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After many email conversations with my friend Niah1988 about music and how it influences our writing, I started to wonder what would happen if writers all listened to the same song and each wrote a story based on the emotions/feelings that the song created for them. I wondered if a lot of similar stories would be written or if there would be a variety of scenarios, all completely different from each other. And so the NJC (Niah1988 Jemb Challenge) was born. Each month Niah1988 and myself will select a song and post it here on this forum. We will do our best to make sure it is a song that can be listened to for free i.e. the sample on itunes. All you have to do to enter is write a story using the song we select for inspiration. You can use any characters, pairings or situations you chose - there are no limitations. We do also ask that you give us a few words about why you wrote what you did so we can understand your thinking and how you interpreted the song. The idea is to see how music influences people in different ways and also to inspire people to write something they perhaps wouldn't do otherwise. The July challenge is based on the song Rain by Jon Heintz. This song can be downloaded for free from myspace by searching for the artist. I know I can speak for Niah1988 when I say that we would love for more entries to be submitted this month. You have until the 30th July to write and post something. Go on, give it a go!
7/5/2007 #1
Just to be clear, the purpose of this challenge is letting music inspire authors. We're aiming for stories based on feelings the song evoked, or based on part of the lyrics. I hope you all caught that last bit: PART of the lyrics. That means it's alright to put the line that inspired you at the beginning or at the end of the story, but not somewhere in between. To put it differently: no song fics please! We're trying to move past stories filled with lyrics and towards well-written one-shots. Right, ramble over...For now. lol
7/6/2007 #2
I love it that you started this "new challenge" ... I'm not a fan of song-fics, but I love what a song evokes and makes you feel. You're writing about that, right? It's just a great new challenge ... and the name "NJC" is very fitting - now, you two have a challenge named after you! :-) This is something big, it's like becoming immortal around here. Hopefully, loads of other authors feel about music the way you two do and this challenge will become as popular as the CBPC! I'll surely read it, because I feel about songs the way you two do (which is why I loved both of your first entries so much). Kat
7/7/2007 #3

Hey! This sounds like fun! Got a new for November yet??

10/30/2008 #4
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