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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Paige Joy

Yes, that helped.

Thank you

8/21/2008 #31

sure thing :)

8/21/2008 #32
Gone and Gone

This poem is something I just came up with while writing one of my stories and listening to Rime of the Anicent Mariner

The waves crash against the rocks

An old man stands near the edge of the peer

His eyes looking out to the sea

His memories become so clear

All the hardship and all the lose

Sorrow in his hardened eyes

He is all that remains now

The captain of a lifeless ship

The Anicent Mariner

8/27/2008 #33

Title: "The Invisible Girl"

By: Hannah-chan ^^

Date written: December 8, 2008


She gazes at the people passing by

They dont seem to notice how they toss her about

She shuffles left, she shuffles right

She gets shoved all around

The invisible girl in the mist

People wearing coats of black, white and gray

Pass her by with not one glance

She’s got nothing on but remnants of the past

Nothing but the girl she once was

The busy people pay her no mind

No one cares about the ragged, invisible girl

She’s just a shadow in their lives

Watching but never interacting

Seen but never heard

She’s free of the world but trapped in the world

No responsibility but sheer survival

No love or respect for anyone but herself

Nothing to hold her but her own cold, bare arms

What would happen if she totally disappeared?

If all lost their shadow, that cold shiver in their breast?

If even those silent eyes were gone into the mists…

… Forever?

5/25/2009 #34

(I loooove this one!! muchly! ^^)

Title: A Brother's Love

By: My brother ^^ (about me and him :P)

Written: Idk but I have it down as January 28, 2009... :/


Name a love that is like that of no other

First to your mind is that of an older brother

To keep you safe forever and a day

Even when I'm not standing there

By your side I will always stay

I'm here for you when you need to talk or cry

And I hope that I will, for you, always be that kind of guy

I love you, baby sis, and you should always know

I that I will never let you fall

Never hurt you

And never let you go

So always let hate be overshadowed with your love

Because there is nothing better

Than a brother's love

(I edited the structure so it made a little more sense... I love my big brother! ^_^)

5/25/2009 #35

This thread seems pretty old/dead, and I'm new so.... I"ll post something.

It's just a condensed exerpt, but it's from my character's story and I kinda' like it.. :D The ... break is where I cut out a part about Tylenol and Jack Daniels.

I stand, Nina's back hits the linoleum, and squeeze between Beverly and her door and cut through her room, out to the "party zone". It was just her basement, the aftermaths of a crazy party littered all over the shag carpeting. The couches, same gray as the speckled carpet, hold the passed out bodies of my friends. Smashed New Year's tiaras, hats, and broken strands of beads frame them and the couches. The survivors, the scarce and few that have remained sober, have fled to sitting in the floor. The lights had been turned on to reveal stained paint on the walls (not. our. fault.)and ripped furniture.

Ugh, they didn't turn the stereo off.... The now-not-so-loud music provided an odd backdrop for this battle scene. I ripped the cord out of the wall, killing the System of a Down it was playing. My feet shuffled over to a spot on the floor against a wall where I collapsed on my ass. I drew my knees against my body and slammed my aching head between my legs.


As I lie on the floor, unconscious bodies around me, I wondered how this all got so bad. "Let's see.... There was video games, Eric was high and threw a snake on the roof, Josh was stoned and punched a wall, Matt chugged a two-liter and passed out somewhere, Bev's sisters showed up piss drunk, Mike started a bonfire, Hunter almost caught her backyard on fire...."

Yeah.... It's kinda' based off of my friend's New Years party. It's what would have happened if everyone hadn't gone home. 7_7

I have stupid friends. -_-

6/16/2009 . Edited 6/16/2009 #36

My fics need reviews! T-T Well, the kinda review that doesn't tear them to shreads, I mean, I know my writing needs *ahem* 'work' but that doesn't mean they're bad stories. Most reviews I get are correctors corner stuff, which is okay, but some other input would be nice! :D

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Two Elements Story summery. Our world is like two sides of the same coin. Ours is heads, Aangs is tails. What happens when Chris finds out about the true nature of his gift, but what will Aang and Co do when they discover where he's really from?

Input?: Eh I may re-write this, it's an old story that I just well...didn't think it through as much. I would like to have more referance to the story and characterisation, also comments on sue ness if any would be helpfull in the re-write. It's one of my first projects here so sorry if it's set up weird.

Legend of Zelda: Link's Great Mystery. Months after Gannons end, Links most recent nights are haunted by hellish nightmares of a young boy. His newest mission sets him off to Ven-heim, Hyrules rivaling country. However more than one evil lurks in the shadows, and those shadows know something Link has been searching for his whole life!

Input?: Another one on my re-writing chopping block. It revolves around the idea that nobody ever explains how link came to be, who killed his parents and stuff like that. It takes place a few months after the story in TP hyrule ends.

The Fairy's Emblem. A new twist on the old book series The Neverending story.

Input?: It's almost finished, as in, one chapter left. So I would apriciate it if someone read the thing in it's entirety and gave feedback on the story itself. Rather than the usual nitpicking of grammer nerds, though that's welcome too, but please try to be nice. ^^

9/25/2009 #37

put a space into the words in the search bar once you click the link, for some reason they put no spaces into it :/

10/18/2012 . Edited 11/21/2012 #38

Not sure whether this is the right place to put this but I wrote happy lyrics to the chorus to the tune of Meltdown in English (I am totally prepared for people attavking me due to it being a bad idea...). Here goes:

Take me to the sky so I can fly

I wanna touch those clouds so high

I wanna fly

Then I can see those clouds in a miracle

Take me to the sky so I can fly

I wanna touch those clouds so high

I wanna fly

Take me to the sky so I can touch those clouds so high

12/4/2012 #39

Sorry, not interested in avatar or that other thing. I fact, I don't know anyone who does. I mean there are people who will, but none of my friends do...

10/20/2013 #40


11/29/2013 . Edited 3/18/2014 #41
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