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This is the "office" for things other than enrolling.
7/16/2007 . Edited by Uhm. its me Vee, 8/30/2007 #1
hi(it can be used for the new ppl to say me, I fell again!T.T)
7/16/2007 #2
"Hi." An office lady said, smiling at the new girl. "What do you need?"

[XD what'd you do?]

7/16/2007 #3
"Hello, my names Angel I was just wondering if you have to share dorm rooms? "

(In really life I bump in to things all the time but in this case Angel was walking outside school and tripped again)

7/16/2007 #4
"Well, you can request a dorm by yourself, but there are no guarantees that you will get your own, dear. Would you like to request a room to yourself?"

[D: aw! well, are you two okay?]

7/16/2007 #5
three words i wish to hear
(Lol, Office Lady *chuckles* Sorry that made me laugh! XD)
7/16/2007 #6
[*blinks*.. I don't get it...]
7/16/2007 #7
three words i wish to hear
(Okay, that just means I'm weird, sorry xD Guess that juice hyped me up xD)
7/16/2007 #8
[^-^ you're not weird... you just have an interesting sense of humor... XD]
7/16/2007 #9
three words i wish to hear
(Haha xDD Thanks? XP )
7/16/2007 #10
[haha np :P]
7/16/2007 #11
"So I just go to the Dorm office?" Angel asked trying to not think about how much her head was starting to hurt.

(I really dont know how it happens one minute I'm/ she is up the next were on the ground! XD)

7/16/2007 #12
"You can sign this." The woman said as she handed the girl a paper.

[XD nice]

7/16/2007 #13
Angel signs the paper."So everything is settled?, oh one more thing...Thank you so much"

(its funny I dont want to write into to other threads because they are all at dramatic parts...^^;)

7/16/2007 #14
"No problem dear." The woman said and waved at her. "It's all good. This will be your dorm paper." She gave her the paper. "The number on the top is your room number." She informed her. She smiled at Angel and said, "And that's it. You're all settled to go, hon."

[oh really? Which ones are those?]

7/16/2007 #15
For the first time since walking into the office Angel smiled brightly. "Thank you very much". She turned and left the office and then the pain in her head exploded. "huahhh!!" she stayed there leaning against the wall.

(Well the (but I talked in that one any way)...Im just going to wait until they change the seen or just put in something like "walked in and went to her room.." *shrug* Ill figure it out)

7/16/2007 #16
The office lady smiled to herself, turning away and thinking, 'What a lovely young lady.' When she heard Angel, she turned to see her. "Are you okay?" She asked, rushing out to her.

[lol okay. :) I'm apart of the dorms drama, aren't I?]

7/16/2007 #17
Angel glanced up when she saw that the lady had come out of the office, she tried to smile but it came out more like a grimace fun part was she looked like a cross between a kailedescope and and your vision when your on the teacup ride at disney world.

She started to see blackspots then slid to the floor unconsious

(sorry it took so long to reply I was just ending work when you posted. Oh most defininatly you are!! ^.^)

7/16/2007 #18
"Oh my... BETTY!" (one of the other ladies... someone else want to play her?) The lady screamed when she passed out.

[^-^ it's all good.]

7/16/2007 #19
(I have a q your homepage says your straight how does it feel to play an office lady? ^^)
7/16/2007 #20
[ha ha... it's fine... I'm used to playing as girls XD]
7/16/2007 #21
(I would be very scared for my masculinity if I was a guy, but I'm going to assume your very confident in your self so the statement is cuput(is that with a k?) but anyways good for you ^^ what are we going to do with Angel if nothing then Ill wake her up...soon.)
7/16/2007 #22
[I don't know and I'm not worried about my "masculanity"... I figure who cares?]
7/16/2007 #23
(yep...hmm Im going to wake her up)

Angel first became conscious of the awful pain in her temples, then of the lady's distressfull calls to a woman named Betty.She slowly opened her eyes and after a moment of too bright light and sea-sawness her vision settled. And she stared up at the woman.

7/16/2007 . Edited 7/16/2007 #24
"Oh my god, she's awake! BETTY GET OUT HERE! Are you okay, dear?"

[^-^ okay]

7/16/2007 #25
"I'm fine what just happened?" Angel asked for some reason the last thing she remembered was walking out of the office.
7/16/2007 #26
"You passed out, my dear."
7/16/2007 #27
Angel's face contorted alittle with a confused look."Really? I dont remember that at all." I probably should be very scared right now...

"Um...Miss thankyou very much for your concern but I think I'm going to go lay down in my room for now. Thank you again"*Slowly gets up off the floor and deeply bows, then walks away in the direction of the dorms*

(What other characters do you have other then fill in? aka the lady)

7/16/2007 #28
She waved goodbye with an obviously worried look on her face, but still called Betty.

[XD haha still calling betty!]

[:D i have a lot... I have Mrs. Lark, Tomoka Lee, Kyle, Kate Larson and Roberuto Rii (Roberto Lee)]

7/17/2007 #29
(Im guessing that Roberuto Rii and tomoka is your main character? or are theya all? (I just saw the name a lot in the treads))
7/17/2007 #30
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