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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Uppgreyedd to 2018

Name: Setenza (whether this is his first, last, or even real name, only his family and teachers seem to know), Set (for short)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Hispanic, Filipino ("At least a fraction, like an eighth," he insists)

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Standing at 5'9" and weighing 147 pounds, Seteneza has an average build of someone his size and ethnicity. He is moderately attractive, with a handsome face, a somewhat athletic body, and a charming smileHe has a light-brown skin tone, with short black hair that is spiked, and very light peach fuzz. His eyes are a sharp brown, and he has scar that covers a large portion of his left cheek.

Clothing: An alarming majority of Setenza's jeans, shorts, shirts, and sweaters are from the Southpole brand (to the point where he regularly jokes that he's a part of their commericials). Nonetheless, he normally dresses in white Nike sneakers, a white Southpole t-shirt, and a black, unzipped Southpole sweater.

Personality: As Setenza would say, "Were it not for my certaninty that I am, in fact, sane, I'd say my personality's split". The reason behind this statement? He practically acts like two different people, depending on the circumstances and his surroundings. At school, he's normally stoic, deadpanned, snarky, quiet, and a little intimidating. However, outside of school (or with friends and family, or just when he feels like it) he can be a talkative, cheerful, person. For the most part though, he is generous, nice, shy, laid-back, carefree and intelligent person.

His negative traits though, are notable. He can be extremely lazy ("People like me are what led to the 'Mexicans are lazy bastards' stereotype"), he will normally lie in any situation where the truth will be an inconvienence to him and to anyone ("I only lie when its practical to lie. And you'd be surprise at how practical lying can be") and he will inappropiately gaze at any female that is moderately attractive and have inappropriate thoughts about them ("If you are hot in any way or form, chances are I will happily kiss, date, or sleep with you, given the opportunity"). (To his credit though, he would never outright grope or hit on a girl.)

Simply put though, Seteneza best describes himself as, "Pessimistically optimistic." (Oh, and he curses. Alot.)

Bio: If he fails his senior year, he might as well commit suicide. At least that's how his mom and two older sisters are feeling in regards to his recent performances in school. Planning for college? Pfft, yeah right. His only longterm goal is to graduate high school, but with his tendency to put things off till the last minute, this is turning out to be one lofty goal. While quite a number of the other students have bigger and more varied problems, it doesn't make his any less stressful.

Other: There are seven things he loves: Pro Wrestling, Movies, Videogames, Television, Music, Writing, and Comedy.

He's been a fan of professional wrestling since as far as he can remember, and to be a pro wrestler is his one dream job (though he's very hardpressed to admit it). Because of this, he's gone out of his way to teach himself moves that he is certainly capable of (and could be useful in a fight). If you get in a fight with him, make sure to be beyond grapple distance.

His love of movies has made him somewhat of a film buff. Although, while he loves to analyze classics like The Godfather and Pulp Fiction, this doesn't stop from enjoying popcorn flicks like Transformers and Godzilla.

Only pro wrestling predates his love of videogames. In particular, he loves fighting games, action/adventure platformers, and FPS games.

If he's at home, there's a 90 percent chance he's watching television. Hell, he was practically raised by it (with both parents too busy with work or housework, and two siblings with lives of their own, it was television that taught him the birds and the bees)

Regardless of genre, Setenza will listen to (and probably like) any song that is remotely good or catchy. He would love to learn how to play guitar, but knows he doesn't have the patience for it. He does have a decent singing voice, though.

Despite his English grades being far from stellar, Setenza truly enjoys writing, particularly fictional stories.

Setenza will laugh at anything. Anything.

... Well, as long as it's even remotely funny. Even if the joke is at his expense, Setenza takes a lot things in good humor. As he says, "Comedy, like fighting, is something - when you think about it - that no one should really have high-standards for."

11/28/2009 #841
Chiisai Shiroi Wolf

(this is an old charrie I had before so I’ just gonna update it a little..)

Name: Mei Kodak (often called camera because of her last name)

Age: 14-15

Gender: Female

Race: Wolf (not lycan, not werewolf)

Nationality: She was born in Asia, then moved to California.

Appearance: She’s the shortest girl of her age (and race) so everyone thinks of her as a middle school freshman. Mei has white wolf ears and a tail, larger than normal canines though they don’t poke out of her mouth, you can see the difference when she smiles. Her eyes are golden in color, and her hair is long and black with red streaks. She wears round glasses with reluctance as they add to her childish appearance, and will opt to “run around batty blind” most of the time. Mei doesn’t go out much—heck, she often jokes that she’s should be part vampire with how creamy and pale her skin is. Skin is pretty fair.

Clothing:). Usually a combination of fitted jeans and NOBO or NO BOUNDARIES brand shirts. She also likes any kind of Happy Bunny brand clothing, and owns several hoodies of that brand.

Personality: Mei has serious problems for a 15 year old advanced kid. Childhood abuse and abandonment left her with a strong phobia for open spaces. Pressure to graduate and become successful in life has made her very hard on herself. Mei is plagued with undiagnosed insomnia, which often hinders her ability to stay focused in classes (of course she catches up quickly.), and the fact that she consumes alarming amounts of energy products doesn’t help. If she receives less than an ‘A+’ on anything, she falls into a steep depression and will sometimes self-mutilate as punishment. As for first impressions, she’s a ditzy klutz and a shy, naïve elementary kid.

Bio: One parent was a bisexual half-warlock half-vampyre, the other a shapeshifting wolf-demon. They had a boy first, who was a vampire-demon, and then years later Mei was born as a wolf. By this time, her brother had left for college. Her father resented her for her defectiveness, and kept her hidden away in shame, sometimes committing cruel acts to train her to become perfect in every other aspect because of her one flaw. Mei was six when she first wandered outside, and after her parents discovered this they moved. In the new home, Mei was locked away in the basement and forgotten. But she still had her brother’s old school books and papers which she studied from every night while locked in the basement. That’s why she has such bad eyesight now.

During inspection one day, as the house was being torn down years later, Mei was found sleeping and near death from starvation by the inspectors. By this time, the building had been long abandoned, and was virtually falling apart. She was first taken to the police station where she was questioned without luck, then sent to the hospital for treatment. Mei was tested by a tutor who was surprised to find out she was smarter than the average child, and recommended she be put in high school when she got out of the hospital.

Other: Mei is still learning about the world, her favorite things to indulge in are books, food, and videogames. So much that without supervision she’ll do so until she gets ill or ends up in the hospital. Mei loves watching combat sports, but doesn’t have the confidence to try out for any teams. Where most learned how to ride a bike, Mei was strictly lessoned in archery and swimming.

12/1/2009 #842

Name: Andrew Hawthorne

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: English

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Ashley Stone (His Mom. 32 years old) Michael Hawthorne (His dad. 40 years old) Jason Hawthorne (His older Brother. 23 years old) Warren Hawthorne (Younger Brother. 12 years old)

Height: 6.4

Weight: 205. His physique is athletic and chiseled

Hair: It’s medium length, black short, and it’s in a bowl cut

Eye Color: Brown

Clothing Type: Clothes with multiple colors and with some kind of deep, philosophical saying on it

Personality: Andrew is calm, aloof, and really relaxed yet he’s pretty friendly if you get to know him. He has a bit of a high & mighty attitude but that only when you annoy him.

Bio: His parents are multi-billionaires in industry and philanthropy but despite his families great wealth Andrew lives a humble lifestyle to prevent fake and phony friendships (However he always carries 1,000 dollars on him at any given time).He just wants to live a regular life in high school, go on to college, and be as normal as he

possibly can


Playing soccer (He’s the lead striker on the school soccer team) and playing baseball (He’s the star shortstop on the school baseball team)

Playing his autographed ACDC guitar. He has a recording studio in his house

Special info: A few people have told Andrew that he looks like a younger combo of all 4 members of The Beatles. He has Paul McCartney's lips. John Lennon’s eyes and hair, George Harrison's nose, and Ringo Starr's ears. He’s a heck of a flirt even though he’s not trying to be one because most of the girls just adore his British voice. He can transform into a lion-human hybrid

12/12/2009 #843

Name: Lithium

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Hair: Purple with black tips

Eyes: Green

Clothing: Black t-shirt with the word Hallucination written in purple sharpie across the front. Black jeans, wears one black converse and one purple converse. Elbow length fingerless gloves again in black and purple. Also has a purple jacket, plus a black wolly hat, with one purple and one black cat ears sewn onto it.

Personality: As seen from his clothing, Wraith is in contrast with his name quite happy. He is a great writer/photographer. Loves hanging out with people.

Bio: Not much to say, lived a quite life, until he discovered he could see ghosts. Thrown out of his home for the "hallucinations" as his parents termed them. Wraith travlled alot, having a string of romances. He bought a camera and took pictures where ever he went, and also started writing.

Other: Gay, can see ghosts, has a pet cat, is a writer and a photograhper.

12/12/2009 . Edited 1/10/2010 #844

Name: Diamond ‘Dia’ Creed

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall, very curvy and pale skinned. Messy black hair down to her shoulders and bright purple eyes

Clothing: Dark purple, short, pleated dress, high at the front with almost no back. Black belt and black boots with three buckles on the side. Black and white stripped stockings and arm warmers. Black bat wings.

Personality: Cheeky and fun at most times though slightly hot-headed.

Bio: Dia grew up in the bad parts of town without strong parental support. She learnt street fighting to keep herself alive and always had to hid her wings and eye colour. She got a job serving at a café and payed for the school.

Other: She has complete mastery over fire, flight and has a habit of floating unintentionally.

12/12/2009 #845


12/21/2009 . Edited 12/21/2009 #846

Name: Ingrid von Schwarz

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: German

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Zelda Krieger (Her mom. 35 years old) Wolfgang von Schwarz (Her dad. 41 years old)

Hair: It's blond and it reaches the center of her back in length

Eye Color: Bright blue

Clothing Type: Only clothes with single colors

Personality: She’s tough and forceful but only to people who aggravate her. She keeps to herself and she’s really mellow

Bio: Her parents are from the “old school” at that really toughened Ingrid up to the point where even though she may look attractive and innocent she is too hard and serious to be treated like a “cupcake”. All she wants to do is live a normal life and she hopes (for their sake) that people don’t annoy her.


Drinking root beer and ginger ale

Watching documentaries and reading biographies

Types of exercise because she does cardio exercise as well as strength exercise on a daily basis

“Rolling Stone” and “People” magazines. She has boxes of them in her room, her basement, and in her attic

Special Info: She looks like a younger, raven-haired version of that girl on the “St Pauli Girl” beer bottle (Except she has bigger breasts and thicker hips and thighs)She has nearly infinite strength

12/21/2009 . Edited 12/23/2009 #847


12/22/2009 #848

I'm just reintroducing a few of my old characters; they were somewhat forgotten in my absence.

Name: Cassie Hale.

Age: 18.

Sexuality: Straight.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Average height (5'5"), slim, barely any curves; long, gently waving, honey-colored hair (mid-back) with side-swept bangs; soft golden eyes, like a lion's, with the characteristic slitted pupils of a cat. Ears and tail are white with silver highlights; has no human ears; slightly tan.

Clothing: White corset shirt with bell sleeves that cover everything to her fingertips, laces up the sides; V-neck, but not too low; gold cross necklace that rests just in the space between her collar bones on a matching chain; black flare jeans; white leather Oxfords (high heeled shoes, for those of you who don't know).

Personality: Kind of irritable, hides her true feelings, hates to be interrupted when she's concentrating, but can also be nice and has an interesting, witty sense of humour.

Bio: Lived in various foster homes until this year, when she came by a large sum of money under, shall we say... curious circumstances. She enrolled in the school so that people wouldn't ask too many nosy questions, and is following a few leads on a girl she knew as a child.

Other: She is a neko, and can change her molecular stability to walk through solid objects.


Name: Charlie M. Cross. (Charlotte Mackenzie)

Age: Born May 10, 1603. Turned immortal at the age of 17, circa 1620. It is now 2009. (406 yrs)

Sexuality: Straight.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Tall, 5'9"; long, dark brown hair, about mid-back with straight bangs, just in her eyes, which are sapphire with bright, ice blue around the pupils. She is of Italian descent, so her skin is naturally dark, an olive tone. She is slim, with curves that compliment her nicely.

Clothing: Generally wears khaki cargo pants or loose, dark gray sweats. Top: Black tank top, which rests just above the top hem of her pants. Also, a purple-and-white plaid button-down top, sleeves rolled above the elbow. Shoes: 5.10 Guide shoes, slate gray with orange laces. In cold weather, she dons a plain black beanie, a light, black polyester windbreaker and black gloves.

Personality: She is very introverted, really shy around strangers, but with close friends she loosens up. She can be rather moody, but is mainly an optimistic person. She is always extremely aware of her environment and the people therein, and is therefore hardly ever surprised or startled. She has an uncanny sense of direction, which her friends used to say was eerie. She does not speak of her personal life.

Bio: She just sort of showed up. She does not divulge anything about herself if she can help it. All that is known is that she came from England, and only that much because of her strong British accent. She has no living relatives.

Weapons: Herself. She is a black belt in karate, has taken hundreds of martial arts and self-defense classes, and has had military training in handguns, tactics, and pretty much everything. (She is, after all, four centuries old.) She carries various knives concealed in a number of places, such as the small of her back, along her outer thigh, and on her inner forearm.


12/22/2009 . Edited 12/28/2009 #849

Yay, so ur back for a while? :P I have an interesting new character who'll replace samantha if that sounds interesting. And of course I'm gonna edit later with the bio ^^

12/22/2009 #850

Who are you talking to?

12/22/2009 #851

Umm you maybe? :S lol

12/22/2009 #852

haha ok then.

12/22/2009 #853

I was talking about someone who had on there post something about Wales. Were I come from

12/23/2009 #854

Anyways. I got 2 new students!

Name: Franklin Sullivan

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Race: Irish

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Shannon Kennedy-Stone (His Mom. 30 years old) Brian Stone (His Dad. 35 years old)

Clothing Type: He wears loose & breathable clothes. All of them have lighter colors

Personality: He’s as charismatic as they come. Franklin is extremely charming. Franklin almost always has a positive attitude.

Bio: Franklin was practically born with the ability to charm people. Even as a baby he had the ability to make people do what he wanted at his will and now that he’s a teenager he is even more of the manipulator. He plans to create a lot of excitement in school and in his life in general.


Drinking root beer and ginger ale

Reading comic books ( he has HUNDREDS of them)

Singing (he is a pretty good singer)

Soccer and football because he is the star defender on the school soccer team and he’s also the star kicker for the school football team

Games of strategy and chance

Writing stories and songs

Special Info: He looks like a combo of both Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter Series. His body is defined to a decent extent since Franklin has some defined abs, a somewhat muscular chest, and a tight butt. He has sapphire blue eyes. Franklin can warp reality to make the most impossible and improbable events actually happen as long as they make sense and are logical


Name: Giselle Lenoir

Age: 16

Race: French

Sexuality: Straight

Family: Angelique Delacroix-Lenoir (Her mom. 29 years old) Pierre Lenoir (Her dad. 37 years old)

Clothing type: Doesn't really matter as long as it’s from a well known brand

Personality: She’s vain and egotistical. Giselle only cares about herself UNLESS you are a family member or a member of her clique

Bio: Giselle has always had whatever the heck she wanted given the pure monetary wealth that her parents have. She was spoiled rotten as a little kid and that has molded her into a smug, mostly self-centered teenage girl. She doesn't care about her future or right now just as long as she gets what she desires


Fashion (both urban and runway)

Multiple types of music

Her iPhone and her red BlackBerry Tour (which one of her friends jokingly call a “Strawberry Tour”)

All types of Beauty Products

Seeing her reflection in the mirror (with or without clothes on)


Writing in her diary

Special Info: She has really pretty face but her body is her best trait because it is lean and fit with noticeable muscle on her truly feminine body. Her body is immune to all diseases and illnesses and she emits a pheromone that attracts males at her own will

12/24/2009 #855

Name: Jimmy "Wolfman" Hammond

Age: 14

Gender: male

Appearance: (Physical appearance) WARNING!!!! CAN TRANSFORM BETWEEN 2 ANIMALS (if ok)



Clothing: (as human ) Grey button up shirt with cameo pants also has a silver ring and a wolf head silver necklace both of which he never takes off

Personality: Easy 2 get pissed off and then will kill nearly anything but other than that he is rather calm

Bio: lost his brother when he was 10 and has since then moved on but hopes to find his bro james hammond

Other: Is a black belt 6 in taekwondo and judo

here are Jimmys 3 theme songs

Theme # 1 ( New divide by linkin park) :

Theme # 2 ( Bleed it out by linkin park) :

theme # 3 the fallout 3 theme song

12/27/2009 . Edited 1/7/2010 #856

Name: Charlie Anderson

Age: 28

Gender: Male/Straight

Appearance/Clothes: Very tall, about 6'5 and lanky. Proverbially messy blonde hair that has a habit of hanging in his face. Thick rimmed glasses. Jeans, often full of holes, and band tees, usually classics like The Beatles, The Who or college stuff like Radiohead.

Personality: Reserved and fairly shy, but often attempts to make up for it by being too-loud and too nosy at the wrong moments. Rather naive, loveingly called a nerd constantly by all his friends. Overall fairly sweet and laid-back, likes to joke around and is sarcastic, sometimes to the point of being mean.

Bio: His mother died in childbirth, leaving him the only child to be raised by a single father. He had a normal childhood, with a close group of friends who all shared his interests in comic book heroes, classic rock, and reading. His father owned The Bookshop in town, but Charlie attended a local highschool in the next town over instead of "THE SCHOOL". He attended a local university on scholarship, studing literature, until his father fell ill. He left in his sophmore year and his father died the next year. He never returned to school but instead took over ownership of The Bookshop.

Other: Don't get him started about Spiderman. He will argue about the amazing-ness of Spiderman until his heart gives out.

1/5/2010 #857

Name: James hammond

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: (Physical appearance) 5 foot 8, 100 kg


Personality: same as jimmy hammond

Bio: got seperated from his brother and parents when he was 10 but has since then joined the army and was testing new armour but was given 260,000$ to take the armour and leave the army and is now seaching for his brother jimmy

Other: strong at physical fighting and always has his 50' cal desert eagle and spaz 12

: Spaz 12:

Desert eagle:

1/7/2010 #858

Why? Because I really, really needed to update her bio, just for my own benefit of keeping all her life-events straight in my head.

Name: Vittoria (Vi) Gallini

Age: 19

DOB: June 1, 1895

Gender: Female/Straight

Look: 5'6 height, average weight and body type, a bit on the skinny side (from all the stress! ;)). Eyes are gold-brown. Long, dark brown, wavy hair. She wears usually a tee-shirt and ripped jeans, or a dress. She's not concerned with clothing or fashion but can get really polished and fancy if the need (or want) arises. Often wears a light amount of make-up.

Personality: A bit wary from her long life experience, but generally friendly. Has a pretty awful temper and can jump to wild conclusions, but usually is able to keep herself in check. Romantic, falls in love pretty easily and despairs of ever hurting another person's feelings. On the one hand, fairly suspicious. But once you win her over she's gullible, to an extent. Usually sarcastic, the hardest on Torval. But that's usually just flirting. :)

Bio ( kind of condensed, but not really): Vittoria was born to a baker and his wife on the island of Sicily. She had a great life and a loving family. At the age of seventeen, she became unofficially engaged to her first love (he had just asked her father for permission and needed only to buy a ring). About a week before her eighteenth birthday, a small clan of vampires invaded her village in the night, burning down things and generally wreaking havoc eating everyone. The leader of the clan (don't recall what I originally named him, so he shall be rechristened as Lorenzo) Lorenzo, found her in her home. His followers ate her family and she was helpless, but Lorenzo protected her from the others, saying he had found himself a pretty young bride. He proceeded to rape and then turn her.

In the aftermath, a confused Vi stumbled around her nearly destroyed village. Her fiance, Marco, wandered up to her, bleeding. In her new-vampiric out-of-body-state, she killed him and he became her first meal, something that haunts her to this day.

Lorenzo and the others took her back to an old abandoned castle, their "headquarters" and she spent about a year with them, until she managed to win a fight against Lorenzo and run off.

She spent the next 90 or so years travelling the world. She partied, killed, had a couple of lovers and learned to really like being a vampire.

Around, say, 2007 she came to School City. She had friends and etc. etc. She became involved with the vampire Torval who managed to finally kill Lorenzo (who stalked her and had epic bloody battles with her from time-to-time throughout her life.). First as a strange sort of friend, and then eventually as a lover. The crazed great-great-something-grandson of Torval, Phineas, looking to eradicate all vampires and exact revenge on Torval, tried out a drug on Vittoria that would change her human. It worked all too well, poisoning her blood and preventing her from simply being changed back. After many and assorted dangerous adventures (often involving Torval being dead and then coming back and crazy stuff like that), Vittoria and Torval became engaged. Torval has decided to take the cure and grow old with her, but has not done it as of yet.

1/7/2010 #859

Name: Evelyn Joker

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: A haughty sultry girl with ivory skin and long dark brown curls that fall mid back. Tiny waist and large hips/bust, with long thick legs. She has a perfectly symmetrical face with emerald green eyes and pouty lips and perfectly arched dark eyebrows. Never wears make up because she doesn't have too.

Clothing: High collared sleeveless black dress with diamond shaped cutouts at the curve of her hip. The dress is black silk and hit mid thigh. She wears tall black boots and a cranberry read trench with a popped collar.

Personality: Arrogant and quiet. Very confident in herself and is musically talented. She is a haughty girl as well, referred to as a tease quite often, but is terrified of boys. Rides rodeo and plays the cello

Bio: Daughter of a rich mysterious family, she escaped an arranged marriage with a temper tantrum, only to be sent to a public high school. She is quiet but arrogant and holds herself up highly. She rides horses and rides in the rodeo, leading a double life. She had an accident, but no one knows for sure that changed her life. She is a mysterious person but will speak up fro herself.

Other: a thick scar that starts under her chin and runs down her neck and across her back, getting wider as it goes down to mid-back. No one knows how she got it, or how she survived getting her neck split open to scar up like that.

1/7/2010 #860

Name: Necoy Raltempor

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Slightly pale pink skin, dark black hair, hazel eyes, 160cm tall, 75kg weight.

Clothing: Red t-shirt, Blue fabric jacket, jeans, white steel-capped boots, white fabric gloves, black goggles on his head.

Personality: Friendly, not afraid to defend himself, adventurous, brave, will defend his best friends with his life.

Bio: Necoy is a wanderer; he's never stayed in one place for more then a week. He left his home at 10 to travel the world. He spends his time just keeping himself alive by using the large amount of money he got from his parents and defending himself using his Psychic powers. He doesn't pay much attention to anyone, unless they're a friend to him. Tends to ask new friends about his Psychic powers, since he hasn't developed a full understanding, or mastered his powers yet.

Other: Knows special Psychic powers that are known as PK/PSI Powers. His most powerful Psychic Power is PK Starstorm (anyone who's played SSBB will know this), but after using it, he'll faint from sheer exhaustion. Will only use this Psychic Technique if a friend or himself is in extreme danger, and if PK Starstorm is the absolute only way to save them/him. He still doesn't understand his powers, so he still has many new Psychic powers to learn.

1/13/2010 . Edited 1/13/2010 #861

Name: Acid

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Apperance: Five foot four inches, rainbow hair and eyes. Flat stomach.

Clothing: Rainbow top, black jeans, doc marten boots. Random assortment of braclets and charms on left arm, black fingerless glove on right.

Personality: Determined, divides people into three groups, "important" "nonimportant" and "possible"

Bio: Fell into the alternative crowd at highschool, became best-friends with a girl name Glitter. Glitter dissappeared, Acid went off to find her.

Other: Carries a substance called Infinity with her, it's like a drug, sort of. Can call thorns out of nothing.

2/26/2010 #862
Nocturnals Warrior

I got a new one :D

Name: He is named after his father, and people call him Giac (pronounced Jack) as a nickname. But his family calls him Alison to prevent confusion between him and his father.

Age: He looks 25 but his is in fact much older. Born in 1760

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has medium long brown/blond hair which is tied together in a small tail on the back of his head ( He has piercing blue eyes and perfect teeth. Overall He is quite handsome and he knows it.

Clothing: He wears clothes like this at home ( but he outside he wears satin or silk jackets/shirts and shirts of Florentine lace, leather boots and black pants.

Personality: He is arrogant yet charming, and he acts without thinking. He is quite intelligent, always coming up with some scheme to get money or seduce a woman. He is the exact replica of his father.

Bio: Giac was born in Venice in the palazzo owned by his family. He was just like his father in his younger years, silent as could be. He didn't speak at all until he turned 12. After that he started talking, to the surprise of his parents but his father suspected how it happened.

He followed in his father's footsteps, letting his family name live on and becoming notorious in the process. On his 25th his father told him he had angered a magician and that he and his family were cursed in the process. That curse was immortal live and he showed them that they could change from his elderly form to his appearance around the time he was cursed. His father changed back into how he looked in his prime, which showed Giac that he was almost the exact duplicate of his father.

Even though Giac could do this; he walked around as if he was 25. He was a seducer in his heart, yet he yearned for true love, which he had never found before.

Other: He is immortal and he has a special way to obtain a place in a woman's heart. He is extremely charming and persuasive, because he had years to perfect it. He is the son of Giacomo Casanova

3/2/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #863

Can I still add???

Name: Ran

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black hair and dark brown eyes. Her wavy hair is up to her chest and is always tied in two ponytails and braided. Fair skin and a bit tall at 5'4.

Clothing: Loves wearing shorts or skirts just above her knees and long-sleeved tops. Hates wearing dresses and shoes with heels, and often goes out with her casual outfit while wearing rubber shoes and a backpack.

Personality:She's very shy, but quite talkative. Often gets scolded by her teachers for being noisy in class. She's also quite a cry baby and a spoiled brat, since she's an only child. Since she loves to smile and laugh, she annoys her very serious seatmate with her happy-go-lucky attitude.

Bio: Ran lived in London until she was 10, when her family had to transfer in Japan. She found it easy to cope with her new life but making friends would've been very hard for her if not for her seatmate, who, because of their fighting, caught the attention of the other students resulting in Ran befriending them.

Born in a rich family as an only child, she's spoiled by her parents. Although her parents love her dearly, they're very strict with her and does not allow her to play outside without a nursemaid or two beside her. She's one of the top pupils in her school and belongs to the highest-ranking section. Her friends are a little bit envious of her but because of her generosity and humility, they can't bring themselves to hate her. She's very close with boys, probably the only boy she can't agree with is her seatmate, Kaoru Yamada.

Other: She possesses a special kind of power inside of her that was triggered when she met Kaoru.

(Except for some parts of the Bio and the Other, the character is based on my name, age, gender, appearance, clothing and personality... I hope that's okay...)

Is it okay???

3/6/2010 #864

Name: William Highwind

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: He's 6.1 inches tall and he weighs 218 lbs. He has a lean body with really ripped abs and a firm chest

Clothing: All of his clothing is from simple, normal clothing lines like Polo, Wilson, Rocawear, Nike, Levi, and whatnot.

Personality: William is a really good guy who's really quiet and mysterious especially since he has such a high level of popularity. He's nice, kind, noble, and really good-natured. He's practically a saint!

Bio: William is the All-American boy. He's handsome, gets good grades and really well liked by almost everyone. The problem is his standards are set too damn high! Given his high popularity and intelligence he is pushed to join all types of clubs and be a part of all sorts of cliques and hang ut with a certain crowd and do certain things while William is just trying to do his own thing. Then he realized that he was a mutant which sent him into solitude and semi-self isolation. Despite being one of the most popular people in the school William is humbled due to his abnormal appearance however he at this point he's planning on changing that by "spreading his wings and revealing himself to the world"


Race: Apache native American-English-Caucasian-American

Social Class: Rich. His dad is a judge for the state supreme court and his mom is a member of the House of Representatives. His brother is in Harvard University, working on his masters degree.

Family: Sarah Katherine Adams (His mom. Age 54),Theodore Edward Highwind (His dad. Age 62), Michael Highwind (His older brother. Age 24), Margaret Highwind (His younger sister. Age: 11)

Extracurricular activities: Leader of the "Students of Service" Which is basically a community service team consisting of only students of all grades. He's the starting point guard on the school basketball team and the team captain as well a starting wide receiver on the school football team. He's on the school debate team

Hobbies: He's a skilled painter. William also plays the trumpet (which he's been doing since he was 12 years old)

Favorite Music Styles: Rock, pop, R&B country, jazz, and rap (but only the independent stuff, it's his guilty pleasure)

Dream Job: He wants to be the Judge in the Supreme Court.

Special abilities: He has angel wings on his back. He can heal himself and others. His wingspan is 16 inches from wingtip to wingtip. They are feathered like a birds. His wings have a flexible structure so he can press them under the back of torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. He can run and lift than the fastest and strongest Olympic-level athletes.

Favorite Class: History

Least Favorite Class: Science

Personal Prized Possessions: A teddy bear which he still has to this very day, and his iPod Classic


Name: Amorina Cruz

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: She's 5.4 and weighs 139 lbs. Her body measurements are 36C-24-34

Clothing: Her clothing has lots of designs and colors on it no solid colors at all

Personality: Amorina is a normal girl with one exception, she loves to have some serious fun. Her good-natured attitude, and free spirit make her a really nice person too but don't underestimate her. She's also not afraid to get tough when the time is right and she's not gullible at all

Bio: Amorina is the bubbly, bouncy, pride and joy of her family. She's always been at peace when something exciting is going on. In school wherever there's a party or some kind of big event, Amorina has either created it, or she's in it. Amorina's "live like you are dying" mentality means that she's loving her life as a teenager and her life at school couldn't be better. Even though she knows she won't be here forever Amorina will make sure that the whole school knows who she is between now and graduation.


Race: Mexican (but she does speak English fluently)

Social Class: Middle Class. Her dad is a Captain of the city police force and her mom is a nurse in the 2nd largest hospital in the entire state. Her older sister Belinda is a Fashion model

Family: Catalina Dominguez-Cruz (Her mom. Age 39), Javier Rodrigo Cruz (Her dad. Age 44), Belinda Cruz (Her older sister. Age 25)

Extracurricular activities: She's a photographer on the school newspaper. She's the starting catcher for the school softball team. She's also on the student council.

Hobbies: Hosting Parties and going to parties. Going to baseball games

Favorite Music: Lots of Rap, reggaeton, R&B, and pop

Dream Job: Owner of her own clothing label

Special Abilities: She can control heat and flames to the highest level. She's can also walk through fire and only feel a strong tickling sensation.

Favorite Class: Spanish

Least Favorite Class: Math

Personal Prized Possessions: She has an autographed Jeannie Finch softball that's in a protective glass case in her room


Name: Bradley Matthews

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: He's 6. 4 and weighs 230 lbs. He has a statue-like body with his slender frame and chiseled abs

Clothing: All of his clothing has some sort of writing on it such as "what one sacrifices is never lost" and "I can't... I have rehearsal"

Personality: He's charismatic and charming. Bradley also has a good sense of honor and chivalry making him a modern day "knight in shining armor" Bradley is an all-around good guy. His status in the school makes him one of the most recognizable people and he uses that to make him one of the leaders of the student body. However he does have a big ego

Bio: Bradley is used to getting what he wants, as long as he works for it. Despite being a descendant of one of the richest families in the entire state he's far from spoiled and it's because he wants to. He's used to helping people. Whether it be the butlers and maids in his house, around the school, or around the community. However because of that Bradley believes that he should be ruling the school because he has done so many good things. His goal is to make sure the whole school remembers him after he graduates.


Race: English

Social Class: Very Rich. His dad is the governor and his mom is one of the best lawyers in the state and his brother Joseph is studying law at Harvard university and his other brother William is studying science at MIT

Family: Michelle Jeannette Davidson-Matthews (His mom. Age 38), Andrew Franklin Matthews (His dad. Age 40), Joseph Henry Matthews (His brother. Age 21), David Michael Matthews (His brother. Age 19)

Extracurricular Activities: He's the Senior class president (William is his vice president), and the starting striker on the school soccer team, as well as a wrestler on the school wrestling team. Bradley is also the head of the student council

Hobbies: Playing his guitar, watching soccer games, watching movies, and going to pro wrestling events

Favorite Music Styles: All forms of rock (especially punk rock), and some independent rap

Dream Job: President of the United States of America

Special Abilities: He can transform into a half human-half lion. He becomes 6.8 and 265 lbs, and his body truly has a male lion's features ( paws, fangs, developing lions mane. Just like a nearly grown up lion)

Favorite Class: Math

Least Favorite: History

Hobbies: Writing and playing music. He has 8 guitars and 4 of them are autographed (one is autographed by Aerosmith, another one is autographed by Black Sabbath, another one is autographed by the Sex Pistols and the final one is autographed by Bon Jovi).

Personal Prized possessions: His Guitars. Bradley has been playing the guitar since he was 12 years old. Some of those are collectors items that he only plays on rare occasions and if you break ANY of them he will truly hurt you

3/6/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #865

Name: Sarika Rajad

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: She's 5.3. and weighs 134 lbs. Her body measurements are 32C-20-34

Clothing: All of her clothing has mixtures of solid colors like red & blue, purple & pink etc.

Personality: She's a perfect combo of sugar, spice, and everything nice. She's the youngest out of 4 older siblings, all of them are boys in a hard working family. Even though she seems sweet and pure there's another side of her that's just WAITING to come out.

Bio: Sarika is a ideal girl. She's sweet as sugar but tough as nail. Being the only girl amongst four boys would do that to you. She adapted to there ways and became quite the tomboy early in her life. Now that she's a teenager Sarika is desperately trying to balance out being a girl as well as being a tomboy


Race: Indian

Social Class: Middle Class. Her dad is a supervisor at an Electric power plant and her mom is the editor of the most popular newspaper in the state. Her older brother Darshan is study automotive technology at Michigan University and oldest brother Kalkin is a studying archeology at the University of Southern California:

Family: Bimala Paroud-Rajad (Her mom. Age 43), Gagam Rajad (Her dad. Age: 49), Darshan Rajad ( Her brother. Age 20), Kalkin Rajad (Her brother. Age 18) Amare Rajad (Her brother. Age 13), Apu Rajad (Her brother. Age 8)

Extracurricular activities: She's the captain on the school volleyball team, she's a defender on the school girls soccer team, and the punter and placekicker for the school football team (not the powder puff team either, the BOYS football team)

Hobbies: Writing stories, dancing, listening to music, and watching reality shows/dance shows

Favorite Music Styles: Pop and R&B, Some rock music

Dream Job: Professional Athlete

Special Abilities: She can transform into a half woman, half king cobra. She becomes a 5.10 (6.2 when she sets up her attack) and 164 lbs. She looks really like a king cobra complete with snakelike senses and venom

Favorite Class: Gym

Least Favorite Class: Science

Personal Prized Possessions: A photo of her family. It's framed up in a high quality oak frame at the side of her bed

3/13/2010 #866

Name: Travis Kimura

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: a disheveled looking young man with black hair and hazel eyes, and a thin build.

Clothing: a black t-shirt with one red stripe, jeans and steel toed boots.

Personality: Very unstable, he can be friendly one minute, murderous the next, and then a pervert. He seems to have a constant need to "prove himself a

Bio: As a baby, he was experimented on in an effort to create a human weapon. He was rejected when he accidentally killed his cousin Brian at the age of 3. Ever since then, Travis was an extreme introvert, never quite liking his peers because of the mockery he suffered at their hands. He very quickly joined a gang, and forcibly seized control, literally enslaving the old leader. From 7th Grade on, the "Kimura Gang" became a terrifying threat due to their lack of a "Target Race or Group". Travis does have a younger brother named Suzuki afflicted with the same psychic powers, although Travis does try to keep Suzuki away from gang violence.

Other: He has an extreme phobia of snakes.

Special Ability: Extreme Telekinesis, he is powerful enough that he has to take medicine for migraines alongside methamphetamines, which he gets from blackmailing gangs with threats of unspeakable violence

3/16/2010 #867
Polybear Rider

Name: Elisa

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has Snow white hair with a red and a blue ribbon as decoration, 5'5, thin, the color of her eye's changes almost every day or when she uses a power.

Clothing: usually she wears a small white dress with a collar around her neck (as sign of her being a summon spirit)

Personality: She is extremely shy but tries her very best to help the people she likes and of course her master. Has a weapon phobia, usually she faints just at the sight of one. Very loyal to her friends and master.

Bio: not much is known about her. She just appeared one day out of nowhere to find a master, but has failed so far due her extreme shyness.

Other: She is a summoning spirit, which means once she makes a contract with a person, he or she will be her master till death. It is possible to make more than one contract but that is extremely rare for those spirits. She has the power to teleport, create shields and a few elemental powers.

3/30/2010 #868

Name: Arman Fairweather

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall, attractive youth, Arman sports the red-tinted skin of his ancestors. He keeps his smoke gray hair tied back in a ponytail, and boasts a matching soul patch on his otherwise blemish-free face. On the rare, and I do mean rare, occasions that Arman smiles, incisors too long to be human are apparent, further proof of his demonic ancestry. His lidded eyes are a hazy gray, and appear dulled over.

Clothing: Arman's apathy is reflected in his clothing. Dressing in inexpensive, grungy clothes, he shows he doesn't care what others think of him.

Personality: Arman simply doesn't care. An entirely impassive, stoic being, nothing seems to faze the tiefling. Jaded by the scorn of the magical society given his ancestry, Arman has developed a nigh-impenetrable wall of 'I don't give a damn'. Enough prying, however, can crack the shell, giving others a view of what Arman's ike on the inside: pissed the hell off.

Bio: Given his attitude, Arman doesn't have many friends, so his story goes relatively untold. The son of a single mother, Arman's got a demonic ancestor somewhere down the line. Like many tieflings, however, it's unclear exactly where this taint was inroduced. Whatever the case, Arman quickly found that he was, for the most part, disliked by the magical community, and distrusted by the mundane one. In order to cope, Arman, like most tieflings, quickly developed his 'don't bother me' attitude.

Other: As a tiefling, Arman exudes an alluring—albeit sinister—aura. He carries the faint smell of smoke wherever he goes, and is most often found with a lit cigarette clenched between his sharp teeth. Parting Arman's grey hair will reveal two smal horns on either side of his head.

3/31/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #869
The Grim fellow in the corner

Name: Roland Letzer Tugend

age: 18 (at least he looks that one is real sure how old he actually is)

Gender: Male

appearance: Six feet tall,With long white hair reaching down to his waist,purple eyes,very muscular, lightly tan and completly covered in scars.

Clothing: White sneakers, faded blue jeans, A tight white T shirt, Worn Brown leather jacket lined with fur, sunglasses

Personality: A complete and utter sociopath, Roland has no emotions at all. Most of the time he has a charming, happy go lucky attitude and wears a half grin on his face, He is quick to laugh. On the rare occasions he drops his outwards personna He speaks in a emotionless tone and his eyes lose any signs of life.It has been describe as peering into the depths of hell itself..

BIO: Roland has long since given up on trying to piece together his past. He woke up a thousand years ago with a big scar on his forhead.He couldn't recall anything about his past. Since he woke up he spends most of his time traveling between dimensions and seeing the sights. Recently, on a whim, he decided to enroll himself in highschool.

Other: as far as he can tell he is immortal. walking away from big bang sized explosions has given him quite an ego. That and the fact that he is wicked strong and fast.Much like his age, he has no idea how strong he actually is.

Lives off of the unimaganable wealth he has accumulated in his travels.

4/2/2010 . Edited 4/2/2010 #870
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