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Garrus looked over, "Shit, looks like Easter's On haitus too. What's the matter, dave?"
3/16/2008 #3,001
" girl...then KSSHH! and the window...then the head...and I think I'm going to pass out," he said, panting as he swooned from running so long.
3/16/2008 #3,002
"That made a lot of sense kid." Torval said, rolling his eyes.
3/16/2008 #3,003
Garrus looked at Torval, "Oh My God, You've married a wierd girl! And Torval was there! Why didn't you tell me?"
3/16/2008 #3,004
He glared at Garrus for a moment, but then tried to catch his breath with his hands on his knees. "" he managed to say after a minute.
3/16/2008 . Edited 3/16/2008 #3,005
Torval raised and eyebrow. "Alright, if you're not married, then calm down and tell me why you ran all of the way to my house."
3/16/2008 #3,006
Garrus frowned, "my god, it can't be 100 meters from the Church to here, and you're out of breath! What, did you make a few laps around town before running here?"
3/16/2008 #3,007
David glared at Garrus again-it was going to become a habit-and walked into Torval's kitchen to get a glass of water. "Kind of. I sorta ran after a slayer for awhile," he said, taking a long drink of water.
3/16/2008 #3,008
"What, a vampire slayer? Well, he can't be any worse than High."
3/16/2008 #3,009
"I kind of found her ripping a vampire's head's probably still in the city streets," he said, sitting down and looking at Torval.
3/16/2008 #3,010
Garrus sighed and held his head, "so what are the chances of me gettiung out of town now, huh?"
3/16/2008 #3,011
"It'll turn into ash when the sun rises. But what makes you think she could catch me? I'm much stronger than all of the new vampires running around. A girl who has decided to go around ripping vampire's heads off doesn't concern me too much. I eat people, there's always one or two people around who want to kill me." He glanced at Garrus. "I can handle it, Garrus."
3/16/2008 . Edited 3/16/2008 #3,012
He threw up his hands in defeat. "I don't know, whatever. If you're okay with it, then fine, just wanted to give you a heads up," he said, rolling his eyes. He'd still try and find her on his own, though, with or without Torval.
3/16/2008 #3,013
"Look, I appreciate you telling me, but what do you want me to do? Jump up and run off to kill her? [i]You've[/i] got High Light in your head, remember?"
3/16/2008 #3,014
garrus nodded, "Yeah. Old habits die hard."
3/16/2008 #3,015
" still don't want to tell me anything about that?" he asked hopefully. (Might have to go now...)
3/16/2008 #3,016
(K) "What is there to tell? You've got an insane spirit of a guy who wants to kill me living in your head."
3/16/2008 #3,017
"How about why?" he asked, annoyed.
3/16/2008 #3,018
Garrus sighed, "This should be fun for the whole family..." he grumbled.
3/16/2008 #3,019
"Why he lives in your head, or why he hates me? He lives in your head because he refuses to die, and after I killed him once he possessed Lucas, then Alex, and we killed him again, then you and I went to transylvania to get him and Alex out of a crystal they were trapped in, and he jumped inside of your body and erased your mind." He took a breath. "As for why he hates me, its because I killed his insane girlfriend who kept me locked in a coffin for three weeks straight."
3/16/2008 #3,020
David kinda...just stared. "Riiiiiggghhhhht..."
3/16/2008 #3,021
"Hey, you asked, and forced me to bring up memories of events I'd rather forget." Torval said. "Garrus here is a witness."
3/16/2008 #3,022
"That's [i]seriously[/i] what happened?!?" he asked incredulously.
3/16/2008 #3,023
Garrus nodded, "Truth."
3/16/2008 #3,024
"I can even show you Alex's grave." Torval said bitterly. "Because of High Light she died."
3/16/2008 #3,025
David frowned slightly. "I'm...sorry. Who was Alex?" he asked quietly.
3/16/2008 #3,026
"The one girl I really cared for besides my fiance from when I was human. It sent me spiraling into depression when she died. She was a vampire, because of me, and she hated me for turning her, and I was in love with her. There's not much else you need to know."
3/16/2008 #3,027
"Um...yeah..." he said quietly, suddenly a whole lot more depressed.
3/16/2008 #3,028
garrus crossed his arms and watched sadly, shaking his head.
3/16/2008 #3,029
"Any other pointlessly depressing questions you'd care to ask?" Torval said. "Like how she died? Or what happened to me afterwards? All because of the guy in your head who won't die." He looked at Garrus. "I'm starting to like the idea of dropping him off a cliff now."
3/16/2008 #3,030
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