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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Angeldewey Duck
Name: Smart Sonic Gender: Male Age: 15 Sexual Orientation: Straight Bio: Smart Sonic is a really smart guy who basically knows pretty much everything about life. He can be a little brash at times and he gets frustrated when no one seems to get what he's saying, but he's a really nice guy once you get to know him. He's also an easygoing guy who loves to have fun. He's very eager to enroll in this school.
5/28/2017 #2,821

Name: WOO

Age: A couple thousand years old, but looks like a 4 year old.

Gender: boy

Appearance: Lime green hair, pale skin. Multi-colored eyes, usually black when in neutral state. Very short - a common 4 year old's height - and has been called adorable several times by his creations.

Clothing: Plain clothes. Tends to wear a simple white shirt that falls to his knees. Is always seen wearing his wife's scarf, stained red with her blood.

Personality: No feelings. No happiness, no sadness. No nothing. EXCEPT around his wife, Mei, where he's seen irritated and easily agitated.

Bio: His past is unknown, but he has managed to create about 3 alternate universs since his powers awoke. He is revered as a god in them.

Other: A god, more specifically a being who creates things. His favorite place is the first world he created, LAND OF WOO, where he spends his time with his deceased wife Mei.

5/29/2017 #2,822
Name: Harau Inu Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: 5'4", with short hair that is always messy despite grooming. Brown eyes with amber flecks, curiously slender, and always has a cocky smirk on his face. He's got freckles on his back and a long birthmark shaped like a feather running down his spine between his shoulder blades, from the base of his neck to halfway down his back Clothing: Wears a white zipper hoodie tied around his waist, black canvas sneakers, and jeans. Usually has a red flannel shirt on, and a pair of black rectangular glasses. Personality: acts mischievously and cocky a lot, but is actually a bit of a helpless romantic at heart. Despite that he is really shy and hesitant when encountering a romantic situation, and flustered too. Will do anything to get something done, but more often than not he goes through the dirty route, meaning backstabbing and trickery Bio: Lives in an apartment near the campus. His parents have been cut off, due to their violent tendencies and emotional abuse. He left to join this school because it's the one he could afford, and also the one farthest from his home. He actually wants to be a composer when he grows up, and has an obscure YouTube account of him playing his pieces on piano and guitar and such. He also takes some of the shadier jobs offered by people on the campus, kinda like a bounty hunter Other: He's bisexual but prefers men a little more. When doing undercover work he will crossdress.
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Midnight Silk Rose


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7/19/2017 #2,825
Midnight Silk Rose


7/19/2017 #2,826

Name: Sky Fawn

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall, long brown hair. Blue eyes, blind in one eye. Blue streaks in hair. Dark skin.

Clothing: She normally wears a t-shirt with jeans and always the same green sneakers. She also all the time wears a gray hoodie. She has bandages on her hands.

Personality: Easy to anger. Smart, aggressive, and gets into a lot of fights. If she gets angry she goes absolutely crazy. Secretly very nice on the inside but won't admit it.

Bio: Sky is secretly part deer. She is vegetarian, and only eats plants. She is also very sporty and fit, and dreams to become a famous boxer or athlete.

Other: Sky is bisexual.

7/21/2017 #2,827
Midnight Silk Rose


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7/21/2017 #2,829
Midnight Silk Rose

np :)

7/21/2017 #2,830
The Midnight Angels

Name: Jasmine

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: (Physical appearance) She is 5'1, Thin, has freckles, brown eyes, and red hair.

Clothing: Floral dress, strappy sandals

Personality: Light, bubbly, charismatic, naiive, too trusting

Bio: Single mother, dad left when she was young, recently moved to new place

Other: (Anything else you'd like to put about your character. You character CAN have animal traits/pshycic powers/be vampires) She is half vampire.

8/24/2017 #2,831
RaiJin Blade

Name: Sajin

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black hair and a little bit curly

Brown eyes

Clothing : Normal jeans with shirt

I always tie my jacket around my waist

Always wear shoes

Bio: ???

Personality: Guess it...

10/13/2017 #2,832
RaiJin Blade

Oh and any new in here... but thanks

10/13/2017 #2,833

Hi how are you

11/15/2017 #2,834

NAME: Rain

AGE: aprox. 400 looks 19

GENDER: male

APPEARANCE: black hair with blue highlights in an asimetric style (left side reaches the shoulder, right side the chin), amber eyes that glow when he uses magic, tattoos of runes and swirles on his arms, six silver earrings in his right ear, always wears rings on his fingers, wears eyeliner and nail polish. Is tall but slender and is Bi sexual.

CLOTHING: good quality clothes in black and red, a bit flashy sometimes

PERSONALITY: confident, a bit selfish, a bit of a flirt, sarcastic, gestures a lot with his right hand even when he doesnt do magic, a good-ish guy unless you mess with him and those he loves, then he can be a bit dark.

BIO: born in the early 1600's. When he got into his powers his parents tried to kill him for it but his magic saved him. Because he had trouble controlling his powers he moved a lot, until he found a ring to help him focus his powers. He is immortal so he pretty much stayed the same psychologicaly and physically.

OTHER: warlock

11/29/2017 #2,835
Ben Kamiya



gender: male

appearance: short & 5'4 and blonde hair and bright green eyes and blue glasses

clothing:Ben wears GREEN shorts and a blue navy shirt

12/3/2017 #2,836

(Hello Ben, I'm Segoe)

12/4/2017 #2,837

Name: Derrick Nikolaievich der Wolff

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall (about 2m high), thin (not enough to be sick but significantly thinner than most), white hair (natural hair got from his father's genes), blue eyes (bright ones), very palid (thus making him an albino) and has a more detailed body for his age (such as lines of expression, wrinkles, warts, etc).

Clothing: Wears a leather jacket with a white V-shirt below, jeans with white underpants and white/red sneakers with white socks.

Personality: Has multiple personality disorder - his evil side is snarky, cold and sarcastic; his good side is generous, happy and friendly - suffers from Alzheimer so forgets what his other personality did after switching from it, albeit is semi-aware he has this condition.

Bio: Born in the United States and lives until today there, but his father is a former nazi and his mother was part of the Russian Revolution - making him russian/german/american. Has a weird speech which mixes all these stuff.

Other: Has a tendency to... y'know... kill, when he is evil. He also has a tendency to be clunky when good, such as when he fell inside a derrick once (weird coincidence, Derrick falling inside a derrick).

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12/19/2017 #2,839

Quelesta Nirw√ę Laurelin



Pale skin, long waivy black hair, turquoise eyes. Is about 5' 5". Slender, some say to thin. Overall beautiful.

Clothing varys, usually skinny jeans or tights with kinda low cut fitted shirt. And high cowboy style boots.

Bio: Pretty quiet, not afraid but doesn't trust anyone easily. Does not like to talk about herself, or anything personal. Rides a horse to school...(just thought that was interesting) Is a very good fighter.

Other: Is a sylvian (wood) elf. (As in Lord of the Rings)

favorite subject: Languages

least favorite subject: math

12/26/2017 #2,840

Name: Paisley

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: Wavy, Auburn hair. Hazel eyes. Pretty short,5'3.

Clothing: Wears normal clothes, tshirts and jeans.

Personality: Shy, really nice, friendly.

Bio: Has a nice family, is usually kind of forgotten. Has two siblings, older sister and a younger brother.

Other: Just a normal human

12/27/2017 . Edited 12/27/2017 #2,841

Name: Daemon

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Looks: 5'3 thin-ish girl, black short hair, brown eyes, usually wears Lazy Sunday types of clothes, adorned with astronomer-like jewlery. Wears glasses as well.

Personality: Kind, antisocial, nerd, a bit shy but has a short temper and is ready to lash out at anyone who triggers her.

Other: Elemental; Water.

2/9 #2,842
Name: Mai Ashley

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Standing 168 cm tall, Mai has brown hair cut above her shoulders and bangs cut just above her eyelashes horizontally. She has pale skin, mostly due to staying indoor too often and her three sizes are B80H60W82.

Clothing: Her favorite thing to wear are tracksuits or dresses, depending of her mood. From times to times, she enjoy wearing a dark blue tracksuit pants with a white T-shirt and a hoody coat, completed by a pair of sandals or black stockings and sneakers. At other times though, she prefers a more comfortable long-sleeve dark green dress whose skirt reach bellow her ankles and a pair of proper tights with it in addition to simple childish shoes to accompany it. She also wears a pair of square glasses and a bow atop her head.

Personality: Mai is the quiet type and is good in both Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geography but is bad at Biology, History and Literature. She is a fan of cartoons despite her age and usually spend her free times in her room, watching cartoons or playing games. She has learned judo since a very young age though and is more than capable of defending herself and her abilities to wield a knife is a bonus.

Mai, however, can be friendly with people who approach her but she is not usually the one who makes the first step. Also, having attended an all-girl middle school and reading books written by gay people, her vision of the world is a little different from most people.

Bio: Mai's parents has divorced when she was only 6 and has decided to go with her mother. The woman was too busy with work though and she was left to do things on her own. Later on, Mai has started learning martial arts and her mother had her father pay for anything regarding her. It was only in middle school that she has learned the basis of housework and started living in the dorm of the all-girl school she attended. Now, in high school, she is living on her own as her parents bought her an apartment not far from the school campus.

Other: Mai is a lesbian and is open about it. She has already kissed other girls and even went further than that. Also, she loves reading Asian comics talking about the relationship between women (yuri manga).

2/12 #2,843
A Graceful Kiwi

This is a character update. I made mine four years ago so he's kinda due for an update. -

Name: Kimi Grey (Kimi is an abbreviation of Kimiros (Kimi is pronounced like Kimmy, whereas Kimiros is more like Keymeros (There's a story behind the pronunciation change (But nobody cares and it's not very interesting so he no longer bothers to tell it))))

Species: Human

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: Around 6 feet

Weight: Around 70 kgs (He doesn't check often)

Marital status: He has a girlfriend, although they did get married in another dimension (Most people don't count it)

Likes: Shiny things, fencing, cute girls and romantic comedy anime.

Dislikes: Anything too hot or too cold (Very sensitive to weather and temperature), snakes (of both kinds) and people who try and get in his way (Got no time to lose)

Appearance: Scruffy brown hair with strangely formed streaks of blonde (Actually a side effect of his magical power) His hair doesn't go past the upper neck. He has dark blue eyes, and a mouth that is twitched into an everlasting smirk. He wears a yellow jacket with various pockets around the sides and even one on the cuff. His shirt underneath is black, and for trousers, he wears a desperately sewn together pair of track pants.

Personality: A scrawny boy who expresses his feelings very loudly. He is mildly flirtatious and thinks of himself as a bit of a funny guy (He's not). He is, however, able to think outside of the box in desperate situations, which proves handy in the middle of a battle. But he prefers to show this in a comedic, nonsensical way. He has a huge soft spot for sweet characters.

Bio: A small boy born and raised in a seaside town, before moving inland before he started high school. He was the oldest of two and has a soft spot for his little sister. He was raised pretty well and played club baseball in school, which gave him good reflexes and an average build. He was also part of a fencing club and has a good technique with a rapier. When he turned sixteen, he was thrown into a group of individuals who are the chosen protectors of Earth. This was when he gained the ability to travel to other dimensions. After hopping around dimensions for around a year, saving people and training himself, he ended up finding the love of his life and settling down with her for a while. Technically, he dropped out of high school, however, he has a college education thanks to his trainer and teacher.

Skills/Powers: He can use any door as a gateway to 'The Corridor of Worlds', a place that acts as a hub for all the possible realities. From here, he can travel to other universes. He's intelligent, with lots of knowledge of things that cannot be learned in school alone. He has a memory for seemingly pointless things and can see through illusions pretty well. He has a knack for being able to mimic an opponent's "stance" and moves in battle. He's trained in basic hand to hand combat, expert fencing and sword fighting, is an average shot with a rifle, and is adequate with staff-based elemental magic. Mildly resistant to poison and drugs. A powerful Auramanic (An aura magician with a high power level), as a result, he has a sixth sense for auras that allow him to read people well (This helps with his mimicking and Illusion skills) Using aura, he can conjure blasts and blockades of raw aura energy, and can manipulate one's actions to an extent. As a bonus, he can also imbue objects with aura, similar to an enchanter. Depending on the aura type and level, the effect on the object could be from making it tougher to getting it airborne.

2/12 #2,844
Midnight Silk Rose

Time for Midnight to get an update

Name: Midnigh Silvianna Rose

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shes is 5ft 8in tall with long black hair that reaches the ground when out of the normal high ponytail she keeps it in. Her skin is extreamly pale and has bright blue eyes. On the top of her head she has a pair of cute black fox ears and she has a matching tail at the base of her spine.

Clothing: She wears a black tank top with a black jacket that only goes down to slightly past her ribs along with black leggings and knee high black boots. She also wears a pair of elbow length, black fingerless gloves.

Personality: She is a mostly quiet child, but isn't afraid to speak her mind. Infact she can be quiet bold and reckless unless she keeps herself in check. She also acts like a really sweet girl most of thw time, but dont let that fool you, if you cross her you will pay for it. Other than her temper she is easy to get along with and enjoys making friends.

Bio: She ran away from home when her father was overthrown and killed by a close family friend. She is being hunted down by said family friend and has been kidnapped many times, so far she has always been able to escape.

Sexuality: Straight

Other: She is not human, she is a shifter.

2/24 . Edited 2/24 #2,845

Name: Andrew James

Age: 15

Appearance: Light skin, brown eyes, black hair, skinny.

Clothing: Red hoodie with short black sleeves and hood up, dark-blue pants, grey sneakers, black fingerless gloves, and black-rimmed eyeglasses.

Personality: Friendly and fun-loving most of the time. Has a really short temper. Loves to play video games.

Bio: Andrew is just a normal teenager trying to balance high school and his agency at the Nexus Force.

Other: Secretly works for the Nexus Force.

3/16 #2,846

Name: Danielle Winters

Age: seventeen

Appearance: Long brown hair, blue eyes, tall, thin

Personality: Danielle's personality type is the same as mine: INTP. She's Introverted, uses her Intuition, is Thinking, and is Perceiving. She's a psychology student.

Sexuality: bisexual

clothing: All black, black jeans, black shirt, black makeup. She always wears long sleves to cover her scars.

Bio: Danielle grew up on a farm in West Virginia, but was enrolled in the school after she attempted suicide. She's adjusting well to the change, although she still has some self-harmful tendencies.

Other: Psychology student, talented writer, smart.

Name: Meghan Wells

Age: fifteen

Sexuality: straight

Clothing: battered jeans, tee shirts, combat boots (Simular to Sadie Kane's style).

Appearance: Light brown hair with blue streaks, almond shaped green eyes, shorter, trying to lose weight.

Personality: ENFJ: Extroverted, Intuition, Feeling, Judging. She is a careful planner, and has loads of friends. She doesn't give a shit about what people have to say about her (Basically the opposite of me.)

Bio: Meghan has two younger sisters, a younger brother, and a cat named Caramel. She's been here since she was twelve, and once hacked the school's computers to raise her grades; she has dyslexia, but don't let that fool you; she is deadly smart. She also has diabetes, and purely-obsessional OCD.

Other: hacker, technology student, enjoys singing, although she never does it in front of other people.

8/18 #2,847
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