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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Gin's lil kitsune


Jack half way turned to see Jarred."Hey..Jarred?You want to come?"

6/8/2008 . Edited 6/8/2008 #181
Uhm. its me Vee

"You want me to?" Jarred asked him, raising an eyebrow.

6/8/2008 #182
Gin's lil kitsune

Jack gave a shrug,"If you want to." He replied,looking at a wall,hoping to hide the light blush that had found its way to his cheeks.

6/8/2008 #183
Uhm. its me Vee

[last post for right now]

Jarred bit his lip, looking at the ground.. He couldn't fall in love... That'd be wrong... But, he wanted so badly to not be alone... "Sure. yeah, I'll come. Let's go."

[You start, at dorms?]

6/8/2008 #184
Gin's lil kitsune


Jack nodded.He waited for Jarred to catch up to him.What was this couldn't be love..could it?He certainly hoped not.


6/8/2008 #185
Uhm. its me Vee

Jarred stood next to him, "I follow you. You've got the paper." he said licking his lips with slight nervousness.

6/8/2008 #186
Gin's lil kitsune

Jack nodded.He looked at the paper and then at the hallways.He let intution take over and lead him to where Orlando was.

6/9/2008 #187
Uhm. its me Vee

Jarred followed behind Jack, absently fingering his lip ring.

"So, how old are you, Jack?" He asked casually. Or he hoped he did, anyways.

6/9/2008 #188
Gin's lil kitsune

Jack glanced over at Jarred."I'm 18." He replied,wondering why the sudden question.

6/9/2008 #189
Uhm. its me Vee

Jarred nodded slowly, "Cool." He said simply.

[We can move to Dorms whenever you're ready. But, could yo start? I'm doing some work .]

6/9/2008 #190
Gin's lil kitsune

Jack nodded.


6/9/2008 #191
Uhm. its me Vee

Jarred bit his lip slightly, pondering if he should ask another question.

"So, um, you and Jessie have lived here all your lives?"

6/9/2008 #192
Gin's lil kitsune

"In New York,yeah.We live over in Brooklyn." Jack replied.

6/9/2008 #193
Uhm. its me Vee

"Cool" Jarred said, nodding again.

[Maybe we should switch to dorms now? With this next post of yours?]

6/9/2008 #194
Gin's lil kitsune

(already posted there.)

6/9/2008 #195
Uhm. its me Vee

[Mannn, I'm sorrry! . I knew I kept forgetting something. DX]

Rei Hitomi entered the school with her twin sister- Anna and smiled a in greeting at those that passed. From the brochure they'd received in the mail, the school was supposed to be big. But, Rei had never figured it'd be this big. Adjusting the strap of her backpack, and brushing a few strands of hair from her eye, she turned to look at her sister. "Hey Anna, what way do you think the office would be?" She asked, smoothing out the creases in her pink and orange plaid sun dress.

"Or, maybe we should find a map of the school? Because I think we came through the wrong entrance..." She said slowly, glancing around the main lobby of the school with uncertainty.

[Is this a good intro? I can edit if needed. Sorry I forgot!!]

7/1/2008 #196

Anna Hitomi cocked her head to the side, looking around the mahongany polished finish of the school's main lobby. "Um, we could ask someone" she said "Though, I don't like to make so much of a fuss," she added. She pushed some hair out of her eyes, looking over at her twin. The girl's hair was a bit neater than hers. "Maybe we can ask the secretary" she said, smiling softly at Rei. They exchanged a glance, and Anna silently agreed to be the one who asked the lady behind the desk. Holding her sister's hand she brought them to the desk and cleared her throat. "Um, miss?" she asked "Could you point us in the direction of the main office to this school?" she asked, a pleasantly subtle blush evident on her fair cheeks. The lady nodded "Its that way" she said, motioning to a set of glass doors that said "MAIN OFFICE" Anna's face turned red and she backed away "Oh, sorry" she said, leading her sister away quickly in embarrassment. "Oh man, i'm never asking again!" she sighed "You have to do it!" she was clad in black slacks and a modest Tee with the name of a band on it.

7/2/2008 #197

[Its quite alright, and yes, thats a good intro, I'll need a little time to develop anna, and get a feel for her]

7/2/2008 #198
Uhm. its me Vee

Rei giggled slightly, casting Anna a sideways glance, "Well... I didn't see it either, Anna. Don't make such a big deal about it."

Looking around the office she smiled a bit at the adults that were seated in the tall, wide desks that were plastered with announcements and notices. Still holding her twin's hand, she pulled them both forward, "Excuse me?" She said smiling sweetly at the woman sitting at the main desk. "Yes, may I help you?" The gray-haired woman asked looking from Rei to Anna with kind eyes. "Yes, we're new here... We would like our information please? Our names are Rei and Anna Hitomi." She told the woman. The woman nodded, "Yes, one moment please." she told them, turning to scan through her massive file cabinet, returning a moment later with two manila envelops. "Here you both go." She said, giving both the packets to Rei. "Thank you, ma'am." the girl said, handing Anna her envelop, "Here, sister."

7/2/2008 #199

"Mmm, thanks, Rei" she said, pulling softly on the girls arm. Via twin logic, Rei knew Anna didn't want to stay here, and so turned with her sister to walk out of the office. When they exited the office, Anna let go of Rei's hand and opened her manila envelope. There was a thick piece of paper in it with her schedule printed on it nicely. She smiled. Their parents of course, had arranged so that they had all the same classes, and so that they could either be roommates, else have rooms right beside each other. She replaced her schedule, and fished around in the envelope again. She felt a key and pulled it out. The Room number was 217. Turning quickly to her sister she smiled "What's your room sis?" she asked eagerly. Anna figured that it would be best to head to their rooms first to unpack. They had to get situated first before they got anything else settled. Anna looked through the other packets and papers included in her envelope, which entailed a student ID. The paper it was atatched to had instructions on how to get new Uniforms, and where to go. Apparently that was their next stop after their rooms, or, room.

7/2/2008 #200
Uhm. its me Vee

Rei pulled felt around her envelope before extracting a key simillar to her twin's, but the number was different. 216.

"I'm next door to you, it looks like." She announced, slightly disappointed, as he looked from her sister back down to the key she held. But she brightened quickly, "At least we're still close! And we've got all the same classes!" She said smiling happily, "right?" She paused, eyes filling with curiousity, "By the way... What classes do we have?" she murmured, pulling out her own schedule to study it quickly. Ginning, she nodded and put it neatly away again, "Cool! We've got really good schedules, I think."

7/2/2008 #201

Anna frowned and looked down as her sister announced their separate rooms. "Well, yeah, their right next door, I don't think know, bad will happen if we're just a few yards apart" she said. Like her sister, Anna was not very happy about the fact that they didn't have the same room. Did this mean she had to share a room with a total stranger? Anna shuddered at the thought. Oh man, there were only brief periods of her life where she was in a room separate from her sister, and she didn't like it. Anna couldn't help but smile though, as her sister changed the subject so optimistically. "Yeah, it's a good thing we have the same schedules" she noted with a sigh of relief. "I couldn't stand having to spend a whole period as Yin" she said, looking grim and a little scared. Smiling weakly, Anna lead her sister toward the door to the office, where they had left their luggage. They'd only packed a few sets of clothing, since the majority of the time would be spent in uniforms. [Sorry if it isn't a uniform school]

Anna turned her suitcase onto it's wheels and pulled it along behind her. Soon enough, Anna could be heard humming a familiar tune form her favorite love song, a trick her sister would recognize as something Anna did to alleviate stress and anxiety.

7/2/2008 #202
Uhm. its me Vee

[It's fine :]] Rei followed Anna, rolling her own suitcase by her side, catching up quckly. She reached out, gently curling her fingers around her twin's hand, giving it a light squeeze of reassurance. "It's going to be fine, Anna." She said gently. "Maybe if we talk to whoever we're sharing with.." She paused, with uncertain nervousness herself, "to see if they would trade with one of us, so we can be together. "Yeah? Do you want to try that?" She asked, nodding encouragingly, "it's worth a try..."

7/2/2008 #203

Anna giggled, covering her mouth softly with her shoulder. "Oh Rei" she said "You don't have to worry about me like a little kid" she said "I think I would like to share a room with you, and i also think that having different rooms will be a good experience for us, so It's up to you sis" she smiled. Anna leaned in closer to her twin's ear. "Though don't be surprised if i come crawling into your bed the first few nights" she whispered laughing at herself. They had arrived at the dormitories building, and looked up at it. "Wow Nee-chan" said Anna, gazing up at the large structure. "It sure is big, good thing we're only on the second or third floor up" she said. "Then again, I'll bet the roof is pretty nice" she said "Good for looking at the stars"

[Go ahead and move this to dorms if you want to]

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Uhm. its me Vee

[Will do.]

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Uhm. its me Vee

Haku led Colbie down the hall, to the main office. Once again, holding the door open for the younger boy, "Just give them your name, and they'll give you your papers. " He told him.

8/11/2008 #206
Demon In The Shadows

Bakura was in the office,talking with a lady.

8/11/2008 #207
Gin's lil kitsune

Colbie nodded,"Th-thank y-you,Haku." He answered softly.The woman at the desk glanced up and saw Colbie.Now being her,she noticed Colbie's very feminine features,and thought he was a girl,"Hello miss.Are you one of the new students?" She asked.

Colbie blushed a bit,"Umm..y-yes." He responded,walking over to the desk. "M-my name's Colbie." He pointed out.The woman nodded and pulled out his schedule,"Here you go." She said,handing the paper to him.Colbie thanked the woman and looked the paper over as he left the office.

"So..first class is..Art..ok..where would that be." He said to himself as he looked down the hall,seeming to be more lost than before.

8/11/2008 #208
Demon In The Shadows

Bakura walked past Colbie and Haku,and disappeared down the hall.

8/11/2008 #209
Gin's lil kitsune

Colbie watched as the boy walked down the hallway.

8/11/2008 #210
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