The School RPG
It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Okaii, Lemme get to the park.

2/28/2012 #481
Yossarian van Driver

Okay, sounds good phantom.

2/29/2012 #482

Yossarian, feel free to play somewhere else for a while, Phantom is probably offline.

2/29/2012 #483
Yossarian van Driver

Hmm, he'll come back at some point, and anyway, my other character is still rp-ing with tailsfan.

2/29/2012 #484

Night walked into the park, looking at the trees. Finding a spot under a willow tree, opening her copy of the Death Note she began drawing the trees and people walking pass her.

2/29/2012 #485

Opps I ment that in the park, sorry *bows* Im using my iPhone to rp

2/29/2012 #486
Yossarian van Driver

Um, wrong topic, phantom. Post that in the park thread--the other people have finished there.

2/29/2012 #487

Um, I'm new to the School RP and have no real idea on what to do. Will you please help me get started?

2/29/2012 #488


2/29/2012 #489
Proffesor I.P. Freely


2/29/2012 #490

What's happening in the Rp? I haven't been here for a while.

2/29/2012 #491
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Which one? There are dozens.

One of my charecters was summoned by another, and they're walking the streets, bored. I have an assassin charrie free, and I suppose the demon could be used as well.

2/29/2012 #492

And also I maight bring My old character back.

2/29/2012 #493
Okay Yossarian must be offline and I'm bored and I really want to rp something. Any offers?
2/29/2012 #494

Well, not the mod's RP. If I remember they had a private thing going. Let's start with the most active ones.

2/29/2012 #495
Proffesor I.P. Freely

I told what I know.

2/29/2012 #496

Well, time to start again.

2/29/2012 #497
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Its kinda random, where you wanna rp?

Better question, what?

2/29/2012 #498

Incase your wondering I used to come here with thwo different accounts about a year ago. I stopped and left my home country for a while

2/29/2012 #499
Sorry, to just jump into your talk but can I join you two? Because I really and I mean really want to rp. And again sorry.
2/29/2012 #500
Proffesor I.P. Freely

I think your guy should meet up with my assassin, and I'm still trying to work in your charrie phantom. I'm open to ideas though

2/29/2012 #501

That's cool, I feel like RPing anyway.

2/29/2012 #502
Proffesor I.P. Freely

You feel free to start, and phantom, if you see a moment to jump in-within reason- feel free too. As long as Elk has no objections.

2/29/2012 #503

I have no objections to anything, except the KKK.

2/29/2012 #504
Umm, I can post my persons info on here if u can't find it and also I have a post in the park we can start on that, of that's cool
2/29/2012 #505

I'm cool with wherever.

2/29/2012 #506
Proffesor I.P. Freely

There was this kid in gym who asked me if I wanted to join the KKK

Not knowing what it was, I said no. He kept asking it over and over for a half hour. I then said yes just to get him to shut the fuck up.

Then he screams at the top of his lungs "HE HATES BLACK PEOPLE!!!!"

They should not have mixed age gym.

2/29/2012 #507
Okay meet u two in the park. And KKK?
2/29/2012 #508
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Klu Klux Klan

Anti black white people way back when.

use wikipedia

2/29/2012 #509
Anyone wanna RP????
2/29/2012 #510
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