The School RPG
It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Segoe shrugged, "I know that i was still sleeping but your boyfriend should be all fine and dandy know."

2/26/2017 #121
A Broken Sun

Navia looked even more confused. "Boyfriend? I'm not currently with anyone...."

2/26/2017 #122

Segoe looked very skeptical "Wait so who did i bandage up and you heal?"

2/26/2017 #123
A Broken Sun

(By the way, she fell off one of the top building, and lost her memory of the last few years.)

Navia blinked. "I healed someone? There was a fight?"

2/26/2017 #124

Patrick followed after Shayna. He hoped Navia would indeed recognize them.

2/27/2017 #125
A Broken Sun

Shayna neared Navia. She could see two figures a bit in the distance. "She's talking to somebody...."

2/27/2017 #126

[ouch,] "Well he was taken by bandits and we had to get him back, honestly im so new i only know were the library is," Segoe shrugged, "So we're both kinda unknowing here."

2/27/2017 #127

Patrick gave a nod. "should we wait, or approach them?"

2/27/2017 #128
A Broken Sun

Shayna frowned. "Who knows how long we'll be waiting; Approach them. Make sure you stay behind me a bit. She won't recognize your host."

2/28/2017 #130

As Segoe wandered along across the woods he heard a moaning or sobbing. "Yoyo?"

3/11/2017 #131

Patrick gave a nod, staying behind Shayna. He spoke softly. "Navia?"

4/24/2017 #132
Jido landed on a nearby tree. He sat an a branch and started to think about this mutation of his, he that about his cousin's pet and the nuclear waste and the wings and the beak and all. He adapted to it, he was getting used to vomiting pellets and turning his head 180 degrees and flight. He really liked how he can fly silently without anyone noticing. His loved ones also adapted to it only taking longer time. But what was disturbing was how strangers reacted to it. While he was thinking about all of this he noticed that he wasn't alone "Oh sorry am I interrupting something" asked the ones he saw
5/13/2017 #133
(lol sorry didn't know that this thread is dead I take back what I said)
5/13/2017 #134
Midnight Silk Rose

The thread isnt dead its just one of the one thats used when needed)

5/16/2017 #135

(tis been awhile but i return for the holidays)

11/20/2017 #136
(Sorry I been off a while....)
1/15 #137
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