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Title says it all.
2/17/2012 #1
Yossarian van Driver

Julia entered the classroom, peering at her timetable. She appeared to have a History class in here for first period...wait, no, not History but Future History. Hold on.

"'Future History?'" she wondered aloud. She looked up--she didn't seem to be late, people were still settling down, unpacking their things, and in one instance having a paintball fight--which ended when the teacher, a tall bespectacled man with a ridiculously long scarf, absent-mindedly tossed a flashbang grenade at them. Once her eyesight had recovered, Julia found her way to an empty seat, shrugging off her jacket, and the teacher began to write on the chalkboard. It read:

Future History 101: Next Week's LotteryNumbers/Horse Race Results

This immediately got the attention of everyone in the class.

"Good morning," the teacher droned. "I'm Professor H.M. Argyle, and in today's lesson we'll look at some of the practical aspects of Future History..."

(Weird school, weird classes...)

(Tailsfan, I assume one of your characters, if not both, will be there, and anybody else who wants to have their character in the class can, too.)

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #2
Tails and Alex walk to teir classes. (Alex has first period science I guess) chase walks in future history and says, "sorry I'm late. Just got back from getting back my stolen car..."(considering a day or two has passed since the fight with Kama). He takes a seat
2/18/2012 #3
Yossarian van Driver

"Indeed," Argyle mutters. "Now, I'll begin. Today, we'll take a look at some of the more basic applications of temporal manipulation..." he looks around at some of the confused faces. "Ahem. I shall adjust my verbal IQ down a bit for you, then: Oftime travel."



"Of course," came the mumblings from around the room.

"Quiet! If you signed up to this class, you should at least know what it's about...anyway, to most people, time is linear, simply going from point A to point B. Hah! Those fools!" he cackled. "Living their tiny, insignificant lives, unaware of the...uh...the grand...where was I?" Julia decided that the best place for this man would be a mental hospital, but judging by some of the people she'd met, this school wasn't too far off that. She resolved not to listen to him any more, and started idly doodling in her notebook.

(Is Chase sitting near Julia? Oh, and read the recent posts in the 'rp chat' and 'enrollment' threads I made, and the responses to my post in the 'rp chat' thread as well, kind of important...)

2/19/2012 . Edited 2/19/2012 #4
Chase nods, seemingly interested. He needed to know More on whoever... Well.... gets bored though and texts Julia a message. "why is it called future history?"
2/19/2012 #5
Yossarian van Driver

Julia's train of thought was interrupted by the insistent vibration of her phone. Wait, since when did she have a phone? Yet there it was in her bag, lying against her leg, defiantly existing. Oh well, she thought, better check it...from Chase...

why is it called future history? She rolled her eyes, glanced around to ensure nobody was looking, and replied. She wasn't entirely fluent in textspeak, so she just randomly left letters out here and there in an attempt to make it quicker.

Didnt u hear him talk bout tim travl? Anyway thats why. Its bout the futre.She looked up, to see Argyle facing away from her, fiddling with some sort of device on the front desk. "Just a minute, class...I'm working on it..." Just as she went to put her phone back in her bag, it shook again, an incoming-message symbol appearing on the screen, from an uknown number. She opened it:

See me after class. The use of mobile phones within lessons is forbidden.

--Prof. H.M. Argyle

She looked up again. He was still standing there, trying to activate whatever kind of apparatus it was. No phone in sight. Clearly, there was more to this man than met the eye.

2/19/2012 . Edited 2/19/2012 #6
Chase saw the reply but another message... He checked the Message. "See me afte class. The use of mobile phones in class is forbidden. See me after class."-- Prof. H.M Argyle. He looked at the Prof. "mother-" he started to mutter but his phone vibrated. "if u finish that word, you get detention every day this week" -- the professor. Ugh, he thought. He looked at the Prof, who looked like he was playing with a fork and a lava lamp or something... He looked at the clock. 8:05. Period 1 ends in 10 minutes...
2/19/2012 #7
Yossarian van Driver

"Now," the Professor said. "I have finally managed to get this damned machine to function. Observe," he flipped a switch, and sparks flew from the device. Its screen flickered to life. It appeared to be the news. "Observe, as I said, the screen, and you will be able to view tonight's news...twelve hours in advance!" The news-station for Channel 1 did indeed appear, the presenter announcing various dull peices of news, but also the death of music star Buddy Lennon, long-time international superstar. Several people looked shocked, and the news went on to announce that he had died of a sudden heart attack while performing. "Indeed, this comes as a shock to you," Argyle said, "but as it happens, during my travels in the timestream, I have been to that concert, and observed the event twice you are about to!"

With that, he picked up a remote control and pressed the power button, turning on the TV mounted on the wall. He flipped over to Channel 3 with a dramatic flourish, and brought up a live broadcast of Buddy Lennon singing his new hit single, "We all Live in a Blue Suede Submarine". About thirty seconds of excellent music later, he stopped mid-step, clutched at his chest, gasped silently a few times, and collapsed. Argyle turned the TV off, just as a doctor was running over to Lennon's body.

"That, simpletons, is essence of Future History: Foreknowledge of future events. Can you imagine what this ability could do in the wrong hands? Why, a leader could predictevery move his opponents made!He couldrule the world! He could--" He coughed, and stopped talking, straightening his tie. "Ahem. Hypothetically, of course. Class dismissed," he waved his hand at them. Julia stood up.

"Hold on--"

"I'm sorry?"

"Hold on,sir. The name of the class was 'next week's lottery results'..." she pointed out.

"Ah, yes. That." Argyle grinned evilly. "Well, that was onepotentialapplication of my Temporal Viewing Device. Perhaps, by the end of the semester, with my instruction, be able to construct one yourself, and if your tiny little mind still desires something as inconsequential as money, you can find them out yourself. The inclusion of the topic in this lesson was, ha, a little white lie on my behalf, in order to attract students." He waved them out, adding as they left (except Julia and Chase), "And if no-one signs up to my class, I lose my job..." He turned to face the two left behind. "Now. Do you have anything to say--I assume you are aware of the regulations at this fine establishment?"

"I just know I never had a phone until it just now appeared in my bag..." Julia muttered. Argyle turned to Chase.

"And you, Mr. Fox? Anything at all to say for yourself? Perhaps something more productive than the unhelpful mumblings of your friend here?"

(Post Chase's reply, and feel free to post a bit of dialogue from Argyle, and some stuff happening if you like, but I've planned his punishment* and eventual response to the pair of them, if that's ok...)

*which involves time travel, by the way...

(Oh, and your writing is getting better btw, especially in some of your more recent posts in the dorms 3 thread.)

2/20/2012 . Edited 2/20/2012 #8
(thanks! :) ) chase lowers his head a bit. "it's actually Mr. prowers sir, or just Chase" " anyway, I'm sorry that I nearly cussed in class, and that I wasn't paying attention to your lesson. I will not make the same mistake again," he apologizes. "can we go?" (lol I just noticed, since Selene hasn't replied she was kinda been beaten dead by kama xD)
2/20/2012 #9
Yossarian van Driver

"Hmm," the teacher replied. "Doubtless you have other classes today...and I don't have the time for you right now...come back after school ends for the day and I will devise you a suitable punishment...perhaps you can help me with one of my experiments..." He waved them out. Julia remembered that she had some science next...she wasn't quite sure which...

(Yes, it will be something equally strange...Julia has no normal subjects...and if Chase has a similar timetable, neither will he...though feel free to have him have different lessons to Julia, and just skip to them meeting up and talking to each other about their lessons...)

2/21/2012 #10
(k. Btw, do you have any other OCs? ) chase nods and walks out of the classroom. He goes to his locker, opens it, and takes out his science notebook. He walks into aRoom, marked "alchemy". "well this looks fun!" he thought to himself, looking at bubbling potions everywhere, with a huge cauldron by the teachers desk. He sits next to a beautiful yellow female hedgehog, (oc) another one of his type. the teacher claps her hands loudly to get the class's attention. "hello class, I am Miss. Kleuguix, but you may call me Miss. K," she says with a calm smile on her face. "she seems nice enough," chase thought o himself.
2/21/2012 #11
Yossarian van Driver

(I did post Kama, and also Argyle, in the enrollment thread...I'll probably do some more at some point...)

(I'll have Julia in a different class for now...)

Julia entered her Military Science and Cost Ovverruns class. The teacher, a rather forgettable woman, was resting her elbow on a large tripod-mounted machine gun, and there were several maps tacked up on the walls. There were no seats, and the room seemed to be a collision between a classroom, a gym and a firing range.

"Good morning," the teacher began, beaming. "In this course, over the year, we will cover applications of military overkill; 'police actions': having a war without inviting congress; and finding a cushy job in industry." She swivelled the gun towards a man-shaped target on the far wall. "Stand clear, please. I'll start with the basics." She took aim. "This target allows for careful measurement of a firer's accuracy..."

Ten seconds later, the firing stopped, and the target was gone. As was a large section of the wall. "...and this weapon removes the need for said accuracy. Please go into the weapons locker to your right, take out whatever you fancy, and try it out on the targets. Killing classmates is generally frowned upon and may result in a detention."

In the weapons 'locker', which was in actual fact almost the same size as the classroom, Julia was investigating various handguns when she noticed a particularly large and brutish-looking student come up behind her with an assault rifle, grinning evilly.

"Watch out!" he chuckled, half-jokingly, pointing his gun at her. She unhesitatingly shot him through the knee, and he collapsed, eyes wide in shock. Julia looked at the body, then back at the still-smoking gun. Too much recoil, she decided, putting it back and continuing to search the locker.

2/22/2012 #12
miss. K was mixing some ingredients and the girl next to chase tapped his arm. chase turned to her. "yeah?". "this teacher is pretty nice compared to the other ones, don't you agree?" she questioned. "I guess so..." chase replied. "I'm lila," the hedgehog greeted. "and I'm chase," chase replied. "your one of he only people I've seen here from my planet," he says grinning. Lila shrugs and smiles. Chase then turns his attention back to the teacher, who was helping a plump teenage girl measure the excact amount of... Acid... To put in her mixture. ______• Alex is checking out some sniper rifles, keeping his eye on the dragunov. He notices Julia and yells over to her "hey Julia!" while walking over to her.
2/22/2012 #13
(btw, k. Maybe some of r other OCs, preferably not evil guys or teachers, could rp with my other OCs)
2/23/2012 #14
2/24/2012 #15
The Outcast Halfling
((Hello there.))
2/24/2012 #16
Yossarian van Driver

(Sorry, I was unexpectedly busy for a few days. But I'm back now, and will put up a new OC within...say, 48 hours at the very most, almost certainly less.)

Julia saw Alex walking over towards her. "Oh, hey Alex." She flipped the safety catch off the Uzi and headed out towards the firing range, thinking that she certainly hadn't expected anything like this. The school did seem to have ordinary classes, but she hadn't had any...perhaps her mere presence in this dimension was warping it? No, that was too much, only two people had travelled through the rift, you'd have to have hundreds to even have a small chance of a timeline shift that large...wouldn't you?

She turned her attention back to the firing range, resolving to look it up when she finished classes.

(And hello fallenangel. Feel free to rp in this thread if you want to.)

2/24/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #17
(( Hi umm I read the backstory and everything made a person and stuff but not sure do I jump in or what so can someone help me out, please)
2/25/2012 #18
Yossarian van Driver


(Well, a better place to post that question would be in one of the chat/discussion threads, but since you asked, as long as you've posted a character in the Enrollment thread, you can start posting in one of the main story locations. If you like, you can jump into the story in this topic, until we do something about it it's sort of a place for whatever classes--but you might want to start your character in the dorms or school grounds instead. If you want somebody to reply to your posts, and nobody is, post a request in rp chat...hope that helps.)

2/25/2012 #19

Thanks a lot for the advice and I might just do that and again thank you

2/25/2012 #20

Thanks a lot for the advice and I might just do that and again thank you

2/25/2012 #21
Yossarian van Driver

You're welcome.

I guess I'll just wait for tailsfan to reply...

2/25/2012 #22
Alex finally decides on dual desert eagles, and heads out to the firing range. he fires the weapon at a dummy, 4 bullets taking it's head off. "nice..." Alex says, grinning
2/25/2012 #23
Yossarian van Driver

The rest of the lesson goes well. As well as any lesson involving firearms and teenagers can go, anyway. Nobody died, at least. Probably.

The remainder of the day passed in a blur to Julia: Lessons seemed normal, with Literature, which was okay, Geology, which bored her, and Astrophysics, which confused her. She had had a mild headache for a couple of days, but hadn't complained (the key word being mild), and it seemed to vanish as soon as she entered the Literature classroom. She wished she had actually got to choose her lessons like most people, but it seemed she was stuck with these ones. Still, what a weird way to start the day--time travel and guns--followed by an utterly mundane afternoon. She was about to head for the dorms when she remembered Argyle. Grudgingly, she turned back and trudged towards the Future History classroom, muttering vague curses and threats to herself.

2/26/2012 #24
The rest of the day for chase and Lila( I changes my mind; she's a fox instead) went well. After alchemy, they went to math class, then geology, astrophysics. He had 3 periods of free time, so he decided to take guns. ~~~~ chase and lil walk to the dorms, laughing. "I can't beleive he did that!" Lila cried, wiping a tear of laughter from her eye. They get to Alex'es dorm, which is 3 doors away from lila's, and they each go into their rooms.
2/26/2012 #25
Yossarian van Driver

(Doesn't he also have to see Argyle after school?)

2/26/2012 #26
(oh. I thought he said after class. Um... Just pretend that Lila went To her room and chase is goig to te future history classroom) chase walks to prof. Argyle's classrooM
2/26/2012 #27
Yossarian van Driver

((oops. I just remembered Julia's supposed to have small green bat/demon wings (useless for flight, just a fairly common mutation in her world. You can see them when she takes off her jacket, since her top is quite small it doesn't really cover them. Hmm...I'll just say nobody commented on them, as they were never the weirdest thing there--vampires, time travellers, and anthropomorphic talking animals were always more attention-grabbing.))

Argyle was, surprisingly in a good mood. "Ah, there you are," he said, peering at them over the massive stack of paperwork on his desk. "Today, I shall be requiring your assistance in a...delicate matter. Be assured that it will not take long, from this timeline's point of view. Take this task as a trade-off for not having to waste your evening in detention." He indicated a side door.

"In that room is the time transmitter. It is able to send you to any point in time. I will send you to this morning, where you must intercept a rival teacher who will try to steal my research notes on sideways time theory. At the moment, he has been successful. You are going to change history and steal them back." He took them into the side room--the time transmitter looked a bit like a futuristic showerhead on the wall, with a platform underneath on the floor marked with an X. "Simply retrieve my notes and return them to me at whatever time of day it is when you have them. I will then send you back to the present. I would do this myself, but I am far too busy...any questions?"

2/26/2012 #28
Chase, confused a bit, asks, "um... Yes... Who is this rival teacher?" (be free to use miss. k)
2/27/2012 #29
Yossarian van Driver

(Miss k. seems a bit do something like this)

"A particularly vile waste of humanity known as Mrs. Harrison...she is an annoying little insect who thinks she is my rival, but she has no idea of the nature of the timestream, or the implications of the forces she tampers with. It shouldn't be hard to retrieve your notes..." Julia's headache had come back, now much more severe, and she grimaced, rubbing her head.

"Well, I'll do it," she said. "It's definitely more interesting than a detention, and we'll arrive back here as soon as we leave, so we'll have the evening free...Chase? How about you?"

2/27/2012 . Edited 2/27/2012 #30
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