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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Name: They call him Mr. Nails

Age: Adult, age unknown

DOB: May 22 19??

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight, I guess

Appearance: His entire body is covered at all times - his main outfit is a black balaclava with red goggles, or sometimes a helmet with a red visor, and a black reinforced leather duster, with an open collar showing only a black undershirt - dark pants, boots and gloves. No part of his body is visible at any time.

Personality: Frantic and wary, he dislikes strangers, and for good reason. He speaks in a gravelly voice and moves rapidly. He has a weary tone of voice and is kind of gittery from time to time. He is Paranoid and distrustful, though fully sane - he is the most wanted person in School City. Beyond his inability to trust, he is practical and quick thinking, traits which have served him well in keeping him alive.

Before School City History: Born, raised and schooled in Cinema City, 'Nails', though at that time he obviously went by his real name, fell in love with his Childhood sweetheart Elizabeth and, though they were never married, they had a single daughter before Liz was taken in a car accident. Unable to support his daughter, he fell to crime, working for the west coast mafia, even making a bit of a name for himself. He was able to pay his bills and stay out of trouble, until he got on the mafia's bad side - he refused to go on a job in order to have a birthday party for his daughter. Finally he had to flee across America, where he hoped to escape them by moving under a different name -Jeremy Nalesman - to School City. As a 'farewell present' to them, he stole a good deal of money from them to get him to his destination.

Rescent History/Present: 'Nalesman' made a living for himself and his daughter in School City once more, foregoing food for up to a week at a time in order to provide for his daughter on his meager salary without having to resort once more to Organized crime. He was able to survive for a year before East coast contacts located him and attempted to take out their vengance on him. Fortunately for him, he was working at the time. Unfortunately for his daughter, they found her too. In the most stereotypical of Origin stories, his dark past got a hold of the only thing dear to them, so as a bargaining chip he started ripping them off at every chance he got, trusting that they wouldn't hurt his kid as long as he was still out there. He was actually able to put some pressure on the local gangs. However, when he stole a comparatively huge shipment of drugs, he crossed the line - Hal the Hood was able to bring the Three Rival gangs of the city together to take him down.

Family: Amber, daughter.

Status: Alive, active. Currently in possesion of 25.3 million dollars worth of Drugs.

Other: His weapon is a shotgun, and he also has a pistol.

4/8/2010 #871

Name: Yumia

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearence: Tall, dark complexion, chocolate brown eyes, black hair that reaches to about the shoulders: short and layered in the back, a long sweep in the front, and side strands reach shoulders.

Clothing: Black sweatshirt, neon green tights, black skirt, studded belt, nose and lip piercings, red converse sneakers.

Personality: Really quiet, wild once you get to know her. Hates being called "emo" and loves anything to do with anime. Sits in the back of the classroom and either daydreams or draws.

4/15/2010 #872
Prince Arjuna

Is it possible for me to join in???

Name: Arjuna

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Seemingly normal with black hair and blue eyes. He has a quite pale skin due to some reasons.

Clothing: He likes to wear black jacket with black ensemble and leather black pants. He never got any trouble wearing those thing for too long.

Personality: This boy likes to smile even though he's in deep trouble (which is his own trouble). Quite reluctant in involving himself into other people's trouble, so please don't expect anything if he ignores you if you're in trouble. He's quite mysterious but is approachable at the same time. After all, he's just your normal boy who can be seen everyday. Some years earlier, he was a test subject in experiment DEVA, and he escaped from the facility before he reached the final stage of the experiment. Being subjected in various tests which involving him to be tortured gave him such a bitter childhood. That's why he doesn't want to tell anybody about his past.

Bio: Like what you have seen above, he was subjected in experiment known as DEVA during his childhood, in order to create extraordinary human being. Before the experiment could be completed, he escaped from the facility. Arjuna is not his real name since it was his codename in the experiment. Due to the experiment, he got a very special power; a power to mimic everyone's technique by observing them in the first glance and the power is known as Mime. Since the experiment was not fully completed, the power is not really perfect. His pale skin is caused by his power.

Ability: He is able to mimic other people's technique (movement and magic) by just seeing it once. He is also able to predict someone's mind due to his ability to mimic their expression. He is also quite good in hand-to-hand combat.

Sexuality: Uhh... straight?

Other: Due to the side effect of the experiment, he tends to sleep a lot. Please don't be surprised if he sleeps in the middle of a serious discussion.

4/22/2010 #873
The Fervid Vengeance of Ivy

Heh, I doubt anyone minds.

4/22/2010 #874
Prince Arjuna

May I put another one???

Name: Milly

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Wearing blue dress with white star patterns on it. She also has long blue hair with several black hair-clips. She wears black shoes with thigh-leveled white socks. She has a quite fair skin.

Personality: Milly is quite reserved and polite. She likes to treat people equally but she is quite forgetful. She needs to ask every person's name she meets whether she had met or not. She is quite bad in cooking or any household's stuff.

Bio: Despite looks like a normal girl, she is a were-buffalo who will transform if she's under stress or angry. In her were-buffalo form, most of her feature seems to not change except for a pair of sharp horns appeared from both sides of her head and her blue hair turns into white with black spots. She also grows a tail in this form. Despite being formed into a were-beast, she doesn't lose her sanity, but it is wise for anyone to not put themselves in her way while she's in that form. Her background is still a mysterious case to be solved.

Ability: Like what had been mentioned above, she is able to change into her were-buffalo form. In the form, her strength, speed and reflexes increase, but her eyesight becomes poor to the point that she only can see things in black and white.

Sexuality: Straight, again?

Other: She likes to eat, a lot.

4/24/2010 #875

No limit on characters, but use personal discretion.

4/25/2010 #876

Name: Torval Langston.

Age: 161, although he appears 19.

Race: Vampire.

Orientation: Straight

Personality: Being a vampire for so long and living alone gave Torval two options. Go insane, or become incredibly self absorbed. As opposed to his descendants, Torval picked the second option. He is narcissistic and sarcastic, joking his way out of any tense situation. He rarely seems serious. However, Torval often falls into fits of depression and self doubt. The only thing that keeps him from killing himself is his intense fear of what lies after death. He holds grudges for a long time, and is always surprised when someone forgives him. Once Torval becomes friends with someone, he tends to stay very loyal to them, protecting them the best he can. However, it's hard to befriend him, since he tends to be an ass.

Appearance: Torval is tall and lean, most of his body-weight made of muscle. He has messy medium length red hair, bright and very noticable. He has a small resemblance to Phineas Langston, his great times eight grandson, having small similarities in the build, pale skin, and thin nose. He prefers to wear T-Shirts and jeans over anything else, and likes the colors blue and brown. Torval has hypnotic red eyes which draw the attention of others, and his teeth are very white, and his fangs are very sharp. Torval has a few scars along his chest and back, and fused to his wrist is a golden bracelet, which had been the symbol of the cult which turned him into a vampire in the first place.

Human Life: Torval was born in 1853, into a wealthy family up in the northern states, in an extremely protestant town. He was very bored with his life, and was a rebellious kid, until age sixteen, when he discovered a cult of vampires. Fed up with the expectations his parents had for him, he craved the sense of 'freedom' that the vampires seemed to have. However, Torval had to work hard to prove himself worthy. He was finally going to be allowed in, but wasn't told when initiation was. Torval waited for a few weeks, and soon fell in love with Victoria Hughes, a young woman from another wealthy family. He hid in his home at night, not wanting to become a vampire now that he had someone and something to live for. However, after a lot of convincing, Torval managed to get Victoria to sleep with him before they were married, a big no no back then. And, of course, she got pregnant. Once her parents found out, they disowned her, and Torval was going to marry her to make her an 'honest woman'. Unfortunately, the night before they were to get married, the couple got into a fight, arguing over whose fault it was they were in the situation they were in. It was a petty and pointless fight, but Torval stormed out, and was immediately attacked by the cult.

Early Vampire Life: Torval laid in stasis through his whole funeral, hearing everything that was said about him. It still torments him to this day, but he never speaks of it. He was then buried, and a week later unburied. The cult of vampires gave him the bracelet, but he no longer wanted to be a part of them. Torval watched, pained, as his fiance had his child, and raised it, forgetting about him sooner than he had ever thought possible. (although this was in part because she was possessed by an otherworldly force after falling down his empty grave). The only reason she kept his name was because his family had adopted her. Torval went through life as a villain, finding loose women and luring them to him. He'd rape them, drain them of blood, and kill them. Eventually humanity caught up with him, and he became friends with High Light and a woman named Velora for a while. He felt an odd kinship with High Light, another immortal man. But Velora was trying to use High Light because of his money. Torval found out, and this caused conflict. Velora locked Torval away for three weeks, and he escaped and killed her out of starvation. High Light attacked him with strange light powers, making Torval lose his memory, and Torval soon went back to his animal way of living.

Mid Vampire Life to Present Day: Torval soon befriended another human, Thoreau Langston, his own great times seven grandson. While Torval claims Thoreau asked him to do it, Thoreau claims Torval forced him to become a vampire. Thoreau and his wife Nina were good friends with Torval. Eventually Thoreau had a son with Nina, a half vampire named Phineas, and Torval began longing for companionship. He forced Nina to sleep with him through hypnosis, desperate, and then erased her memories of it afterwards. Unfortunately she became pregnant, and soon Thoreau Langston killed himself by burning in the sunlight. Torval fled, but soon returned, unable to let things go. He began to torment Phineas, possibly hoping that Phineas would kill him, and Thoreau would be avenged. He did so for several years until Phineas was eighteen. He followed Phineas to School City, and became friends with him after saving him and his parents from a random attacker. Several convoluted plots occurred, and one night after being attacked by the Mafia Torval met Garrus in Phineas' hospital room. Torval, being homophobic, hated Garrus, and they argued repeatedly. They even joined the mob together.

High Light returned in the body of a boy named David, trapping David in an amulet. Torval was pursued by High Light, but he didn't know why, and eventually managed to save David and send High Light away. Another character soon became important in Torval's life. James Brightsburg, the doctor who admitted Phineas into the hospital and treated his wounds time and again, was revealed to be an expert on vampires, trying to find a cure for them. Torval ended up causing a vampire epidemic after being injected with Heroine, and hundreds of vampires roamed the streets. In order to cheer him up, James and Garrus took him to a bar, where he met a girl named Alex and fell in love with her. They slept together on the edge of the lake, and he turned her into a vampire but managed not to kill her like all of the other girls. She hated him for making her a vampire, but still cared for him. Eventually Torval was caught by the police, and accused of starting the vampire plague. Luckily, he was offered a pardon if he helped track a serial killer with detective Carla Valenti. Alex was killed, as the serial murderer was revealed to be High Light, back from the dead, and Torval again fell into a bitter depression. He was helped through it by David, and became a vigilante called Nightfang. However, he was too successful, and lost Carla her job. Torval faked his death in order to help her get her job back, and she did. Soon Torval began to slowly get over Alex, falling for a vampire named Vittoria. James and Carla and Torval solved a murder mystery together, and Carla was reinstated.

Soon enough he messed up. He turned Phineas' sister into a full vampire, losing Cindy's friendship, Phineas', and Carla's. He and Garrus went to see Thoreau, who had survived his false suicide. Torval had intended on rescuing him from the hospital he was in. Unfortunately he was extremely insane. When they got back, Torval was attacked by Not-Phineas, Phineas' Meta in control. He was hurt very badly, and after he was healed began to try and help Phineas. Nothing seemed to get through to him, and Torval decided to ignore him. He continued his life, meeting Vittoria on and off, and tried to decide between staying a vampire and turning human. One fateful night, he left Vittoria after a date, and found a young man all alone on the dark streets. He ate him, and it turned out the kid was carrying a new disease that effected vampires as well as humans. James helped him figure out facts about the disease, and that it was from a cult in the sewers. Torval also learned that he would die an extremely painful death if he did not find a cure soon.

He took Garrus with him into the sewers, as a back up plan. Garrus was to kill him if the pain became too intense. Fortunately, or, perhaps, unfortunately, they found the cult, and were accepted in. They were not allowed to leave, and Torval and Garrus were separated. Garrus was forced to work on pipes while Torval was simply confined, and his spirit was broken. He made to believe that Phineas had killed Vittoria. Soon, however, the cult sent him above ground as a 'body guard' for the mayor, who was shot and killed by Phineas Langston. Torval chased down Phineas, furious, and discovered that there was a chance that Vittoria was alive. Quin, his pseudo friend and co-worker, forced him to leave Phineas alone, and Torval was taken back down to the sewer. Over his five year stay he only returned to the surface once, to taint Nightfang's good name by burning down the hospital where his friend James worked. Torval only agreed to do it on the promise that Garrus would be released from the cult, and allowed to return home. He discovered that Carla was in a coma, and saved her and James before Quin burned down the hospital. He was soon taken back down to the sewers, and eventually executed.

He found himself in a strange version of the underworld, waiting in a hotel. He finally left, and after a traumatizing memory flood arrived on the street outside of the hotel. He followed a light down an alley, and found himself in a morgue. The light directed him to the bodies of his friends- Garrus, Alex- and finally, revealed itself to be Carla, who was having a near death experience. Garrus had been shot by the cult, instead of being 'let go'. They met the being the cult worshiped, in the form of a woman/monster made of Shadow. It consumed Garrus and Alex, and Torval was desperately fighting it. However, the monster seemed damaged by something, and Torval found himself alive, in a coffin under the soil. It had turned out that his death, and the after life, were mostly illusions created by the monster.

Slowly he made his way out, and went to his house, only to find that most of his possessions had been sold and his house was occupied by a surprisingly stubborn family. He returned to the sewers and searched for where the cultists had dumped Garrus' body, only to come back after three days and nights empty handed. Miserable due to everything that had happened, he gave in and brutally killed a girl to satisfy at least one of the empty feelings inside of him. He was arrested by the police, and it turned out that the existence of vampires had been revealed to the world. He was scheduled for execution, but luckily had enough money to pay the million dollar bail. He fled, and went to a community for vampires, just outside of town. Soon he met up with Vittoria, a human now due to Phineas, and they were happily reunited. Cindy came to him, however, and reminded him that Garrus was still trapped somewhere down in the dark. The three of them went to search for him, and Torval discovered that the being who the cult worshiped had also created School City, and was also his wife, possessed by a being that saw no good in the world- the same being who had created vampires in the first place. Torval gave in, and offered to sacrifice himself to save his friends, and the being was satisfied and left. However, large portions of School City began to collapse. The four of them, Garrus with them now, made it out safely with the help of Phineas, and it seemed almost like old times again. Carla even awoke from her coma.

Unfortunately, his happiness was short lived. He was soon contacted by the leader of the vampire Community. He was oddly familiar with Torval, and even wore the same bracelet that Torval wore. He told Torval that he had to return to being Nightfang, in order to spread good publicity for vampires. Torval didn't want to, and the leader, Leeder, threatened to have Vittoria killed. Torval reluctantly agreed, and after consulting James, staged the almost crash of a subway train, so that he could save it. However, bombs were planted on the train, and even though he saved it anyway, Leeder appeared and managed to blame everything on Torval. He then beat Torval to a point of unconsciousness and locked him away, planning to execute him in public, and show that the Community was against killers like Nightfang.

Current Situation: Torval is in a cell, seeming to accept the fact that he finally will cease to be. His biggest regret is leaving Vittoria.

Other: Torval used to play in a popular band at the warehouse, likes alcohol, and is far more alone than he thought, since Garrus has passed on and Phineas no longer cares for him as a friend.

(The first half is mostly an edited reprint)

5/2/2010 #877

Name: He's sticking with Jacob for the time being. His real name is Adam, but he tends not to use it.

Age: 17, although he always looks around 25.

Orientation: Straight, mostly.

Personality: A strange man who spends most of his life goofing around with his powers. He doesn't handle other's emotional problems well, as he can barely handle his own, and he has almost no sense of dignity at all. However, he sees himself as somewhat lowly, and craves feeling useful to the point of putting himself in life threatening situations on a whim. He hits on women, but doesn't understand them, either. He doesn't appear to have any friends at all, and so he desperately tried to make some.

Appearance: Changes all of the time. Normally he will stay as one person for a day, but if he's focused on something else his face will morph very slightly. Each morning he wakes up as an entirely different person, and he can even change into women and children. However, he has not managed animal transformations. His clothes do not change when he does, either.

Background: Adam/Jacob lived with his Mother and Father and younger brother fairly happily. He was the favorite child, and he was spoiled. However, his life took a turn for the worse when he turned eight, and his powers began kicking in. He managed to repress them for a while, but soon enough his parents found out. They tried many things, even having him exorcised, and nothing worked. His parents began fighting constantly, and his brother was terrified of him. Soon enough they found out about the school in School City, and sent him there. He was lonely and terrified, and even though there were other people with powers there, they all seemed to be able to control theirs, and he didn't meet anyone else like him. By the time Christmas came, he was desperate to go home and see his family again. He traveled there by train with money he had saved up through off jobs around the town, and arrived on Christmas eve night, only to find that his family had packed up and moved away long before. He was taken in by the police, and accused of trying to break in to the house, especially since his face didn't match his school I.D. He had been standing in the snow for a long time, and ended up losing two of his toes.

Finally he made it back to School City, and stayed in school, hoping desperately that one day his family would come back for him. During the breaks and the summer he'd stay in School City, working for anyone who needed help. He began to travel, too, hoping to find his parents somewhere, anywhere. He even returned to his old house, broke in, and searched for a forwarding address. What he found was a pile of ashes in the basement, and he found a piece of a document that had survived the flames. It was his birth certificate. He dug through, and found a few traces of what had been pictured of a little boy. He left again, and returned to School City, devastated all the more. He stopped attending school, and 'grew up' at age 14, making himself appear as an adult instead of a child. Soon he fell to petty thievery and desperation. He blocked out his unhappy childhood and focused on the now, the different persona's he had for all of his different appearances, and even turned to prostitution as a way to make money. He has no possessions apart from his clothes, and he often sleeps on the streets.

Other: He hates Christmas and often cries at night. He also has a high metabolism, and is often starving.

5/2/2010 #878

(niiiiice Despit the constant references to Brutal Murder are Rape, you always manage to make Torval come off as Sympathetic XD. 'Adam's is awesome too)

(I'm gonna add on history to my other Bios, too, and It's given me an idea... I'm gonna make a Thread in My forum where we can put out bios and only our bios, so they'll never get buried again)

5/2/2010 . Edited 5/2/2010 #879
Misterr B

Name: Tobi Allard

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Around 5' 6'' tall, slender form, and somewhat tan skin. Average length blond hair that reaches just over his ears and touches the back of his neck. One eye is bright blue and the other a bright green. One long scar runs across his chest as well as a collection of several others along his arms and body.

Clothing: He normally wears slim fitting white pants with a white jacket with a fur hood and a pair of blue goggles around his neck. On his back is an odd metallic backpack that he always has on his body.

Abilities: The backpack actually is a bio-metal outfit that covers his entire body with a fiberous regenerative bio-metal when activated, the goggles becoming the helmet. Looks like this - The suit amplifies his entire body according the situation, making him stronger, faster, and more durable than any human. He can perform super human feats of strength such as: jumping several stories from a stand still, lifting and throwing extremely heavy objects, and even punching through walls with ease. The suit also amplifies his speed to make him run at speeds at an excess of sixty miles an hour consistently and having bursts of speed in which he can actually run across water for up to a minute at a time. His endurance is also increased to where he can take a point blank rifle shot and the armor will keep his body in tact, take a rocket and still have a decent chance of surviving, or fall out of an airborne plane with no parachute and walk away from the fall. The most important power is perhaps the armors ability to regenerate actively, sewing itself back together after any damage sustained and even connecting with Tobi on a level to where his body benefits from the suits regeneration as well.

Personality: Tobi is very curious with everything going on around him, though you wouldn't think that by the way he acts. Usually, he shows little emotion towards a situation, more often than not hiding his feelings behind the faceless helmet of his exoskeleton during tense situations. When not hiding behind the suit, he normally adds his blunt comments into the mix and speaking his mind on those around him. Yet, he still cares for others, never once severely harming anyone unless absolutely necessary.

Bio: Born in a small town outside of Chicago Illinois. He grew up in a rather abusive household, making him the sheltered person he is. At the age of 15 he ran away from home, ending up in a bad part of the city plagued with gangs and violence. Often times, he will refuse to talk about this part of his life, keeping to himself for the most part and lying about his history with a vague story he often makes up on the spot. This was because of the things he was forced to do just to stay alive, from selling narcotics just to buy food or clothes to fighting on a regular basis for his lack of friends and gang problems. After spending a year and a half in the slums he got a fake ID that said he was 18 and joined the military. Once enlisted in the armed forces he quickly excelled, despite his young age. He was proven to be an expert sharpshooter and was put into a special task force after a year of service. That was when he was introduced to the Bio-suit program. After a few months of training he began to realize the immorality of the military and the government as a whole. So he stole the suit. Since then he has been running from government officials and mercenaries alike. To keep himself under cover even better he began to search for a school to enlist in.

5/2/2010 #880

(Haha, well I have to make Torval seem like a hero, or at least a nice guy!)

5/2/2010 #881

(Yeah, I guess so, he wins enough to count as 'hero'... What do you think of my idea?)

5/2/2010 #882

(I posted a slightly edited version over there already. :D)

5/2/2010 #883

Cool, I saw it. I probably should move more over there.)

5/2/2010 #884

Name: Cynthia "Cindy" Langston

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Personality: Cindy tries very hard to make as many people as happy as possible. However, with the situations she's been in, she's discovered that it's a lot harder to do that than she'd thought. She was once the straight A perfect child, and is now questioning the very point of life. Having never truly dealt with very taxing emotional situations she found that she was fragile and prone to crying. She tends to cling to her family, her brother especially, and tries her best not to upset them, often by remaining in her room and being as polite and submissive as possible. For a brief stint in her life she became lost to bloodlust, but was knocked back to being a more bottled up person than before. She craves affection desperately, since Steve was distant and she spent much of her childhood in a boarding school.

Appearance: Cindy has blond-brown hair and blue, tired eyes behind thin glasses. She tends to wear dark clothing, and no longer seems concerned about keeping up on her appearance. She is painfully thin, and has gotten into the habit of nervously chewing her fingernails, keeping them short.

Pre- School City Life: She grew up with no memories of her 'father' Thoreau at all, and although Steve was somewhat distant, she saw him as her father, but never felt positive that he felt the same about her. Cindy grew up fairly oblivious of Torval's actions towards Phineas, but she always longed to get her brother's attention and affection. Soon Phineas brought his friend Garrus home, and Cindy instantly had a crush on him. She wanted to be part of their group, a third friend, but never quite made it. Cindy's grades were good enough that she was able to get into a private boarding school, where she lived a rather unextraordinary existence, with nothing more than classic teenage drama.

School City Life: When she came to School City she was excited to be with her family again, and hang out with her brother and Garrus. Soon enough, however, she met Torval Langston, her 'uncle', and her image of the world was shattered as she realized that things like vampires really did exist, and that she was a half vampire. She went to school in School City, feeling left out once again since she was mostly human. She experimented with her powers, and, in one plot that was thrown out, was killed by Phineas' alternate personality. One evening she was sitting at home watching television with Phineas when there was a knock... at their basement door. She went to answer it and found Torval waiting for her. He hypnotized her and led her away, before feeding on her and fleeing. She called Phineas, panicked and cold, and before too long she became a full vampire.

Vampire Life: Cindy spent a large portion of her time as a vampire starving. She had planned on killing herself. She had left home, Phineas was gone, and she wanted to bite everyone she knew. She tried, but eventually she met a vampire named Vittoria. Vittoria briefly took her under her wing, and showed her how to catch animals, and feed on corpses, rather than live humans. Unfortunately Vittoria abandoned Cindy in favor of Torval, and Cindy found herself on the streets, and eventually fell to killing humans, boys that she had deemed to deserve it, even though before she had vowed to herself that she would never do such a thing. Her conscience soon caught up with her, and she visited her parents, promising her mother that she'd find a way to turn herself back.

Then one fateful evening she attended an event where people from another town, Montworth, would visit and meet vampires, and the new mayor would give a speech. She became acquainted with a boy named Houston Avery, and went to the speech with him. There, however, the mayor announced the existence of vampires to the world, and Cindy witnessed her own brother get on stage and cause a riot against vampires. Cindy called out to him, but he didn't even seem to recognize her. Rioters attacked her, and Houston saved her, and she returned to Montworth with him to lie low for a few days until the riots calmed down. However, several killings began to occur around town, and Cindy was the only suspect. Houston threatened her, but it was soon revealed that a cheerleader had become a vampire and was using Cindy as a scapegoat. Cindy and Houston engaged in a sort of informal relationship, and Cindy soon returned to School City. However, she heard of a mysterious man who looked an awful lot like the pictures of her father. She tracked him down, and discovered that it WAS Thoreau Langston... but that he was not her father. She was devastated, especially since the only other candidate for her biological father seemed to be Torval.

Cindy was crushed when Garrus seemed to disappear off of the face of the earth- and that Torval, who had taken him away, was being given a funeral when Garrus wasn't. She had searched for Garrus long before, and that resulted in her witnessing Carla Valenti getting blown across a room by a bomb. She was determined to find him, or at least his body, but while visiting the funeral of Torval she was confronted by a police officer who wished to help her, but only if she would register as a vampire. She refused, and fled, getting Phineas' help instead. The two of them ventured down to where the cult was, and found The Mother, a mysterious being who wished to trap them down there. The Mother did one thing, however- she personified Cindy's romanticized image of Houston, and then teleported them away. Cindy was sad and let down on the way home, and made a joke about Phineas' sanity, which led to him hating and abandoning her. She returned to her parent's house, heartbroken, only to find it empty, and booby trapped. The police soon apprehended her and told her that they had taken her parents into custody for harboring an unregistered vampire, and that she too was under arrest. When she sat down in the back of the police van, however, she realized that Garrus' ghost, or a figment of her imagination, was sitting next to her. He told her how she had to defeat the Mother, and that it would save everyone, including her parents and himself. He then kissed her and vanished, and Cindy escaped the van and fled. Her only stop was by Phineas' house, to tell him that their parents were in jail. He didn't seem to care.

She stopped by Montworth on her way towards where the Mother was. Houston seemed indifferent to her, and she spent the night in his room- huddled against the wall with her head on her knees. The next day while Houston was at school she was kidnapped and taken away to where the Mother was- only the Mother was a business woman, powerful and wealthy. She then revealed that she had built school city, and that she was none other than Victoria Hughes, Torval's long lost fiancée. Cindy made it back to Houston's room, soaked, and not even the mention of the fact that she had been kidnapped got a reaction out of him. As soon as night fell she left, her mind full of the romanticized version the Mother had created, and the stark contrast between the two. She found Torval and Vittoria and told them what she had discovered about the Mother, and they ventured down into the sewers to stop her once and for all. Once Torval had taken care of that, they all made it out, and Cindy, wishing to prove that she had changed, voluntarily took the Cure for vampirism.

Post Vampire Life: Cindy visited Montworth for a final time, to surprise Houston and show that she was no longer a vampire. He told her that he had felt that their relationship was need based, and that humans were boring. She went home, having spent less than an hour with him, and sobbed on the train. She grew close to Garrus again, briefly, and she began looking into colleges and normal human life. Unfortunately, she was knocked unconscious and then killed by a vampire who had been after Phineas' friend Sonya. She found herself as a spirit, invisible to everyone except Garrus, and fading fast. She was terrified, and Garrus offered and then convinced her to trade places with him, and sacrificed himself to save her. Cindy awoke, alive, and when she spoke to Phineas about how selfish she had been and how Garrus had given his life for her he snapped at her coldly. Cindy soon began to feel horribly guilty, biting her nails and weeping often. She felt that she had killed her one and only friend, and that she deserved to die, while he deserved to live. She is trying to cope with everything that has happened, but more often than not locks herself in her room and tries to act meek and appeasing, especially around Phineas.

Relationships: Her one and only friend, Garrus, is now dead, and she blames herself. Houston called her, and told her that he'd meet up with her for a 'vacation', but Cindy doesn't believe that such a thing will ever occur. She wants Phineas to care for her like a sister again, to be the way she remembered him in the past, but in reality he is distant towards her. She doesn't really interact with Steve anymore, and lately has been having heart to heart talks with her mother more and more. She despises Torval for essentially ruining her life, and her mother's life.

Other: She sometimes misses being a vampire, because of the power and 'confidence' that came with it.

5/3/2010 . Edited 5/3/2010 #885

(Shame, that... Poor Girl)

5/3/2010 . Edited 5/3/2010 #886

(I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not. :P)

5/3/2010 #887

(It's not, no ;] It's a sad story.)

5/3/2010 #888

(Yeah, it is.)

5/3/2010 #889

Name: Doctor James Brightburg

Age: 31

DOB: July 10th 1978

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Apperance: James has medium length combed very light brown hair, and fluctuates from having a clean shaven face to a beard at random intervals for seemingly no reason. He has vibrant green eyes but typically usual features, not particularly thin or large. He slightly muscular, also, but not that strong and doesn't maintain his body that well.

Clothing: James wears relatively nice clothing - he doesn't have many expenses. He wears button shirts or jackets, and jeans when not working (when he is working, he obviously wears a doctor's coat over Scrubs or something similar.), but doesn't seem to give a damn what he looks like. He sometimes wears glasses.

Personality: James Brightburg is Defined by his work. He spends as much time as he possibly can working at the hospital. While this may seem on the surface like a flaw that is actually a good thing – 'cares too much', 'too dedicated', 'saves too many lives while sacrificing himself', it actually isn't. It's not that he wants to save as many lives as possible, or he can't stand the thought of leaving people to die. In fact, nobody's ever really asked him why he does it, and nobody really knows, not even him.

Outside of work, James does little. He sits in his apartment or catches some sleep, and never really does anything unprovoked by someone else. His friends sometime lead him into adventures, which may bring some excitement or interest into his life, but other than that there is nothing in his life of much note. He can be nice, but is usually pretty sarcastic and occasionally flat out mean.

Early History: James was born in School City on July 10th, 1978, in the very hospital he would later work in. He was adopted by a Single father when he was 3, who was looking for a more human aspect in his life. However he was unable to properly juggle his Job and his Adopted Son, and ended up causing more problems for James than help. James grew up starved of attention and love, wanting his father's approval. However he never attained it and over time became Jaded. The worst part of his childhood was when, completely unannounced, his 'father' left town for three weeks, leaving him unwatched, with nothing to do. James was twelve at that time. He stopped talking to his father after that week, and only relied on him for sustenance and the occasional transport. In that way, he was forced to grow up at a very young age.

He was unpopular in school, and resorted to his Intelligence for haven. he was Valedictorian in his Class and went to College at Brander National Medical School, getting a Medical Doctorate. He got a Job at School City's Hospital and quickly rose up the ladder.

Late History: James' life truly became remarkable when he was placed as team lead in the research of Lot one ninety-six. As a relatively young doctor, he didn't expect it at all. It was at that point that the time he spent working began to skyrocket. However, his life tooks it's first turn for the worse/better when he met Phineas and Torval Langston, along with their ever present Entourage of at least three people. He saved them a few times, and eventually easied into a type of medical consultant, and through enough random meetings, a friend.

It was when Torval first had trouble with the police that James really came through for him. Later, when Carla's job and her life was on the line, James and Torval solved the case of her stalker, and with James' help, Torval's alias committed 'suicide'. Over time, he became pretty close with the group, and eventually served as something of a partner in crime to Torval. It was when the man disappeared that James' life once more delved to the depths of emptyness, a period of darkness and self loathing he had not been through since his father abandoned him all those years ago. Adding even more insult to injury, it was his failure to help Carla in her mission to find out about Torval that caused her to be hit in the blast of an explosives, sending her into a coma with no end in sight, that she would remain in for the next three years. He held himself personally responsible, and lost all hope for better days. Years later, when Torval returned to burn down the hospital, James refused to leave Carla's side. The vampire took them both out nevertheless. Torval returned again later, unapologetic and unnanounced, and James he was rightly angry with him, though Torval failed to understand and merely dismissed him and his feelings. However, when the Cataclysm occurred and Carla finally awoke, James got her out, and somehow regained some hope that things might become better.

Rescent History: The Hosptial burned down a third time in the Cataclysm, and so he spent his time after the event looking for something to do. He took part in the Reunion and played their game of truth or dare, and during it Torval made him and Carla have a 'heart-to-heart' about their relationship after sharing a kiss, though he explained that he 'couldn't be' what she wanted him to be. He later came to the help of Phineas and his Team, and agreed to come with them, to serve as their medic.

Relationships: James has a strained relationship with his former best friend Torval, believing that they were abandoned by him. He is slowly forgiving him, but is having trouble doing so as he sees that Torval does not seem to regret his decisions, or know how badly he hurt and affected those around him. With everyone else in the group, he isn't particularly close with, though he is friendly with Phineas and even Sonya. Furthermore, his relationship with Carla is confusing - she is the person whose dark time he was affected most by, but he doesn't seem able to be in a relationship with her, or even truly attracted to her. And yet, the point remains that he fell apart when she was in her coma. In short, it seems that she serves as his conscience and his humanity, while not particularly his love interest.

Family: Micheal Brightburg (Adoptive father - Mayor of School City), Biological parents unknown.

Status: Alive, not working.

Other: He has never left the State.

5/11/2010 #890
Just Wicked

Name: Anya Mortigan

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Anya has wavy auburn hair with purple highlights that reach her hips. She also has midnight blue eyes and pale skin. The girl is pretty slim and 5' 9". Besides that she has several scars along her arms and neck, but her worst one is from her side to her naval.

Clothing: Anya wears a purple, long-sleeve shirt, black, holy, flar-out jeans, boots, and a choker with her initial in gold hanging off it.

Personality: She is hot-tempered and independent. Enjoying fighting, Anya let's herself deal with a situation in violence. She is more of a loner and usually keeps to herself unless someone is messing with her few friends. Besides that Anya loves being adventerous and a rule breaker.

Bio: Anya's mother died when she was five and her father began smoking and drugs when she was sick. Being consumed by it, he started abusing her and harming her enough to where police officers arrested him by the time she was eight. SHe was stuck in an orphanage where she shut herself off from anyone and tended to her wounds as best she could. Several times she was adopted, but it never worked out. Finally she ran away and was able to get a small job.

5/12/2010 #891

((Ahem. No, this isn't really a repost. Yes it's my first character here from ages ago. Yes, I'd love it eternally if I could get this thing approved.))

Name: David Westing

Age: 21

DOB: June 14, 1989

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Appearance: A fairly responsible looking young man. It looks a lot like he's trying to seem older than he really is, and it shows. His previously long hair is now cut fairly short, in a boringly average haircut. Still, though you can see signs of how he used to be- his skin is still over tanned, and his eyes are still very dark. He wears what looks like a thin gold chain necklace, but hides most of it under his shirt. He's really grown into his body, though. He's become muscular, from what is visible under his staid clothing, and whatever baby fat he had is gone.

Clothing: In keeping with his new image, David generally wears slacks, loafers, a button up shirt and a blazer. It seems like the only variety in this make-up is the color his blazer is at the moment- tan or black? Perhaps a daring dark blue.

Personality: David has changed, at least on the outside. He's mostly reserved, respectful. He tries to be helpful when he can but most of the time he just gets to work. There's not a whole lot to say about his personality at this point.

Early History: David Westing was born in Los Angeles, to what now stands for a normal family. Single mother, father gone, one younger sister. As a result he tried to be responsible at a very young age. He ended up working on the weekends to help ends meet, but eventually there was nothing to do but just leave. Edit out one mouth to feed and his sister would be all but taken care of. When he turned sixteen he applied for a scholarship to School City's boarding school program and was approved. He left a week later.

Late History: School City was hard to get used to. Well, that's an understatement, really. No wonder the scholarship was awarded to him, students were leaving in droves. Supernatural was normal, and he seemed to be the only one to think anything was odd about that. In time he came to accept the oddness of the school, and almost started to fit in. He made a few friends, made a few enemies, but the point of the matter...he met a vampire. Torval Langston, to be precise. Meeting Torval split his world into two. He had the world of day with his new girlfriend Chelsea, and then he had the world of night ruled by this strange vampire.

Unsurprisingly, the night world was too interesting to ignore. Meeting Torval meant meeting Phineas, and a host of others. He even started to feel like he was part of a new group, and though he always felt a little disconnected from them, he still enjoyed his new life. It wasn't meant to last, of course. No one meets a vampire and decides to just hang out with them, but David never had a chance from the start. He'd been wearing an amulet his entire life that housed an entity known as High immortal vampire slayer hell-bent on Torval's demise. The why of his fanatical anger would take pages to write, but the end result was that David had High Light take him over multiple times. After the incident David finally had High Light removed from his body, but was it for the best?

The world of night closed to him. He met Torval now and then, but after losing the ability to keep up with the Vampire and protect himself from that lifestyle, what was there for him? Nothing, and slowly they drifted away.

Rescent History: Things have mellowed out for him. David left School City the same year he'd entered it and continued his schooling elsewhere. He excelled in school and graduated early, then moved onto a teaching degree in History. Now that he's a student teacher, he's looking for his first year teaching a real class. Unfortunately, with the economy like it was, there were no real positions open.

Well, except for one. It was always open, a fact which was odd to his colleagues but never to him. School City...

Relationships: Whatever relationships David once had have all likely withered to nothing, and he's not entirely sure if he wants that to change. Teaching has been good to him- he's respected in his college, makes good pay...a definite plus is the fact that he's no longer in danger of dying at random points during the night. Possession hasn't been a problem. So he's not sure if that "World of the Night" should be a part of his life anymore.

Family: Rene Westing (Sister) Lorah Westing (Mother)

Status: Alive, working as a new teacher at the School.

Other: He really does take the color of his blazer into consideration.

5/15/2010 . Edited 5/15/2010 #892

(Mighty Quick to go from high school to teaching... XD cool, I didn't think you'd ever be back here... How were you thinking of getting in?)

5/15/2010 #893

(Good point about the age, I thought about that too. Just didn't think I could make him too old without having the time disparity too large...I'll change it to 21. As for getting back in, well, I knew David wouldn't work out as a student. Thought I'd try a teacher character and bull through till I got immersed, you know? Finally got the time to try something like this, lol.)

5/15/2010 #894

(Well it'd definitely be good to have you back around ;] but neither me or Jay really use the school so much anymore....)

5/15/2010 #895

(I figured that was the case. I just decided to try it out again for old time's sake, you know? Meet some rpers I haven't seen before, yada yada yada. Who knows, maybe I'll never meet Torval or Phineas again. It'd be cool to, though. : D)

5/15/2010 #896

(Well, It's worth a shot, but the rpers here aren't quite the same level as those from the good old days. *shrug* But maybe so, that'd be cool. And you know, if anyone needs to go to either the Hospital (er, rather the volunteer clinic, the Hospital burned down... again), or the Police station, then I'll be there.)

5/16/2010 #897

(Ahahah, the hospital burned down again!? That place is cursed, man. Actually, I think that was a running gag when I was still here. xD I can't say I was a very high quality of rper back then anyways, so it'll be fun. Besides, I got better as a result of rping with you guys, and I saw you guys get better while I was at it. It's a give and take thing, I think.)

5/16/2010 #898

(Yeah, we've definitely gotten better. But good luck, still.Yup, actually this time is was a city-wide cataclysm earthquake thing that started fires that burned both the Hospital, the Police station, the entire riverfront and parts of the school.)

5/16/2010 #899

(.......whaaaat? Lol, I am not reading back to that kind of scaled thing. Nope, I'm going straight in with all the knowledge someone who'd been away for years should have! And by the way, it's actually fine for him to be that age if he's a student teacher at the School. It's like Residency for doctors.)

5/16/2010 #900
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