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(This is a Garden that is beautiful and peaceful, if characters need a place to relax or even sleep then this is the place. Location: In the middle of the park, In order to reach it you must go to the park)

NOTE: Matthew Resterson Is the sole carer/creator of the Garden, all other people are lying.

9/15/2010 . Edited 10/7/2010 #1

Matthew arrived in the Garden, he landed and fell asleep next to a tree in the middle of the Garden.

9/17/2010 #2

Morgan hushed into the secret garden to find her boyfriend fast asleep. She smiled and lay down next to him.

9/17/2010 #3

Nikolai (in bear form) was strolling somewhat far away from Morgan and matthew

9/18/2010 . Edited 9/18/2010 #4

Matthew heard something, so he got up to investigate. Upon arriving at the site of the noise he saw a figure with white wings and a white dress on, the figure turned around to show Matthew their familiar face "Thara? Matthew choked upon seeing his dead Wife.

9/19/2010 #5

(Italic is Thara, normal is Matthew)

"Wow, Matt you look as young as ever"

"Yeah, so what do you want?

"The Council has decided to make you an angel"

"What? I mean why me?

"Because you have suffered long enough"

"I'm not leaving this Dimension"

"Fine, you can stay and be an Angel, agreed?

"Fine, but no interfering or else"

Matthew was enveloped by a beam of light, as he fell to the ground Thara vanished and Matthew lay there, his wings out and as black as ever.

9/19/2010 #6

Morgan was awakened by a flash of light. She got up and saw Matthew lying on the ground, his wings wide-spread. She turned him around to see if he was alright.

9/19/2010 #7

Nikolai started walking closer to Matthew with a curious look on his face. He had nerver seen someone like him before

9/19/2010 #8

Morgan saw that his eyes were closed. Was he unconscious? She gently shook her boyfriend. "Hey Matt! If you don't open your eyes I'm gonna slap you again!"

9/19/2010 #9

Matthew stirred slightly "Who's there?

9/19/2010 #10

Morgan was glad he finally woke up. "It's me - Morgan. Are you OK?"

9/19/2010 #11

"I'm fine, did you see anyone here? Matthew stood up.

9/19/2010 #12

Nikolai let out a deep roar. He didn't like being ignored

9/19/2010 #13

Morgans eyes widened. "Uhm. Something very hairy?", she asked carefully.

9/19/2010 #14

Nikolai's snout had a noticeable smile.

9/19/2010 #15

Seeing the bear grinning was quite frightening. With a yell she made herself invisible and ran towards a tree.

9/19/2010 #16

Nikolai let out a suprised grunt, he didn't mean to scare her. So he started walking again with his ears wiggling all the while. Trying to hear her

9/19/2010 . Edited 9/19/2010 #17

This bear was looking for her! She yelled: "Matthew!" and jumped up the tree.

9/19/2010 #18

The bear's ears wiggled and twitched, he was trying to follow the sound of the girls voice

9/19/2010 #19

Matthew got up and saw the bear "You a shapeshifter?

9/20/2010 #20

"A shapeshifter?", Morgan asked, slid off the tree and became visible again. "My name is Morgan Ravensburg. Who are you? Want some chocolate? I also have some with honey!"

9/20/2010 . Edited 9/20/2010 #21

The bear nodded in approval, then he stood on his hind legs and slowly morphed back into a human wearing a brown vest, khakis, and tennis shoes.

"Yes, my name is Nikolai Koloff" he said with a thick russian accent "and I would like some chocolate please"

9/20/2010 . Edited 9/20/2010 #22

Morgan happily took one of her boxes out of her bag and offered it to him. She was glad having found one more person liking her chocolates. "You know, they are handmade. I got the idea when I was younger and found some honey bonbons with herb filling. I really liked them especially when I had a cold or something else. Good for sore throats. When I started making chocolates I thought it would be nice to cover those bonbons with some chocolate. They still taste great and are rather healthy as I use bitter chocolate. But don't worry - they are still sweet enough! Umm, if you'd rather prefer some without herb filling it would be this side.", she said while pointing to some of the sweets in the box.

(OK the bonbons story is true though I never considered to make them into pralines)

9/20/2010 #23

Nikolai too the box and opened it up "They look good" ate a round looking one, chewed it up, and then said "they taste even better" he commented. "I like these, really unique chocolate. Thank you"

9/20/2010 . Edited 9/20/2010 #24

Morgan smiled at the compliment. "You're welcome. Why were you in your bear form anyway? Didn't you think people would be scared to see you? Most of us are supernatural, but that doesn't mean we could handle a bear."

9/20/2010 #25

"I was bored, had nothing better to do. My intentions were good" he said before eating another chocolate

9/20/2010 #26

"Hmm... How is it to shapeshift? I mean how do you do it and when you do it what do you feel like?", she asked curiously.

9/20/2010 #27

"It like your everything is grrowing and stretching. You feel like your entire body is becoming bigger and longer as it changes form and look. I can't say it in any other way" He answered

9/20/2010 #28

"I see. And do you feel like a bear, too? Uhm, I don't really know what bears think or feel though... And can you also transform into others? How did you become a shapeshifter?", she asked joyfully.

9/20/2010 #29

After he ate another chocolate Nikolai continued to explain "I can only transform into a bear and back into a human, nothing else. I became a shapeshifter when I was twelve. It was sudden and suprising. I did not see it coming but I can tell you right now that my parents did not like it"

9/20/2010 #30
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