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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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At the same time the door of the detention room opened and skinny boy was walking out. ''YES, finally out of the lair of the lion.''

Travis looked around and saw 2 boys talking to each other, one he didn't recognise but the other boy was...''Sun walker!!!! why are you here?'' Travis yelled at Jack, and he walked to the 2 boys.

3/19/2009 #841
Nocturnals Warrior

Jack turned around when he was yelled at for the second time that day. Sighing, Jack slide towards the other Kindred.

Placing his hand on top of the vampires mouth, he whispered. ' Whatya doing yelling like that. That's attraction unwanted attention.' Withdrawing his hand, Jack aswered. ' I go to school here. So I am obligated to be here. And what about you?'

3/19/2009 #842
The Unbearded Marxist

Joey looked around, and lost count of how many people there were now. Yhen, he turned to Jack.

`Yo dude, don´t remember me? I ran into you at the music store? You were looking for a new guitar, and I was just pcking mine up from repair? Joey krayta? And please, will someone introduce me to...... someone?!´

3/19/2009 #843
Nocturnals Warrior

Turning around as the other boy spoke to him, Jack raised an eyebrow. ' No, can't say I remember you. When was that?' The name of the boy didn't ring a bell, and Jack was 100% possitive that he wouldn't have introduced himself. Turning back towards the Malkavian, he grinned. ' Travis was it? FOund that person you were looking for?'

3/19/2009 #844
The Unbearded Marxist

`Dude, your not even gonna introduce me? Where are your fucking manners? Anyway,´ Joey turned to the girl, `I´m Joey krayta, you can call me Joe, or JJ´

3/19/2009 #845

Ruyi walked onto the hallways when he saw Jack, Travis and an unknown boy talking. He leaned against a wall, deciding to wait and hear if the new boy was someone he'd feel comfortable talking to.

3/19/2009 #846
The Unbearded Marxist

Joey noticed another guy, leaning against the wall, and shook his head. People kept coming, and the only one who looked familiar, was Jack, and that Malkavian guy. He also noticed some familiar, strange things about those two. Things he himself had too.

`Hello? Am I getting through to anyone at all here? Geez...´ he searched his pockets, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

`Anyone mind?´ and lit it without waiting for an answer.

3/19/2009 #847

He saw the boy look at him, and then light a cigarette without even listening if anyone DID mind. "Probably not the type of person I'd talk to", he thought to himself as he turned around and started walking away again.

3/19/2009 #848
Nocturnals Warrior

Turning around once again, Jack snapped at the ignorant boy. ' Tell me, how the fuck do I need to introduce you if I don't know you.' Turning towards Cico, he spoke in a normal tone again. ' Please, thrust me and don't come near this guy. I don't thrust him.' Looking at Zane, he thought of something. And I don't think you do trust him, am I right? Jack messaged to the vampire. Making sure he made it unreadable to anyone else, he sent it. Try to read it now, Malkavian he thought.

Looking at the guy called Joey, he felt his anger rise again. ' Yeah, I do mind' he said while grabbing the cigarett and cruching it with his fist.

Seeing Ruyi, Jack smiled a little smile. ' Well, this time I'm really off. See you later.' Turning around, he called his friend. ' Hey Ruyi, Wait up mate.'

(Tough Luck Dude. FF erbij blijve hé ik ken j nie:P)

3/19/2009 . Edited 3/19/2009 #849

Ruyi turned around and saw Jack walking toward him. "Hey mate, he said, but thought to himself, and therefore also Jack: "You didn't like that guy either, did you?".

3/19/2009 #850
Nocturnals Warrior

No, not really. There's something about him I don't trust. Jack sent to Ruyi. ' I really hope he leaves Cico alone. I'm not sure what the other guy, the one with whom I can speak, will do.' Jack said while walking next to Ruyi. ' Got any classes in a moment?' he asked.

3/19/2009 #851

Travis looked around him and saw everybody leaving. '' no more fun to be had here '' he though, and he walked away towards the exit doors.

Time to find the smelly guy who made him in the bloodsucking thing what he was now!

3/19/2009 #852

Nikki popped at the side of her boyfriend and Ruyi.

"Sup, Ruyi?" she asked the guy.

Turing to Jack, "So, who's this Cico???" she eyed him mischievously.

3/19/2009 #853
Nocturnals Warrior

Jack winked at Nikki when he noticed her. When he heard her question, a smug smile crept on his face. ' Why, are you jealous?' Looking at his girlfriend he snickered. ' Well, she's a girl I've met. She's a foriegn exchange student. She comes from England.'

Walking futher he suddenly stopped. a thought just hit him. ' How the hell did that baka knew my name. I wouldn't have introduced myself, not in this life nor in my previous live.' he said. I was to shy to actually talk to somebody back then he continued in his head. With half a heart to turn back and ask the guy how the hell he came to know Jack's name, Jack didn't know what to do.

3/20/2009 #854

Nikki smiled. "I am not jealous! Still... howcomes you know so much about her?"

When Jack suddenly stopped she said, "I don't know... maybe you just really forgot... But I gotta go, I have classes."

[I think he reviewed you...]

3/20/2009 #855

Ruyi walked next to Jack as he talked to Nikki. "You wanna go to the Coffeeshop?", he said when Nikki walked away to her classes.

3/20/2009 . Edited 3/20/2009 #856
Nocturnals Warrior

Jack smiled when he answered. ' I actually think you are. But either way, I talked to her, and she told me. It's nothing really, I told her some thing about me as well. Though I did leave these out' he said while pointing to his fangs.

' No, believe me. I never forgot a face, and because of my curse, I know almost everything about me previous life.' Hearing Nikki had classes to go, Jack smiled. ' Alright. Study well, so you're gonna make it later.' Watching her leave he turned to Ruyi when he heard him talk. ' Alright. I only got PE and Maths, but I already was planning on skipping those.' Smiling he started walking. ' Well, come on slowpoke'

(I know he reviewed me. In RL he's a mate of mine, but Jackie boy doesn't know him. Damn, I know it's him cuz I thought of that name. In my story is a character named Joey Krayta)

3/20/2009 #857

"Y-yeah, sure",Ruyi said, averting his gaze from the Neglish girl he had been staring at and walked up to Jack, then matching his pace he walked forward.


3/20/2009 #858
The Unbearded Marxist

Joey stood there, alone, looking at his crushed cigarette.

"Damn punk" he whispered. Then, using his telepathic skills, he send,

'You gotta learn some manners dude. Really.' to the guy, whom he swore to have seen before. Why else would he know his name?

'Oh yeah, I read everyone's mind.' he chuckled to himself, 'But I did see him at that music store...... Didn't I?' he shook his head, and followed the other guys example, and went towards the exit doors, lighting another cigarette.

3/20/2009 #859
Nocturnals Warrior

' Were you eyeing Cico?' Jack said softly to Ruyi. At least that was what Jack thought. ' Well, I can introduce you to her if you want. We'll talk about it in the coffee shop.'

(yep, post jij maar eerst heb een verjaardag te viere:P)

3/20/2009 #860

"N-no, I was looking for the...uhmm.... fire escape.", he said, quickly making up and excuse and looking the other way to hide his blushing. "I shoudl stop staring at every girl I see..", he thought to himself, hoping Jack wouldn't hear it.

(s goed)

3/21/2009 #861
Clover Phelps

Zane hissed under his breath at the boy's thoughts. "You better stay away from her," hissed Zane unaudible to human ears. Cico racked her brain searching and wondering still if this man was her brother. Zane stiffened as her thoughts reached him.

3/22/2009 #862
Gin's lil kitsune

Shakira wandered the halls of the dorm building, trying to, once again, find her dorm. No one really helped her out with such a task, she had to venture through the whole building just to find one room. Her dark hair lightly bounced against her back and shoulders as she walked. Her eyes flickered every so often to check the dorm room numbers.

"No luck yet.." She murmured.

4/16/2009 #863
The Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla

Stian Arnesen walked through the halls, looking for his dorm, which he spotted a girl, who looked lost. "Excuse me miss, are you lost?" he asked, his Norwegian accent strong.

4/16/2009 #864
Gin's lil kitsune

Shakira jumped when she heard someone address her, "Umm.. I.. I.." She stammered, soon giving a discouraged nod.

4/16/2009 #865
The Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla

Stian Arnesen gave a nod. "What is your dorm number?" he asked.

4/16/2009 #866
Gin's lil kitsune

Shakira pulled out the paper with her dorm number and classes on it, "H-here." She said softly, handing the paper to him.

4/16/2009 #867
The Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla

Stian read over the number. "223 huh? That's next to my dorm."

4/16/2009 #868
Gin's lil kitsune

"Ah.. I-It is..?" She asked, almost scared of what the boy thought.

4/16/2009 #869
The Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla

Stain nodded. "Yes."

4/16/2009 #870
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