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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Yossarian van Driver

Charlie looked up just in time to be flattened by Night.

"Whoa!" he yelled as he hit the floor, her on top, the breath knocked out of him. "I've heard of enthusiastic greetings but this is ridiculous..."

(Sorry if you expected him to catch you, I thought this would be more realistic...and funny...)

3/1/2012 #1,021
"Oh my I did not see where I was going ...then I tripped and ....sorry Charlie-sama" Night said while getting off of him then patting her head and fixing her ears. ( no I was not expecting him to catch her just someone to fall on)
3/1/2012 #1,022
Yossarian van Driver

(ok then)

"That's okay...I'm sure I didn't break anything important..." he pulled himself to his feet. "Have you found your dorm yet? It took me a while to find mine, though that could just be me being disorganised...but I like to blame management incompetence. " He rubbed his back where she had landed.

3/1/2012 #1,023
Night giggled a little "No not yet I seem that I get lost easily huh, Charile-sama" She said while taking out her phone seeing if it's broken but it was fine.
3/1/2012 #1,024
Yossarian van Driver

He smiled--her energetic, bubbly manner was something new and interesting. "I guess..." he glanced around. "If I were you I'd just find an empty dorm and take it, nobody really keeps track of these things. There's plenty of empty rooms." He thought for a minute...he knew a little Japanese, what did 'sama' mean? Oh yes! "And, uh," he added, "you don't need to be that polite. With the 'sama' and everything. I'm not in charge of you or anything..."

(have I got it wrong? Is 'sama' just for somebody you don't know that well? I was under the impression it was used when speaking to a superior. Oh well, if I've got it wrong, then Charlie's got it wrong, and feel free to correct him/me if so. Then again, I might be right--it has to happen sometime...)

3/1/2012 #1,025
(No your right about the sama thing) Night smiled at him too " Okay, can you help me look for a dorm? Charie" She asked him while wondering *I hope he says yes I don't feel like getting lost again or falling* she thought
3/1/2012 #1,026
Yossarian van Driver

"Sure!" he replied, a little louder than intended maybe--some of her enthusiasm was starting to rub off on him. "Uh, there's probably a few free over this way..." he pointed to the left.

3/1/2012 #1,027
" Great! Let's go, Charlie" Night giggled while taking one of his hands and started running down the hall.
3/1/2012 #1,028
Yossarian van Driver

"Woah! Heh, there's no stopping you, is there?" he laughed as Night pulled him along. Room 106 was free...The door numbers flashed by, 96, 98, 100, 102, 104..."Stop! Here it is!" He opened door 106, and it was indeed empty. The bed was intact too, which was generally a good sign.

"Hey Night, you like this one?" He turned back to face her.

3/1/2012 #1,029
Night stop running to see the room 106. She backfripped onto to the bed. "Yep, this one seem fine!" She smiled at him then she jump off the bed and gave Charlie a quick hug " Thanks, Charlie for everything!" Night said while fixing her ears once again.
3/1/2012 #1,030
Yossarian van Driver

He returned the hug, less hesitant than he had been yesterday. With growing friendliness, he answered, "Sure, you're welcome!"

3/1/2012 #1,031
( I'm not sure what to do now)
3/1/2012 #1,032
Yossarian van Driver

(Three ideas: Either Charlie can stay a while and talk, or he can leave and just use another thread sometime, or somebody can come along, like some idiot who wants to mug them...)

3/1/2012 #1,033
( Charlie can give her a tour of the school and they can talk while walking)
3/1/2012 #1,034
Yossarian van Driver


"So, as you're new and all, do you want me to, uh, show you around the place?" he asked. "It's pretty big, after all..."

He remembered something. "Hold on a second, though..." he hurriedly took off his watch and dismantled it--not idly, but with intent this time. He sat down and laid the parts on the floor. "I've got a problem with a teacher, I dropped his lesson but he thinks I'm still in his he still sets me homework..." he took the back casing off his phone and started attaching pieces from the watch, using various spare parts from his pockets to connect them. "Instead of doing work I don't have to, by all rights, I'm avoiding him...I can track him with a radio transmitter I attached to his jacket--it's his favourite, he wears it everywhere--but I left my reciever at home today, so I'm making one here, just a sec..."

He finally slotted a microchip into the device he had turned his phone into, and the screen lit up. It was dark green, with intermittent static. "Hmm, doesn't appear to be anywhere in school..." he amplified the range, extending the antenna with a bit of wire. A green dot started blinking on the edge of the screen. "All right, that puts his apartment. Right, he won't be around to chase me down, so I can show you around without worrying about about it?"

3/1/2012 #1,035
" Yeah! That be great lets go and you should teach me that one day, okay" she looked at him then the device.
3/1/2012 #1,036
Yossarian van Driver

"Well, it took a while for me to learn...but okay, I guess." he quickly stripped the device down into its component parts and put them back into his pockets, for whatever he'd need to build later in the day. Maybe he'd need his phone back. He'd just have to wait and see. "Right! The main building is a good place to about there first?"

(If so, school grounds thread, I guess...

I just recalled one of your older posts...does Night have a Death Note? A real one (well, real in the story, anway...)?)

(Or is my memory wrong, was it someone else who posted that...I'll check)

3/1/2012 #1,037
( yeah she does but she only uses it to draw in and only use it to kill someone if she needs to) "okay thats sounds good" Night said while messing with her backpack.
3/1/2012 #1,038
Yossarian van Driver

(See you in the school grounds thread then, i'll post there within half an hour)

3/1/2012 #1,039

"So my room is on the third floor huh. I wonder if there's somebody I know there." Marcus mumbled as he walked with his single bag up the stairs for the third floor.

3/5/2012 #1,040
Yossarian van Driver

Charlie and Night entered the dorms building again, Charlie humming 'Singing in the Rain' as he shook himself semi-dry. "And, let's see, my dorm should be somewhere around here...yeah, room 212. Here we are." He opened the door--the room had a bed by one wall, a punching bag by the second, and a desk with a laptop, books and notepad by the third. There were machine parts strewn across the floor, which Charlie kicked into a pile in the corner. There was a bag by the bed, and a few more books underneath. "Welcome to my humble abode," he said, in a mock-posh voice. "Unfortunately no window, so I have to hope the lightbulb doesn't give out...but otherwise, I got stains, blood or otherwise...not really cramped...and my neighbour did play loud annoying music once, but I cut the power to his room until he promised to stop..." he sat down on the bed, closing a half-finished comic that lay on it. "As I said, not too exciting, but there you go."

3/9/2012 #1,041
Night sat next to him "It's better than my room and what you reading?" She giggled while taking the coat off her head and put her bag on the floor.
3/9/2012 #1,042
Yossarian van Driver

"Oh, this?" he picked it up. "It's a volume of Fullmetal Alchemist. I've actually got quite a variety of comics...some manga, but also some of the big American companies, Marvel, DC...and some British stuff like Judge Dredd...I try not to stay too fixated on any one country." He put the manga back down, after glancing at the inside back cover advertising the next volume. "Yeah, my room may be better now, but you've just moved in, I've had a couple of months to get stuff. I'm sure yours'll be fine after a while." He rubbed his head. "It's been kind of a long day, hasn't it? Still..." He said, looking up at her, "it's been a good one. You think?"

3/9/2012 #1,043
" Yeah, it's been a great day!" She answered "And I love Fullmetal Alchemist and Batman he's the best superhero ever. Don't you agree?" she asked while looking over his shoulder reading the manga.
3/10/2012 #1,044
Yossarian van Driver

"Yeah, Batman's awesome. They've done some really great stories recently...Did you see the Christopher Nolan movies?" He saw her looking at the manga, picked it up and held it out to her. "You can borrow this if you want to."

3/10/2012 #1,045
"Thanks! And yes I've seen them a while ago" Night grabbed the manga and was fliping though the pages while reading at the same time.
3/10/2012 #1,046
Yossarian van Driver

"You sure read quickly." Charlie stood up and stretched, walking around the room for a bit. "So, um, that's, uh, room. You could go now, I guess, or you could stay a bit, if you have anything to talk about, that is. Um. I just kind of ran out of things to say..."

3/10/2012 #1,047
She giggled "Can you walk me back to my room ....I forgot the number" she said while getting up and throwing her backpack on.
3/10/2012 #1,048
Yossarian van Driver

"106, wasn't it?" Charlie was pretty sure he remembered. He definitely didn't want to disappoint her by getting it wrong..."Well, no harm in checking there, I guess."

3/10/2012 #1,049
" I think that's right. Let's go!" she grabbed his hand once again. While running out the room and closing the door. Night was running down the halls, dragging Charlie behind.
3/10/2012 #1,050
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