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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Uhm. its me Vee
READ THIS PLEASE: If you have already enrolled in the old school rp, you do NOT have to repost, unless you really want to. Gay/Les/bi IS allowed. Just go crazy =] [[If you could please, keep conversation to a minimum here, I'd appreciate it, thank you!]] Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: (Physical appearance) Clothing: Personality: Bio: Other: (Anything else you'd like to put about your character. You character CAN have animal traits/pshycic powers/be vampires) And off you go... Don't get lost!
7/6/2007 . Edited 8/30/2007 #1
Gin's lil kitsune
Here is meh oc. Name:Kage Age:17 Gender:female Appearance:jet-black hair(goes to shoulder blades),silver eyes,pale skin,slim shape(often mistaken for being anirexic,but is healthy.). Clothing:black long-sleeved shirt,baggy black pants with chains criss-crossing,black zip-up hoodie,black and purple collar,and black and red shoes. Personality:Kage's a nice person when you get to know her,but before then,she has a slight shy personality and often gets feelings of inferority. Bio:N/A Other:She's a neko....and somewhat suicidal.
7/6/2007 #2

Name: Vittoria

Age: 18 (actually 110)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pale skin, long purple/black hair, un-naturally bright grey-blue eyes, 5'5", petite. a little too skinny. vampire fangs, often retracted. (if anyone's ever seen Interview with a vampire, you'll know what I mean)

Clothing, everyday: Black jeans, tight black tee-shirt, gold bracelet with strange inscriptions.

Personality: Quiet, keeps mostly to herself. Has a bad temper, but not easily provoked. She's a good friend once you get to know her, but not many people know her. No self-esteem or confidence. Always seems sad. She is always sad and guilty about accidentally killing her boyfriend years ago.

Bio: (sexual orientation) straight, Vittoria doesn't know much about being a vampire, but really doesn't like people to know that she is. Italy is her motherland, she was born in 1900, reborn in 1915. She lived in a small town, was very happy. She was raped by a vampire and then, in an uncontrollable blood-lust, accidentally killed her boyfriend while the vampire who changed her and his cronies killed her family and destroyed the village.

Other: Vittoria is obviously a vampire. (Anne Rice-'Interview with a vampire' and 'The vampire Lestat'- style vampire) She is also an artist and musician, she plays violin and guitar, and STINKS at math and science.

7/6/2007 . Edited 6/12/2008 #3
Hinata Hyuga's Gothic Vampire
Name:Sarah Age:17 Gender:female Appearance:long.brown,hair and deep blue eyes Clothing:Black hoodie,blue pants,and red shoes Personaliy:N/A Other:ookami
7/6/2007 #4
Hinata Hyuga's Gothic Vampire
Name:Kevin Matthew Fertig Age:19 Gender:male Appearance:has blood red eyes,shoulder length black hair with red streaks,6'3" Clothing:a black dress shirt with sleeves cut off,black pants that have vampire skulls om both legs,and black lace up boots. Personality:Dark and mysterious Bio:N/A Other:Vampire
7/6/2007 #5
Gin's lil kitsune
Here are my new ocs. Name:Hikari Age:17 Gender:female Appearance:Slight pale/slight tannish complection,light brown hair,and yellowish-golden eyes,and is average teenage height. Clothing:(lighter shade than Kage's clothes,except they're made to fit when she(Hikari)is dancing.) Personality:She can quiet/shy at first,but is friendly when you get to know her. Bio:Not much is known about her,except she was taken away from her parents when she was little and lived with a foster family...she never seen her real family ever since. Other:She's a neko(her traits resemble a calico's traits).She loves to dance. -------- Name:Sora Age:17-18 Gender:female Appearance:pale skin,slim shape,blood-red hair and eyes(all natural),. Clothing:black long-sleeved shirt,baggy black pants with chains,black shoes,a naruto hoodie,and a collar. Personality:is quiet at first,but can be friendly when you get to know her. Bio:N/A Other:She's mute,and a very good computer hacker.She's also a neko.
7/8/2007 #6
three words i wish to hear
-is new- xD Name: Starr. Age: 15 Gender: Female Appearance: Thin, 5'7, brown shoulder-length hair, two top ear pericings on the right ear. Small tattoo on the side of her neck. Blue sapphire eyes, always puts mascara and eyeliner and lipgloss. Clothing: Casual, jeans with a nice shirts. Acc.: bracelets and necklaces. Personality: Bubbly, hyper and friendly. Bio: Parents died. Got sent to a boarding school by her mean grandmother. Likes romance, Watching the clouds, rain, laughing, smiling, eating cotton candy, and chocolate. She also likes cherry flavoured lollipops and sleeping under the stars. Dislikes: stuck-up people, arguments, when there's no toilet paper left, and of course - evil people. Other: Is a vampire when she gets angry. But she's half vampire and half demon, so she has weird powers she still has to find out about. :D
7/9/2007 #7
Name: Tarren Lark (Mrs. Lark) Age: 35 Gender: Female Appearance: short light blond hair, glossy green eyes, tall, skinny Clothing: long pretty light blue dress, glasses (light blue as well) and white shoes with huge heels. Personality: kind, quiet, dramatic, loves to act, etc. Bio: Nothing really to say. She became a drama teacher five years ago when she was 30. Other: She is a demon in disguise.
7/9/2007 . Edited 7/9/2007 #8
Name:Kayla Age:15 Gender:Female Appearance:Short black hair that comes down to the shoulders (always in different styles).Left eye is blue, right is brown. Faint scar underneath the brown eye. Clothing;(Usually) Plaid skirt held up by spicky belt, fish net tights, black iron maiden tank top and lots of leather bands and piercings. Personality:Tries to be tougth but can be very depressed and lonly or manic, normally nice if a little cold. Bio:Exchange student from Wales. Other: Bi, has a slight mental issue.
7/10/2007 #9
three words i wish to hear
Name: Tyler [Bi] Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: Lean, tall, jet black hair, usually wears glasses but not often, snake bites, green eyes, eyebrow piercing. Clothing: Skinny jeans, cool shirts. Sometimes normal jeans. Vans/Converse are his shoe options. Personality: Quiet, sometimes mean but rarely, will not introduce himself, people have to come to him. He's a good student, barely breaks the rules. Bio: Is Starr's cousin, mainly he came to the boarding school to look after her. He's into video games and going online. Other: He can read minds, and move things with his mind.
7/12/2007 . Edited 7/12/2007 #10
Gin's lil kitsune
Name:Ritsuko Age:18 Gender:female Appearence:Crimson eyes(turn a golden color when going into wolf form),dark brown hair(hair/fur turns black when in wolf form),pale skin,and a slim body. Clothing:A black t-shirt,baggy pants with chains,normal shoes,and a hoodie. Personality:Has the personality of a wolf in a way.She'll stay loyal to anyone who is her friend/or ones she considers family till the end. Bio:there's not alot known about Ritsuko. Other:Ritsuko has ookami traits,and is able to turn into a wolf as well.
7/12/2007 #11
I just got an idea from "the Roof"... Name: Faith Age: 17 Appearance: black clothing with a black necklace Gender: felmale Personality: Quiet, but not shy; she is gentle with people she doesn't know, but likes to rough-house with her friends; is known to be a bit [i]too[/i] rough sometimes while playin around... Bio: Not anything really to say... normal childhood... except a vampire killed her mother. Other: she is a vampire slayer!! (that was the idea I got :P thanks, Ookami-chan.)
7/13/2007 #12
Name:Chuck Age:25 Gender:Male Apperance:Long brown hair thats usually in a ponytail and small soul patch(goatee),deep blue eyes,6ft2,Slim and well toned. Clothing:white tank top,ripped faded blue jeans,sandels(no socks),small silver earing. Personality:Laid-back,friendly,a big kid at times,lazy etc Bio:A high school drop out who came here to be the janitor/repaireman/grounds keeper. Other:smarter than you would think,has a hippy bus,has the hots for Mrs Lark.
7/13/2007 #13
Hinata Hyuga's Gothic Vampire
Ladies and Gentlemen,please welcome Sora and Kage's bodyguard...*drumroll*Kane! Name:Kane Age:34 Gender:male Appearance:no hair,has one dark blue eye and one light blue eye Clothing:black pants with red markings all over it Personality:Extremely protective of Kage and Sora Bio:N/A Other:Bodyguard
7/13/2007 #14
Hi, I was wondering if I could join?...If so: Name: Angel Age:17 Gender: Female Appearance: Dark Brown hair, same color eyes, 5"11, skinny, stange tattooing on her back, left shoulder, and neck. Clothing: white cargo pants with black henne dye designs, and a white cargo style shirt, with white track runners. Personality: Quiet unless she has something to say, may seem aloof and rude when you meet her for the simple fact that her social skills are a number 5 out of 20. But once you get to know her shes really nice and will do anything to help a friend. Bio: Not much is known about her, even to herself, from the age of 9 till 14 she grew up in a orphanage, then she receives some money and aquired a small house, well a shack, at 17 she heared of this school. and here she is Other: An Angel tho she doesnt know it. (Hehehe...Angel is an Angel.)
7/16/2007 #15
Uhm. its me Vee
Name: Emmi Age: Appears 17/18 Gender: Female Appearance: Pale skinned, tall, very skinny. her hair is black and straight, with blond highlights and reaches slightly past her shoulders, eyes are gray. She wears black eyeliner/black nail polish [the girl version of Jarred] Clothing: Skinny jeans, reg. tees, chucks/converese, wrist bands, hoodie, hat, and a crimson teardrop necklace/black choker [like Jarred's style (:] Personality: Hard to pinpoint, has a temper like Jarred, but is more settle, and slightly shyer. Bio: Jarred's twin sister!! She was "killed" when they were 12, by an exorcist, but it was all a lie. Other: Vampire, duh. Straight, very close to her brother.
7/17/2007 #16
Hi, I have another one! Name: Daimon (yes you preceptive ones Im using my name!) Age: Appears 19-20ish(add a few zeros and you got it) Gender: Male (straight) Appearance: Think Dante from Devil May Cry, but with long hair Clothing: Instead of Dante's red its Black dont want to go there Bio: Has been a demon since...after...the battle with God(for those who have no clue he's been one for a very long time! And the reference to god was just for reference). For some reason his other half, ONI, and him never merged. Reason unknow for being at the school.(I know why think"BIRDIE" XD) Other: Demon/Devil
7/17/2007 #17
Name: Devin Age: 15 Gender:Male Appearance: average height, black hair, emerald green eyes, and don't forget his dog ears! Clothing: hoodies, jeans, and shoes. Personality:mp3 attached to hip, skateboard Bio:Just a normal skater trying to fit in. Other: half werewolf son.
7/18/2007 #18
I'm making another, mmkay? Name: Danielle Age: 15 Gender: Female Appearance: Long, shiny black hair that falls over her bright blue eyes wearing glasses. Clothing: She wears a blue plaid skirt and collared shirt with a little tie and navy vest thingy -- like a school uniform, catch my drift? Personality: Extremely shy and nice and smart. Bio: Sent to boarding school by her wealthy parents in London as a schooling trip out of her comfort zone. They thought it would be good for her to come out of her shell a bit. Other: She's got a sweet British accent of course! ^.^
7/18/2007 #19
Fine. That's . . . just . . . fine. Whatever. Name: Eruthiel. Age: 12. Gender: Female. Appearance: Short, brown bob, huge brown eyes. Clothing: Sufficient. Personality: Clever, sarcastic, extremely forgettful, shy. Bio: Nil. Other: I'm a werewolf. And . . . You notice I've hardly changed at all.
7/18/2007 #20
Name:Derek Age:15 Gender:Male Appearance: Average height, brown hair in a fauxhawk fashion, light gray eyes Clothing:Any Element T-shirt and jeans. Personality: A trickster, but techno whiz. Uses said techno skills to pull pranks in school. Bio:Born in Windchester, and lost his parents in an accident at 5. Other: Always carries a laptop. He is a lupin just trying to fit in. was expelled from 3 schools.
7/18/2007 #21
IM FINALLY BACK AND READY TO DO WHAT I DO BEST!!!(Taishi) Name:Monkey D.S. Age:17 Gender:male Appearance:Is about 5"7, has tanned color skin, has an athletic and flexible body. Clothing:Wears a black bandanna that has the kanji for fire on it, wears dark shades, has a sideburn/goatee, has a black open vest and cargo shorts with red fire going around them, finally he wears red and black midtop top sneakers, also has his fist wrapped with white tape Personality:Is easy-going, laid back, likes to joke and fool around, is a pyromaniac, he also randomly goes psycopathic. Bio:He was born in a small village in China wear the males of the village would learn Tai Sheng Pek Kwar(Monkey Kung-Fu) and Muay Thai starting at age 6. A group of radicals burned down his village and kidnapped him until he was rescued by military soldiers who while trapped behind enemy lines molested him and raped him. He finally escaped and traveled the world hunting wild animals as his village taught him too. Other: He has monkey like traits and Pyrokenisis although he hides this fact. He also had a monkey tail genectically installed on his body for greater advantage in battle. He's also bi.
7/20/2007 #22
Name:Craig Age:16 Gender:Male Apperance:Black untidy shoulder length hair,Deep hazel eyes,sligthly pale, tall and toned. Clothing:Long black leather coat(that shows a huge scar on his cheast) and Brown leather pants with bullet belts that criss cross, black boots and earing(with a werewolf fang on it) Personality:Craig can be a cocky arrogent show off but once you get to know him he turns out to be a loyal, careing person. Bio: Craig is part of the same hunters group as Kayla is and they both have a colourful history together. Other:Carries a guitar case that conceils a huge sword, bi, while it may seem that Kayla and Craig are rivals they are actually pretty close.
7/21/2007 #23
I will use dis dude on top of Johnny 'n' Lola Name:TJ Age:13 Gender:Male Appearance: (Physical appearance)Short+broad, Clothing:Skool uniform and glasses Personality:shy also has very short temper Bio:TJ is de new kid on de block. He has made a few friends but he disappears on a regular basis after a Chemistry lab 'splosion. Other:He gains super powers after de chemistry lab blows up! 1Qwestion: Can de chem lab splosion be in de RP?
7/26/2007 #24
Name:Jessi Age:13 Gender:female Appearance:Tall brunette green eyes Clothing:happy and bright Personality:happygoluckygoodytwoshoes -can u read it?- Bio:uh... im cool im hot im everything ur not! Others: I am super smart with the power to teleport boo yea!
7/26/2007 #25
Name: Kaori Age:15 Appearance: Short black hair,large indigo eyes,pale,small and fragil looking. Personallity: Quiet, passive, shy, never had any friends so she doesn't know how to be very socialble. Clothing: short red dress and white cardigan with white sandels in the summer. A long black dress and black shoes. Bio: Ever since her birth Kaori has been very weak and fragil, because of this she never went to school and instead learned at home, now that she doesn't seem long for this world, Kaori begged has came to this school to enjoy her last moments and maybe...have some friends for once. Other: Has a sister. Name: Shizuma Age:17 Appearance: long wavy silver hair, somewhat cold green eyes, tall and slim, a complete contrast to her sister Personality: cold to people she doesn't know but friendly with those she does, deeply cares for her sister. Clothing: A yellow dress with brown sandels in the summer, long sleved black top and jeans combo in the winter. Bio: Ever since her sister was born Shizuma has looked out for her sister, she has come to this school so that she can care for her.While she tries to be happy around Kaori, she cries when shes alone. Other:Loves the piano and classical dancing.
7/27/2007 . Edited 7/28/2007 #26
lol! thus the title, right? Name: Samantha Age: 15 Gender: female (doi) Appearance: short black hair with longish bangs, deep blue eyes, golden fair skin, tall, skinny. Clothing: whatever's comfortable at the time. Personality: happy, joyous, loving, generous, outgoing, etc. Other: She has an eye out for Craig (:D yay, thanks, French-san!!)
7/27/2007 #27
Hey I've noticed that there isn't a popular super bitch yet so....(drum roll) Name: Angelina Age:16 Dender:female Appearance: long blond hair (dyed ^^) blue eyes, size zero and normal height. Personallity:Your regular super bitch. Clothing: think of the shortest miniskirt and you have her sort of style. Bio:Comes from a very rich family and has been homecoming queen 2 years going. Other: will stop at nothing to get her own way. (how can there be a school RPG without the super bitch ^^)
7/28/2007 #28
Demon In The Shadows
Name:Dani Age:18 Gender:male Appearance:black and blue dreads,greyish-blue eyes,and has a lip ring on his bottom lip Clothing:black spiked suit and black shoes Personality:N/A Bio:N/A Other:none
7/28/2007 #29
Cool ^_^ Name:Carolyna Age:17 Gender:Female Appearance: long brown hair, 5f6, slightly unhealthy looking,brown eyes. Clothing: denim blue jacket,faded ripped jeans with plain brown belt, old oversized t-shirt. Personnality:Depressed,finds it hard to trust people, wants more in her life etc.. Bio: Carolyna had been born into an abusive family and at the age of 14 ran away from home,at the age of 17 she was found half-dead under a bridge and was taken to this school. Other:Has a natural singing voice and pratices when she is alone, after many hard years on the streets Carolyna now has a drug addicion and is trying to quit but is finding almost impossible.
7/28/2007 #30
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