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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Chase also goes with Gabriella to science class. He sits a seat in front of her. He turns around to talk to her. "so who are you anyway? Are you one of marco's friends?
5/15/2012 #91

Daegan walked through the halls of the new schools as he read a paper. "Ah, so I got art..." he mumbled as he walked through the door into the art class.

5/15/2012 . Edited 5/15/2012 #92

"Welcome to art Young boy. Who are you? What art did you come here for and..." THe teacher rambled in a high pitched voice when Marcus cut her off. "Miss, Let me show him around. In this class we have Computer arts and physical arts. One being painting and the prior being 3D Images. Also after school if you need help finding your dorm and fixing it. I can help. It's hard finding things in there. Not to mentian the dorms are very bad."

5/15/2012 #93

(Sorry I multi task when on the pc so i take a while to post aside from when bored.)

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"Thanks for the help." He held out his hand to shake while saying "I'm Daegan."

5/15/2012 #95

"Marcus. What class were you here for?" Marcus walked over to his computer and typed in a line that looked strangely like he was having a chat with somebody, although to a computer during programing.

5/15/2012 #96

"I'm here for art. It just seems the teacher hasn't yet been alerted of my arrival," Daegan said as he followed Marcus. As if on cue, the teacher's (Whatever her name may be) phone rang.

5/15/2012 #97

"Yes? ... What's his name? ... Ok he's in Programing? ... What's his name? ... Ok, I'll tell him. ... One last time what's his name?" The teacher said while everybody in the class face-palmed or dropped their ead on their desk in pity of their stupid teacher. Marcus just setaled for giving her a 'Are you friggin serious?' look. "New boy, Your here for programing and visual presentation. I want you to work on making a dancing clown as a hologram. Your scheduale is here too." (you can choose his classes. Marcus Chase and a girl all have the class future history. Fun yet odd class cause it was how Marcus met the two of them and it has time travel.)

5/15/2012 #98

(Whoops. Be right back.)

5/15/2012 . Edited 5/15/2012 #99

(Ok. I'll do that Future History as well. Dang, this is a weird school.)

"A dancing clown? Uhm... Ok." Said Daegan as he looked at Marcus with a 'Where do I go?' look.

5/15/2012 #100

"Here." Marcus led him to the computer right next to him although in the corner it was still in plain view. "Username is Student1 and password is Student2. Remember where you logged in cause your files are exclusively on that cpu. Not transfered through a network." Marcus looked back at his screen and smirked. "Hey what class do you have last? My friend said it would be ironic if you had future history with me." The computer buzzed and a new message apeared. "Never mind he found it out already. Funny though. WE must have the same type of attitude or the techers wouldn't be the same. You know that's how they decide your teacher?" (Ture stuff.)

5/15/2012 #101

"Really? I never knew that..." Daegan said. "So. How do you make a hologram on this?"

5/15/2012 #102

"Well to create a hologram one must turn on the computer first." Marcus said in his most prophetic (The way a prophet would say) way While looking down his nose at him and smiling.

5/15/2012 #103

Because of this, obvious remark, Daegan decided to pull a prank on him. He focused his mind on Marcus, and Marcus could hear a creepy, devil sounding voice in his head.

"666.........I'm coming to get you....666......" Said the creepy voice.

5/15/2012 #104
"It'll take more then cheap tricks and toys to screw with this SPARTAN." Marcus thought with his eyes glazing over now giving Daegan a death glare. "Pear into my mind again and you will see things you would wish you hadn't." Getting out of the funk he so easily went into he booted up the computer and logged Daegan in creating a new file and personalized log in so nobody but him could access it.
5/15/2012 #105

"Wait... Reading minds is common in this school? Dang, the pamphlet was right, this is a different school..."

5/15/2012 #106

"Oh, and if I read your mind again I will see things I wish I hadn't? Dude, I've seen my parents splat against a wall, I think could handle that."

5/15/2012 #107
Clarissa the Royal Knight

"I am Gabriella Nightulker." Gabriella said with a small smile. "I-I guess so..." she said thinking it over. In a way they were friends...

5/15/2012 #108


(You there?)

5/15/2012 #109
(Yah im herealthough this is going to be my last post for the night.) "yes phycics are common here. So are werewolves vampires mages and my roommate is an alien. No jokes either. There now you have your own file your name as log in while using your phycic power to get in." Marcus started the program which was easy to use. Type in ehat you wanted itto do and look like and hit the green button for this assinmennt, They had to tupe "Create clown. Dance." Like I said easy.
5/15/2012 #110

(Same here)

Daegan shuddered. "Vampires?" He asked. "Great. I can't wait to meet my roommate," Daegan said sarcastically.

5/15/2012 #111

"Anyway, thanks for the help."

5/15/2012 #112
"im chase prower" chase says with a smile. "nice to meet you"
5/15/2012 #113

After an erie silince between the two Marcus said in a flat tone "You may have seen some horrible things but nothing compared to my memory's. Peer into my mind if you find what I'm talk about you may be horrified." Marcus looked at his computer the whole time ahen done he looked at Deagan and changed the subject. "On a side note have you finished the first project? I have the neaxt on for you."

5/16/2012 #114

"uh, yeah one sec..." Daegan said as he typed in Clown and Dance on his computer.. "Done. So what's the next assignment?"

5/16/2012 . Edited 5/16/2012 #115

"Well the next part is having create a Hologram of an A.I. you may want to get a pad of paper for this cause it is very long." Marcus began to rant about the programming of creating an Artificial Intelligence. After about twenty minutes of explaining he opened up his A.I. program to show Daegan.

5/16/2012 #116

"Ok... This seems easy to remember..." Daegan said sarcastically.

5/16/2012 #117

"Hey be happy I didn't go with the long story." Marcus said laughing at Daegans sarcism.

5/16/2012 #118

"That wasn't the long one? I thank you!"

5/16/2012 #119

"Your welcome. Now For the advanced stuff need to make it use able outside the school system. Do you want to know this?" Marcus showed him His personal A.I. Matthew. "What do you want?" He said wearing a robe and slippers. Almost making him look like and old rich dude sitting by his fireplace. "I wanted to show Daegan what you can do." "I don't want to." Matthew said turning himself off to the world and effectively ending the small conversation that was had. "Well that's something it can do." Marcus chuckled.

5/16/2012 #120
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