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(*Walks back in* Wow, can't really believe its been a week plus already...I'm a horrible RP buddy aren't I? Sorry about the prolonged absence, phone got cut off for a little bit then life picked up. Had to rep for the fam at my cousins game and then spend sometime with my nephew. Hope you weren't bored or anything without me. BTW thanks for the tip, I'm such a huge dumbass for not thinking of that. Like colossal, smh.)

Everyone, well just about everyone, a still fuming Dio and grumbling Kyousuke excluded, were stunned by the quick turn of events.

First they find Fiacre tearing up the kitchen, then it starts spazzing out, and the he vomits acid! Acid of all things, all over the floors...

Kevin mentally groaned knowing that he'd probably end up having to fix the floors.

"Dio, Kyousuke? Are you both alright?" Sandra asked, a bit of shock still present in her voice from the scuffle and subsequent fleeing legend.

A small growl from Dio and a mumbled "I'm fine..." Was the response she received.

"Ugh, yeah, I'm not. Would you happen to have any bandages? Got clawed pretty good." Kyousuke stated from his position next to his husband.

"Oh, yes, Kevin could you go get the kit from under the bathroom sink?"


A few minutes later the teen was back and his mother was tending to Kyousuke, whilst Prada and Gucci were talking to a somewhat calmer Dio. A sort of debriefing was going on, with the siblings inquiring about what happened to make the adult snap and being regaled with the tale of the goose chase that their parents had gone through earlier that night. With the complete story, it was was to see why Dio did what he did.

9/18/2016 #571

(Lololol. It's totally fine! Life catches up to bite you in the bite now and then. Omnomnom. Sounds busy! Lol. I hope you're still at least resting and eating well despite all that. Lord knows I'm not. My sleeping schedule is completely fucked lmfao ;v; Get the rest that I can't! Avenge meeeee! XD)

It had been a long and annoying night. An annoying night that apparently wasn't over, if the tug on his pants said anything. Dio looked down, only to spot Hubert. What the tortoise was doing here was anyone's guess, as he thought they had left the reptile back at the cave. Unless they did, and he just magically reappeared or something. Who knows? He wasn't sure what a chaotic neutral creature's pet could do. But apparently the animal had another letter. When it had been written and why were also questions that came to mind. But if it had to deal with Fiacre, which it probably did, then he wasn't sure if he wanted to read it.

Unfortunately, Kyousuke picked it up, so it appeared Dio had no choice on the matter. Whatever. Fuck life he guessed.

"Dear demon and hunter family,

Again my apologies for the mess and chaos I've caused. It was very rude of me. I should've taken my medicine much earlier instead of dilly dallying. However, if it could make it up to you you're very much welcome to join me for dinner tomorrow! See you (hopefully) then!

Sincerely yours,


Gucci's eyes narrowed, face looking tired, done with the world, and very much annoyed at being woken up.

"What ths fuck? When did he have time to write that? Didn't he just leave?"

"Language Kuro!"

"Sorry, what the fudge"

9/23/2016 #572

(And I did it again, sorry. I've been working on applications for colleges and it's been draining me like really bad. Hope you've been doing fine.)

"Well, what do you think we should do?" The angel asked tiredly.

The response on Dio's lips was something akin to telling Fiacre to shove it, but who knows where that would leave them with the unstable creature. Most likely not in a good place. Before anyone could throw out a suggestion, Xandra spoke.

"Lets just sleep on it, ok? It's pretty late, and I'm certainly sure that everyone is in need of sleep."

A large murmur of agreement arose from everyone else in the room, each heading off to their own designated sleeping areas with no argument. It would seem that all were eager to get back to bed and get some shut eye after all this commotion.

(Timeskip, the next day)

As Kevin's father walked downstairs sleepily, he failed to note the stench emanating from the acid splashed kitchen floor and continued right on his merry way into the kitchen to get something to eat. He was so tired he failed to see the state of disarray the kitchen was in. Well, at least until he tripped over a stray melted pot and dropped his cereal.

"What in the hell?!"

10/3/2016 #573

(I've been gone a while, too! So don't worry about it! What I'm more worried about is..*plays Hotline Bling in the background* Election got me fucked up! We all gon die 'cause fucking Trump)

The sound startled the sleeping siblings awake, who peaked into the kitchen from their place on one of the living room couches. Gucci still seemed half asleep, but once he realized the man had fallen he offered a small snort.

"Oh shit should we have cleaned that stuff up last night?"

Prada hushed him, hiding his snickers behind his arm.

"Lmfaaaao...nah, my dude. He fine"


Dio slapped them both on their heads, huffing tiredly before joining the man in the kitchen. He examined the mess Fiacre made, heaving a sigh. We probably should've tidied up before going to bed. Though I'm surprised this guy was the only one who didn't wake up from the noise. He held his hand out for the other to take, though his gaze seemed more focused on the newly spilt cereal. The mess was obviously bothering him.

God...a waste of money and food. At least milk isn't as sticky as juice..

"You okay? Sorry, we should've fixed the kitchen but everyone was pretty ready to fall out"

11/9/2016 #574

(Glad you're back Frosty! And yeah, the Trump thing gots me pretty bummed out too. It really makes you question the minds of some people. So what's up?)

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine..." He said shooing off Dio's concern in a somewhat annoyed tone.

He knew it wasn't really the incubus's fault, but talk about the wrong way to start a day.

"Do I even want to know what happened here though?"

The red haired man sighed before launching into a summarized version of the earlier events. Basically everything after Dio and Kyousuke went through the portal, the accompanying goose chase, and the scene they walked into when they got back.

"Again, I'm sorry we never got around to cleaning up this mess. It was too late and we all figured we could do it today."

The hunter waved it off, all things considered this could've been much worse. He was just glad that no one got seriously injured when dealing with Fiacre.

"...It's cool I guess, its not like its your fault. So what do you think we should do about that invitation? I mean if it was anyone else, I'd say fuck 'em but it just so happens to be freaking Fiacre."

11/11/2016 #575

(Eh, same old, same old. Finally been getting back into the writing routine! So that's good! Which is weird...I always seem to get a craving for writing during Fall and Winter. And after that it's just, "LOL I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN A YEAR" *cries*. But yeah I've been good. How about you? I hope college applications aren't stressing you out too badly ono)

"Which reminds me..I don't know if I've asked you about it before, but how do you two know each other anyway?"

The demon got to work on cleaning as he spoke, picking up a fallen pot and placing it back in it's proper place. It was more second nature than anything. He could never really stand messes. They made the room feel crowded, and kind of just made him feel trapped in unpleasantness. The only solution was to get rid of the offending dirt, so why not get a head start on it? As you can imagine, the habit was both a blessing and a curse. While it meant his surroundings were usually spick and span, if one thing was out of place it kind of drove him crazy. Sometimes he wished he had Kyousuke's carefree nature. Maybe then he wouldn't be so bothered by these things.

"He said last time that his debt with you was repaid, but he never really went into specifics. Did you save him or something?"

He could imagine owing the other a favor had to be just as frustrating for Fiacre as a messy home was for Dio.

"It's weird that his debt lasted so long. With how irritated he was, he seemed like he'd been waiting forever to get even with you"

It must've been a big favor. A life for a life, most likely.

11/11/2016 #576

(Man, my grades are straight ass, and my apps are like 50% done. But personally I'm alright. I've been pretty good lately. I totally get where you're coming from about the whole writing thing. I got a fic that I've been trying to work on and update for like the past six months, but everytime I sit down and try to make some progress I just can't come up with anything. I either get too picky about what I have and like delete it or I simply can't write.)

"Yeah, it was a while back. When me and Xandra were just becoming established as a duo in the hunting biz. We had accepted a high risk contract from some vampire noble that had recently discovered the whereabouts of a powerful family heirloom."

Eddy paused to scratch the stubble on his face, trying to remember a few of the particulars about the item.

"It was said to enhance a vampires strength at least a hundred fold as well as signify who was a member of Dracula's famed inner circle. Well, apparently it had been lost to some rogue vamps that had succumbed to the thirst and never seen again until recently."

(Cue flashback. somewhere deep in the infamous Transylvanian wilds.)

Edward and Xandra were trekking through the eerie forest, each strapped to the teeth in high grade anti-bloodsucker weaponry. Stakes made of pure blessed silver, new top of the line UV fusion grenades mixed with acid and holy water, and a variety of weaponry specially made for the occasion. The most notable being curved blades that acted as boomerangs.

This wasn't their first vamp hunt, and they made sure to come prepared for any circumstance so that it wouldn't be their last.

They had continued on until suddenly Xandra came to an abrupt halt. Before Edward even had the chance to open his mouth, his partner pointed put the tracks she'd spotted on the ground and on the trees. It would seem that they'd found their way to the base, now all they had to do was get there and start the extermination process. It took an hour and the couple only had minutes of sun light left when they finally came across what appeared to be a well camouflaged hole into the side of a medium sized ravine.

Both knew they couldn't wait till morning as the odds of making it through the night so deep in hostile territory was most definitely not in their favor. Instead each hunter readied themselves and proceeded onwards into the nest. Senses alert, and hands ready, they made their way deeper and deeper into the rather large and maze like system of tunnels. Occasionally they'd come across a single or small group of bloodsuckers, and they'd then proceeded to dispatch them with the utmost haste. After a few backtracks and lucky guesses the pair came to a large cavern that split into two paths forward.

However, before they could decide on either route, they were ambushed by a large force of low level vampires. The number was so high that in the fray the two got separated and pushed back into different areas. Xandra was able to handle her own, taking down a vamp or two every other strike. Eddy on the other hand wasn't fairing as well, having to attack the same foe multiple times before they died. But as the enemy realized what a threat Xandra was, they shifted tactics and began to throw more and more of their seemingly endless number at Edward.

Not really able to cope with the increased pressure, the young man detonated a grenade, avoiding the harmful effects by diving away and scrambling for cover. Luckily he wasn't hit, and his little stunt managed to buy him the space he needed to retreat, albeit deeper into the tunnel. Knowing that he could use the narrowness as a funnel that would limit the number he had to fight at once to one. This change in tactics proved to be devastatingly effective, in no time at all he had managed to kill those that had followed him.

Making his way back to the cavern, he found that Xandra wasn't there and upon further investigation found signs of a clear struggle between his ally and some enemy that was far larger than normal. Wasting no time, Eddy began following the trial and hoped that she was alright. He followed the tunnel to its end where it opened up into a long room of sorts, by the looks of it, the room was some sort of prison. The hunter checked each and every cell hoping that his friend was there but was sorely disappointed when his efforts yielded nothing.

(Cut flashback)

"I was worried out my mind. Vampires aren't really known for their restraint when it comes to killing foes. And rogue vamps are absolutely ruthless." Eddy sighed remembering how distraught he was at the time.

"At the time, part of me just wanted to cut my losses and go. I was thinking something along the lines of 'there is no way they haven't killed her yet, or worse started the process of either turning her or making her a thrall'. But, I realized at that moment that abandoning her to whatever fate she'd have had at the time wasn't the right thing to do, especially to someone that's had my back since basically day one."

"So instead I made the decision to go and get her..."

(Cut back to the flashback inside the rogue vampire den)

After the area with the cells was inspected thoroughly, Eddy began to search for another way forward. He was rewarded with another passageway that seemed off from the others. Upon further consideration and inspection, he realized that it was due to how well kept this tunnel was and how a low chanting could be heard in the distance. Doubtful that this could mean anything good, he hurried down the rest of the tunnel.

The sight that greeted him was not comforting in the least.

Around sixty of the low level vampires were all chanting and swaying around in a semi circle around a wall the two chained beings. One was obviously Xandra, and it showed in her appearance that she was not captured without a fight. Even from a distance the damage was visible. At steady line of blood flowed from her brow and the corner of her mouth, her right eye was swelled almost shut, and deep lacerations marked her arms and chest.

The other person chained some distance away from her, was tall and lanky and oh so very disturbing. Their hair was just inches shy of floor length and was matted with grime, gore, and viscera. From his vantage point, Edward could see the signs of torture and abuse on the barely clothed prisoner. Various areas contained burns, open wounds, and lash marks. Plus it would seem as if there stomach was cut open in a parody of an actual mouth.

Whoever or whatever this was did definitely not deserve that.

With no time to lose, Edward began formulating a plan with a decent chance at success.

First he'd throw a few of his grenades in an effort to clear a path through the crowd. Immediately after he'd have to use a variety of his other ranged weaponry. Stakes, knives, and the specially designed boomerangs would be used because he'd need to keep moving. Now once up there, he'd have to raise a barrier so that he could free the two. All in all it seemed pretty gung ho but what other choice did he really have? He needed to save them.

(Cut flashback)

"So yeah, once I had the idea, I just went with it. It slightly worked but by the time I made it to where my wife and Fiacre were being held, the leader had shown up."

(Cut back to flashback)

Eddy had just finished throwing up the barrier between himself and the remaining leeches. However, not before the head vampire managed to make it through.

He was slightly larger than a normal vamp, and his eyes were a deep and haunting ruby red. He wasted no time in charging the hunter, and with his enhanced speed caught Eddy before he could even think about dodging. Knowing that in close quarters he was done for, Edward began flinging stakes and other ranged weapons, muttering a quick incantation to boost the his own speed. This managed to keep the highly dangerous foe away, but the human knew it wouldn't last long. Thinking quickly, he launched another volley before rapidly turning around and launching a few at the captives bonds, successfully releasing them.

Xandra stood unsteadily on her feet but readied herself for a fight. Meanwhile the unknown being slowly dragged themselves up to their full height and turned their three eyed glare to the powerful vampire. Before either of the hunters could react, the unknown being launched themselves at the rogue and proceeded to dismantle and dismember him. In seconds, the freed person was devouring the vampire, only stopping to spit the ring out.

Eddy quickly collected it and looked at the sea of waiting bloodsuckers, all of which happened to be watching in a mix of horror and contempt. But mostly contempt.

The creature that had just devoured the rogue leader turned and snarled the the remaining enemies and broke through the barrier with a lunge.

Words cannot describe what happened to the corrupted vampires, and would never do so.

(Cut flashback)

"So basically I freed Fiacre from a existence of torture and in the aftermath helped nurse him and Xandra back to full health. For all my hardwork I got the one favor out of him."

11/11/2016 #577

(I'm glad the process seems to be going well! It's not good to stress over that, even though it's hard not to since it's so pressuring. Also same. I can't write if I'm not in the mood to write. Same goes for drawing. Like, if I'm not feeling it I can't do it. If I force myself it feels like a chore, and it'll come out as shit, so I'd rather not. I don't want to share something with someone unless I feel it's acceptable to share OnO)

By the time Edward had finished his story, Dio seemed just about done with cleaning the kitchen. He put the final stray utensil back in place, before turning back to the other. That was quite a story. Eddy seemed to have been on quite a lot of dangerous missions, and was probably still doing so. Honestly, Dio was surprised he wasn't dead yet. Well...that just meant the man was a strong and experienced hunter. Shit...He could probably kill Dio in a second if he wanted to.

With that thought in mind, the incubus made a mental note to never get on the other's bad side.

"Amazing...I wonder how Fiacre got himself into a situation like that...You'd think he'd be able to kill them all before they even got a chance to touch him. Then again, that just means he does have weaknesses like everyone else. It's weird...knowing that he's killable is somehow relieving.." He said with a small chuckle.

" that we're on the subject, begs the question if we really want to have dinner with someone who's obviously mentally insane.."

He really didn't want to. After that whole fiasco last night, all he wanted to do was head back to the castle and rest for a million years. You know, take that nice long depression nap. But, he couldn't shake the thought of there being consequences if they didn't go. He really didn't want Fiacre constantly bugging them and asking why they didn't come.

"If going means he'll leave us alone for the rest of our unnatural lives, then I'm all for it"

Unfortunately, it seemed like their choice was decided.

*timeskip :p*

The day had progressed slowly but surely. Prada's leg seemed to be much better, and by the time of their departure, he seemed willing to walk on his own. The group regrettably made their way back to the Underworld, Dio complaining most of the way. It took him a bit of time, but eventually he was able to find Fiacre's humble abode again. The incubus stared at the color coded doors with a growng sense of dread.

Come on. Get through this and you'll have once less idiot to deal with.

Not the best motivation, sure, but inspirational enough to get him to knock on the door. It took less time than Dio would've liked for the black entrance to open, the familiar figure of Fiacre poking his head out. Almost immediately his expression brightened, grin widening and eyes filling with glee.

"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise! I must admit, I didn't expect you all to actually come! Well now, don't just stand there. Wipe your feet and head on in"

They moved out of the way so the others could make their way through. Fiacre would've followed them in, if a nearby bird hadn't caught his eye. A singular Magpie, staring at him with a blank gaze. The mythical creature seemed to freeze, assessing the bird with...fear? Eventually, however, he snapped back to his usual cheerful demeanor. The devil saluted the animal, before pretending to tip an imaginary hat.

"Good morning Mr. Magpie! How is your lady wife today?"

The bird gave no response, and they didn't bother to continue the conversation, instead fleeing inside with newfound vigor.

Back inside, the cave was much more brightly lit than before. Now that it was possible to actually see, it actually wasn't so bad. The place looked pretty lived in. Decorated with couches, shelves, and other furniture. Most of the place was decorated with all sorts of knick knacks. Tiny toy soldiers, wooden crafts, cuckoo clocks. It seemed Fiacre was fond of collecting things. The being moved towards the fireplace, feeding the flame bits of wood before turning to the snow globes on top of it. Some of them functioned as music boxes as well, and he happily twisted one up so it's soothing tune could entertain him for the night.

"Make yourselves at home. Feel free to mess with some of my little crafts. Just treat them tenderly. Also, please be wary of the framed photos. They're very important to me, and I'd be upset if they got ruined during our little get together"

Fiacre pointed to the photos in question. Framed pictures...or rather, drawings. The sketches were done in crayons, and the style made it look as if a child had drawn them. Some were of dogs, others of homes, and some of birds or other random things. Most were of people. A man who donned the colors of both Yin and Yang, most of the time huched over. A woman in pink, whose lower body limbs looked rather unatural and spider-like. More than anything a male in black, who seemed spikier than most. Fiacre's favorites seemed to be when all three were together, accompanied by a little girl in white. After all, those frames were hung the highest.

"My siblings should be joining us soon! Until then, take a seat!" Fiacre exclaimed happily.

11/13/2016 #578

(I know I'm really late but fuck it, I'm going to go for it...hash tag: #thelifeofawriter. So on another note, how's the anime scene? I keep getting emails from funimation about all these new animes they're going to start airing. Some seem interesting, some not so much. As my official unofficial expert on anime, could you recommend something?)

Dio's frown grew deeper and no one could really blame him. Fiacre himself was a lot to handle, if his siblings were anything like him at all, there was no telling how bad this could turn out.

"Oh, what a pleasant surprise." Xandra said politely, she herself was a little curious as to what the others would act like.

Fiacre chuckled, as if the huntress had made a joke, as he walked off to tend to the dinner that was almost ready. His response didn't help to dissolve anyone's tension about the impending arrival of strangers. Rather, it helped it grow a little, raising a few hackles, both figurative and literal.

"Wow, whoulda thought that Fiacre lived in such a cozy place like this?" Kevin remarked, putting extra emphasis on 'cozy'.

"I mean, I for one was not expecting the place to look anything like this, ya know?"

The human teen leaned over to inspect one of the various little knick knacks on the nearby wall. A miniature town statue, based on a fantasy world. Think 'Nightmare Before Christmas' but more hellish in appearance. It was a neat little trinket in his opinion, highly detailed and quirky.

For the next ten minutes, Kevin rambled on and on about the decor and whatever entered his mind. A clear sign of nervousness despite the casual and jovial tone.

It was just after his most recent diatribe about the quaint little fireplace and how it helped with the general 'homey' atmosphere, that Fiacre told them to take there seats at the table.

"Ok all, dinner is ready to be served, please take a seat wherever you'd like."

With a clawed hand, the genderless being gestured towards the large dinner table. The thing could easily seat twelve on each side, comfortably one might add. The only thing odd about the piece of furniture was that the chairs that accompanied it were all of different makes and styles. The variation between one chair to the next was quite noticeable. For instance at the head of the table you had a large and gaudy looking 'throne', at the opposite end a very simple wood chair, Amish in its make. You had a small variety of bar stools, both those with backs and no backs, in a rainbow of colors. Some happened to be wooden, others metal, and a few were a fusion of the two.

It was very strange to say the least, and left the impression that Fiacre had decorated his home via salvaged and repaired junk.

Oh how right they were to think that.

11/15/2016 #579

(Hmmm...let's see. Well recently I've been watching Nanbaka, a gag comedy anime about a bunch of colorful jail breakers in prison. Then there's Bungou Stray Dogs, a supernatural anime with dudes who fight crime with cool powers. The second season recently came out, so I've been watching that. Then there's Haikyuu! The third season of that beautiful volleyball anime came out, so I'm screaming about that. Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan comes out every weekday since the episodes are like four minutes long. But it's funny, and about a dude with like every single psychic power trying to get through high school. There's Days! The awesome, funny soccer anime! And Kiss Him, Not Me, a funny romance about a fujoshi!





"Take a seat, take a seat!"

Fiacre gestured towards the chairs, grinning widely as he watched them stare at the setup. Was everyone amazed by the decor? Well good! They worked hard to find enough chairs for everyone! They were quite pleased with the result. Every chair was so unique and colorful! It was so fun! A much better change then regular homes! When Fiacre watched the magic static box, human homes always looked so boring. Everything always matches and followed the same color scheme. How unbelievably dull! Furniture like their own was way less boring!

"I'll go fetch everything so just wait a second or two!"

With that said they headed off to the kitchen. They didn't take long though, as moments later they were returning with something much larger following behind them. Or rather, someone.

"Heavens...I'm glad I bumped into you! We need as many hands as we can get to carry such a substantial load! And you have four! Hehehe~!"

Behind the pale creature was none other than Lucy. The humongous spider woman was helping her older brother carry the food to the table, a different plate in each of her hands. She placed the items down on the table, offering a small hum before turning back to Fiacre. At the sight of the new monstrous being, Prada offered a small squeak. What the fuck was with all these creepy people?! This lady had teeth for eyes, and and eye in her mouth! Which was SOWN CLOSED MIGHT HE ADD.

God, and he thought Fiacre was bad!

As if on cue, the older spoke, gesturing to the woman before them happily.

"Oh, right! Everyone! This is my little sister, Lucy. Lucy, these are the people we'll be dining with this evening. So mind your manners, and say hello!"

Lucy gave them all a nod of acknowledgement, waving feverishly with all her limbs. She seemed quite excited over the fact that they had guests, if her tapping spider legs were anything to go by. However, eventually she seemed to realize that she had come in here not to greet people, but to deliver a message. Turning back to her brother, she attempted to get the older's attention. Unfortunately, her efforts seemed to be for naught, as Fiacre just kept talking.

"Isn't she just the cutest?! Such a petite little thing, isn't she? With such beautiful eyes!"

There were several things wrong with that sentence, but we'll go over that another time. The other continued to ramble, Lucy trying to get his attention all the while. Eventually she seemed to get fed up with his chatter, tugging at his robe rather harshly.

"Ow! Lucy! What was that for?!"

The female heaved a sigh through her nose, before attempting to relay her message. She covered her eyes with one pair of arms, the other pair held over her ears. Then she made an "X" with her hands, while the other two gestured toward the table. While the actions may have been strange to the others, luckily Fiacre seemed to get the idea.

"June and Gracie don't want to join us? Well...I suppose it's understandable. Gracie isn't very fond of males, and June is quite the antisocial little bugger. However, we finally have guests after all these years! It'd be dreadfully rude to not show up to our own dinner! So bring them both here immediately, or I'll get rather cross, I will!"

Lucy swallowed a bit nervously, before nodding in understanding. She patted off rather quickly, letting Fiacre set the table while they waited. By the time he finished putting tonight's meal in an arrangement that pleased him (A smiley face), she had returned with two smaller beings clinging to her hands. On her left was an adult male, dressed head to toe in white. His asylum-like attire was rather off putting, and he cowered behind Lucy immediately when he felt the presence of more people then he was used to. His blach nails dug into one of his sister's legs, crouched down and whimpering to himself.

"..Hcum oot. Hcum oot. Hcum oot.."

In an attempt to comfort the smaller, Lucy grabbed the other's hand again, giving it a reassuring squeeze. It seemed to help, as while he still seemed ready to hyperventilate, he at least stopped talking to himself. As for the one on Lucy's right, that side was occupied by Gracie. The tiny girl left her sister's side in favor of hiding behind Fiacre, her black, static-like eyes glaring daggers at the occupants of the table. Specifically the men.

"Why are they here?" She spoke, voice an amalgamation of many others that weren't her own.

Fiacre simply patted her head, his sharp toothed grin still in place.

"My dear, just because we eat everything but our own, doesn't mean we can't broaden our horizen to new cultures and people. They won't hurt you. If I thought they had such ill intent, I would've swallowed them at the door"


Gracie obviously didn't seem happy with the arrangement, but was at least convinced by his argument. She trusted her brother enough to protect them. He would never allow harm to come their way. So...even if these people did end up to be bad, she had faith that he'd eat them in an instant.

"Now then! Everyone, this is Gracie, and that's June! Ah, the whole family's here. Isn't that just wonderful~" Fiacre cooed, sniffling as he playfully wiped away imaginary tears.

11/18/2016 . Edited 11/18/2016 #580

(Those animes you recommended I check out were pretty good. Nanbaka was funny, and Bunguo Stray Dogs was interesting as all hell. Those were like my two faves out of the list. Anyways, sorry bout the week long absence, hope you weren't too bored or any thing. Also hope your Thanksgiving was good. Mine definitely was! Got to hang out with the fam, watch some good football games, eat great food, and even got a ton of free stuff for my hyped right now.)

One by one the visiting party greeted and introduced themselves, the Graves family went first followed up by the Shiteru family. Lucy was quite eager to meet everyone the spider woman shook hands, 'smiled', and hummed in a friendly manner as she met each new person. The adults had seen 'creepier' creatures, so they weren't as off put as Prada and Kevin were. Gucci on the other hand was as polite and cordial as usual, giving nothing away with his monotone.

The others weren't as so apt to come forth and say hello. Having to be strong armed into it by a combination of Lucy and Fiacre.


June was the first to crumble and softly mumbled his greeting, immediately retreating behind Lucy once done. Meanwhile Gracie just rolled her static filled orbs and proceeded to curtly introduce herself. She only shook Xandra's hand and her features remained in a glare the entire time. With the pleasantries exchanged, all took their seats at the table.

11/25/2016 #581

(Wow this reply took a literal year and I'm sorry. But heeeey...I drew Lucy! *laughs nervously*


How was your Christmas/ New Year?)

Fiacre seemed completely oblivious to the tense atmosphere, instead holding their hands up in a small cheer.

"Well then, let's eat~!"

The siblings sat themselves down, Lucy instead flopping down on a comfy mat Fiacre had provided for her. After all, it was hard to find gigantic chairs for eight foot tall spider women. The room stayed quiet, people instead focusing on the food in front of them. Gracie ate with sounds of static for each bite, while Fiacre chatted on and on about anything that popped up in their brain. If they wouldn't talk, then the being was more than happy to fill the silence. Lucy stared at the plate in front of her quietly, the subtle sound of ripping flesh catching the attention of the people sitting near her. Rather abruptly, her mouth unhinged from it's sown state, tearing open to reveal sharp teeth and a plump eyeball. Her mouth oozed black onto the table below her, but she didn't seem bothered by it, instead chowing down graciously on the meal provided.

The sight earned a gagging noise from Prada, who pushed away his own plate with a covered mouth. Suddenly he wasn't so hungry anymore. Even Dio had to avoid the sight, less he lose his own appetite. As for June, the creature fiddled with the tablecloth nervously. He didn't seem very willing to eat. At least, not in front of all these people. Eventually though, his brother took notice.

"June, children who don't eat, don't get dessert"

That seemed to get his attention, and with noticeable hesitance, he reached out, the mouth on his hand opening to nibble at the food in front of him. Fiacre seemed pleased enough with the display, going back to chattering their stories.

"What about you all? Have any interesting tales to tell?"

1/15/2017 #582

(Sorry again about the wait, checked out that pic though and it was pretty good. Worlds better then anything I could do.)

The answer to the question was obviously a yes, and everyone recognized that this was Fiacres' way of forcing a conversation. No one was keen on answering however as a lot of the stories would relate to a touchy subject or a situation that wasn't necessarily appropriate for making new 'friends'.

Kyousuke was the first one to speak up, his tone conveying his nervousness and feelings of awkwardness about answering the vague question.

"Heh, I wouldn't really know about the Graves family on that one but uh you can bet that we Shiteru's sure do!"

A forced laugh followed as the fallen angel rubbed the back of his neck and gave a hesitant smile. He hoped that Dio wouldn't get mad at him for going along with this.

Fiacre gave an interested hum, gesturing with one of his dangerously clawed hands to go on. The mysterious creature then proceeded to reposition himself so that his arm was up and his hand was supporting his head in an attentive manner. The message was more then clear. Meanwhile across the table Dio suppressed a growl of annoyance and anger. A part of the red haired incubus felt pity for his spouse as he knew that Kyousuke was most likely fearful of both Dio's reaction to answering the question and Fiacres' possible reaction if he hadn't. His husband was certainly a unlucky man as of late.

Kyousuke, as well as everyone else noticed Dio's bristling. He knew that this would anger his lover on some level, and he feared paying the price for it as this would definitely be added to the 'Kyou's fuck ups' pile that had grown exponentially over the last few days. He heaved a sigh and gave a small but grim grin at his streak with poor choices before launching into one of the few lighter tales that would certainly be deemed sufficiently interesting to all who had not yet heard it.

Oddly enough, it was also one of the older incidents in Kyousuke's and Dio's shared past. Specifically their first official date and the disaster that it had turned out to be.

3/22/2017 #583
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