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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Chase nods and chuckled when he saw daegans painting
6/6/2012 #1,591
Forum Mom Courage

(Ash you there?)

6/6/2012 #1,592

(Where is everybody?)

6/6/2012 #1,593
Forum Mom Courage

(I don't know :/)

6/6/2012 #1,594

(I'm lonely now.)

6/6/2012 #1,595
Forum Mom Courage

(don't be lonely I'm here!)

6/6/2012 #1,596
(Sorry, I'm in this long 'talk' with my Dad right now.)
6/6/2012 #1,597
Forum Mom Courage

(Everything ok?)

6/6/2012 #1,598

(Yeah, it started out as his new girlfriend moving in to his girlfriend that dies 2 years ago. But now I'm back.)

6/6/2012 #1,599
Forum Mom Courage

(YAy glad you're back. Hope everything goes ok)

6/6/2012 #1,600

(Okay, time to RP!)

"Isn't it?" Asked Daegan, gazing at the stars.

6/6/2012 #1,601
Forum Mom Courage

Kara smiled and backed up slightly. She knelt down and lifted her camera. She snapped a picture of Daegan looking at the stars before he could move.

6/6/2012 #1,602

"Hey, what the...?" Asked Daegan as he noticed Kara took his picture.

6/6/2012 #1,603
Forum Mom Courage

Kara blushed and stood. "I...I'm sorry.." She looked down. "I can erase it if you want..." She said lightly.

6/6/2012 #1,604

"No, it's alright. It just surprised me a bit."

6/6/2012 #1,605
Forum Mom Courage

"Oh..Ok.." She smiled at him and sat down cross legged against one of the windows, facing another as she flipped through her pictures.

6/6/2012 #1,606

"How many pictures do you have?" Asked Daegan as he sat down next to Kara.

6/6/2012 #1,607
Forum Mom Courage

Karablushed slightly. "Ugh...on this memory card only a aunt got me this for my last birthday because my old camera was broken and the card was, its still new." She showed him a picture of a woman smiling up at the camera as she sat at a kitchen table, a half eatten birthday cake sat infront of her and the window next to her was covered by a light curtain but through a small crack in it you could see darkness. The woman had short brown hair and green eyes, she was dressed in a blue tank top and shorts and hiking boots. "That's my aunt."

6/6/2012 #1,608

"You seem to like photography a lot. Given the fact that was your birthday present," said Daegan.

6/6/2012 #1,609
Forum Mom Courage

Kara nodded and pulled her camera back, flipping through pictures. "I do...I love it really..." She smiled softly down at her camera as she looked at her photos.

6/6/2012 #1,610

"I'm amazed, for how much you like photography, you are sitting down talking to me instead of taking pictures of the stars," said Daegan with a slight chuckle. "Not many people have the chance to be in a spaceship looking out the window at the stars in space."

6/6/2012 #1,611
Forum Mom Courage

Kara smiled softly and blushed lightly. "I ugh...I like talking to you...." She blushed deeper and lifted her camera she zoomed in on the opposite window just as a comet passed and took a picture of it before it could disappear.

6/6/2012 #1,612

Daegan smiled. "I like to talking to you, too."

6/6/2012 #1,613
Forum Mom Courage

Kara looked at him. "R-Really...?"

6/6/2012 #1,614

"Of course."

6/6/2012 #1,615
Forum Mom Courage

Kara blushed deeper and looked away. "T-Thanks...." She lifted her camera and unzoomed. She thought about it before looking at him. "Can I take a picture of us..?"

6/6/2012 #1,616

"Sure," replied Daegan as he scooted into the picture area.

(Wow. This is like a purely romantic moment. Lol.)

6/6/2012 #1,617
Forum Mom Courage

Kara blushed softly as he scooted closer. She lifted the camera with the lens pointing to them and smiled softly. "Smile." She said lightly.

(lol it is!)

6/6/2012 #1,618

Daegan smiled as she held up she camera, waiting for her to take the picture.

6/6/2012 #1,619
Forum Mom Courage

Kara snapped the picture she brought her camera down and turned it to look at the photo. She smiled softly st the picture and blushed again. "Thank you.." She said softly.

6/6/2012 #1,620
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