoaster ride but still they're trying to work everything out, step by step! For me the most talented actress here is Stacy who played Dana, she's really great and I can see her dedication to acting because each of her scenes are like somewhat she's embracing her character. I love to watch this show again and saw this being sold at DVD_Collection/ . Great DVD set which arrived in good condition, nice packaging and audio/video quality. DVDs played very well in our DVD player and it has all the complete episodes. The quality is absolutely outstanding! This is definitely a great gift for myself as I've been waiting for this show on DVD for so many years!! Step by Step deserves a score of Grade A.

8/17/2013 #6
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