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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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"Hmm...." Zharia looked him over with a critical eye. "Eighteen?"

4/4/2009 #1,111
The Dali Llama

He chuckled and shook his head.

"No but very close. I'm seventeen," he corrected. He pursed his lips and looked at her, "You seventeen?"

4/4/2009 #1,112

"Dang." She shook her head. "My skills need sharpening. But so do yours. I'm eighteen."

Zharia noticed that they had both guessed their own age as the other's. She thought this quite intriguing and filed it away for later reference.

4/4/2009 #1,113
The Dali Llama

"Eighteen huh?" he tipped his chair back a bit, drifting further and further away from biology, "Going to college next year?"

4/4/2009 #1,114

"Hopefully." She smiled at him, but it was slightly forced. "What's your major?"

She knew he would probably see through this obvious attempt at avoiding the subject, but she didn't care.

4/4/2009 #1,115
The Dali Llama

"English. You?" he asked. He dragged his hand through his red-brown hair again, some of the pieces sticking up.

4/4/2009 #1,116

"Graphic Arts. Minor in photography," She replied, looking at his frustratingly tousled hair. On an impulse, she reached up and smoothed it down.

4/4/2009 #1,117
The Dali Llama

He wrinkled his nose as she did so. His hair was tough to tame.

"Graphic Arts? Sounds interesting. How are you in it?"

4/4/2009 #1,118

She noticed his reaction and drew her hand back quickly. "I'm sorry..." she muttered.

"Eh, so far I'm doing well. Passing all my classes. I have a presentation to prepare by Monday morning. Speaking of which..." She rummaged through her bag, pulling out a black laptop, a portfolio overflowing with papers, and a sketchbook. "I should get to work."

"Oh, was there anything else you needed help with?" She added, grinning at the substantially taller boy.

4/4/2009 #1,119
The Dali Llama

He smiled crookedly and waved his hand aside, indicating that ecerything was fine. He lowered the front legs of his chair to the floor and then stood up. He flipped the biology book closed and took it by he binding.

"Nah. Thanks though. I'll leave you to work in peace," he said before folding up the notes she had wrote out for him and shoving them in the pocket of his jeans. Seth gave a wave in farewell and the dissapeared to return the book. Seconds later though, he was back. Swiftly, he tugged out the chair again and planted himself in it.

"Actually," he said, having changed his mind, "When your done, I might need a little company, if you wouldn't mind doing me another flavor."

4/4/2009 #1,120

Zharia watched as he disappeared to put the book away, and smiled when he sat back down. "Yeah, sure." She quickly shut down her computer, realizing that she'd finished that portion of the presentation, and pulled a sketch from her portfolio.

The sketch is of a tree, twisted and ancient, the branches reaching out toward the nothingness surrounding it. Dead leaves carpet the ground.

"Just a few last-minute touches..." She bit her bottom lip, concentrating. After a few minutes' furious scribbling, she slid the picture back into the folder and packed everything away in her bag. "Okay, now I can help you."

4/4/2009 #1,121
The Dali Llama

She had flipped the picture in and out so quickly, but he still had the fuzzy image imprinted in his mind, and even that was good.

"That was an amazing drawing. Freaking awesome actually," he commented, secretly wishing for some profound talent. After another moment and there was a loud growl. He cursed his constant hunger pangs.

4/4/2009 #1,122

"Thanks," she blushed, not accustomed to compliments. She laughed when his stomach growled, poking him. "Sounds like someone's hungry."

She rummaged in her bag again and produced a granola bar and a soda, handing both to the lanky teen. "What was it you needed help with anyway?"

4/4/2009 #1,123
The Dali Llama

Seth nodded in thanks and popped the soda can open. He gave a shrug and felt a bit guilty for making her rush or work.

"I just needed someone to hang out with. Hope you dont mind," he said, unwrapping the granola br and taking a generous bite.

4/4/2009 #1,124

"In that case, can we move to more comfortable chairs? My butt is starting to go numb..." Zharia grinned.

4/4/2009 #1,125
The Dali Llama

"Oh sure, sure," he said, sticking th half eaten granola bar in his mouth and grabbing the pop. He gestured to the arm chairs and cough in the reading corner. His brows shot up, waiting for approval of the new spot in the plush comfort of the library chairs.

4/4/2009 #1,126

In a very uncharacteristic show of energy, Zharia ran to one of the armchairs and jumped into it, curling up and almost disappearing because she was so small.

"Care to join me in a civilized conversation?" She asked, smirking at Seth.

4/4/2009 . Edited 4/4/2009 #1,127
The Dali Llama

He looked a little dumbfounded by her actions, especially with the granola bar hanging out of his mouth. He gave another shrug and followed her lead, prancing over and hopping into another arm chair. The only difference was that he landed a little more loudly and the chair nearly tipped. He did manage not to spill his drink though. The librarian quickly shouted to "knock it off" and returned to her work.

"Yeah," he said, thoughfully chewing his snack.

4/4/2009 #1,128

Zharia bit back a laugh as the librarian chastised him. She snuggled deeper into the chair, getting comfortable. "So, we'll start easy: what's your favorite color?"

4/4/2009 #1,129
The Dali Llama

His eyes showed his amusement. It almost looked like the chair had swallowed her.

"I have to say green. You?" He finished of the granola bar, crinkling the wrapper and stuffing it in his jean pocket. He took a drink of the soda and smied at the buzz he suddenly felt in his skull.

4/4/2009 #1,130

Zharia craned her neck to see him over the arm of the chair. The only part of her that could be seen was her face, poking above the edge.

"Black." She stated confidently, noticing that her voice was very low for a person of her stature. "But I usually like it paired with purple or turquoise. She placed her thin fingers on the arm of the chair, displaying her black-and-turquoise striped nails. "Next question: what are you? You never told me..."

4/4/2009 #1,131
The Dali Llama

Seth scoffed at the question.

"What? Don't I get to ask something now?" he asked, his head slightly cocked. He was strewn over the arm chair, quite comfortable.

4/4/2009 #1,132

"Okay, okay...Your turn." She conceded, grinning. She hadn't had this much fun in a long time.

4/4/2009 #1,133
The Dali Llama

He stared off in thought for a moment, buying himself some time.

"Where did you live before you came here?" he asked.

4/4/2009 #1,134

"I..." She cleared her throat and stared intently at her nails. "I've lived in foster homes since I was fifteen."

She forced a laugh and looked back at him, her green eyes once again a mask. "You?"

4/4/2009 #1,135
The Dali Llama

Seth's eyes fell.

"Sorry I didn't..." he shifted in his seat, "I didn't mean to bring up anything sensitive."

4/4/2009 #1,136

"Don't worry about it," she replied. "You didn't know."

"Anyway, how about you? Where did you live?"

4/4/2009 #1,137
The Dali Llama

"Eh," he took a gulp of soda and looked at the books, "I sorta just got passed around from relative to relative."

4/4/2009 #1,138

"Sounds like we've both had a hard childhood..." She said softly. " turn. Do you mind me asking what you are? I know I asked before, and it seemed like a sensitive subject...If you don't want to tell me, I understand."

She said all this very quickly and quietly, her voice a melodic hum in the silent library.

4/4/2009 #1,139
The Dali Llama

His bad habit kicked in again and he ran his hand through his hair, tousling his hair into a wild mess again.

"If I told you, you wouldn't wanta stick around much longer," he said, his husky voice suddenly lower.

(gotta go to bed. later)

4/4/2009 #1,140
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