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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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three words i wish to hear
Study! Read! Or...something. :D There are computers and wirless so you can bring your laptop :D It's a big big library with tons and tons of books.
7/11/2007 . Edited by Uhm. its me Vee, 8/30/2007 #1
"Nobodies here....good I want to be alone" Kayla walked towards the darkest part of the library. -Are you sure your alone Kayla-Wayla? The Punk froze.. that you Misery? A little girl of about 8 came out from the shadows. Her long black hair draped over her eyes.Her lond dirtied white dress floated around her ankles. -Who else could it be Kayla-Wayla? The little giggled, the giggle seemed hollow and full malice. -Why have you came? Kayla asked in a small voice. -Did you really think I'd leave my lil sister all alone? -Misery...... -Come now, admit it....You are happy to see me -Please Misery....please leave me.... -Oh don't worry.....I'll look after you don't worry. With that, the little disapeared back into the shadows....Leaving the punk standing there, her heart beating heavily in her heart. For a moment or two, she was able to stay standing....but slowly she fell to the floor.....fainted......
7/11/2007 #2
A few minutes later Tomoka came in to see what new books they had.
7/11/2007 #3
Kayla lay there.Pale from the fright.
7/11/2007 #4
That's when she saw her. "What the..." She ran up to her and fanned her face. "Are you okay? Can you speak?" She called.
7/11/2007 #5
Her left eye looked up. Softly she whispered -Misery .then closed it again
7/11/2007 #6
Tomo blinked, figuring she doesn't have to know to help this girl. She picked her up gently and went out the door with her.
7/11/2007 #7
Kayla looked up at the girl and gave her a weak smile. (I love your avatar. Evanesence rules)
7/11/2007 #8
Tomo smiled back. "Are you all right?" She asked as she continued to carry her to the clinic. [^_^ thank you. Your's is cool too. Who's that one?]
7/11/2007 #9
She nodded weakly"wow she's strong" she thought in a daze. (oh that's just a gothic picture I found that somehow struck me.)
7/11/2007 #10
She stumbled on something,but regained her balance quickly, not wanting to hurt the all ready startled girl. [=) it's neat.]
7/11/2007 #11
"pretty cute too......WHAT AM I THINKING???" She hid her blushing face from her savior"think of something else, think of something else...." (thanks ^_^ so are we going to the clinic?)
7/11/2007 #12
[=D good idea. meet you there and no problemo]
7/11/2007 #13
(ok see you there :))
7/11/2007 #14
three words i wish to hear
Starr walked into the library with a smile, and started to look around. 'Maybe there are books about what I am, being half vampire and demon, and all!' Starr grabbed some old books of the shelf about vampires and couldn't really find anything on demons, so she began researching.
7/11/2007 #15
JD wandered in quietly, went to a table and began to read his book. It was a large leather-bound tome, the cover seemed to be so grimy any amount of wiping would simply reveal a lower strata of dust ground into it. It was some pre-Edwardian book on, well, most things from vampires to an ancient (but interesting) view on psychology. 'Von Gerber's Grimmoire: Observationes on a varietee of subjects.' Was it's title.
7/11/2007 #16
Gin's lil kitsune
Sora entered the library.She looked around for any books that caught her attention.
7/11/2007 #17
three words i wish to hear
' vampires can read minds?' Starr thought, 'That's awesome!' She skimmed through some more pages that caught her attention.
7/11/2007 #18
Angel walks into the Library and her eyes go as wide as pancakes, a small smile appears on her face. she walks over to one of the shelves and starts to pull book after book off the of them. By the time she had a stack so big that it wobbled dangerously she found a small window corner and started reading.
7/16/2007 #19
three words i wish to hear
Starr looked up from her book, seeing a newcomer. ' [i]Oh, she's new! Glad I'm not anymore.[/i] ' She sighed.
7/16/2007 #20
Gin's lil kitsune
Sora continued to look for any books that caught her interest.
7/16/2007 #21
three words i wish to hear
Starr was now surrounded by mountains of books about vampires. She sighed, "Ugh, my mind can't stay focused, damn Tyler!" she thought out loud.
7/16/2007 #22
Gin's lil kitsune
Sora heard Starr's voice.She shot her head in the direction.'What is she so annoyed about..?' she thought to herself.
7/16/2007 #23
three words i wish to hear
Her hands her clutched to her hair, almost pulling it, "Why am I so stupid!" she said, even louder.
7/16/2007 #24
Uhm. its me Vee
Jarred stumbled in at sat down at a table near Starr, hearing what she said. He looked towards her, then thought, 'That's Tyler's cousin...'
7/16/2007 #25
Gin's lil kitsune
Sora's ears twitched from hearing Starr almost yell.'She's loud...' she thought to herself.Soon finding a book,she walked over to Starr.'What's wrong.' she mouthed to Starr.
7/16/2007 #26
three words i wish to hear
Starr looked at Sora, who mouthed something, she relaxed her hands and put them down. 'Sorry, I suck at lip reading.' she thought to Sora.
7/16/2007 #27
Gin's lil kitsune
Sora looked down a bit.'What's wrong?' she thought to Starr.
7/16/2007 #28
three words i wish to hear
Starr sighed, 'Nothing, just my stupid self going crazy. Thing have happened.'
7/16/2007 #29
Gin's lil kitsune
Sora's ears twitched a bit from hearing this thought.'You want to talk about it?' she thought.
7/16/2007 #30
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