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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Congrats! That's amazing!

11/22/2008 #301

But of course! :-)

And thank you!

11/22/2008 #302

I got accepted into my first choice college! AHHH!!! WHOOO!!!

12/13/2008 #303

Wow! congrats! which one is it?

12/13/2008 #304

Well, for veterinary in NY, there aren't many choices. But I loved Geneseo, and am going there for Pre-vet.

12/13/2008 #305

Is it really a MAJOR annoucement when I annouce my return anymore? Ofcourse! For I am the Monkey Prince, Saru Miyasama, being a senior has been a long, hard fought journey, and it's coming to an end in January, for I am able to graduate for some odd reason, Maybe I'm just that damn good...Anwyho, what I'm saying is, I'm bored, so I'm coming back to enjoy myself, with the people I grew found of, My family and friends, the People who helped shaped the Monkey for the better, or as I like to call myself, the Monkey Prince, Saru Miyasama ^_^, anywho, seeya guys tomorrow, officially, with my best MONKEY CHARACTER OF ALL TIME!!! Don't have to say his name do I? Hehe, thought so..


12/15/2008 #306

Hello, Monkey. Welcome back...once again ^^

12/16/2008 #307

I got mid terms for HS what fun.

12/16/2008 #308

oh, hi monkey...

12/17/2008 #309

Alright, I know what you're all thinking, what could the Monkey possibly do next to surprise you all? Well check it, cause you're good friend Monks, is getting married!! No, not literally, well sorta of literally, but the wedding shall take place at my very own chat!!

Why at my chat you ask? Because i'm 17(a year short of marriage in my neck of the woods)

And OH, it's a gay wedding, CHA!! As some of you may know, most states have unjustfully illegalized gay marriages, D:, Which sucks gigantic...well, i won't go into detail! Anywho if you wish to attend the Monkey's wedding, please send me an email to , with atleast your first name or a reason for attending(friend, interested, crazy, weirdo, nutty lol, etc)

RINGS ARE BEING EXCHANGED, as I said were doing this at my own personal chat, so if you want the link, you will have to pm me!

By the way, takes place on the 31st, Yep New Year's Eve! So if you have plans, don't sweat it, atleast you can send me your best wishes right? :D

12/24/2008 . Edited 12/25/2008 #310

Good for you, Monkey! Congratulations! As much as I'd love to go, I have a previous commitment that prevents me from attending, but I wish you and your fiance the best of luck!

12/24/2008 #311

Thank you, kinda sir!!

12/25/2008 #312
(Wow, who else but monkey
12/25/2008 #313

well...good luck...and wishes to the both of you and all that...

if indeed you are legit, which being a trusting person I believe that you are, but you have to be careful about the people you meet on the internet, right? ;)

12/25/2008 #314

I guess I could put it here... Well I'm writing a Novel, Wider world! Based from an Rp on little old FFNET! and if I know you, and you ask nicely, I might just send you the prologue...

(PS, Panducky, I tried to PM it to you but It was too large.)

12/25/2008 #315

what r.p and I will ask possibly at some point.

12/25/2008 #316

Fantasy Rpg over at Roleplays rock, it be.

12/25/2008 #317

Goes to check it out] Be back soon.

12/25/2008 #318

I'm back it be interesting.

12/25/2008 #319

Well thank you, 100 pages, almost at the end of it's natural run! when we finish that, we're probably going to give it it's own forum!

12/25/2008 #320

Kewl...He so what happens in your novel...

12/25/2008 #321

Pretty much just the Events in the rp, I might get rid of a few things, who knows... But pretty much, it's a story about a fictional fantasy universe that I pretty much crafted... Lol, I even made maps...

12/25/2008 #322

Maps... okayyy

12/25/2008 #323

I know, I know... i suck.

12/25/2008 #324

*slaps* no negative attitudes allowed!

But I'm excited for you and your novel :)

12/25/2008 #325

Ow... pain is a negative attitude!

12/25/2008 #326

Ooh, Ooh! Does Saturos get to be in teh book?

12/25/2008 #327

His novel is going to be based on a different rpg than this one.

12/25/2008 #328

Bah I already know, you guys don't need to tell me anything, infact we already know each other, met and all that jazz, so please don't get all preachy on meh :P, after all, I'm a business monkey, I'm not gonna jepordize my future :O!! I know the dangers of anything and everything concerning the internet, the world, and even Iceland ;), so trust me when I say, this whole wedding is legit!!

After all, I am the soon to be Monkey Leader of the BEST(in terms of quality) anime/manga/music/etc Studio on the East Coast!! Which means if you want to publish that novel Spear, remember, we made a verbal agreement :D, about you combining Silhouette of America with Random Squirrel Productions :P lol

12/25/2008 . Edited 12/25/2008 #329

uh... hey monkey, did you see, I'm writing a novel.

12/25/2008 #330
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