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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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(I bet that you're both sleeping and that I'm gonna be here talking to myself like a dope despite the fact that the day is almost over at AverageArtisticAuthor's time"
5/15/2017 #91

Segoe spat the now stale cereal out of his mouth and began to count off, slightly laughing "One you and Gwen make a great couple, two that was so stale Golum wouldn't eat it, three im suprised your family will be open to living with another," Segoe stopped and thought,while dumping the rest of his cereal off the porch, "eh... Differient, person, we all have our kinks. four Gwen don't you have a house you share with midnight? And finally five I've been five feet from you all day and i have to agree with Gwen youre great at singing Jido."

5/15/2017 . Edited 5/15/2017 #92
"Well..uhm.. my family has been open to a lot of things since I became like this" He gestured at his body
5/15/2017 #93

"Id like to be able to relate but i cant. SOME-" Segoe grabbed the armrests he shuddered, stood up and turned so he was facing Jido. His face was contorted into a disgusting, grotesque smile, blood dripping from his eyes, iriss red. "I killed them all" He jerkily spat out then disappeared in a cloud of yellow smoke and blood red dust. As the smoke wafted up the dust fell onto the porch.

5/15/2017 #94
"Where the fuck did he go?!" Jido was shocked
5/15/2017 #95

(1; im sighning off for now 2; ill be in the school ruins.)

5/15/2017 #96
Jido flew clumsily outside of the porch. His intention was to see where Segue went. "I might be back" he said to Gwen who was now left alone in the treehouse
5/15/2017 #97
Jido returns through the porch "I found Segue, he's in the old school ruins and he's just standing there and I didn't know what to do so I came back here"
5/16/2017 #99
It was now that Segue's words popped up in his head "So what do you think about what Segue said, about us being a couple"
5/16/2017 #100
"I..uh..hum" The purple haired girl looked cute sitting there "How about we go to my house, to see where you're sleeping?" (I'll open a new thread)
5/16/2017 #102
(Ok I made the thread)
5/16/2017 #104

(hoi im back)

11/22/2017 #105

Segoe was back in his treehouse and for once, he didn't seem sadistic. He was just preparing some food.

3/8 #106
Midnight Silk Rose

Midnight was walking around the woods near the treehouse with Nightshade by her side.

3/8 #107
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