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I'd always intended to do this but never got around to it. But today, I was bored, and I wanted to roleplay. However, as that didn't happen, I made this. If anyone has information they'd like to have added, post it here and We'll take a look.


This forum is a multi-thread Roleplay set in the fictional town and state of School City, Iroquois, U.S.A., in a well established fictional world. This is all information that is not necessary for simple roleplaying, but Recommended for more major situations, as well as for overall experience. After all, it's a pretty interesting world ;] .


The City was Originally founded in the 1850's, a small Logging town without a name. In the 1860s, An academy was founded here by a Corporation known as the Matris Centuria Company, in conjuncture with Governor Anderson Whitcomb. It was only recently released to the public that the initial and main purpose of the School was to Gather, accommodate and Protect Superhumans In Secret. The school operated Successfully for A century and a Half, keeping the knowledge of Superhumans away from the wider world and even the majority of the Denizens of the town. However, in the first Decade of the 2000's, The City began to Grow Exponentially, Making the task more and more difficult. Finally, in 2007, Acting Mayor Brightburg officially announced to the world that A massive community of Superhumans, mostly Vampires, lived in School City.

Since then, the City has done very well for itself as a center of Vast and remarkable cultures and creatures. However, the time after the release was very turbulent. Immediately after The announcement of Vampires, A Bill, spearheaded by Senator Yates was passed forcing them to Register with the Government. Some resisted, and for many reasons, A Commune of Vampires formed in a Town north-east of School City named Uptown, Who wanted to Secede from the States and form a Vampire nation. After tensions between the Government and the Commune grew, Combat became a pressing likelihood. However, An Earthquake-like Cataclysm rocked School city, causing Fired that destroyed the Registration files, and soaked up all of the Funds needed to Continue the Yates act of Superhuman Registration, Officially Canceling it Indefinitely.

With Distrust between human and metahuman Citizens sinking, As the issues of Vampire Feeding and murder had become nonexistent due to Blood Donations, The Vampire Commune became more and more obsolete. In an attempt to Rally support, The Commune captured the former Vampire Outlaw Vigilante Nightfang, preparing to Execute him. However, a Strike force of unknown motives and makeup attacked the Town before the Execution, systematically destroying the Commune's leaders and destroying the group entirely.

After that, other than occasional issues with Crime and Metahuman threats, School City had met an unprecedented period of Peace and Enlightenment.The City continued to grow, and more and more institutions sprouted up dedicated to welcoming the Supernatural into our society. Things seemed to be legitimately getting better... until suddenly, another Catastrophe came out of nowhere. In Spring of 2011, the world seemed to run out of Patience. The Love, the hope, the logic, and magic seemed to drain out of the world. It seemed that the end of days were coming. And then, with as little explanation as how it started, the period ended, and the world seemed a little bit... brighter. A Very Real Biblical Apocalypse had loomed, and then been averted.

The people of the world are now trying to regroup, to recover from the great trouble now behind them. They are ready to face a hopefully brighter future.

The School is currently fully operational and growing, and the Town is once more thriving.

Geography/Explanation of the Geography

School City is located in the Fictional State of Iroquois, which takes up what is in our world West Virginia, Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. The Nation is very different from the one we know, due to the presence of Superhumans and Humans aware of Superhumans. Firstly, While our nation is composed Primarily of the main cities existing as the Legacies of successful Colonies, This world's America was planned a little more like a City planner would create it. That is because, hardly coincidentally, A city planner did mold America as best as one man Can - Anderson Whitcomb, The most famous Governor and co-founder of the School. He intended to create a sectionalized Aesthetic to what he considered 'Primary' America - the East. Because of Whitcomb's influence, Manifest Destiny was hardly as impressive as it was in our History, using his Political and Economic Pull to heavily promote Refining the Lands that Existed instead of Expanding outwards and onwards. In many ways, he was very correct.

His first Work, after School City, was Capitol City. During the Civil War, Washington in Columbia was Sacked and Captured by the Confederate states of America. After the war was over, Whitcomb personally Provided the Houseless representatives and unseated Senate with a proposition - across the Chesapeake Bay and upriver from Washington, A Twin City named Capitol City. In his description, Capitol City would become to home of the Federal Government, to be heavily strengthened after the War. Washington City, as he then called it, would be home to the White House and the President, All the Landmarks, Monuments and Museums, while Capitol City would be efficiently engineered to bear the burden of the Nation's grand Bureaucracy upon it's back. The Politicians ate it up, and immediately commissioned the Construction. Emboldened, Whitcomb went on to Strengthen School City, and to found Empire City in Ohio, The Foundation of the Nation's Industry and now a fine residential town, And later Carcer City, On the shores of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania, A Major Capitalist Center that nearly Replaced Wall street. Years after his death, Cities were still being named in his fashion, most Notably Cinema City on the West Coast.

School City itself is situated on both sides of the Ohio River. On the northern side is the School Itself, a rather Sprawling Complex. Across School Avenue from the School is the Dorm Building, and across Whitcomb Street on the far side of the School from School Avenue is the Library, a truly Grand building of Marble Pillars and stone steps. On the East, North and south sides of the School is the Main center of Business- hundreds of Shops, for anything from Clothes, books or souvenirs, and south of the school in that area, all kinds of magical or supernatural items, most notably Necklaces that can alter any part of your person, to make you a chicken or Blue or even Switch Genders. Beyond and around the Retail region are mostly Apartment buildings and homes to the City Limits, though the Police station is located on that side of the River. Finally, across Hallowed Street which is the Western boundary of the School, stretches the Park. It goes Along the River, from Hallowed Street to the City limit, and bounded on the north by Whitcomb Road. The park is sprawling, featuring Large lawns, woods and gardens, with stone statues, benches, fences and Chess Tables. The Park is dominated by the Clocktower, the only open part of the old Manor, The grounds of which are what now comprise the Park.

Across the River is the Waterfront, an area that faced a great deal of change in recent years. From it's foundation to a few years ago, A fort was situated on the waterfront, which stopped functioning as a fort in the 1890s. Afterwards, it was home to a few Apartments and Shops, and recently even a Gallery, until it and the Famed Pandora Hotel next door were destroyed in a fire. Afterwards, The Very same Matris Centuria company invested heavily in Building brand new attractions there - High end Apartments, Retail centers and Parks. However, in the Cataclysm, that too was completely lost, and is currently still mostly abandoned. South is the Hill, on which the Mansions sit, Large homes scattered all over the Hill. Downriver of the Old fort is the Hospital, which too has been occasionally destroyed but Rebuilt.

One more final thing to note is that the Nation is interconnected by Bullet Trains Following Routes planned by Whitcomb that spread from Carcer City to every major city and lots of minor ones. Other towns in this world include: Montworth, Conneticut, Another 'School' Town that has recently been freed of a terrible Being inducing Apathy; Heartvale, Rhode Island, A town of Average Size that occasionally has trouble with superpowered people; Uptown, Iroquois, A small town much like Ann Arbor, Michigan, that was controlled by the Vampire Commune for a time; Stanton, Iroquois, an unremarkable Town across the River from Uptown; Durstan, Florida, Another Unremarkable Town; Ruddings, New York, A small City of little interest, as well as most cities that exist in our own world.


-Vampires in this World must Drink blood on average Twice a Week, Can be burned completely by the sun though they are known to grow minor tolerances that allow them to spend brief amounts of time in daylight with an Umbrella, and transfer Vampirism with a bite, whether they drain the person to death or not.

-A 1-day Vampirism suppressant, that allows Vampires to become temporarily human, has been discovered by Researchers at the Hospital and has been kept out of public reach for some time, although it is used by The Police and Doctors.

-Blood donation is now a compulsory monthly action to keep Vampires from having to murder people. They can be ordered like any other kind of food for a Moderate price.

-More Recently, and unknown inventor Found the Vampire Cure, which he kept from Government control and released to the Public. It was first announced as a demoralization at the Strike on the Vampire Commune and used as a weapon there, supposedly linking the Inventor to that Attack. It can not be used repeatedly, and if someone is Re-vampirized after being Cured, they cannot be cured again.

-The CIA does not exist in this World, and the FBI is much more powerful. Meanwhile, The NSA is far more secretive, and the War on Terrorism has not occurred.

-The Current President is President Adomian, at the end of his term. Furthermore, this position is more of a figurehead than anything.

-Contrary to Popular belief, School City is not the center of the Supernatural in the World. Though it is the undisputed center in the United States, and is probably the most well known in the World, the Largest concentration of Supernatural Beings and Culture are in Bolo, a secret City in South America, Pamana, an Underwater City in the Mediterranean, and the Secret Markets of Egypt.

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I'd best add some infromation about Matthew Resterson. By that I mean who he works for and such. Any advice on who he could work for?

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You clearly didn't notice that none of the characters have information in this. There's no reason or excuse to put information about Matthew into this. This is the setting, not Character information.

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Once more moved to the top for reference.

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Yossarian van Driver

That Is A Lot Of Capitalised Letters Starting Words, It's Almost Like German... (In Which Every Noun Is Capitalised, I Think)

Also, Bump, As This Is A Very Useful Thread.

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I had hoped to Update this further before anyone got around to checking it. Oh well, all in short order.

Yes, I follow an Altered form of Grammar known as Xanthios, which emphasizes Cadence and speaking tone and Rhythm, aiding in communicating the Stressed words, aligned more to speaking than reading. In that sense, it is not unlike Broadcast style writing, but more in terms of Narrative uses.

Also, don't bother looking it up, because it doesn't Exist.

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Yossarian van Driver

What?! An obscure factoid I am unaware of? Impossible!

Well, okay, sounds good.

(I'm not going to try and copy it, even jokingly like in my last post, because I'd get it Wrong)

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Updated a bit.


August 12, 2011

Tour of Concerts opens this weekend

Pete Vincent, legendary Rocker, will be starting his 'Supernatural Tour' here, in School City, this Weekend. His group will Tour the states, and will be returning to School City in two months. Vincent's representatives say that the concert is a celebration of the Supernatural element emerging in our culture. The Concert is at the Warehouse, Saturday night at 9 PM.

August 14, 2011

Tragedy Strikes the Musical World!

The City is still shocked after Peter Vincent, the renowned Musician, was Kidnapped last night after his Concert. Police officials say that they are certain he is still alive, and are hot on the case. Meanwhile, This evening, Folk Artist Buddy Lennon passed away from a Heart Failure in front of his Audience. Candlelight Vigils are being held across the country for these two famous Musicians. Vincent, who has long been known for his Controversies regarding Drug and Alchohol use, had received several threatening letters leading up to his kidnapping. The Police Captain remarked that he had his best detectives on the case, including Detective Carla Valenti, and said that there is an F.B.I. agent on this case as well. While Vincent may still be Recovered, the Musical Industry has irrevocably lost a beloved Singer and songwriter. Lennon is Survived by his two Sons, who live with his ex-wife, Cynthia Ono.

August 15, 2011

Mysterious attack on Vampire Nightclub

Police are now Investigating the strange attack on the Underpass Nightclub that occurred early this morning. The Underpass, an almost exclusively Vampire-inhabited hangout, was suddenly assaulted by an unidentified woman. According to reports, the Woman entered the Nightclub and proceeded to use Anti-Vampire weapons to Attack the Crowd. At this point, Authorities believe that no-one was Harmed or Cured.

(We used to have a 'News' thread for stuff like this... but not anymore. This Will do.)

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Yossarian van Driver

Hey, cool that you're doing news.

(At the end, should that be 'is survived by his two sons'? You've written 'his two songs'.)

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A simple Type, nothing more. Already fixed it.

Reference Map of USA State Lines in this world:

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Yossarian van Driver


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August 14, 2011

New Supernatural Creature Spotted in School City

Though it's seemed for some time that this City had finally gotten it's hands on a complete roster of the Various Metahuman species now entering our society, it seems that one case in particular had been left out - The Mermaid. That is, of course, until now. This Afternoon, The Arrow received photographic Evidence of an Amphibian Creature believed to be a Mermaid. While not looking much like our modern idea of the Aquatic creature, the photo nevertheless reveals the existence of yet another creature thought to be just another myth. Since the announcement of Vampires that sparked the 2008 Valentine's Day Riots, the number of Metahuman races being announced to the world has slowly tapered off.

The creature seemed injured, and though it was later spotted near the Hospital, it's current location is unknown. The Arrow is offering a significant reward for any further information regarding this being.

(Beneath the Headline is one of the Photos sent in, a picture of this

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August 15, 2011

At least Two dead, more injured in Possible Terrorist Attack

At Approximately Twelve O'clock Noon today, The Riverfront was changed forever as a sudden explosion rocked the district. The Explosion was just large enough to destroy the building it took place in - the Ohio Street Warehouse, a renowned nightspot. The Warehouse was also the Site of Recently Kidnapped Rocker Pete Vincent's Concert, whose disappearance is also considered a possible Terrorist Plot. A Full count of the Dead is not currently known, but at least Two were lost in the explosion, some of which possibly being Police officers. As well as being a frequented club, the location was Home to Martina Holloway and Harvey Walters, the Bartender, both of which have been sighted being treated at the Hospital. While Holloway's condition is believed to be Critical, Walters has been confirmed unharmed and has refused to comment on the Deaths. Scheduled to be on the Scene today was two Uniformed Police officers, Micheal Jakowski and Henry Smitts. Also Injured at the Scene was a currently Unidentified Female, who has been confirmed by the Police as being a Person of Interest in the Explosion.

Chief of Police Ernest Simmons has refused to comment, but has Scheduled a Press conference for Tonight. We will share all developments as they become available, and our hearts are with the Family of those Lost.


August 16, 2011

Supernatural Race Attacks in Force, Sparks War?

The City is still reeling from the Abrupt and totally unanticipated Invasion by a Race of Aquatic Humanoids. This Afternoon, The Stanton Memorial Damn was destroyed, causing a blackout all over town and some flooding. Not long afterwards, A Metallic Fish-shaped tank emerged from the Ohio River, and Announced it's presence to the City. There have been Varying reports of what occurred next, but not long after the First arrived, Several more of the Tanks emerged from the Water and spread into the City, destroying roads and Buildings, and even Killing Humans. In under half an hour, the National Guard arrived from Fort Chester and, along with the SWAT and Police Forces of the City, began to fight back against the Attackers. Not far from the Hospital, it is believed that a small group of Guardsmen were able to destroy one of the Tanks, causing the Strange creatures to retreat back to the River. Currently, the death toll is Estimated somewhere in the lower Four Figures, a Tragedy the likes of which has not been seen in Decades. However, some evidence suggests the Aggressors were not attempting to kill unarmed Civilians, merely destroy our infrastructure and Defenses.

This Attack spell an uncertain future for the Tenuous peace that the Supernatural and Mortal worlds have shared since the Dissolution of the Uptown Vampire Community in 2010. There has been National Support Rallying around School City, with Supplies, Resources and Manpower being Shipped in even now. In a Live Telecast, President Adomian pledged support for the people of School City and gave his sincerest of condolences to those who lost friends or family during the Invasion. However, he pledged not to take rash action in retaliation for this attack. Detractors are already criticizing his behavior here, most Vocal of which being Congressman Yates, who publicly decreed the President's Inactivity. Regardless of the events in the coming weeks, School City will face a long and painful process of Rebuilding what has been lost, and coming to terms with the Events of this fateful day. Needless to say the Arrow will be staying with all the stories involved in this Historic attacked in the Days to come.

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August 17, 2011

(Special Edition - Late Night Run)

Aquatic occupier holdouts break, retreat from School City

The Last invaders from yesterday's sudden and unexplainable assault were finally driven back from the City in the early hours of this morning. A Group of the Fish-like Holdouts were entrenched in the grounds around the Police Station, reportedly placing the station under siege. National Guard attempts to drive back the aggressors were fruitless, and it is currently unknown specifically how the battle played out. However, a sudden and decisive outbreak of combat scattered the Superhuman attackers, causing them to flee to the North and South. This Inspiring and Historic victory is currently attributed to the Police defenders working in tandem with unknown forces. Now, with our City once more safely in our own hands, we can mourn the lives lost in this battle, especially those who fell in the line of duty, protecting the Innocent. Over Three Hundred civilians were taking refuge in the Police Station when it broke, and it was manned by around Fifty Police officers and other officials.


August 17, 2011

Mermaid Ambassadors emerge, President engages in Peace Talks

This Morning, a delegation of Ambassadors from the race which just yesterday decimated almost half of School City emerged from the Ohio River, and approached the National Guard defenses along the Waterbank to signal a Ceasefire. The Creatures, supposedly representing separate 'Tribes', the leaders of which "Could not be here themselves". A Little more than an hour Later, President J. R. Adomian arrived in School City and was met by the Mayor of School City as well as Iroquois' Governor, who went along with him to the National Guard Camp. From there, they and the Mermaid Delegates took a Helicopter to the School Itself, where peace talks began, the Specifics of which are still currently unknown.

An Inside source, however, has given an exclusive look at the inside of these talks to The Arrow. According to these Ambassadors, the Aquatic attackers were in fact a Riotous Mob with support from some small factor of the Military forces of the Race's Government. Evidently, the devastating assault on our City's Lives and infrastructure was the result of a mistaken belief that a Citizen of the city had kidnapped a young Mermaid. The strange and uncertain circumstances of this terrible incident will continue to be illuminated as the hours go on, and already it appears that this tragedy was perhaps little more than a horrific, if entirely avoidable, mistake.

President Adomian is expected to speak to the Public on the matter of these talks this evening during his currently-nightly telecasts.


August 19, 2011

Merpeople War criminals transferred into School City Government Custody.

At approximately Nine A.M. this Morning, several of the Mer troopships that less than a week ago devastated School City Emerged from the Water of the Ohio river, and over a Hundred Prisoners of War disembarked. In a show of good faith, the Mer Tribe governments have allowed for the Ringleaders and important members of the violent Revolutionary extremist group that attacked the city to be placed under in Surfacer custody. The Terrorist uprising which reportedly commandeered Mer Military equipment and the Tanks themselves had been said to be a horrific case of mob Mentality at it's worst. Already the National Guard, U.S. Government and various Private security contracting companies - Including Panther Active Unit and Decamp-Woertz Continental - have already begun arranging internment camps for these aquatic sentients. Camps will be set up all across School City, and currently the Local and National Governments are ironing out how the Trials should proceed. Nearly all Governmental and Non-governmental Agencies involved have been stressing the need for an end to the Violence that has stricken the city of Late, and that attacks on the Mer Prisoners will be considered Hate Crimes and will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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A Rough Map of School City - use for Reference.

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