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"It looks like zere's some kind of investagtion going on. I can tell by ze uniforms that zey are police officers "Zere was probably a fight or something here" Fifi explained

10/15/2010 #61

Matthew cracked his neck " Yeah, I think I was involved"

10/15/2010 #62
Sonia sighed. Why did she have to put up with this shit? Oh, yeah, she was good at it. "Yes, there was a fight, yes, you were involved... and it's a bad idea to make death threats with the Homicide squad here." Sonia turned back to Valenti. "I apologize, ma'am. His vitals were gone." Kaidus stepped forward. "Excuse me, miss. My name is Kaidus Varren. I'm the dragon who's claimed responsibility for the school. Yes, I am also the groundskeeper."
10/15/2010 #63

(He's up in a tree)

10/15/2010 #64

"So what do you zink I should do?" Fifi asked in an airy french accent

10/15/2010 . Edited 10/15/2010 #65

Mattewh looked at Fifi "You job" Matthew teleported to the kitchen to grab some food.

10/15/2010 #66

Fifi had her orders. She felt as if having a bunch of investigators around was a bit risky. She wanted them to leave while still being subtle so she emitted a terrible odor as if a stinkbomb was released in the garden to try and lead people out

10/15/2010 #67

"Don't worry about it McPherson, it happens to everyone." She nodded Reassuringly before turning as some bystander ambled up to her and began adressing her. "I'm sorry Sir, but I'm afraid I don't follow. What do you mean you've claimed Responsibility for this school?"

10/15/2010 #68
Kaidus resisted the urge to both facepalm and roll his eyes. He settled for glancing over at Sonia, who caught his eye and nodded before returning her attention back to Valenti. "Ma'am, I think I can explain. It's essentially a formal way of saying he's the neighborhood watch."
10/15/2010 #69

The Man in Black shook his head, "No, that's not an explaination. See it seems to me from what you've said that there's a group of dragons who think that they've got the right, or duty, to oversee or authorize this City."

10/15/2010 #70

Fifi continued to watch the investigation from above. Her job to protect and care for the garden could not be failed by either human, or dragon issues. She was prepared to follow them as she stopped releasing her putrid odor

10/16/2010 #71
Sonia sighed. "Sir, it's only him, any authority he claims is over dragons only, and the Varrens have a long history of saving lives. Have you heard of the Dragon King's Court?" At this point, Kaidus stepped in. "Sir, I only claim responsibility over keeping the peace. Believe me, if I wanted to do so, I could level half the city without breaking a sweat."
10/17/2010 #72

Matthew phased back into view and heard the last bit "Wow, a dragon who claims to have control that's new"

10/17/2010 #73
"Um, Matthew, the only reason dragons haven't been hunted to extinction is because we've controlled ourselves. Now, how do you feel? Do you remember what happened, where you are, what year this is, anything?"
10/17/2010 #74

Matthew sighed "You people and your questions, first of all some idiot kills my old body, then you people accuse me of having a mate, what the hell has Matthew been doing I wonder"

10/17/2010 #75
Kaidus sighed. "Great. This whole thing is gonna twist the spirit realm a good bit. Ok, Matthew, what's the last date you remember?"
10/17/2010 #76

"I remember fighting in D.C 20 years ago, then everything gets fuzzy"

10/17/2010 #77

"Only vaguely, as you must know there are literally thousands of various courts, communes, heirarchies and Aristocricies regarding and attempting to micromanage one or more of all of the various supernatural beings that interact in this town, and the Dragon King's court is far from the most important." Detective Valenti said, "The unfortunate thing is that they all truly believe that they are the most important, like the one in question seems to believe. For example, in this situation they've involved themselves in this and effect the outcome in a way that is entirely inappropriate. The Fact that they claim responsiblity over keeping the peace is presumtuous and absurd, considering the fact that there already are numerous and entirely capable forces with the actual authority and duty to do so, and have the situation entirely under control. And of course that thinly veiled threat means nothing, as the vast majority of the supernatural races here Could do that to a regular town, which makes it a small claim if one at all, and secondly that there is no Supernatural race that could do that to This town, which makes that claim false."

The man in black turned, "Let me put it this way. There was an uproar when John F. Kennedy became president because he was Catholic, which meant the pope, the papacy overall or just the catholic organization, could have influence over the American Government. The situation of school city is complicated tenfold, as most individuals, including yourselves, have as much power, though a different kind, as the President had. And every citizen claiming to have to follow the rules of various other orgainzations as well as the United States Government and the Police force of this town makes this all into one big shitstorm with our names on it. So when someone claims to be a representative of the interests of an orgainzation without proper authority or any reason to have it that seems bound to stick their fingers in and complicate everything beyond the point of repairations, that isn't a good sign and won't be met with thanks. Now please, don't take any of this the wrong way, and this isn't attempting to insult you or make an enemy out of you, or even imply any wrongness on your part. We're just attempting to do our jobs, which involves daily situations in which every situation is a precarious one, and there are always many people who think they have the right to involve themselves in it and only make the situation more difficult."

10/17/2010 #78
"I see. Well, sir, let us just say that all it means is that I am offering to assist you in current and future investigations involving the school." He did not mention the fact that he could indeed wipe out half the city despite the protections built in.
10/19/2010 #79

Matthew looked at the boring people "Bye guys" he said as he teleported out.

10/20/2010 #80
Kaidus shook his head at Matthew, then froze. A powerful spirit had just arrived in the spirit realm attached to the Garden. He turned to Sonia. "You'll have to excuse me. Fade business." Sonia nodded, carefully controlling herself from showing worry. Anything that required immediate attention from Kaidus was dangerous. Kaidus Fade Stepped, the world turning hazy. He looked among the spirits congregated there, then gasped as he saw the spirit that had caught his attention.↓Gunnery Sergeant James Varren looked around this new section of the spirit realm, then snapped his attention to Kaidus. He raised his hand in greeting. "Ho, brother dragon. My name is James Varren, once Gunnery Sergeant." Kaidus was even more shocked, but responded in kind. "My name is Kaidus Varren, First Knight of the Dragon King's Court. Well met." James nodded. "Well met, indeed. 'Twould seem we are related, somehow. Seeing as it would be awkward to call me by my last name, you can call me James. Or Gunny. Whichever." Kaidus grunted. "You are obviously a powerful force. Will there be blows over authority?" "Negative. From what I remember, First Knight is the equivalent of a five-star general. I'm a lowly NCO. You're in charge, sir." Suddenly, James' eyes narrowed. "I will not hesitate to kill you if you abuse your power, however." "Understood. You have my word that I shall not." James nodded, then came to the position of attention and saluted. Kaidus grinned. "At ease, warrior."
10/21/2010 #81

"And that your offer is heard, appreciated and entirely unnecesary." Valenti nodded. She turned, "But we have more important things to deal with."

(Believe me, he could not come even close to harming the city. That's an established fact.)

10/21/2010 #82
Kaidus Fade Stepped back into view, with James in tow.
10/23/2010 #83
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Mimi lead the way into the garden smiling. This was probably her favorite place to be, alone or not. She felt like she should share this place with Jake.

9/2/2012 #84
Pen Storysky

When they arrived at the Garden, Jake was awed at its beauty, and this Radiant hiding spot made him felt more...tranquill, his fox instic felt relaxed as well, He slowly unziped his Jaket, removed his gloves, and his Boots, last to Go is Hi sJaket, and He let his Tail out of His Pants "this place...its so beautiful"

9/2/2012 #85
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Mimi nodded in agreement looking up at the sky, "Yes, I always feel so free way out here in this garden. Like I do anything and the only things watching are the plants."

9/2/2012 #86
Pen Storysky

Jake rolled forward and laied there on his back, feeling the soft grass grinningf againt his hands and feet, " A place where I can Be Myself, this is Mimi...are there more of your kind?"

9/2/2012 #87
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Mimi laid down on the grass beside him smiling up at the sky. It was nice to talk to someone who was different like her. Different in the sense of having animal qualities.

"I don't know," Mimi said quietly. "I akways imagined there would be someone exactly like me out there." She closed her eyes imagining it. "I was born normally... but when I turned a certain age these wings... started growing out of my back." She winced a little. "It had hurt... a lot." Mimi sat up.

"Here, I can do this too," She closed her eyes feeling the change coming up, some feathers swirled up around her and the next thing she knew she was a bird. This time she had decided to change into a falcon. She flapped her wings a little before returning to her usual, human, self.

"I can change into birds too... its sort of weird..." Mimi said, laying back down beside him.

9/2/2012 #88
Pen Storysky

" that is Amazing...." Jake looked up at the Sky, then he began espresing himself " For as long as I can Remember I was bord Diferent, I dont know where I comefrom, or who My parents look like, all I know that I was born...Diferent, From both The Kitsune and the Humans " he looked at his hand and raised it to the Sky " I can smell ten miles away, and I can hear 5 miles away, I can Run like a car, and I can Jump higher than Any animal, but Thats it...I am A freek to Both Humans and the Kitsune, There is no place for me in this world...maybey when I graduated I'll just go Into always.." he said sounding depress

9/2/2012 #89
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Mimi grabed Jake's hand, "But that's not true," Mimi said. "Your not alone. I know it, you can't be alone. There others like you who can relate." Mimi said. "I understand how your feeling, being different your whole life and not knowing why. I get that, and I am sure there others just like you and me." She blushe as she noticed her hand on his and quickly moved it back to her side.

9/2/2012 #90
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