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(Blake didn't leave, Keelsai and Thoreau did. I'd think Nina was with Steve, Cindy and Phineas.)

(Okay, then the Experienced ones)

2/13/2011 #301

(Cindy was with Mal. Okay, how do you want to bring Blake in? He could deal with the agents too, then.)

Davan sighed, tired. He could see people inside... sometimes he wished he could dress in more casual clothes. Suits scared people. And so did Renfield. He knocked again.

2/13/2011 #302

(I thought Mal convinced her to spend time with her family. And I don't think Blake would answer someone Else's Door. I'm not sure...)


Steve opened the door, "Hello?"

2/13/2011 #303

"Hello." He said, smiling a little and holding out his hand. "I'm Davan Heralds. I'm looking for Phineas Langston. Is he here?"

2/13/2011 #304

(We were still talking, hello?)

"I believe so, What do you need?"

2/13/2011 #305

(I just don't know how to bring them in.)

"I need to speak to him about events that have gone on recently. My friend and I have reason to believe he was involved."

2/13/2011 #306

(Okay, but you could have at least answered me... How many characters do you have here right now?)

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't quite understand... What is it that you think he's done?"

2/13/2011 #307

(Sorry... Uh, Torval, Cindy, Sarah, Sonya, Jacob, and the vamp in the attic.)

"We would prefer to discuss it with him." Davan said. "And I assure you, you'll be informed too."

2/13/2011 #308

(So he is Still in the Attic... okay. Well, the only person that ever really talked to blake was Renfield, and he's dead.)

"I'm sorry, but Who are you again?"

2/13/2011 #309

(He can't go out in the day, and doesn't want to be found yet.)

(So Blake could see this Renfield, then.)

Davan took a badge out of his pocket, showing it to Steve. "Davan Heralds. I work for the government, and we need to speak with your son."

2/13/2011 #310

(Right. It was a Different Renfield, he wouldn't Remember and There would be nothing to talk about)

"I'm sorry, but What exactly is it that you think he's done?"

2/13/2011 #311

"He was the last person to see three of my associates. We would very much like to hear if he knows what has happened to them." Davan could practically feel his hair graying. He hated this. Dealing with people who simply wanted to be left alone. Having to play 'the bad guy' taking someone's son off to jail.

(I have no one to talk to him, then. Jacob could, I guess, but it'd be the usual bumbling stuff.)

2/13/2011 #312

(Yeah, it would be. This is why you need more characters.)

"Alright, I'm sorry. Please come in, Have a seat.

2/13/2011 #313

(I can try and make more, but how would they know him any more? Also, my internet is being a little shit, and apparently the only fix is a visit from a technician for 95 dollars.)

Davan smiled kindly and stepped inside. Renfield followed him silently.

2/13/2011 #314

(People meet in usual ways, I don't know. Maybe they could get involved with the Pete Vincent thing)

"Can I get you something to drink? I'll find my Son for you."

2/13/2011 #315

"No thank you." He said. "We don't want to impose any more than we are."

(Yeah, I could have a character at the concert.)

2/13/2011 #316

(That would work pretty well.)

"Alright, I'll see if I can find him." He headed upstairs.

2/13/2011 #317

(Okay. :)

Davan looked around calmly, and Renfield sighed, relieved they had gotten in without a struggle.

2/13/2011 #318

(You want help coming up with a character.)

A moment or two later, Steve came back down with Phineas.

2/13/2011 #319

(Sure, if you want.)

Davan looked up at him. "Hello, Phineas."

2/13/2011 #320

(Yeah, I'll help you)

"Do I know you?"

2/13/2011 #321

(Uh, he should know Davan... shouldn't he?)

"I am Davan Heralds, and this is my associate, Renfield. We'd like to speak with you today about a recent event."

2/13/2011 #322


"So you don't know me. So we're not on a first name Basis." He said, annoyed. "What is it?"

2/13/2011 #323

Renfield scowled a little. Davan continued. "Mr. Langston, we have reason to believe that you were the last one to come in contact with three government agents."

2/13/2011 #324

(so how'd your Valentine's Go?)

Phineas sat down, "Who were they?"

2/14/2011 #325

"Two men and a woman. The woman's name was apparently Myste."

Renfield shrugged. "The men were unidentified."

2/14/2011 #326

"You don't know the names of the people you were looking for?"

2/14/2011 #327

"We know the last names." He said slowly.

2/14/2011 #328

(Oh! My Valentines was fine. I got candy and an old game I'd been missing. Yours?)

2/14/2011 #329

"You want me to identify people I don't know anything about?"

2/14/2011 #330
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