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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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(Okay, I believe you :) )

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(coud I possibly join?)

Name: Ryan Huskin

Age: 16

Gender: male

Appearance: 5'9, has long legs, short brown military cut hair, blue eyes, and broad shoulders. He has a pale skin because he lacks the ability to get a tan somehow.

Clothing: wears an orange shirt, plain blue jeans, black and white skating shoes.

Personality: doesn't mind talking to people, he has a tendancy to antagonize some folk, will definetly try to get back at some for antogonizing him, takes orders much better than he leads others, for he is not a natural leader, likes to be outside, is addidcted to soda, sneaks smokes, loves to get into underground politics, some drama, soully because he puts himself on the accused end of the situation to get into a place where he can be on defense, rather than being a typical bully on the attack, uses his head to create a protagonist background but likes to be a bad kid. He does not like to openly combat people (or anything else you will find here) unless it is predetermined. Is an extremist and plans to use that to make money, for he constantly has dollar sings in his head.

Bio: His father worked for the marines, and was a great man, but he died with his mother when a robber came to his house and shot both of them while Ryan slept when he was ten. He lived with his uncle ever since, until his uncle moved away in his drunken swaying and passed out on the plane, forgetting Ryan completely after drinking for three strait weeks before departure, and died of alchohal poisoning shortly after departure. Eventually, Ryan found his way to the school when he turned sixteen.

Other: has a pet parrot that he thought to use profanity after Ryan says it, o rreplaces hello with certain words (allowed?)

For some reason, I feel like I made him too perfect...

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(hehe Alex is boredly hacking the CIA if you wanna meet him xD)

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which topic? This place is huge...

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lolz the library xD

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XD, k. Kindof a noob to RPing though, so sory i fmy posts are short (you guys write paragraphs!!!)

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Haha mine are mostly narrative though XP I'm kinda thinking of making a new charrie, she's an alien, but she's a little out there.

With one being not so creepy, and just alien esque (like say I dunno...erm...balt would be a two) and ten being way way out there, I'd say she's about a five, just cause the way she looks though. She's mostly humanoid xD

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kewl, but like having one char, and making them human, dunno why, it just makes a better story in my opinion, having a normal guy interact with alien and fantasy characters. I posted, by the way.

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Haha, my charries are mostly normal. Allysa and Alan are human, Suchi's a vampire/angel human, Hiroshi's human/Cornerian, And Ella's a vampire angel too. The only thing besides that that makes Suchi Ella and Hiroshi not normal are their powers, cause they're 'real' ninja, like in Naruto I mean. xD Alex is the only 'alien' I have though. If you can manage more than one charrie it's more fun lolz. But one is a good start if ur new ^^ I guess I'll post Samantha up in a bit then, she's based off a tribe I made up in a Zelda fic lolz

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XD, hey could you check out my RP, and let's take this to chat before the admin gets angwy :)

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haha okays pissy mods are bad for the economy anyway XP so yeah. and I dunno, what's it? lolz

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Name: Samantha Rutalain

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Let's just say you could fill her with sand and use her to keep time XD: She's around 6'0" and has sky blue, slightly wet skin. (like on a manta ray) Her people are apparently Sim-Aquatic, as she has six slits on each side of her neck near the front collarbones resembling gills. Samantha's race have chamelian like scales that cover the sides of their arms, legs, and back. These scales show up in a snake like scales, but they're one whole piece of her epidermis. These scales change colors during points of hightened emotions, but often are silver or gold. Other than these factors and a retractable set of pin-fish like quills that run along the sides of her arms, her kind are mostly human in appearance. Replace hair with elastic headtails, she has about twelve smaller ones and two large ones. these go down to the back of her neck.

Clothing: Samantha has one outfit. A skin tight, super elastic one piece swimsuit made of an incredibly smooth wetsuit-like material that covers whatever flesh her colorful scales won't, this leaves part of her upper back, the outer sides of her arms and legs, and feet bare. The V-neck in the suit shows just enough for a man to look twice.

Personality: Sarcastic and playfull, Samantha has more spirit than most girls in her tribe. She likes to play pranks and use her powers to tease men, especially the ones she finds cute enough to date. She's known to be a bit mischevious, but this usually showes in the form of simi-harmless pranks on humans.

Bio: As part of the trials to become queen of her people. Samantha must live on earth for twelve human years, master many kinds of martial arts, and find herself a suitable human husband. This presents a bit of a challenge due to her rough and tumble personality, she has yet to make any real friends, but hopes to do so by inlisting in a school. Samantha has mastered Kung Fu, Karate, Ninjutsu, and Staff to hand combat, making her a truly beastly opponent. Especially when coupled with her tribes genetic ability to elasticate themselves to nearly any shape or form. The only downside is they cannot alter their scale, like one Allysa Gale can with her powers. She has big dreams in bringing her tribe and the humans closer together than for the use of certain...activities once married. But she hopes to become a chef and an artist.

Other: Samantha has an incredible level of skill with her tribes natural ability to elasticate and at some point in skill level, inflate/deflate themselves. Her people can do just about anything the comic book character MR. Fantastic can do with his body. Samantha is partial to using her powers to inflate her breast and butt like a baloon at times to mess with mens heads. In battle she grapples her opponents with outstretched arms and pulles them toward her, then launches them in the opposite way with this method. Her powers are twice as dangerous underwater, as the Rutalain people are not hindered by waterpreassure. Set asside breathing, but seeing as they can hold their breaths for hours up to sixty feet underneath the water, that's not good for a human or other strictly air breathing opponent. She has only one real weakness, being exposed to extreem heat or extreem cold will dry her body up or freeze her much like Mr fantastic, or any other rubber based superhero.

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Name: Demro Onses

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Demro is around 5'4 and 154 lb. She's part cat demon (the snow leopard breed) from her mother's side and has a long tail that is 3 feet long. She has white and black hair (mostly black with streaks of white ) and pale skin. Her eyes are brown (left side) and blue (right side) and require glasses which have red and black half rimmed frames. She also has fangs and black retractable claws and her body is very flexible thanks to her cat side.

Clothing: Demro usually wears a striped shirt and dark blue jeans. Depending on the weather she might wear a sweater but never a jacket. She also wears a green chullo hat and brown and white sneakers. She has her ears peirced thrice on each side with the side having the third peircing in the helix, and a tongue ring.

Personality: Demro is very sarcastic (everyone in her family is infact) but puts on a positive face in public. She doesn't like to blow up infront of people and usually takes it out by going to the gym or moping. Her mind is always off somewhere else and she is usually seen with a neutral face but if something funny or good (only if it's something big) happens she will be left with a smile for the rest of the day. Demro likes to think things out before she does something but she has been known to rush into things. She was the main problem solver in her group of friends back home and keeps calm in bad situations. She is very protective of her friends, pets, and family and will not hesitate to attack anyone that harms them.

Bio: Demro was sent out by her parents in hopes she would gain some independence and knowledge about the real world since Newfoundland wasn't cutting it. She has a slight Newfie accent and talks fast thanks to hanging out with her father's relatives for most of the summer. These summers would usually consist of building forts, having mini wars, and fishing out in the harbour. When she turned 14 she stopped at her mother's request to do something more constructive and she joined Karate instead. She took the black belt test last spring beore her 17th birthday and passed. Her dreams of becoming a great artist have not faded and she can usually be seen working on a project or thinking of a new one.

Other: Demro's demonic traits allows her to shift into full cat form when she wishes, allowing her to deliver powerful bites and swipes at an enemy or target. she also has a good mind for math and science but doesn't do so well in history and english. She's is beginning to learn russian and already knows french and english.

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Name: Upsin Neasse (Ni se e)

Age: 15 (Chronologically 18)

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6' 11, no pupils(but can manage to see, with the aid of sunglasses he can pass for normal), Red lips, bronze dark skin, sometimes he can look a bit pale in the day becauseof his reverse genes (Making him an Reversi(a thing i made up), a very rare creature that must find his own powers, only one though)

Clothing: Red, light, tight, shirt and small black shorts in summer, in winter his clothes change to Black jacket, and brown shirt with white tracksuit pants.

Personality: He can be quite mean to others that can't understand what he is going through, (but his thoughts can make others understand, but they don't remember if they want to) Otherwise he respects everyone, mostly teachers.

Bio: He was born in 1994 to unsuspecting parents, shocked to the world by having no pupils. In his 13th year, Two Reversis took him as their own, to squeeze his power out. Of course they couldn't find it, and abandoned him. So he travelled all over the world. In his 14thyear he made friends with a human who, up until the reveal, had no idea. Soon, in his 15th year, someone flew him half way around the world, to find this school. The someone has payed a ridiculous sum of money to prepare him for any challenges he may face at this school.

Other: His mother tongue language is Egyptian, but he learnt most languages to help him, after the two Reversis took him home, as they forced many things into him, it was one of the many wacky things they thought he was in the power of.

(So, if there are any changes needed, let me know)

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(All of us?)

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(of course)

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Name: Malient Polei

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: 4'11, brown eyes, red hair, Normal Strengthness

Clothing: Usually blue and green robes with a yellow witches hat.

Personality: He has mood changes according to the situation he is in

Bio: He is only been told he was a wizard just a while ago, and sent to the school because of the secret. He will turn into a vampire-wizard soon. He likes Music for relaxation, enjoyment and just plain fun.

Other: Wizard-vampire hybrid

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The Unlogic

Name: Limited

Age: Unknown, looks about twenty.

Gender: Male

Appearance: White skin with a blue glow, black hair with blue highlights, the word LIMITED tattooed across his forehead, blue horns.

Clothing: Blue jeans, blue shirt with LIMITED on it, blue combat boots.

Personality: Silent, and a weird kind of cheery.

Bio: His creation was created on the grid, a massive grid where he couldn't step off the lines. After a while, he managed to escape, but lost contact with his brother. He's been going about trying o find him, but with no success. He has come here in hopes of finding him.

Other: Has super strength, and can use the horns on his head as weapons.

10/9/2009 #830

Name: Sebastian Dane.

Age: Was 17 when he became immortal. Years immortal: 197.

Appearance: He has shoulder length, sandy blond hair and mahogany eyes with a hint of green near the pupils. He is six feet tall, athletic, lean. He is tan, but not overly so.

Clothing:Wears a plain white shirt and comfortably loose jeans, with a black leather trench coat over top. A silver cross dangles from a matching chain around his neck, and an onyx signet ring is on his right hand. Plain black Converses.

Personality: He is quiet, reserved. He usually spends time by himself, outside. He hates being cooped up indoors. He has a quick wit, but usually suppresses it out of courtesy for others. He has a huge temper, and has learned that being patient benefits him much more than lashing out at someone.

Bio: Sebastian grew up in an early nineteenth century England. His parents were rich, stuck up aristocrats whom he hated with a passion. Despite this, he learned to be a gentleman whenever possible. He was an only child. He preferred to spend time alone than with other children, and never participated in their games. His parents forced him into awkward social situations, and for that he hated them as well. But at the age of seventeen, everything changed. He had always enjoyed taking long walks in the forest on his family's estate, and his birthday that year was no exception. His mother had planned yet another torture session for him, which she had the audacity to call a party, and he needed time to think. During his walk, he came upon a young, beautiful maiden. He was enchanted by her beauty and did not realize how long he was with her. She put a spell on him to keep him in a deep sleep, and when he woke, she was gone. She had left a shimmering black cloak and a silver dagger. He returned home to find an enraged father and a distraught mother awaiting him. That night, his father attempted to murder him by stabbing him in the heart. That was when Sebastian discovered he was immortal.

Weapons/Equipment: Some self defense. Silver dagger with an onyx pommel stone and rubies in the hilt.

Other: The only thing that can kill him is the dagger that he carries. He has not yet discovered his ability to read minds. Cloak: The cloak he was given by the woman changes form as desired. He prefers the trench coat. Although his clothing changed with the times, the coat remained the same.

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(Cool, wanna rp?)

10/19/2009 #832

(Eh I thought I'd replace some older character with a new one XP in this case Suchi since moon is hardly on)

Name: Christopher Antonio (he's alstralian, and prefers chris)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: just a bit more fit than him, not super ripped or toned.

Clothing: often seen in clothes worn in 'school' anime shows by students, these clothes are exact replicas of the real thing.

Personality: Fun loving and a bit shy at first, Chris won't say much unless he's around one of his pieces of art. He's friendly and cares for people's safety, doesn't go out of his way if he doesn't feel like he can.

Bio: Not a whole lot to write home about, a slightly athletic bookworm with interests in art and writing. He has written and sold his own anime series known as "sogisho chun" a teen Harim anime about a student with special powers. In fact, they're his powers, the series is strange in a way, even more so than exsisting herim shows but also widely popular. He continuously improves his drawing in the anime stylisim and many others. Though the fanbase is quite wide, he's not very famous publically. Because he showes up at less meetings and photo ops than any other animator. He tries to be normal even though he knows he cant, he often picks on himself for the strong resemblence between the main character of his series and his real life. Which at one point were the same, he spent six years pulling all the sketches back into their sketches when he accidentally released a ton of them (around a hundred) this happened in his sleep when he first descovered his power. Now that he'd tamed his wild power, he often fools around with it now and again just to see how many weird looks he can get.

Other: Chris has incredible animation prowes, though he's limited to photographs and what lies within them, he can still bring them to life. Inanimate objects, regardless of what they are (food, money, weapons, anything he can draw in grand detail) instantly become the 'real' thing. If they're mystic weapons, say the light arrows from Zelda, they'd work the same way. Living beings however (again, regardless of what they are, they can even be things and creatures from real anime/cartoons, or just creatures he made up himself) become three d 'living' animations, they have minds, hearts and personalities like real people do. The way they look is quite different, if you've seen who framed rogger rabit it's quite similar to the cartoons, however they remain in the same style as they were drawn. A CGI drawn character he drew on his computer for example would look exactly that way in real life. An anime drawn character would do the same, but with the anime style, this rule applies to whatever people or animals he brings to life. He can also turn them back into paintings/photographs if he wants, weather they want to or not if needed.

EDIT: I'll set him up in a couple of places if anyone wants to meet him

10/29/2009 . Edited 10/29/2009 #833

Name: Danny Kay

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Fairly handsome, caucasian, dark, well groomed hair, and he tends to wear slip on shoes, button down shirts with the sleeves pulled up, and jeans.

Personality: He's pretty smug. He used to be a ladies man, but feels like he's slipping, lately. He dislikes animals and lately has felt more and more tempermental. He was transferred to School City when he was bit by a 'dog', and wasn't told why. So he was very excited when he arrived to find the school no longer existed.

Background: A typical spoiled kid, only child, who is unknowingly in the stages of becoming a werewolf. He was bitten by his next door neighbor, after he had 'accidentally' run over the neighbor's shitzu with his convertable. His parents were contacted by someone who worked for the school, and after a little convincing that magic and the supernatural were real, agreed to send Danny away. They gave him his own apartment, and more money than he would need.

11/12/2009 #834

Name: Layla

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black hair, light skin, Bright blue eyes, pretty ordinary but still hot acording to my friends.

Clothing: anything emo or gothic

Personality: Pretty easy to get along with. Sometimes in a good mood but sometimes depressed.

Bio: Um.... Nothing really to say here. I just like hanging out with my friends and being me. My motto is "Love me or hate me, I promise it won't make or break me." So if you got a problem with me, get over it. LOL. But really... I'm easy to get along with.

Other: I am vampire!

11/20/2009 #835

(i wonder if this is outdated or something... mind if i join? ^^)

Name: Kaelle Rayne

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Big eyes that keep changing color, ruler-straight, bronze hair that reaches her collarbones with a white streak down the front right, 551 cm tall, slender, silver wings with navy blue lining. did i forget anything?

Clothing: Lightweight but warm,white cloak over a loose-fitting grey T-shirt and jeans that are more like rags at the end (because it's so worn out :D)

Personality: [good] Quiet, hard to throughly anger, quick to argue, can be funny, always alert. [bad] VERY impulsive and impatient at times.

Bio: She trained herself in martial arts after her parents were lost in a war when she was 12. Her brother (whom I will plan to enroll later, maybe) is her sparring partner.

Other: Note!!! not an angel, just born with wings (since i find them useful for warmth and flight ;)). She can control water.

11/20/2009 #836

Name: Cornelius “Crow” Cathredale

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Vampyre

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Back of hair, just above shoulders. Bangs, just above eyes.

Eye Color: Deep, sapphire blue.

Clothing: Baggy, black cargo pants and a hunters green turtleneck sweater.

Personality: Quiet, and withdrawn. Kory really doesn’t open up to many, for, he believes, his feelings, are his own. Highly respectful and honorable towards others, chivalry is not dead to this young vampyre. He holds high regards to those who hold to tradition, and though he does not physically, frowns upon the prospect of change. He is very down-to-earth, and will not ask people to do anything he would not do a hundred times over himself. Yet, in all this fine veneer, Cornelius holds to a darker truth.

Bio: (Not to seem rude, but the majority if his Bio can be found out through my Rp posts. I play heavy on flash-backs. However...)

----Cornelius was born in the small Ukrainian village of Khust. Not much is known of the boy, outside of what he and his sister know. However, it is rumored that he had lived in a small settlement named Westwood, in Massachutses of the year 1692, during the great Salem Witch Trials.


History. Cornelius loves to study the History of nations and peoples. His personal library is full of historical books, ranging from the Holy Roman Empire to Modern Mechanics.

Poetry and Prose. Cornelius is a slight writer, though he will be the first to say his works are not written well. He loves to read, and his collection of poetry and other literatures vary from angst to mystery, and languages of Latin to Turkish.

Music. Cornelius’ favorite composer is Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

11/25/2009 #837
Chiisai Shiroi Wolf

Name: Ashley Maya Poe

Age: about 17

Gender: Female

Race: No one's really sure. She seems to be a race all of her own. But for now, we'll just say she's human.

Height: (5'2")

Weight: (112lbs)

Hair Color: White

Hair Length: roughly to the shoulders...[see icon], bangs however are longer and have a tendency to fall into her eyes.

Eye Color: Green. Or are they blue..? It takes a bit of staring to figure it out, but they are definitely blue--no, green.

Clothing: dangerously loose fitting jeans, black semi-long sleeved shirt layered with a red shirt that has a picture of a skeleanimal on it. Hands have fingerless biking gloves. Oh, and padded headphones hand either around her neck or on her ears.

Personality: Detached, off, strange, Sporratic. Most people think of her as having a dangerous personality, cold and silent. She doesn't care for what people think of her (hard to believe, eh?). Will say what's on her mind regardless of consequenses, if you look like poo, she'll say you look like a get the point. Like I said, she'd pretty detached. Things such as 'new age' do NOT seem to apply to her at all. Ahsley has a bad habit of signing up for everything and then quitting the very next day. Not because she can't do them, but because none of them can hold her attention. She will also do something on instinct or impulse.

Bio: eh, will be revealed as time goes on...It's a checkered, crimson-stained past though.


Anything related to art. Painting, drawing, sketching. The drawings themselves aren't amazing, but something about them holds a veiwers attention.

Music. She loves playing instraments and knows how. Pianos, Drums, Keyboard, Guitar...writing lyrics or compositions is what she mostly enjoys, but they always feel lacking.

Literature. Books...Books...BOOKS!!!! Ashley LOVES books. Sir Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe are her favorites. Especially Poe's poems which are dark in nature.

Mathmatics. She likes how it can connect so beautifully with nature and life.

11/26/2009 #838

Name: Daniel Youngblood

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Caucasian, Native American, and African American

Family: Melody Archer-Youngblood (his mom. 33 years old). Jonathan Youngblood (his dad. 40 years old) Sarah Youngblood (his younger sister. 12 years old)

Height: 5.10

Weight: 154. His physique is lean and athletic

Hair: It's golden blonde and it's in a thick Caesar cut

Eye color: Light Blue Eyes

Clothing tye: Anything brand name like American Eagle, Nike, Rocawear, Polo, etc

Personality: He's a bit energetic. Daniel is also a nice guy and he’s always willing to help anybody out as long as their intentions are good. Daniel is a very good friend and he’ll be truly loyal to you

Bio: Daniel has always been the personification of the “all American boy” due to his great academic skills, truly handsome and attractive features, and good attitude that he’s basically had before he could walk however Daniel is a bit unsure of himself. He has reached the point where he has to start planning for his future TODAY. So now Daniel is basically on a self-made mission to make his life as organized and pre-planned as possible


Athletics because he’s the starting point guard & the team captain of the school basketball team and he’s also the best wide receiver on the school football team a well as the star center fielder on the school baseball team

Helping out the school/community because he is always the first guy to join any school club or organization that can help the school or community.

History because not only is it his best class (he has a A grade average in it) he believes that “learning from the past will us plan our future“. His next best classes are Gym (he has a A average in that), and Math (he has a B+ average in that)

Reading a variety of books, magazine, comic books, basically piece of paper with words and/or pictures

Listening to a variety of music that includes multiple forms of rap, pop, r&b, rock, and gospel music.

Future Plans: He wants to graduate High school and go to an intelligent school that's not too high class and stuck up (that means no Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc). He treats athletics as a extracurricular activity and nothing more and probably stop playing school sports when he’s a upperclassman unless at least one of the school teams that he’s on do really well in his sophomore year

Special Info: He is a true heartthrob and he has more than a few girls coming after him he’s just pretty oblivious to them. Daniel is also a great singer He can sprout and retract angel wings from his back at will but he only does it if it is really necessary. He also has a great healing abilitly

11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #839

Name: Seiteki Rihatsu


Gender: Female

Race: Japanese

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Migoto Sukimura-Rihatsu (Her mom. 30 years old) Hidai Rihatsu (Her dad 38 years old) Aiyoku Rihatsu ( Older sister. 19 years old )

Height: 5.5

Weight 135

Hair: It’s long, raven black, and it reaches past her shoulders in length

Eye color: Dark green

Clothing Type: Simple clothes with 1 or 2 colors but all of them have some type of design

Personality: Seiteki is shy, quiet and timid. but she’s really caring and protective of her friends, family, or anything near and dear to her. She always has a positive attitude and good self esteem

Bio: Seiteki was born beautiful as she won many beauty pageants all over the country when she was just a little kid. However as soon as she hit puberty she changed from just being a pretty face to being pretty everywhere else too as her body was much more developed as a female as soon as she hit puberty. Seiteki is out to prove that she is more than just a “pretty everything” (that’s what she calls herself) and her parents are more than willing to help her


Reading popular fiction, mini-library in her home that’s full of popular fiction books from various authors of the past and present.

Reading Anime and watching manga especially so she can compare the differences and similarities of the two

Writing her own fanfiction stories and posing them to the internet

Painting, sculpting, and other types of artwork

Making her own music because she can effectively play a guitar, clarinet, violin, and trumpet. She even wrote a few songs

Strategy games and games of chance because she doesn't lose...ever

Future Plans: She wants to go to a Ivy league college (specifically Princeton) when she graduates and study Law and Public Affairs (yes this is an actual course that Princeton has)

Special Info: Seiteki is one of the most beautiful girls in the school and her body is much curvier then most of the other girls. Seiteki also has a IQ of 185. She’s also a telepath with the ability to read minds and see into the future but only about things that are happening to her at the moment. She also has a photographic memory. When Seiteki is angry she can use her powers to levitate things

11/27/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #840
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