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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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This Olive garden is like the ones in real life, except Aliens and vampires and stuff work here xD. Listen to the itallian ambiance and smell the wonderful pasta dishes cooking in the kitchen. If you're lucky, you may get to see Alan's dinner show! ^^ Samantha also works here part time lol Pets are allowed and racests get thrown out, enjoy!


Ella grinned widely as she entered the restaraunt. "'s...certainly...awkward." Samantha stuttered nervously as she approached the guests. "Relax Rutalian, I'm only partly like you!" Ella chimed with a growl glaring at the rutalan girl in a weird looking wetsuit. "Ah...right, that makes more sense. Anyway I'm samantha, and I'll be your server today." She told them with a warm tone as she grabbed two menus with her headtails. "Would you two like a table or a booth?" She asked kindly forcing a smile. my shifts always get the weird ones.. She thought as she eyed over Zekes. "Okay, no offence to your date, but there's no way you're human...I think you two are a lovely couple." Samantha chimed teasingly waiting for his answer.

9/28/2009 #1

"Me human?" he pointed at himself, "Well, kinda, it's just weird though."

9/28/2009 #2

(Hahhaha, I saw a spongebob spoof vers. of this song and I had to make my own rawl check it out. )

Samantha chuckled. "Oh, that is interesting then...alright, I'll take you to your seets then." She shrugged it and led them to a booth near a large open area of the restaraunt. "From here you'll get a good veiw of the show if he's working tonight." She told them pointing at the weird looking cooking counter with a small river and a small sandy area that looked like a zen garden. "Show...him?" She repeated like a parrot, blinking at Samantha. "Relax, it's clean, he usually cooks out front when we have a CEO down for dinner." She explained with a chuckle. "Ah...a cooking show hmm, well with my luck dad'll show up and try to pitch in." Ella teased a little as she thought about it. "I'll start with drinks, and any apitisers before we start?" She sighed as if she'd said it a thousand times over in one day. "I'll have a coke, and fried raviolli please." Ella responded with a laugh as she noticed the similarities in personality.

9/28/2009 #3

(Crap, I just got that song stuck in my head for no reason. -_-)

"I'll take a water, chicken alfredo, and some soup." he said. He looked at the 'show' area and responded to Ella's laugh, "What's funny?"

9/28/2009 #4

(Haha I know right xD It's just an awesome sounding song lolz)

"Whoa slow down!" Samantha got out her notepad and started writing a little nervously. " that's a coke, water, fried raviolli, uh...chicken alfredo and...soup...yeah that sounds about right. I'll be right out with your drinks, and your dinner will be ready shortly, I mean shortly! uh please enjoy your evening." She stammered quickly flushing a little before rushing back to the kitchen.

Ella smirked and flushed a little. "She's so like me...and not cause I'm sorta the same species..." she responded a little embarrased. "Do I really talk like that?" She asked nervously.

9/28/2009 #5

(At least I got the Pokemon fight music out of my head now. XD)

He scratched his head, "Well, you seem a little alike, but I can't tell much yet."

9/28/2009 #6

(Haha, *wild bulbasaur appears in Alteviels head* haha xD did ya watch the video lol and I'm guessing that's what the graaaa was for earlier? XP)

She laughed a little. "I know...I was like her when I was younger...what about you...personalitywise I mean." She paused and smiled. "you ever met someone you you?" She asked curiously reaching her arm out and smiling.

9/28/2009 #7

(No Bulbasaur, Empoleon or Charizard. :D And I say random things when I appear, graaah didn't mean anything. XD)

"Another person with a personality like mine?" he smirked as he got ready to make it confusing, "The only other person was me."

9/28/2009 #8

(Haha, you know the dragon Ella summoned in the fight? Imagine Rayquaza on roids! But made of water and electricity. :D)

Ella laughed a little. "Nice try big boy, I know about cloning, who do I look like? Our cooking teacher??" She picked on him some. "that scent...the weird chef samantha was talking about...couldn't be him could it?" She asked herself slightly alloud picking a familliar scent walking up from the rear entrance.

9/28/2009 #9

(I always thought Dialga was cooler, but Mewtwo will always be my favorite Pokemon. :D)

"What, he wasn't a clone, he was my original self." he explained before she caught that scent.

9/28/2009 #10

( w8 you mean the Dragon of Time right? Or was Dialga space, I forgot xD Meowth is always gonna be my fave, lol of them at least xD)

Ella laughed at his reaction. "Haha, that must've been weird for you! And I never said who the clone was now did I?" She chimed playfully shrugging it. " smell's someone from don't think?" She asked with a concerned look, referring to the scent from earlier.

9/28/2009 #11

(Yep, Dialga's the blue one and Palkia's the white and pink one that controls space.)

"Well neither of us were clones, we just split from each other. And I don't recognize a scent." he sniffed the air.

9/28/2009 #12

(lol in brawl, one of the metal gears on the solid snake stage reminds me of a Palkia. Lol and when should daddy come in? xD)

She laughed a little. "Wow, twins huh, freaky...can't imagine that happening to me..." she shivvered thinking about it. "It's just some kid from school...I wonder if he works here, or if he's the him Samantha was talking about." She explained shrugging it a little.

9/29/2009 #13

(Anytime you want. :s)

"I have no idea, who was she talking about?" he asked.

9/29/2009 #14

(Okay xD)

Ella chuckled and flushed a little. "The guy that cooks out front, he's supposed to be some kind of freaky elementalist. The only person I know that fits that bill is Alan from school. He's like you, but less...muscle." She felt a little embarrased at first, but then laughed when she saw her dad come in. "Haha, sweet, Dad always comes here on wendsdays for some reason...HEY dad, over here!" Ella waved her arms and her scent at suchi as he came into plain view.

Suchi blinked as he scanned new ella and her boyfriend, recognizing a scent but nothing else. "Uh...I'm sorry young lady, but I only have one daughter...and she looks nothing like you. Nice rack though..." He muttered a little awkwardly as the girl crossed her arms. "Dad you *** it's me! God, I kept the smell at you really think Zekes would cheat on me!" She snapped bitterly baring her fangs at him. (haha she picked a little vampire too XP) " you...what the hell did you do to my daughter zekes!" He responded almost falling over as he sat with them. "it looks hot on you though...OUCH! Jeeze...cut me some slack sweetheart" He groaned as ella punched him in the shoulder. "I'll cut you some slack when you stop oggling over every sexy breast you see!" She snapped angrilly turning away from him and elasticating herself underneath the table and over to Zeke's side.

9/29/2009 #15

Zekes started cracking up as soon as Suchi showed up, "You don't have to worry, she can change back." he said, finally laughing, "It's so funny though!"

9/29/2009 #16

Ella sighed and shook her head. "Yeah DAD, it's not permanent unless mom says it's okay for me to stay this way. I like these curves, gives me a bit of ammo against him." She chimed sarcastically as Samantha brought out their meals.

Suchi looked up at the Rutalan woman with a smile. "It's actually looks good on you, say alan working tonight?" He asked curiously looking between his erm...sorta new daughter and his friend. "I think so, and I think the manager's comming for dinner tonight too. So you may actually catch his show this time. And please...don't try to help, remember what happened last time? We lost a whole star because of you!" She told him folding her arms and claring at a huge scortch mark on the back wall. Suchi flushed. "Uh...yeah...I remember...I'll behave this time..." He muttered gulping a little fearfully as the girl made her muscles look bigger.

Ella laughed at her dads reaction to Samantha. "Hey, since I'm partly like you, you wanna give me some lessons? This's one bad ass power you have! Right Zekes?" She asked nudging him in the shoulder.

9/29/2009 #17

He saw the scorch mark too and chuckled before she nudged him, "Huh, what? What power do you mean?"

9/29/2009 #18

Ella laughed after seeing the scortch mark. "This one goofball" She chimed expanding her chest a good deal and returning it to normal. Samantha busted out laughing at the young used to be human. "Oh riiiiight I get it now...sure I guess, though you seem to have quite the handle on it already. Suchi the usual?" She asked curiously messing with him a little by doing the same but with her butt.

Suchi blinked and resisted the urge to grab Samantha. "Uh, right...the usual...and geeze you guys, you aren't being fair!" He chimed laughing at himself as he shook a few dirty thoughts out of his mind and burned them hypothetically. "Haha, your dad is such a weird little pervert! I love it!" Samantha chimed teasingly scooting next to him for a moment and bumping him with her larger but before returning to her usual shape. "Hehe, you think I'm perverted....uhm...m...maybe a you mind then, since you think it's funny anyway." He muttered staring at the large backside. " are cute...just this once...and if you tell anyone I swear I'll hunt you down and show you the other way I use my powers." She chimed playfully letting suchi slapp her lightly. "Daaaad..." Ella groaned sarcastically as she watched him feel it too. "okay okay, haha I'm done Samantha, and I got it outta my system for a good while anyway!" He responded flushing as he turned away from samantha while she walked to the kitchen. She let her butt get stuck in the door as a joke then headed into the kitchen for real.

(Haha, I know, Samantha doesn't really care much about men doing stuff. As long as they're generally nice people and not seriously perverted in their way of thinking. She don't mind letting someone friendly(as in a good person in general) like Suchi slapp her now and again xD)

9/29/2009 #19

(Isn't he married to someone that'll slash him for that? :s)

He didn't know any of them very well, but he almost facepalmed, "Um, to get to your earlier question, there's not much to controlling it. It's even emotion based, so you can't ever really lose control." he said as he made his hand shape into a larger claw, "Try this first."

9/29/2009 #20

(lol yeah, but he's too chicken to tell her about it xD)

Ella blinked a little. "Emotion based?" She asked tilting her head to the side a bit. "Okay, lets see..." She made an even larger claw than his. Then she split it into three claws. "Wow, it is easy!" She chimed as a man in a very nice looking suit and laughed as Samantha came out to greet him. "***t the manager's here tonight!" She muttered underneath her breath as she glared at Suchi.

Alan cracked his neck as he watched the manager come in. "Ha, show time..." He thought underneath his breath walking out from the kitchen.

9/29/2009 #21

(Hehe, what if Zekes told her? XD)

"What, you don't like the manager?" he asked as he twisted his head completely around to look, freaking out a couple of people.

9/29/2009 #22

(Suchi: O.O *runs to the next county* xD)

Samantha shrugged. "'s just...he's a picky eater and...Alan hasn't cooked for him yet." she ignored the fact that the boy looked like a freaking owel. Ella laughed a little. "Is he that hard to impress?" She asked teasingly blinking at Zekes. Whoa... she thought wanting to try it herself. Samantha shrugged and just nodded her answer.

The manager raised an eyebrow at the show area. " that is what the gale's were up to remodling this place. HA, where is this "special" chef I've been hearing about in the forums of our website?" He asked folding his arms and smirking, the other eyebrow was raised as Alan walked out in not a cooking outfit, but a Karate gi to greet him. "That would be me mister manager, what sort of dish would you like me to forge for you with the aid of the elements?" Alan asked before introducing himself. "sort...forge?" The man repeated in the form of a question. "Haha, forgive me, I am how you say...a newbie to this place. I am alan, and I was asking what type of meal you'd like me to cook for you. You know, spicy, soup, that sorta stuff. And I request you keep the description to those terms..." He said bowing to the man. "Ah I get it, a foriegn boy! Hmm...I would like something...tangy, a little bit of a bite but not much....oh and I like chicken...perhaps a soup?" He asked with a big grin on his face as he was led to the 'important' seat at the table in front of the show area. Alan nodded and started getting ingrediants for a soup from the kitchen, not doing anything important right away.

9/29/2009 #23

Zekes just kept watching, wondering why Ella kept watching.

9/29/2009 #24

(I tried watching the play episode, I died xD)

Ella tapped Zekes on the shoulder. "Uhm...your head's um..." She just sat there wide eyed trying to do it herself. "Will you cut that out, you look like a ***ing owel!" She smacked the back of his head and laughed a little.

Alan chuckled a little at the audiance. "So....spicy soup hmm...Siara taught me just the thing to rock your tastebuds then!" He chimed playfully after finishing the preperation of the ingrediants. "spicy recapie calls for a little agression..." He thought aloud messing with a speaker under the table. ( this's the song xD) Alan got a little lostened up before steping into the zen garden and turning the stove on. He first used his powers to move some water into the hot pot by streaming it around his arms. He stomped his foot and began to cut up the vegitables with blades of sand, once they were clean he rinsed the ingrediants into the pot.

" elementalist huh? Hmph...let's see how you do the chicken avatar boy..." The manager smirked when someone in the audiance practically red his mind.

9/29/2009 #25

(I haven't seen them in a while, so I don't remember that episode. :P)

"Hey, don't hit me, fine I'll mess with you more." he said as his face turned upsidedown now and stuck a tongue out at her.

9/29/2009 #26

(haha, do you like allysa at the mansion now? xD she thinks hes really a cat lol)

Ella blinked. "Zekes...cut it out, you're going to make me--" She bolted to the restroom. The vommiting sounds ended and she worked her way around alan. "thanks a lot, now cool it before I get pissy on you." She asked him sternly folding her arms.

Alan laughed at Ella and then returned to his work, he tossed the herbs and spices into the air, and they were cut finely by blades of wind. He let them fall into the river and streamed them into the pot.

Samantha laughed a little as she recognized how Alan was moving with his powers. "wow...he really does watch that kids show..." She went wide eyed as he started working with the chicken. Tossing hot all steal knives into the air and dicing it into bits, cooking it at the same time with the near molten blades of his tools.

9/29/2009 #27

(I wonder if he'll stay that way all night. :s)

He kept from laughing out loud and moved his head the way it should be, "Fine fine." he grinned and watched the cook.

9/29/2009 #28

(nah, he'll probably be too tired to complain anyway, it's like 4:50 or something there. Haha just watch what the next post is! xD)

" like the way it tastes?" Alan asked with a chuckle after firing a lightning bolt at the pot to flash cook the soup. "Marvulous, and here I was thinking I was gonna be ripped off with cheep hollywood effects. Well done can return to your usual cooking counter now..." The man chimed playfully shooing alan away. Alan laughed and ignored the treatment, bowing to the crowd as he cleaned up his things.

Ella laughed when Samantha's jaw literally dropped to the floor for a moment, then it snapped back into place. "I can't believe it...oh...I'm sorry suchi, I'll get your order ready straight away!" Samantha stammered nervously bolting to the kitchen.

Suchi laughed too. "So...which way do you like my daughter more? before or after you screwed with her dna?" He asked a little concerned for her safety.

9/29/2009 #29

(He can stay that way as long as he wants too. Wait, what if he turned into her blanket? o.o XD)

"Oh, you really don't need to worry, there's no side effects and it can be reversed." he put his hands up a bit, "And to be honest, I like her real self better."

9/29/2009 #30
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